MT Chapter 496


Chapter 496: Crisis solved

The Forest’s Protector, Cenarius, almost everyone had forgotten this large character!

Cenarius’ strength was not inferior to the peak experts of the Forest of Chaos and the forest power led by Cenarius was not a weak power that could be ignored in the Forest of Chaos.

Only there were too few Treants and they didn’t move for up to hundreds of years, they didn’t even have a need to guard any resources.  Therefore, they were neglected since they were even more low key than the elves.

Now they had suddenly become involved.


The situation was completely different now.

The Treants would favor the elves.

This was a fact that no one could deny!

After all, the wood elves and the tree ants have a large similarity, they all viewed the ancient Tree of Life as a divine object.  The ancient Tree of Life had given birth to their ancestors and gave their ancestors their power.

With the Elven King as the leader and the Treants added onto the elves, if they began to fight, their chances of winning was not high and it would stretch into a long term battle.  It would bring the flames of war to the entire forest and once the forest was filled with the flames of war, it was easy to imagine the consequences.

The Eternal Forest had stood firm for many years, it would definitely have an effect on the occupants.

Think about it, if there were two neighbours, one being a fierce tiger that kept invading others and the other was a powerful elephant that didn’t expand its territory, who would you help when those two fought?  One could guess even with their foot.

If both sides had strength that was equally matched, most of the forest tribes and cities will hire themselves to the Eternal Forest.  This would suppress the superiority in power these three influences had!

Burst Claw said through gritted teeth, “You’re not afraid that the rare Treant Race will go extinct because of this?”

“Each Treant can sacrifice themselves for the ancient Tree of Life.”  Cenarius’ voice was slow, but it had a firmness that couldn’t be moved, “If you question the determination of the Treants, you can give it a try.”

Cenarius wouldn’t make jokes.

In fact, Treants would never make jokes.

Treants were a very serious race, not having many emotions, almost having a one track mind.

Not to mention the meaning of the ancient Tree of Life to the Treants even surpassed that of the wood elves.  The ancient Tree of Life was the Treants’ father and god!

This situation fell into a deadlock.

“Alright, since Cenarius who isn’t seen for thousands of years had appeared, I’ll give you some face.”  Death Wing was first to speak, “I support Miracle City’s independence.”

Since Death Wing said this, what could Burst Claw and Thunder Fury do?

They weren’t sincerely supporting Miracle City, but they were just stalling for time.  As long as the ancient Tree of Life didn’t fall into the Eternal Forest’s hands, the three sides didn’t have anything to fear.

Even if the Treants were strong, their numbers were limited.  They had to defend against the wood elves!

Augusta was not satisfied with this ending.  After going around in circles, they couldn’t take the ancient Tree of Life in the end.  Instead they had to support Miracle City’s independence, this city that couldn’t even be called a city?

The Elven King Lancelot spoke before Augusta, “Since it’s like this, the elves will agree.”

“Your majesty!”

“This is the best result.”  The Elven King signalled to Augusta with his eyes, “Sir speaker wouldn’t wish to see the entire Forest of Chaos to be filled with rivers of blood, right!”


This was the best result.

To the other three powers, the ancient Tree of Life did not fall into the Eternal Forest’s hands and there was still room for discussion.  For the elves, although the ancient Tree of Life didn’t fall in their hands, with the Transport Tower, was it difficult for the elves to come to Miracle City?

Not to mention that Cenarius was guarding Miracle City.  The Treants were close to the elves and this was also a chance for the elves.

If both sides took a step back, the Forest of Chaos was peaceful.  If both sides fought to the end, both sides would be injured. The Elven King considered even more.  He hoped that Miracle City could change the elves, so having contact was not troublesome, but rather something necessary.

“Good!”  Thunder Fury looked at Cenarius, “SInce it’s like this, I ask Cenarius to take care of things properly.  I believe the Treants won’t break the agreement.”

Cenarius spoke in a slow voice that was filled with power and determination, “With the name of the Forest’s Protector, the Treants will bring our entire clan to maintain Miracle City’s neutrality and protect Miracle City’s City Lord Chu Tian’s position.  Whether it is the elves, the dragons, the Titans, the Behemoths, or any race of the forest, if they move against Miracle City or the ancient Tree of Life either directly or indirectly, they will become the enemies of the Treants!”

The Treants will never betray their promise.

Not to mention someone like Cenarius.

This promise was better than any contract it would at least prevent Miracle City from falling into the elves’ hands.  Because if had been too sudden, no one was prepared, so this was the best solution.

“Lancelot, I hope you can keep your promise!”


Death Wing, Burst Claw, and Thunder Fury all quickly left Miracle City.  They knew that they weren’t prepared this time and this agreement was just to stall for time.  As for how to deal with Miracle City and the ancient Tree of Life, they had to further consider this!

The Elven Council members all had dark faces.

Miracle City’s people had strange expressions.

At the end of this matter, the four giants didn’t receive any benefits and the weak Miracle Commerce benefitted the most.  This matter was overwhelming for these people.

“Damn!”  Augusta could only throw his nose to the side, “We’re returning to the Eternal Forest!”

Other than the Elven King and his daughter, all the other elves left Miracle City.

“Ha, ha, it truly was dangerous!”  Chu Tian cupped his hands to Cenarius.  He didn’t look like he was filled with joy after surviving a disaster, he just spoke with a happy smile, “Luckily you came in time otherwise father’s City Lord’s position wouldn’t have been kept!”

“You bringing the ancient Tree of Life into the world is a moment of history.”  Cenarius slow words struck a person’s soul, it gave people a peaceful feeling, “The Treants will bring our clan to protect the ancient Tree of Life, as well as the rights you deserve.”

Meng Qingwu was in a bit of disbelief, “Honourable Forest’s Protector, can I ask how many Treants will come to guard Miracle City?”

“All of them.”


“The Treants will only follow the agreement, we won’t accept Miracle City’s orders.”

Although Miracle City couldn’t give orders to the Treants, in the mountains around Miracle City, if there were tens of thousands of Treants, how strong of a defensive line would that be for Miracle City?  Would this kind of Miracle City be afraid of being invaded! Unless it was one of the four large powers, the city being attacked wouldn’t happen again.

“Young miss, Yingying, what are you standing in a daze for?”  Chu Tian said, “Why aren’t you helping our honourable Treant friends settle in?”

“Yes, yes!”

Cenarius was the strongest Treant, so naturally he was placed in the Miracle Garden.  Not only could he protect the ancient Tree of Life, there was no need of the precious treasure being destroyed.

As for the other Treants, they were placed outside and inside Miracle City, especially in the mountain range around the city.  The Treants could remain still for hundreds of years, they were fellows that almost didn’t move, becoming a defensive umbrella around Miracle City.  If they worked with Miracle City’s life energy radar, whether the enemy came from the sky, the ground, or underground, they couldn’t hide and would be instantly killed.

The Elven King brought Vivian in front of Miracle City, “Like this, there won’t be any powers in the Forest of Chaos that can shake your City Lord position.  You can now sit back and relax.”

“Overpraised, overpraised, I just stole a meal in the chaos.”

“Royal father!”  Vivian looked at the Elven King, “You should do what you should do.”

“What are you in a rush for?”  The Elven King helplessly shook his head before casually saying to Chu Tian, “Vivian has told me that Miracle City’s bank can provide a deposit service.  Moreover, the longer the money is stored, the higher the interest.”

Vivian quickly added, “The elves have many unused source stones and instead of putting it in the forest, it’s better to store it in Miracle Banking to earn interest with.  Although my father can’t go around that bad tempered speaker, it’s not a problem for him to take out money.”

Chu Tian instantly understand Vivian’s meaning.

This girl was planning to help solve Miracle City’s financial problem!

“Not bad, not bad, how much do you want to store?”  Chu Tian added in, “If the Elven King personally makes a deposits, naturally I’ll give you a high interest.  I promise you won’t suffer a loss.”

“Let’s store a hundred and fifty thousand first.”  Vivian made a decision for her father, “Store it for a year!”

Chu Tian’s eyes lit up, this really was large business.  Miracle City’s finances were close to collapse, over a hundred thousand source stones being stored was timely rain, it can solve the urgent matters.

“For a full year, 50% interest.”  Chu Tian looked at the Elven King and said, “Miracle City’s finances aren’t good right now, this is already the limit.”

50% interest for a single year?

The Elven King never thought Miracle Banking’s interest would be this high, could the saved hundred and fifty thousand become two hundred and twenty five thousand in just a year?  The most outstanding merchants of the continent couldn’t even reach this. The Elven King did not have to do a thing, he just had to store source stones in a place!

“Money and interest is not a problem.”  The Elven King revealed a deep meaning smile, “I can even store source stones without any interest.”

This was a meat pie that fell from the sky!

Chu Tian saw Vivian was also surprised.  He immediately vigilantly asked, “What do you want to do?”

“Don’t be nervous.”  The Elven King shook his head and said, “I just want to buy a Smart Brain.”

He even knew about Smart Brain, this fellow knew quite a bit about Miracle City!

Chu Tian thought that Miracle City already had four-five Smart Brains and it wouldn’t affect Miracle City that much if it was given away.  The hundred and fifty thousand was more important and they had to give the Elven King face, “Alright, I agree!”

The Treants were personally protecting the city and the Elven King was given a large deposit, the good news was coming one after another!

The city’s crisis and the financial crisis had been solved at the same time.

Whether it was the Meng sisters, Nangong Yun, Delores, or the entirety of Miracle City, this was all a pleasant surprise for them.  It was a blessing for Miracle City to pass through this disaster!

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