MT Chapter 505


Chapter 505: Ice Spirit Frozen Spring

After Ling Wanjian was taken care of, the other Eagle Burial Kingdom experts weren’t worth mentioning.  With the eighteen Divine Servants and Vivian working together, they were quickly taken care of.

“Yoda, are you alright?”  Chu Tian put his sword away and walked over.  Yoda returned to his small and weak appearance and while the green dragon’s injuries did not appear on his body, it hurt Yoda’s spirit energy.  However, with Chu Tian’s skills and Miracle City’s abilities, this injury didn’t count for anything, “What are the others?”

“The people we brought from Miracle City all died in battle.”  Yoda’s expression was very serious, “Yin Spirit is quite injured and Chen Bingyu is inside the ancient ice palace.  The situation is very bad right now.”

“What happened?  I’ll go take a look!”


Yin Spirit was laying inside the ice palace.  She had been pierced in the chest by Ling Wanjian in a single move and although her not weak cultivation could suppress the injuries, she had no battle strength at all.

Chu Tian saw her lying on the ice platform.  Although she was weak, she wasn’t dead. He somewhat heartless quipped, “I say, little sister Sect Master, you are one of the head of the six spiritual mountains, why did you collapse with one hit?”

“Pei, the Death Servants hasn’t been refined yet, otherwise how could I lose this easily?”  Yin Spirit’s complexion was even paler than usual as she sat on the platform without moving at all, just like an ice doll, “This sect master almost lost my life, you’re still making fun of me!”

“Relax, relax, I will remember your merit.”  Chu Tian gave a casual smile, “Why isn’t big sister Bing here, where is she now?”

“Chen Bingyu isn’t here, come with me!”

Yin Spirit and Yoda led Chu Tian and Vivian into the ancient ice palace, which was much larger than they imagined.  There were ancient murals sealed in the ice wall, there were many relics sealed in ice in the palace, and there were tall giant ice statues, all of these explaining how the ancient people lived.

Chu Tian walked as he looked around, “This is the Chen Family’s ancestral ground?  Why would their family live in this damn place!”

“The Great Zhou legend is not completely true.”  Yin Spirit spoke as she walked, “The ice palace is a very ancient inheritance and its ancestry is not inferior to the six spiritual mountains, only most people don’t know about this.  However, its inheritance isn’t that much like the six spiritual mountains. The ice palace’s inheritance has a high limit and requirement for its inheritor’s bloodline and only people with special bloodlines can accept it.  It can even form a clan when it is passed down. Because of a sudden change in the environment or a disaster, most of the people in the ice mountain died, leaving only a small group of people in the ice fields, becoming the Chen Family.”

So it was like this!

This place was not just the Great Zhou Chen Family’s ancestral land, it was a very important inheritance.  The Chen Family went from a normal family and quickly grew in just a few decades to become the Great Zhou royal family that the six large forces feared.  An important reason for this was the deep background.

After the main branch line of the Chen Family or the focused training targets grew up, they would be sent into the ice palace to activate their bloodline and learn the cultivation technique recorded inside.  This was what allowed the Great Zhou royal family to develop by such a large amount in a short period of time.

“City Lord, we are here.”  Yoda arrived at the center of the ice palace, “This is the core of the ice palace and the ice energy spirit vein.  Because the energy is intense, this place is very fierce, so please prepare yourself!”

Chu Tian looked up to find the entrance to a giant temple, looking like an incomparably large gate that was carved from ice.  There were thirty six ice flood dragons winding around it and two dignified giant ice statues standing there looking like powerful gods, releasing a terrifying and intense pressure.


Chu Tian gave the order and Yoda opened the large door sealed with ice, suddenly releasing a large wave of visible energy.  Although they were already prepared, it still felt like being hit by hundreds of millions of ice shards, freezing the blood in their bodies, almost stopping the flow of their spirit energy.

Such intense energy!

Even a True Spirit Cultivator wouldn’t be able to defend against this situation, perhaps they would be injured in just a short period.  At this time, Chu Tian’s eyes turned white and spatial energy covered him. This cold current was very intense, but it wasn’t enough to break the Void Escaping barrier.  Instead of forcefully resisting this energy, it was better to avoid it using Void Escaping, saving quite a bit of energy.

Vivian walked in first and immediately shouted in shock, “Damn, what kind of place is this?”

There was a giant ice pit at the center of the hall.  The ice layer was thick and it was around a hundred meters deep.  It was pale blue in colour, becoming deeper with thicker layers of ice, as well as having a clear depth.  This was rarely seen Ten Thousand Year Old Profound Ice Crystal, which was harder than rare level three metals and containing a very strong ice energy, therefore it could be used to make incredibly equipment.  The deeper into the hole one went, the higher the grade of the Profound Ice Crystals. It was definitely a treasure vault with a hard to imagine value.

Of course, the Profound Ice Crystals were very precious, but it wasn’t them that attracted everyone’s attention.  In this hundred meter deep ice hole, there was a vortex of energy visible to the naked eye. The blue white energy was being stirred by some power like liquid.

“Ice Spirit Frozen Spring?”

“City Lord is truly knowledgeable, this is the Ice Spirit Frozen Spring!”  Yoda said with a nod, “This spring is a natural spiritual item, the Chen Family’s descendants can drink from this spring to awaken their bloodline power.  Chen Bingyu actually jumped into the spring in order to quickly incite this power and raise her cultivation!”

“What?”  Vivian was shocked, “She actually jumped in!”

Although it was named a spring, it wasn’t considered a spring.  The Ice Spirit Frozen Spring was a gathering of energy and since it was energy, it was very dangerous.  Even if a Spirit Transformation Cultivator entered the Ice Spirit Frozen Spring, it would be like a mouse falling into a river.

“How long has she been in there?”

“It’s already been three days!”

Chu Tian said to Vivian, “Your cultivation is higher than mine.  Use your spatial energy to cut space and fish her out, can you do it?”

“The energy in here is too strong!”  Vivian closed her eyes to sense it and shook her head in a helpless manner, “My current cultivation isn’t high enough to resist this powerful energy, therefore I can’t manipulate the space.  What should we do?”

Everyone fell into deep thought.

This place was the core of the Death Ice Field, so the energy intensity was beyond what normal people could imagine.  Even if Chen Bingyu depended on her special ice attributed bloodline, it would be hard for her to stay in there for a long time.

Chu Tian directly moved in front of the ice hole, “Since it’s like this, there is no other choice.  I will personally go in!”

“You can’t!  City Lord, Chen Bingyu has her bloodline to protect her in this ice spring, but sir City Lord does not have any relating innate talent.  With your cultivation, you’ll be frozen as soon as you enter the spring! There is only death, no life!”

“There’s no need to worry.”  Chu Tian shook his head and said, “With the little fox’s help, I can at least withdraw in one piece.”

Yoda tried to advise him again.

Chu Tian did not even listen as he jumped into the hole.  As he continued to fall down, Chu Tian could clearly feel the ice aura filled with death became stronger, already surpassing the point of breaking the Void Escaping barrier.

With this.

There was no sound at all.

Chu Tian fell into the Ice Spirit Frozen Spring and there was no resistance at all, just a slight impact.  The countless streams of terrifying cold energy were like ice cold blades that slashed against Chu Tian. This kind of energy, even using the Starlight Immortal Body, he couldn’t stay here for long.  Not to mention that Chu Tian’s cultivation wasn’t considered high!


The little fox used its power and raised a small barrier, causing all the currents of energy to change direction as they moved towards the little fox.

Chu Tian was surrounded by starlight and he moved forward while releasing his spiritual energy, just like a diver slowly going deeper in the water.  Although he had the little fox’s help, it still consumed quite a bit of energy. Chu Tian estimated that he could only stay here at most for three minutes.  Because he couldn’t use his Divine Sense, if he searched with a normal method, it was unknown how long it would take.

But the little fox gave a signal while it was busy sucking in.  Chu Tian followed the direction the little fox pointed in and saw that there was actually a group of blinding white light that was in the Ice Spirit Frozen Spring.

“This is…..a group of fire!”

Chu Tian’s expression slightly changed.

This was not an ordinary flame.  If during the tens of thousands of years, this spirit vein gave birth to a spirit fire, this item was a heaven defying good item!

The source of the Ice Spirit Frozen Spring was actually this flame!

“Found it!”

Chen Bingyu was floating in front of the flame, like she was being held by a magnet.  The flame was melting her body bit by bit, but Chen Bingyu clearly hadn’t died yet, only she couldn’t move.

“Damn, it’s body possession!”

Chu Tian found that in the spirit flame, there was actually a powerful will.  It was trying to possess Chen Bingyu to obtain a body that belonged to it!

If this body possession succeeded.

Chen Bingyu’s consciousness would completely disappear.

There was no difference from dying for her.

Chu Tian used his spiritual energy to swim over, but at this time, there was a rich killing intent that came from the white lotus in the center of the flames.  It made the surrounding Ice Spirit Frozen Spring surge forward as countless white figures passed through it. When Chu Tian saw what was charging at him, his heart sunk.

Ice Flood Dragon!

It was countless Ice Flood Dragons!

These Ice Flood Dragons were born in the Ice Spirit Frozen Spring and were nurtured by the mysterious flame.  Because they were born in the Ice Spirit Frozen Spring, they were controlled by the flame will.

Each Ice Flood Dragon had a powerful might that Chu Tian definitely couldn’t resist, not to mention when he was deep in the Ice Spirit Frozen Spring.  Chu Tian didn’t have a way to release his power and the Ice Flood Dragons were like fish in water, so how could he fight in this situation?

There was no time to think.

The Ice Flood Dragons surrounded Chu Tian at the same time, with one of them charging straight forward.

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