MT Chapter 494


Chapter 494: Four giants

Nidhogg, there weren’t many people in the forest who knew this name because people were used to his nicknames, Dragon Lord or Death Wing.

It was unknown how many years Death Wing had lived for.  For the Giant Dragon Race who could live tens of thousands of years, he should still be middle aged.  Death Wing who had lived for at least ten-twenty thousand years was one of the oldest beings in the Forest of Chaos.

Death Wing’s territory is in the Dragon’s Ridge.  The legendary Dragon City was a city made from treasures, it’s said the treasures there could reach the sky.

The Dragon Race had a strong urge to collect and Death Wing Nidhogg was one of the best.  His infinite life and his strength that could disdain the world allowed him who regarded treasures as life to have enough time to steal and hide treasures.


There was no doubt.

Death Wing Nidhogg was the most famous collector in the Forest of Chaos.

Other than that, Death Wing was also the richest person in the Forest of Chaos!

This Dragon Lord was a pure blood true black dragon, he was mainly good at using dark and death energy, therefore most of his underlings were evil beings.  There were many dark races under him, such as the dark elves, the dark spirit beasts, the devils, and etc., even quite a few Lichs working to death under him.  They were strong enough to cover the sky, a single sneeze from him was enough to create riots in the Forest of Chaos!

Too strong!

This pressure was too strong!

Death Wing’s strength was clearly at the same level as the Elven King.

However, the Elven King gave people a feeling like he was powerless, while the Death Wing’s power exploded out.  This was not a normal pressure, it was dragon pressure, a giant dragon’s pressure. The pressure thie peak life form brought to the lower life form was like the peak king of the food chain looking down at a pitiful ant!

When this pressure hit Miracle City, there were some weak or feeble-minded people who fainted on the spot.  Others felt their body sway and they couldn’t stand straight.

The faces of Meng Qingwu and the others turned white.

This was the power of a giant dragon?

This was not something normal people could resist!

Death Wing had not come alone, there were several dragons beside him.  These dragons were dragons with blood that was a grade inferior, but they were existences with terrifying strength, not losing to the Eternal Forest Elven Council members.  On the back of each dragon were Lichs, Ghouls, and dark elves, so the difference between both sides was not too much.

“Lancelot?  I guessed that you were here!”

Death Wing’s giant body released a black light and countless runes appeared on it.  Around four-five seconds, the light dimmed and shrunk.

The body with a length of over a hundred meters in just a few seconds actually turned into a human form that was just around three meters tall.

Of course, it wasn’t a human.

Death Wing’s powerful body was covered in dragon scales and had a pair of powerful dragon wings on his back with bone spurs that were like sharp bone spears.  His eyes were dark gold, with pupils like that of a reptile, long and cold. Although his body became smaller, his pressure did not diminish at all.

The Elven King released a gentle and natural aura that instantly balanced out the killing intent around Death Wing, instantly allowing the people around to let out a sigh of relief, “We haven’t seen each other in eighty years, do you have to release your killing intent like that as soon as we meet?  We should sit down and properly talk about this!”

Death Wing’s dragon wings shook, “What are you in a rush for?  Not everyone’s here yet!”

The Elven King was slightly stunned as he immediately felt something.  Although the naked eye couldn’t see anything, the Elven King through the Forest Scepter could see everything in a hundred mile range.  At this time, there were two groups of small mountain like figures moving towards Miracle City at the same time.

Dong, dong, dong!

The heaven and earth shook!

All living things prostrated!

Just like a god had arrived, a wave of pressure spread in all directions.  With the earth trembling, fifteen giants appeared.

Unless one personally witnessed it, no one dared believe that such tall people existed in this world!

Each giant was around a hundred meters tall, a human wasn’t even as tall as their toes.  Each giant’s skin shined with the luster of metal and gave people a feeling that weapons, water, or fire couldn’t penetrate it.  At the same time, each giant was covered in large amounts of runes formed from lightning. There were no pupils in their eyes, only burning flames of thunder.


This was the Titan Race!

Titans were a high level race of giants and there weren’t many of them left on the continent, so they could be called a very rare existence.  Titan Giants had the terrifying power of natural heavenly thunder in their bodies, therefore they had a destructive might gods and demons couldn’t resist.  This was a race that everyone trembled in fear of!

From another direction.

Several incomparably large figures were moving.  These forms were a bit smaller than the Titans, but they were even buffer.  They looked like giant orangutans, with terrifying fangs and claws. Those wide open mouths could swallow three-five cows at once!

Wherever these giant beasts went, their cruel, violent, and wild beast auras made all living beings yield and withdraw.


It was the Behemoth Race!

Behemoths were a very ancient race.  The Behemoths had a low reproductive ability, so there weren’t many of them.  Moreover, the Behemoths had a very special characteristic.

Every hundred Behemoths born, there would be ninety nine Giant Beast Behemoths.

What were giant beasts?  They only had strength and empty minds.  The power of these Behemoths were very strong and could be considered natural war machines.  Moreover, they were incomparably violent by nature, being filled with a natural bloodlust from birth.

Every time a hundred Behemoths were born, there would be only one Wise Behemoth.  That Behemoth was the natural Ten Thousand Beast King, the king of spirit beasts and a natural ruler.

“The people of the Savage Highlands and the Giant Mountain Range are also here?”  Chu Tian slightly knit his brows seeing this, “This matter is becoming more and more lively!”

The Titans and Behemoths remained outside Miracle City.

Two forms charged into Miracle City.  One was a strong man who was around the same size as a dwarf and the other was a miniature Behemoth.  The aura around the two of them were not inferior to the Elven King. They probably used the same secret art as Death Wing to decrease the size of their body.

Great Titan, Thunder Fury Sylvester!

Golden Behemoth, Burst Claw Nukazan!

These two were legendary figures.  One was the highest ruler of the Giant’s Mountain Range and the other was the Ten Thousand Beast King of the Savage Highlands.  Then there was also the Dragon Ridge’s master and the Eternal Forest’s king. Four of the most influential people in the Forest of Chaos were gathered here.

This was a scene rarely seen in a hundred years!

The Elven Council speaker Augusta arrived beside the Elven King and coldly looked over these people, “What have you come here for?”

Even if the Thunder Fury had become as small as a gnome, his angry disposition was not reduced at all.  He looked at Augusta and said in a taunting tone, “This old elf is actually still alive? Truly not easy!”

Augusta’s face sunk, “Thunder Fury, you better be more polite!”

Whether it was the Titan Thunder Fury, the Behemoth Burst Claw, or the Dragon Ridge’s Death Wing, these were all existences with incomparably long lives.  However, if the elves were placed in front of them, they had already changed generations several times.

Of course, there were benefits to long and short lives.

The elves had the most experts.  The Elven King Lancelot was not inferior to these three and the Elven Council speaker Augusta was also an expert of the same level.  The highest elven leaders that controlled the elven forest were experts that were just a grade lower.

The continent was fair.

With long lives, one had weak reproduction, slow growth, and powerful individual strength.

With short lives, one had strong reproduction, quick growth, and the power of the group couldn’t be neglected.

The humans quickly rising on the continent supported this theory!

Burst Claw said in a deep hiss, “Lancelot, you won’t give me an explanation for killing my people?”

The Elven King gave a faint laugh, “I gave him a chance, he was the one who didn’t take it.”

Burst Claw’s eyes turned red as he released his killing intent, “It’s said that this generation’s Elven King’s style is even better than the previous king’s.  You’ve only taken the throne for a hundred years and we haven’t fought yet, how about we take this chance to compare notes!”

The two of them were both peak experts in the forest.

If they began fighting in Miracle City, the situation would be bad!

“I don’t have any opinions on you fighting.”  Death Wing seemed to have no interest in accompanying these people, “But my time is precious and will jump right to the subject at hand.  I can smell the ancient Tree of Life, for this kind of good thing to appear in this world, are the elves prepared not to let us see it?”

Thunder Fury was surrounded by lightning hearing this, “This is a public treasure for the entire forest, the elves wouldn’t be thinking of swallowing it by themselves, right?”

The Behemoth Burst Claw’s killing intent instantly disappeared.  He revealed a slightly fearful expression. If the ancient Tree of Life fell into the Eternal Forest’s hands, the Eternal Forest’s strength would greatly increase.  Although the Eternal Forest didn’t like fighting, who liked having a super power in their territory?

“The things from the great ancient era are all heaven defying things, those things should be directly destroyed!”

The ancient Tree of Life was without a doubt a good thing.

But whether it was the Dragon’s Ridge, the Giant’s Mountain Range, or the Savage Highlands, they didn’t hope that this thing would fall into the Eternal Forest’s hands.  They would rather destroy it if they couldn’t obtain it!

The elves revealed looks of high vigilance as Augusta coldly said, “If you have the skills, take it for yourselves!”

Three against two, the elves did not have a high chance of winning.

All the Elven Council had come and there were also several dozen experts from the Eternal Forest.  Even if they relied on the power of the ancient Tree of Life and fought a life and death battle, they wouldn’t win!

There were four leaders of the forest, several dragons, several Titans, several Giant Beast Behemoths, and over a hundred elven experts.

If they began fighting.

Would Miracle City still exist?

“This…..”  When the four sides were staring daggers at each other, a voice not mentioning sounded from the side, “Can I say a few things?”

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