MT Chapter 499


Chapter 499: Biochemical weapons

The news from the Great Zhou Country before said that Chen Bingyu, Yin Spirit, and their group had a conflict with the other five spiritual mountains.  Although the situation was tense, they never fought. At this time, Yoda found the Great Zhou royal family’s ruins and they went to go look since they found it.  What was strange about that?

“Actually when we went to the ruins, Yoda felt an intense sense of danger.  You know that the Druid Prophet’s abilities are very special and since he could feel danger, it meant that it was very dangerous.  Therefore, Yoda made preparations beforehand. If he didn’t return within three days, the Black Moon Sect should contact us.”

“How many days have passed?”

“We’ve lost contact for already five days!”


“Five days?  What is going on!”

Meng Qingwu knit her brows and her face slightly focused as she said in a worried voice, “Looking at the situation of that side, as soon as Yoda’s group left the Heavenly Yin Mountains, they were immediately ambushed and chased.  The Black Moon Sect was surrounded by the five other sects and has been fighting for several days. Because of the chaos on our side, the news was sent sent. Would something happen to them?”

“I think it’s unlikely.  They can still escape with the Transport Scroll, so something must be trapping them.  However, it really is strange. Yoda is a Spirit Transformation Expert and there shouldn’t be many experts in the Great Zhou Country that can suppress him.”  Chu Tian thought over it for a few seconds, “This matter is a bit fishy. Have Nangong quickly gather people, I’m personally heading over to take a look.”

Miracle City has been very busy lately, not only did they have to monitor the other three powers, they had to quicken their cooperation with the elves.  However, they had to take a look at the Great Zhou Country, so Chu Tian could only give all of this to Meng Qingwu.

Luckily Meng Qingwu was very efficient and there were more and more Smart Brains in the city, so there shouldn’t be any problems.

When Nangong Yun heard there would be a fight, she immediately brought several dozen people over.

These people were all at the 3rd True Spirit Layer or above, all of them being top experts of Miracle City.  Chu Tian also brought the little fox who was stealing food from the garden. They didn’t say anything else before they all teleported to the Great Zhou Country.

When Endless Yin saw Chu Tian’s group, he excitedly came over, “Why are you just here?  The sect master has disappeared for an entire five days! The Heavenly Yin Mountain has been surrounded for five days as well, we couldn’t hold on any longer if you didn’t come!”

“Sorry, sorry!”  Chu Tian couldn’t only wave his hand, “There was a bit of trouble with Miracle City and we just received the news.  Nothing will happen to Yin Spirit, first tell me the situation!”

Chu Tian looked around to see that quite a large change had happened to the Heavenly Yin Mountains.  The surrounding mountain peaks all had large holes from fierce combat and there were many traces of fierce fighting on the main peak.  The building by the entrance had already been shattered and there were marks all over the square, just like an earthquake had happened.  There were some marks that were recent and there was still flames and smoke floating around.

“Fuck, what happened here!”

Endless Yin had a depressed expression as he related the story, “After the Black Moon Sect decided to support the Great Zhou royal family, we were met with the opposition of the other sects.  This was all expected and the Black Moon Sect could use a few hundred year relations to pull one or two of the five great sects to support us, avoiding this kind of battle.”

“Then why is it like this?”

“We also don’t know what happened.  The deadlock was maintained and your Miracle City’s Prophet Yoda had found the ruins.  When they left the Heavenly Yin Mountains for the ruins, there were no warnings at all!”  Endless Yin’s face was very ugly to look at, “The five great sects came together to attack the Heavenly Yin Mountain.  If it wasn’t for the Heavenly Yin Mountain’s protective array, we would have already been blown up.”

“It became like this in just a few days?”  Nangong Yun had a look of despise, “What about your Heavenly Yin Mountain’s ten thousand year inherited mountain protection array?  Could it be it’s nothing but paper?!”

“Don’t speak nonsense!”

Endless Yin and the Black Moon Sect elders were filled with anger.

Damn, if it wasn’t for you people, how could the Heavenly Yin Mountains offend the five other spiritual mountains at once?  If it wasn’t for helping that damn Great Zhou royal family reform, the Black Moon Sect wouldn’t look like this!”

Endless Yin’s face sunk as he explained, “During this battle, we found some abnormalities.  The five great sects have large amounts of trained demon beasts, which is a rare form of fighting for the Great Zhou Country.  Moreover, they have many species of demon beasts that aren’t native to the Great Zhou Country. Other than that, there were many mysterious experts among them!”

“What experts?”

“We can’t be certain.  The only thing we confirmed is that these experts haven’t been seen before because whether it is their style or techniques, they don’t belong to the Great Zhou Country.”

The Great Zhou six mountains had experts like clouds and these experts were very well known.  Even if they didn’t fight before, they would know the other side’s style, so they could recognize them if they saw them.  However, the styles of these mysterious people were not like that of the Great Zhou Country, so they were not normal Great Zhou Country experts.

Endless Yin’s expression became uglier, “The last wave of attack has just ended and if my guesses aren’t wrong, their next wave of attack will be coming soon.”

“This happened?”  Chu Tian patted the little white fox on his shoulder, “Fox, go and see what background they have!”

The fox looked at the cultivator camp outside the Heavenly Yin Mountain when it woke up.  There was a total of four-five hundred thousand people and most of them were elites from the large sects.  When the fox looked at the center, the fox suddenly found something and it raised its claw to signify a hungry wolf.

“What?  You’re saying they’re spirit beasts!”

The little fox gave a slight nod.

Nangong Yun said in surprise, “Isn’t the Great Zhou Country a human kingdom?  I never heard of spirit beasts appearing here!”

“It’s not strange, the Great Zhou Country is connected to the Eagle Burial Kingdom to the north, the War Hound Plains to the northwest, and there is the Forest of Chaos to the south, spirit beasts can come from all directions, so it isn’t strange to see spirit beasts in the Great Zhou Country.  However…..” Chu Tian narrowed his eyes and said, “These spirit beasts are clearly not from the forest and they aren’t the remnants from the War Hound Plains.”

Nangong Yun blurted out, “Eagle Burial Kingdom’s people!”

Chu Tian nodded, “It’s most likely them.  I never thought that the Eagle Burial Kingdom’s tentacles spread further than we imagined.  If the Eagle Burial Kingdom is involved, the Great Zhou Country’s situation is more complicated.

“What should we do?”

“What can we do?  We’ll talk after taking care of the people under the mountain!”

When Endless Yin heard Chu Tian’s words being said as casually as drinking water, he couldn’t help revealing a look of disbelief, “Are you crazy?!  These are the elites of the five great sects, it’s already hard enough to defend against them, not to mention taking care of them!”

“What are you shouting for!”  Nangong Yun was angry like she had taken the answer, “If the boss says it’s possible, it’s possible.  Shut the fuck up for me, or this old lady will beat you until you’re paralyzed!”

With Nangong Yun’s violent temper, she would hit when she wanted.

Endless Yin could feel that this fiery girl’s strength was even higher than Chen Bingyu.  Endless Yin wasn’t her match, not to mention that Nangong Yun had brought several little brothers with her who were all experts of Miracle City.  People had to bow their heads when faced with someone stronger.

“Boss, how do you think we should take care of them?”

“These people have an overwhelming advantage compared to the Heavenly Yin Mountains, so they are very relaxed, placing all their people in the valley.  Nangong, have Yingying prepare some things, we need to use it immediately.”

After two hours.

Chu Tian took out five sets of Source Energy Weapons from the Space Warehouse.  When they were all pieced together, they formed five missile launchers. Miracle Commerce already had missiles before, but those missiles were very low level, completely different from the ones now.

“Boss, the control panel is prepared!”

Nangong Yun was standing in front of a panel that was surrounded by black boxes.  They were clearly Source Energy Matrices and the panel itself was a miniature Undead Radar.

“Activate the Smart Brain, activate the control panel!”


The Smart Brain was awakened and immediately said, “Hello sir City Lord, I am Smart Brain Number Three, mainly in charge of managing weapons.  What can I do for you?”

Chu Tian pointed at the dense life energy signatures in the valley, “Use the Snake Scorpion Beast Missiles, let them all have a taste!”

“Understood, sir City Lord!”

“Distance of 56.3121 kilometers, currently calculating best trajectory…..Finished!  Firing the Snake Scorpion Beast Biochemical Poison Missiles!”

The five launchers began to adjust, stopping after three-four seconds.  Suddenly, the entire missile launcher shook as each launcher fired five-six long and slender missiles.

These missiles came from Great Summer’s Qing State.

The Great Summer Qing State’s Green Ridge had the Snake Scorpion Beasts wreck havoc each year, even Chu Tian had suffered a large loss with Chen Bingyu.  However afterwards, Miracle Commerce’s researchers found that the Snake Scorpion Beast poison was a strong numbing poison that could quickly spread across a large area, paralyzing the bodies of all the warriors.

Therefore, researchers harvested large amounts of this Snake Scorpion Beast poison.  They first added many kinds of powerful numbing poisons into the Snake Scorpion Beast poison and then turned this poison into a high density liquid.  Finally they compacted it into the missiles, forming a biochemical weapon.

The weapon production method had low costs and was relatively simple.

The only flaw was it was easy to accidentally harm oneself because this Snake Scorpion Beast Missile’s compact poison had an intense reaction.  Once the missile landed in a group, it would instantly spread over a thousand meters, causing all the people within that area to be poisoned.

Before the Smart Brain controlled launchers were made, this kind of weapon could not be used.  It was the first test for this weapon today.

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