MT Chapter 495


Chapter 495: Confrontation

That sound had come too abruptly.  Whether it was Burst Claw, Thunder Fury, or Death Wing, they never paid any attention to any beings other than the elves.  Humans didn’t have any influence in the Forest of Chaos and were often treated as outsiders, not to mention humans were just too weak!

When these large characters were confronting each other.

There was a lizard that suddenly appeared on the side.  What would be the end to this lizard? Stomped to death!

“What qualification does an ant have to speak!  Die!”


A casual wild claw glow created a several meter tall red tornado which tore the earth to pieces.  It began to move towards Chu Tian. This was only a casual attack from Burst Claw, but it was something that Chu Tian could not block.

Killing this human was no different from pinching an ant to death for Burst Claw.

“Burst Claw, your temper is still this bad.”  Lancelot wielded the Forest Scepter and the ground around Chu Tian instantly had several vines drill out.  Each vine was as thin as a finger and looked quite weak, but they moved with incredible speed. They hit the claw glow as fast as lightning and the tornado was instantly shattered to pieces.

Burst Claw and Thunder Fury revealed a trace of fear on their faces.

This Elven King had only taken his position for a hundred years and the Eternal Forest never participated in any disputes, so Lancelot had never fought with these large characters before.  These people still did not know how deep Lancelot’s powers were.

The Forest Scepter was one of the Eternal Forest’s treasure and its power was inseparable from the power of its user.  The Elven King did not use his power at all, he purely used the power of the scepter to subtly take care of Burst Claw’s attack, not revealing any part of himself.  This was enough to prove that the Elven King’s cultivation was not low.

The most important things was that the Forest Scepter was refined from a branch of the ancient Tree of Life.  Now the ancient Tree of Life’s power was surrounding them, perhaps the Forest Scepter would become even stronger.  The Elven King could use the power of the Forest Scepter alone to deal with one the forest’s peak experts, so if his power was included, it wasn’t impossible for him to fight two people at once.

Adding in Augusta, they wouldn’t suffer too much of a loss in a fight.

The Elven King ignored Burst Claw’s fierce expression and his eyes fell onto Chu Tian, “What do you have to say.”

“Many thanks your majesty, Elven King.”

Chu Tian’s expression did not change from beginning to end.  He moved in front of the four leaders and whether it was the aloof dragon prestige, the overbearing expression of the Titan, or the fierce Behemoth, he acted like there was no one there, like this pressure didn’t exist at all.

These large characters all revealed strange expressions.

No matter how strong a human was, when faced with this kind of pressure, they wouldn’t be able to keep their calm.  This was already not a problem of courage and disposition. Whether it was the Elven King, the Behemoth, the Titan, or the giant dragon, they were all beings that were on a higher level than humans.  The threat did not just from the difference in strength, it was a direct attack on one’s soul.

A small lamb would not provoke a strong water buffalo.  No matter how brave the lamb was, when placed among wicked lions, that fear that was embedded deep in their souls cannot be overcome no matter how brave they were.

Not to mention the fact that Titans, Behemoths, and giant dragons, when humans were placed in front of these powerful and ancient creatures, they perhaps couldn’t even be considered lambs!

That was the contempt a higher level being looked at a lower level being with!

Chu Tian being able to remain calm in this kind of situation, how could these people not be surprised?  This meant that whether this human was strong or not, at least his soul was that of an expert, one that dared to challenge a giant dragon.

Thunder Fury had a somewhat high view of this human, “Who are you?”

“This place’s master, Miracle City’s City Lord, Chu Tian!”

“Chu Tian?”  Death Wing long and narrow golden eyes were cold as they stared at him, like a snake that was looking at a frog.  Although his voice was calm, it made people feel a deep chill in their bones, “Then that means my subordinate was killed by you?”

“You’re talking about that Lich?  No, no, no, honourable Dragon Lord, you must have made a mistake.”  Chu Tian was not frightened by the black dragon’s aura at all as he said with a calm face, “Not only did he not die, he is living very well and has changed jobs.  Zero, your old master is here, you’re not even going to greet him”

Death Wing was stunned.

“Honourable Dragon Lord, your majesty Dragon City’s Master, Death Wing.”  A cold voice without any emotions came from the speakers in the corner, “Sir City Lord has allowed me to be reborn and I’m living very well.  I ask your majesty Death Wing to not worry about me.”

Death Wing’s face changed and he looked left and right, “Where are you?”

“Zero is Miracle City’s manager, his ears and eyes can spread all over Miracle City, so he is everywhere and nowhere.”  Chu Tian knew that explaining this question to Death Wing was troublesome, “In some meaning, Zero is already close to becoming a Spiritual God.”

“Such a boastful human!”  Burst Claw took a step forward, “The Green City branch of the Shamans, was it destroyed by you?”

Chu Tian looked at him and shook his head as he said, “Powerful Ten Thousand Beast King, I did not exterminate the Shaman Religion and instead allowed them to spread.  The small Green City branch has now jumped out of the forest and began to spread their influence on the far War Hound Plains. Just this is something that the Savage Highlands Shaman headquarters would find hard to do, right?  So I didn’t destroy any Shaman Religion branches, but rather I have helped the Shaman Religion develop!”

The Shaman Religion was developing on the War Hound Plains?

Who would believe something like this!

“Your eyes are too shallow!”  Chu Tian’s words directly made people break out in cold sweat.  Daring to say that these large characters’ eyes were too shallow, only Chu Tian could do this in the entire forest, “You’re fighting for benefits in a small Forest of Chaos, could there only be this little forest on the continent?  With your power and my technology, how hard would be be to become an overlord of the continent!”

These words were too exaggerated.

Even in the Forest of Chaos, there were still many places to develop!

Chu Tian said, “The ancient Tree of Life can’t be moved and Miracle City won’t be ceded, this is the iron principle and no one can change it.  Of course, with the power of any group, it would be easy to take Miracle City, but have you ever considered how much of an unprecedented chaos the Forest of Chaos would fall into if you did this?  The ancient Tree of Life’s value lies in creation of life, could it be you’ll allow it dies in the flames of war and chaos?”

Augusta refuted, “The ancient Tree of Life belongs to the elves.  You blatantly want to take away the elven race’s divine object, why are you giving this kind of pompous excuses!”

“You’re wrong!”  Chu Tian calmly announced, “Miracle City does not have the intention to become enemies with any forces.  For Miracle City’s stability, to spare the lives of tens of thousands of beings, Miracle City has value in existing.  As long as everyone takes a step back and turn this place into a special development area with Miracle City in the center.  Whether it is Miracle City’s technology or the ancient Tree of Life’s power, it will benefit everyone in the end!”

“Not only will the Eternal Forest obtain great benefits, even the Dragon’s Ridge, the Giant’s Mountain Ridge, and the Savage Highlands will change!”

“If the Dragon Lord is willing to work with Miracle Commerce, with Miracle Commerce’s channels, you can earn money from all over the continent.  Wouldn’t the Dragon Lord’s wealth increase many folds at that time?”

“If the Titans work with Miracle Commerce, any materials the Titan blacksmith need, even if it was the stars in the sky, they can be picked for you, creating a larger palace for the giants.  Wouldn’t the giants be able to obtain several times the resources?”

“If the Savage Highlands worked with Miracle Commerce, we will sell you the most advanced weapons on the continent and allow you to sweep out of the Forest of Chaos.  You can sweep in all directions and destroy all obstacles. Wouldn’t your territory increase several folds at that time?”

Although the Forest of Chaos had primitive communications, these giants all had eyes everywhere.  Everything that had happened recently in Miracle City, it was impossible for them not to know about Miracle City’s technology and at least know a portion of it.

If Chu Tian was given enough time, Chu Tian definitely could do this.

However, would these large characters agree?  If the area centered around Miracle City became a special area, wouldn’t it become a fifth power propped by these four powers?  When they waited for Miracle City to become big, what would happen if it became a stone dropped on their foot!

“I support creating this special area!”  The Elven King was the first to speak, “Miracle City is related to large benefits and conflict, so how about everyone take a step back?  The elves are willing to become Miracle City’s closest allies!”

Augusta was not satisfied with decision, why should the elves lower their heads to this human?  No matter how much potential Chu Tian had, he hadn’t made a name for himself yet!

Death Wing, Thunder Fury, and Burst Claw were even more dissatisfied at this time.

Miracle City was already very close to the Eternal Forest, Miracle City’s vice City Lord was someone from the Eternal Forest.  If Miracle City became an independent entity and they allowed Chu Tian’s group to keep nurturing the ancient Tree of Life, would’t the Eternal Forest obtained the greatest benefits in the end?

“I agree to Chu Tian’s proposition!”

When the three large characters didn’t have time to express their stance, a deep voice came from the earth.


These large characters were all stunned because at an unknown time, there were several hundred Treants that appeared around Miracle City.  There was even the Treant Patriarch, the one who had the title of the “Forest Protector”, the hundred meter tall Cenarius.

Chu Tian saw Cenarius appear and he let out a long sigh of relief, “You’re finally here!”

Cenarius took a slow and firm step, “The Treants will protect the ancient Tree of Life to death and anyone who tries to harm the ancient Tree of Life will become the Treant Race’s mortal enemy!  I agree to City Lord Chu Tian’s proposition. The Treants will move to Miracle City and create a defensive line for Miracle City!”

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