MT Chapter 501


Chapter 501: Heavenly Yin Mountain’s battle

Several destructive missiles were controlled by Smart Brain, adjusting the speed, trajectory, and target.  With large amounts of calculations, they were aimed at the most chaotic places that had the highest probability of hitting.

Several large fire clouds rose, releasing large amounts of light and heat.

The terrifying explosion also created shrapnel that was like a shadow that filled everyone with panic.

Using the radar to detect the other side’s movements while searching for a break out point, large amounts of destructive machine guns were placed on the path.  The countless energy balls fell down like a violent storm that suppressed them.


What kind of weapon was this!

It’s actually this fierce and terrifying!

“We can’t stay here any longer!”  The Heavenly Sword Sect’s vice Sect Master Ling Ying shouted using a voice transferring secret technique, “Divine Machine Sect, use the puppet beast to break through.  The Black Tortoise Sect and us will help you!”


The mechanical technique masters were just wearing armour for defense, the one truly fighting were the puppet beasts controlled by the mechanical masters.  There were all kinds of puppets, some were like large birds and some were like tigers and leopards. They flew through the sky, ran across the ground, swam through water.  They could do everything and had different functions.

The Medicine King Valley alchemists threw pills to the members of the other sects, “This antidote can resist the poison temporarily!  Everyone, charge together!”

“Divine Hurricane Shield Talisman!”  The Void Spirit Cave’s people threw out talismans without holding back, “This talisman can form a protective hurricane shield and can increase our speed.  Not only can it resist the poisonous gas, it can also defend against their fierce attacks.”

“The puppet beasts are about to charge!”


“Be careful, they are about to fire the strange fire arrows!”

“Heavenly Sword Sect, sword array!”

Countless swords formed intertwining light that instantly shot at the missiles flying at them.

The Black Tortoise Sect used their strong defenses and fast speed to guard the sides and the back, blocking the Yin Corpses that tried to harass them.  Although they were filled with chaos, the five large sects displayed their powers.

The mechanical beasts and the Black Tortoise Sect’s warriors charged into the rain of bullets, with tens of thousands of cultivators following behind, breaking through.  If they could break out of the blockade, the battle’s victory was hard to tell.

At this time.

Nangong Yun had already prepared more than ten Source Energy Cannons.  When she saw the five mountains’ cultivators charging into the rain of bullets, she immediately raised her hand, “Fire!  Blow them all back for me!”

Could the Source Energy Cannon’s might be imagined?

Several dozen balls of light turned into beams of white light.  They shattered the Divine Hurricane Shields around the puppet beasts were shattered and the defensive runes and restrictions on the puppet beasts offered no defenses at all.  At least a hundred puppet beasts were shattered and turned to ashes.

This strike didn’t just destroy the mechanical beasts.  The white light burned everything it touch. As long as it was flesh and blood, as long as there was water inside of it, they would not be safe from this attack.

Easily broken!

The force was irresistible!

Nangong Yun saw the other side’s charge had stopped and broke out in a proud laugh, “These fellows aren’t that strong, they can’t compare to the four cities army!  Fire for me, blow them up!”

The more than Source Energy Cannons fired again.

Another group of puppet beasts were destroyed again!

Yuan Zhennan’s eyes were already red.  These puppet beasts were not easy to make and most were left from the previous generation.  In front of this terrifying attack, they were as weak as paper. Each one broken was not just another puppet beast, it was the Divine Machine Sect’s foundation!

He already regretted participating in this fight.

Of course, the Medicine King Valley, the Void Spirit Cave, and the Black Tortoise Sect also regretted dumbly following the Heavenly Sword Sect to attack the Black Moon Sect.  One side was suppressive fire and the other side was poison gas. There were more and more poisoned disciples on the ground, this was a huge loss to their sects!

How could the Black Moon Sect not be shocked seeing this?

Chu Tian brought a few people and a few items and he had suppressed the cultivators of the five mountains like this.

“What are you standing in a daze for!”  Chu Tian reprimanded the stunned Endless Yin, “Most of our ammunition has been spent.  Are you just gonna stand here and watch as they break through the blockade?”

Only a fool would let this chance go!

Endless Yin shouted as soon as he came back to his senses, “Heavenly Yin Mountain successors, the time to guard the Black Moon Sect is now.  Everyone prepare yourselves and charge with me!”

The Black Moon Sect cultivators charged in full force at the beaten dogs.

It wasn’t false that there was an advantage when five fought one, but the five spiritual mountains wouldn’t bring all their forces.  When they were demoralized from the attack and wanted to attack, the Black Moon Sect that couldn’t retreat would only fight a life and death battle.

“Great Yin Array!  Open!”

The Heavenly Yin Mountain’s protective array was opened.

Tens of thousands of cultivators charged down like floow waters, each one was covered in the light of cultivation techniques and spiritual energy, as well as all kinds of secret techniques.  This was a sharp contrast to the panicked cultivators of the five mountains.

The Black Moon Sect has around two hundred thousand cultivators.

The five mountains had a total of around four hundred thousand cultivators.

There was a clear gap in quantity, but also a clear gap in morale.  When the Black Moon Sect came out in full force for a life and death battle, the cultivators of the five mountains were terrified and some of them even couldn’t control the urge to run.

“Don’t panic!”  Ling Ying quickly shouted out, “Them opening the mountain is seeking death, this is a good chance to destroy the Black Moon Sect completely!  We have more people and experts than them, what do we have to fear? Charge with me!”

Although he said this.

Was it really that easy?

The cultivators of the five mountains were poisoned and injured, they wanted to run and they were filled with chaos.  The Black Moon Sect were charging this fiercely, there was no time to set up defenses.

The Black Tortoise Sect’s Jin Kui had a fierce expression, “This is both sides dying together!  We can’t fight!”

“No, there is no time to retreat, we have a chance!”  Ling Ying thought of something, “The Heavenly Yin Mountain’s restriction has been closed, so we will surround those strange weapons.  Without the support of these weapons, they have no chance of winning.”

The others looked at each other, “Alright!”

They could only do this!

They would go all out!

Chu Tian was watching the Heavenly Yin Mountains situation when Smart Brain gave a warning, “City Lord, there are strong signals that are approaching.  Should we plan on intercepting them?”

“I didn’t go look for them and they came to me!”  Chu Tian laughed, “No need, no need, let them come!”

“Roar, roar, roar!”

Several dozen demon beasts appeared in the valley, that were all powerful level three flying beasts.  Each demon beast had several cloaked figures on it, as well as the leaders of the five mountains. They flew over the battlefield and charged at the Heavenly Yin Mountain, moving at Chu Tian’s position.

They were all True Spirit Experts?

Even if these experts were in the poison smoke, they could temporarily guard against it, so most of them didn’t show any effects.

“Cowards, quickly come and die!”

Ling Ying stood on a golden eagle that was charging forward, sending out a giant light sword from several hundred meters away.  If one looked closely, they would find that this sword was a giant sword formed of tens of thousands of swords, turning into an over ten meter long sword.  It was flying at where Chu Tian was currently standing.

“Such strong sword qi!”

The Great Zhou’s number one sword cultivator sect does have some skills!”

Nangong Yun stepped off the ground and flew into the air, actually sending a fist right at it.  A fire phoenix came out of her burning body at the giant sword. The two powers shattered as they clashed and countless little pieces of sword qi passed through the flame, landing on Nangong Yun like rain.  Although it forced Nangong Yun back a few steps, she wasn’t injured at all.

Ling Ying said with a cold laugh, “You are not Great Zhou’s people, why do you care about Great Zhou’s matters?  The whatever Great Zhou Princess should have been bought by you people!”

Chu Tian gave a few casual laughs, “Even if we pull in the Black Moon Sect to prop up the Great Zhou Kingdom, it is better than your Heavenly Sword Sect who secretly colludes with the Eagle Burial Kingdom to split up Great Zhou!”

“What did you say?”

The faces of Yuan Zhennan and the other sect elders changed!

“If my guess isn’t wrong…..”  Chu Tian looked at the Heavenly Sword Sect’s cloaked consecrates, “Those should be generals from the Eagle Burial Kingdom.  I think the Heavenly Sword Sect should have been bought out, becoming a spy for the Eagle Burial Kingdom. You were all kept in the dark without knowing a thing, you’ll only feel regret when your kingdom collapses!  You should be like the Black Moon Sect, you should cooperate with Miracle City for mutual benefits.”

The foreign consecrates of the Heavenly Sword Sect were people from the Eagle Burial Kingdom?

The Eagle Burial Kingdom was one of the biggest influences in the area, they wanted to expand endlessly.  If the Eagle Burial Kingdom’s influence seeped into the Great Zhou Country, this situation would be complicated.

Yuan Zhennan doubtful and angry voice came from the mechanical armour, “Ling Ying, is this true?  How do you want to explain this!”

“Don’t speak nonsense!”  Ling Ying’s face was pale, “Look at them, not only do they use strange weapons, they also have strange subordinates.  They most likely came from the Forest of Chaos, gathering all kinds of races together! You can’t be confused by them!”

These caped people could control the demon beasts, causing the several dozen fierce demon beasts to attack.

Chu Tian had forest experts by his side, only he was lacking in terms of numbers.  He would suffer a loss if both sides began to fight.

The little fox jumped out waving its tail.

Its body suddenly changed and turned into a giant fox monster.

The Eagle Burial Kingdom people were shocked to find that they had lost control of these shockingly strong demon beasts at this time.  The little fox could easily enter into these demon beasts and it had grown over this period of time. Although it couldn’t control these several dozen strong demon beasts at the same time, it could at least make these demon beasts lose their mind and turn wild.


When the demon beasts went wild and charged at everything.

Ling Ying’s group had no choice but to let go of their mounts and jump down from the air.

“Don’t leave a single one!  Kill!”

When Ling Ying said this, he took out a sword that flew through the air.  Chu Tian took out the burning Netherworld Sword before turning into a flame to welcome him.  The two swords clashed in the air and instantly cancelled each other out.

“God damn, you think we’re easy to bully!”  Nangong Yun gave the command to the forest experts beside her, “Everyone, charge with me!”

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