MT Chapter 503


Chapter 503: The situation has been settled

Under the Heavenly Yin Mountain, the six large mountains were tangled together.  Endless Yin led the Black Moon Sect to attack the other sects, sending them scattering.

“All of you stop!”

“All of you stop for me!”

“Your sect masters are in my hands.  Put down your weapons or they will die and then you will all be killed.”  Chu Tian used a loudspeaker on the mountain and his voice spread like heavenly thunder, “Father will do what he says, I ask you not to test my patience!”


When he spoke.

Nangong Yun placed the tied up people on the cliff in a row.

These sect leaders and elders had really been captured!  The morale of the cultivators from the five mountains had been destroyed.  The situation was already bad and now their leaders had been captured, what were they fighting for then!

Chu Tian shouted into the loudspeaker, “This event was a plot by the Heavenly Sword Sect!  The Heavenly Sword Sect has cooperated with the Eagle Burial Kingdom. In order to obtain more benefits and resources, they worked with outsiders to sweep through the Great Zhou sects.  For such evil conduct, they are condemned by the heaven and earth!”

Nangong Yun hung the corpses of the Eagle Burial Kingdom generals, “Open your dog eyes and look, these are the consecrates from the Eagle Burial Kingdom.  We have already uncovered evidence and tokens from them. These fellows are generals from the Eagle Burial Kingdom. The Heavenly Sword Sect has betrayed Great Zhou, they are the true enemies!”

The crowd instantly fell to chaos.

The other four sects all looked at the Heavenly Sword Sect.


“The Heavenly Sword Sect has lasted for tens of thousands of years and is the head of the Great Zhou six sects, how could we possibly work with the Eagle Burial Kingdom!”

The Heavenly Sword Sect people fell into a panic.  If Chu Tian’s words were true, the Heavenly Sword Sect would be hated by the public.  These Heavenly Sword Sect disciples had been hit with an unexpected disaster!

Chu Tian shouted into the loudspeaker, “Whether you believe or not, there is now concrete evidence.  I will say it again, you can still be forgiven, but there will be no mercy if you continue to struggle.  I’ll give you ten seconds to put down your weapons, otherwise we’ll first kill your sect leaders before sending you to see your ancestors!”

Everyone looked at each other.

Finally they all threw down their weapons.

Chu Tian let out a long sigh of relief as he finally took care of this group.  He immediately ordered, “Endless Yin, tie them up right now. Heal the injured and give them the antidote, don’t let them die!”

The Black Moon Sect’s crisis had been solved.

They caught over three hundred thousand captives!

All of the Black Moon Sect were on guard in case any trouble happened.  Chu Tian didn’t come to the Great Zhou Country to cause chaos, rather he liked the rich talent found in the Great Zhou Country, the good position the Great Zhou Country was in, the rich resources it had, and the undeveloped market in the Great Zhou Country.

Chu Tian came to develop the Great Zhou Country, so he didn’t need to create a slaughter.  He immediately informed the company to prepare medicine and antidotes, as well as enough food.  He would first preserve these lives before saying anything else.

“Go in!  Quickly! Damn, move properly for this old lady!  Quickly kneel!” Nangong Yun pushed with her hammer and kicked, like she was driving a beggar away, as she brought the four sect masters in front of Chu Tian, “Do you believe I won’t break your legs!”

“I’ve already said it many times, you can’t be this violent.”  Chu Tian seemed like a completely different people, speaking in a sincere reprimanding tone, “Everyone here is civilized, we will win support with kindness, do you understand?”

Nangong Yun rolled her eyes.

“Four gentlemen, I’m sorry.  I haven’t managed my subordinate and have made you suffer.”  Chu Tian waved his hand to the four of them, “Nangong, why aren’t you pouring them tea to apologize?”

Nangong Yun’s eyes became two large circles, “Boss, is there a mistake?  You want me to apologize to them? This old lady not castrating them is already courteous enough!”

Yuan Zhennan’s group of four were respected people in Great Zhou.

Nangong Yun’s words made their crotches turn cold.

Chu Tian helplessly waved his hand, “Alright, I have no intention on making this hard on you, let’s have a frank talk.  I am prepared rebuild the Great Zhou royal family, placing the Great Zhou Princess Chen Bingyu as the Great Zhou Queen. As long as you’re willing to support me, I can let you all go and forget our grudges.”

“What do you count for!”  Jin Kui looked up with his bruised face.  His eyes were red with hatred, “What qualification does an outsider have in interfering with a Great Zhou Country matter!”

“With hot bloodedness, one is a man.”

Chu Tian narrowed his eyes and smiled as he said this.  He casually looked at Nangong Yun who pushed Jin Kui to the floor and sent a kick at his crotch with her boots.

That two meter tall giant man let out a bear like cry.  His body curled up and he swayed back and forth in pain.

Nangong Yun lifted him up like a devil and she took out a dagger from her wrist, “This kick was a lesson.  If you keep not giving face anymore, this old lady will cut of your two little toys and stuff them in your mouth!”

Jin Kui angrily roared, “If you have skills, then finish it!  The Black Moon Sect can be killed, but can’t be humiliated!”

“Alright!”  Nangong Yun raised her blade to make a move.

“Nangong, Nangong, stop, quickly stop.  Why have you already forgotten what I just said to you?  We’re civilized people who win others over with kindness, we can’t solve our problems with force.”  Chu Tian stopped Nangong Yun, “I respect unyielding heroic men the most, so you can’t make it hard for Sect Master Jin Kui.”

Chu Tian’s eyes fell onto the others, “What kind of thoughts do you all have?”

The Void Spirit Cave’s Gu Lianshan had a deep look, “Brat, why are you talking so much for.  I hold the trust of the previous sect masters, that’s how I could inherit the sect passed down over tens of thousands of years.  If I submit to you, how could I face my predecessors?”

“That’s right!”  The Medicine King Valley’s Weng Yuntian softly said, “If you think you can make us submit with threats and enticements, then you’re looking down on us.”

The Divine Machine Sect’s Yuan Zhennan had a righteous expression, “Don’t step on our honour if you want to kill us!”

They were all stubborn, this was a bit hard to take care of!

Nangong Yun’s brows were knit as she wanted to make her move.  She didn’t believe that these fellows would still be this stubborn after she took care of them!

“Don’t worry and don’t misunderstand.”  Chu Tian stood up with an honest smile, “You must have made a mistake, have I said I want you to submit?  No, no, no, there are still many things waiting for me in my territory, as well as a large pile of resources and lands waiting for me to conquer.  I’ll be frank, a place like Great Zhou, I don’t place it in my eyes at all.”

“Then what do you really want to do?”

“I just want to cooperate!”  Chu Tian calmly explained without any threats in his voice, “Currently the Great Summer Country and the War Hound Plains are working with Miracle Commerce, but they are too weak.  If the Great Zhou Country enters this alliance, we have enough strength to expand into the surrounding countries, connecting all the small and large kingdoms. In the end, we’ll form a wall that guards against the Eagle Burial Kingdom to the north!  Whether you’re willing to believe it or not, the Heavenly Sword Sect cooperating with the Eagle Burial Kingdom is a stone cold fact. Since the Eagle Burial Kingdom has seeped into the Great Zhou Country for many years, I think it isn’t far before war comes to the Great Zhou Country.”

The Eagle Burial Kingdom was a very strong kingdom!

In the most recent twenty years, the Eagle Burial Kingdom had been wildly expanding, swallowing at least twenty large and small kingdoms and they were still wildly expanding.  The Great Zhou Country was stronger than the surrounding countries, therefore the Eagle Burial Kingdom had not tried nibbling on this hard bone yet. However, everyone was clear in their hearts that the Eagle Burial Kingdom would invade eventually.

The Heavenly Sword Sect cooperating with the Eagle Burial Kingdom provoked the nerves of many people.

The leader of the Great Zhou’s six large powers, the Eagle Burial Kingdom had even bought out the Heavenly Sword Sect.  Their aggression was clear and ignoring the problem wouldn’t solve it.

Chu Tian saw that they were considering it and added in, “The Heavenly Sword Sect was the one that incited the slaughter of the Great Zhou royal family.  Although you had participated, as long as you help rebuild the Great Zhou royal family and help us take care of the traitorous Heavenly Sword Sect, we can write off this matter.”

“This is the statement of one side, why should we help you!”

“That’s right, Great Zhou’s matters, Great Zhou’s people should take care of.  You’re an outsider that wants to interfere and want to raise a new power in Great Zhou, could it be you’re harboring ill intents?”

Nangong Yun couldn’t take it anymore, “Simply refusing a toast placed in front of you!”

“All of you being worried is natural, the Black Moon Sect’s Yin Spirit was also like this.  Do you know why she changed her decision?”

“Yin Spirit?  What does that little girl even know!  She must have been tricked by you!”

“There’s no need!”  Chu Tian did not have time to waste with them, “Nangong, take them to Miracle City for a few days.  If you return to the Heavenly Yin Mountain in a few days and still think that I’m harboring ill intent for the Great Zhou Country, I will let you all go.  I, Chu Tian never force anyone to do anything.”

Nangong Yun quickly said, “If I go back, who will help big sister Bing and the others?  We don’t even know where they are now!”

“Have Vivian come over, her spatial abilities will make searching easier.  Alright, don’t say anymore, go already!”


Nangong Yun had no choice but to bring these people to the Transport Tower.

Chu Tian went to ask Endless Yin and from what Endless Yin knew, Chen Bingyu and the others should have gone to a part of the Great Zhou Country called the “Death Ice Field”.  The Death Ice Field was a place people rarely visited. It was very high and very cold, not having any living beings. It’s said that the Chen Family’s ancestral home was there.

Yoda’s prediction should be wrong.

But they had gone for this long, they should have met with trouble.

But that didn’t matter.  Since he had the general location, finding them wouldn’t be too difficult.  Nangong Yun hadn’t left long before Vivian came back to report in.

“Big brother Chu Tian, you’re finally willing to let me come out and help!”

Chu Tian looked a Vivian and said in a surprised voice, “It seems like your cultivation has increased!”

“That’s right, the 5th True Spirit Layer!”  Vivian looked up in a somewhat proud manner, “Even if we meet a strong bad guy, I can help big brother fight them!”

“That is truly great!”  Chu Tian gave a satisfied nod, “We should hurry, let’s go!”

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