MT Chapter 497


Chapter 497: New weapon

Miracle City couldn’t relax because of this blessing in disguise, the three powers and the elves wouldn’t easily give up.  With this complex situation, they could only cooperate with the Elven King to stabilize the elves and also quickly developing Miracle City’s military force.

The Treants would not take orders, so if Miracle City had to prepare a terrifying military might that scared all the forces in the forest.  Miracle wouldn’t be able to train any peak experts, so they had to develop new weapons.

Therefore, Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu went to the Great Summer Country to understand the situation.

The Great Summer’s Yun Sect’s highest leaders Gu Qianqiu and Yun Tianhe came to meet them.  These two old fellows were currently in the True Spirit Realm, so they looked much younger. To be able to increase their strength at this old age, one part was from their years of foundations and the other part was from Miracle Commerce.


“Chairman, vice chairman, please look.”

“This is Miracle Commerce’s first new automated factory managed by Smart Brain.”

The two of them had voices filled with pride because this factory had a large significance to Miracle Commerce.  This was Miracle Commerce’s first completely automated factory and also the first automated factory on the continent.  Miracle Commerce had invested amount of resources and manpower, but the returns were completely worth it.

Gu Qianqiu walked while saying to Chu Tian, “We have founded the new production method for the next generation.  From now on, production of talismans, equipment, and products will not require people and these machines can do it on their own.  Simple things like Source Energy Lamps and Source Energy Pots and complicated things like cell phones or even Source Energy Computers can now be made automatically twenty four hours if the core components are placed in.”

Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu listened while walking forward.

The entire factory was not considered small, with two hundred sets of equipment moving at the same time.  Their speed was several times that of humans, saving Miracle Commerce close to one thousand people in terms of a production team.  Moreover, they did not make mistakes, did not become tired, and didn’t stop, working at maximum efficiency every second.

As for the thousand people freed from working as labour, Miracle Commerce could place more people into research and development, forming a positive cycle.

Chu Tian asked, “How long does it take to make a Super Source Energy Matrix?”

“With Smart Brain’s control and the automated symbol writing, the factory has a very high efficiency which people can’t compare to.”  Yun Tianhe proudly said, “It can make one a day, which is something that we didn’t dare dream of before.”

One a day was still too slow.

But everything had to progress at a steady rate.

Meng Qingwu was very satisfied, “Although Smart Brain’s operating speed is limited, increasing the amount of Smart Brains can make up for the limit in personal ability.  Our Space Warehouse, transport system, finance system, weapon system, production system, and resource mining system all need large amounts of Smart Brains to manage them!”

Smart Brains were truly a good thing.

Before Chu Tian invented this thing, Meng Qingwu did not know of its benefits.  Now she felt she couldn’t separate from Smart Brains. Miracle City can’t just rely on Zero and Second Miracle, they needed more Smart Brains!

“This place will be the computer processing plant, only making super computers and not caring about anything else!”  Chu Tian felt this wasn’t enough, “Other than this, we still need to create even more advanced factories. In half a year, the Great Summer Country needs ten, Oldman Small Town needs five, and Miracle City needs twenty of them!”

The two old men couldn’t help being stunned, “That many?”

“This is the basic requirement.”  Meng Qingwu replied for Chu Tian, “Production is the support for prosperity.  Although Miracle Commerce doesn’t have much money, we have saved quite a bit of resources over the year and there are enough gnome scholars, so we don’t need to worry about manpower.  The allocation of resources and manpower is the most important thing for our company, you can all directly report to the production department’s head Yingying.”

Gu Qianqiu and Yun Tianhe nodded.

“Let’s look at the achievements in weapon development.”

“Alright.  According to the chairman’s blueprints, the entire five hundred people research team has worked for months.  Then with Smart Brain’s addition, largely increasing our research speed, the first generation of close combat energy weapons and defensive weapons have been completed.”

“Oh?”  Chu Tian was a bit surprised, “Take it out and let’s see!”

Gu Qianqiu took out a black metal sword hilt and similar looking black metal arm protector.  Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu were the highest authority in the Yun Sect. There was no need to mention Chu Tian, of the current Yun Sect, most of the core technology had come from him.  Meng Qingwu was also not simple, she had a powerful learning and memorization ability, allowing her to master the technology better than any Yun Sect scholar.

This is the Energy Sword and Energy Shield.  Miracle Commerce had always focused on Source Energy Equipment, so they weren’t unfamiliar with it.

Miracle Commerce’s Source Energy Weapons were mainly long range weapons and they were lacking in close range combat weapons.  This Energy Sword and Energy Shield made up for this flaw. Of course, compared to normal Source Energy Weapons, this equipment was more technologically advanced.  Although Chu Tian had given them the core technology, it had taken several months, resources worth tens of thousands of source stones, and thousands of failures before they succeeded.

“The Energy Sword and Energy Shield both use the white energy.”  Yun Tianhe picked up the sword and activated the array. A web of energy appeared and with a faint buzzing sound, a beam of light appeared from the sword hilt.  The light was not dazzling and looked very beautiful, but it released powerful and dangerous energy waves, “The light sword’s gathered energy is several times stronger than that of a Source Energy Cannon, so it can easily cut through a True Spirit Expert’s protective spirit energy.  Therefore, its close range lethality can be seen.”

“No bad.”  Chu Tian looked at the arm protector, “What is the Energy Shield like?”

Menq Qingwu in comparison paid more attention to the Energy Shield.  The Energy Sword was just used for close range combat, but the Energy Shield was different.  If Miracle Commerce could perfect the Energy Shield technology, there were many places they could use it.  It wouldn’t just be used to protect people, it could also protect Source Energy Cannons and missile launchers, even being used to protect airships, battleships, and cities.

Yun Tianhe placed the arm protector on his left hand and activated the source energy array.


A semi circular energy appeared from the groove in the arm protector that could cover two thirds of one’s body.  The light was not as gathered as that of the Energy Sword, rather it flowed like water.

“The current Energy Shield also uses white energy, generating large amounts of repulsion force using the energy, being able to reflect physical and energy attacks.  So the energy is gathered together and will weaken with each attack. When it is at full energy, it can block a single attack from an Earth Spirit Cultivator.”

Meng Qingwu’s eyes lit up.

So strong!

If normal soldiers could resist the attack of Earth Spirit Cultivators, even if it was once, the entire army’s battle strength would increase by a large amount.

It was too much of a pity.

If this weapon was manufactured earlier, their losses wouldn’t have been as severe in the war.

But since they had already succeeded in manufacturing it, wouldn’t they be able to mass produce it in the future?

Chu Tian nodded with satisfaction, “Our Source Energy Equipment technology is advancing, now we can build higher level war weapons.”

Meng Qingwu knit her brows, “Even higher level war weapons?”

Chu Tian said, “The airships are a bit too weak, I feel like we have the ability to make higher level equipment.  Moreover, it can contain a Smart Brain, a radar, missiles, Source Energy Cannons, Energy Shields, and etc. This kind of flying vehicle will be the true ruler of the sky!”

People were shocked by these words.

Smart Brain, radar, missiles, Source Energy Cannons, and even the new shields, combined with an even airship that was even more advanced, people shivered just thinking about this.  Perhaps several of these were enough to conquer a small kingdom.

“These technologies are advancing everyday, I don’t think there would be too much problem.”  Meng Qingwu closed her eyes to consider it before finally shaking her head and saying, “But if we develop this kind of complex war weapon, even with the Smart Brains, it would require large amounts of people, resources, and effort.  Miracle Commerce doesn’t have enough people to support this and we are tight on money, so the time is not right.”

Chu Tian was a bit confused, “If we add in the gnomes, are we still lacking people?”

“Although there are many gnomes, they don’t work for Miracle Commerce and aren’t too clear on our technology.  There would need to be a time of learning and adaptation. Not to mention that Miracle Commerce have many research products and even the strong gnome researchers are a bit lacking in certain fields.”

Resources and funds were also a problem.

This was not as simple as making Energy Swords and Energy Shields.

Was it too rushed?

When Chu Tian was thinking about how to solve this problem, Vivian suddenly called his cell phone.  She happily shouted, “The Eternal Forest source stones are already in the warehouse. My royal father and I are in Miracle City, where are you?  Come over quickly!”

The Elven King…..Chu Tian was filled with thought.

Lancelot was quite the wise king, he was determined to reform the elves and wasn’t determined to bring the ancient Tree of Life back to the Eternal Forest.  This young king was very clear that if the Eternal Forest obtained the ancient Tree of Life, there would be a long period of isolation.

Would the elves have no worries if they obtained the ancient Tree of Life?  Impossible!

The ancient Tree of Life would protect the elves and make the elves more isolated from the world!

This kind of isolation was very terrifying.  The continent’s spirit beasts and humans were developing at a fast rate and the former overlords, the elves were slowly degrading each day.  If this wasn’t changed, the elves would become a weak race in just ten thousand years.

The Elven King wanted reform and Miracle City was the key.

Why shouldn’t Miracle City use the Eternal Forest’s resources?  The elves had more experts than the gnomes and few in the forest could match the resources the elves had.

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