MT Chapter 493


Chapter 493: Death Wing

The thing Meng Qingwu was most worried about still happened in the end.

The ancient Tree of Life in Miracle City would attract the attention of the forest giants and would make Miracle City’s relation with the Eternal Forest more complicated.  This was because the ancient Tree of Life was like a god to the wood elves, just like how the Monster God Religion worshipped the little fox.

Would the elves allow such an important divine object be controlled by a group of outsiders?

This conflict would surely spawn a very large problem.  Miracle City in front of the Eternal Forest, their strength was not even worth mentioning.


Meng Qingwu did not dare be negligent.

She put down her matters and rushed over.

Vivian had built the Transport Tower in the Eternal Forest to benefit Miracle City and the Eternal Forest, but in the end several dozen Elven Council members were transported over, causing the situation to develop completely different from what she imagined.

The ancient Tree of Life had already grown to around two meters in a short two-three days.  The life energy it released was even more exuberant and its other abilities began to develop.  This divine tree was in the center of the garden, immediately linking up to the spirit vein that was hundreds of miles long, extracting large amounts of rich spiritual energy, causing the soil to be hundreds of times richer.

This effect exceeded even the best Spirit Gathering Array!

Miracle City’s spiritual energy was becoming richer with each day, filling every grain of soil with energy.

The ancient Tree of Life kept releasing life energy, enriching all the surrounding animals and plants, especially those herbs in the garden.  Their current daily growth was more than a month’s growth before!

In other words.

Just a few days was equal to growing in a normal environment for a year!

If an herb was grown here for several years, wouldn’t it become a rare thousand year herb?  Even if Miracle City did nothing, they could earn large amounts of money just buying young herbs and reselling them.  Not to mention, the ancient Tree of Life had only existed for several days and its growth could not be imagined.

Who wouldn’t be tempted by this divine thing?

Not to mention the ancient Tree of Life had a special meaning to the Eternal Forest’s elves!

Once the ancient Tree of Life was planted, it was very hard to move it, at least it couldn’t be moved now.  The Eternal Forest elves had no choice and could only think of a single method which was to take Miracle City, officially turning Miracle City into an elven city.

This was something Vivian never thought of.

“You aren’t strong enough to protect Miracle City, not to mention the ancient Tree of Life!”  The Elven Council members had firm attitudes, almost pointing at Chu Tian’s nose as they shouted, “This tree is very significant to the elf race and is a divine object to the elf race, you want to keep it for yourself?”

“That’s right!  From this day forth, Miracle City will be protected by the Eternal Forest!”  Another Elven Council member said, “Of course, as for everything you’ve done for the Eternal Forest, the Eternal Forest will remember this.  The Eternal Forest will give you enough compensation!”

The Elven Council was surprisingly in unity.

Even Ulysses also supported the elves coming here to protect the city.

Meng Qingwu saw that the situation was becoming troublesome, the Elven Council was firm without any room for discussion.  Miracle Commerce had invested a lot into Miracle City,y how could they just give it up?

“Ha, ha, ha!  Are you playing the fool or have you all lost your memories?”  Chu Tian took out a scroll from his chest and unfurled it, “Miracle City has cut off relations with the Eternal Forest.  The Eternal Forest’s Elven Council and Elven King have agreed to Miracle City’s independence and that they wouldn’t interfere.  This contract has the signature of the Elven Council speaker and the Elven King. Could it be that the elf race who advocates following the legal system would blatantly break this contract today?”

The Elven Council members all had ugly expression.

Now they finally understood why Chu Tian had deliberately cut off ties with the Elven Forest a few days ago.  He had already expected this situation after the birth of the ancient Tree of Life.

Chu Tian continued to say, “Are you elves who praise yourselves on your culture prepared to break this promise?”

The faces of the Elven Council members all changed.

Although the Elven Council was divided into the conservative and reformist factions, they were still elves in the end and guarded all forms of contracts or statutes.  After all, this was the basic spirit of the elf race and something the elves had spent a lot of energy to keep.

Augusta stood up with a bit of annoyance, “Human, such an obvious plan, you think the elves have no brains?”

“You can say whatever you want!”  Chu Tian laughed, “The Eternal Forest’s influence surpasses that of Miracle City by a hundred times.  Miracle City is the weaker party and if the stronger party forcefully breaks the contract, what can I do?  Come as you wish! At most you’ll kill me and show the world the elves’ hypocrisy!”

“Big brother Chu Tian, don’t be angry!”  Vivian saw the situation was bad and quickly stood up, “Grandpa speaker, why do you need to force big brother Chu Tian?  If there wasn’t big brother Chu Tian, would there be a Miracle City? Why can’t you just work together!”

“Relax, the elves disdains using strength to bully others!”  Augusta gave a cold snort, “But an underhanded contract will not stop the Eternal Forest, the elves will take back Miracle City with a just method!”

Chu Tian looked at Vivian.

How was it hard to deal with this group of stubborn old men?  The elf race’s dispositional flaw was just too fatal. No matter how long they live and how much knowledge they had, they would always be inflexible.

The long and tedious laws of the elf race, Chu Tian could find several dozen loopholes even with closed eyes.  Also with the work efficiency of the elves, if they really wanted to fight with Chu Tian, how many years would it take!

Ulysses has dealt with Chu Tian before, so he knew doing this was wrong.  He immediately made a suggestion, “Chu Tian, we know your investment in Miracle City  and the elves are not an unreasonable race. How about we exchange cities, what do you think?”

What, exchange cities?”

“Take out the map!”  Ulysses opened a large map which detailed a large southern portion of the Forest of Chaos, “This part of the forest is called the Silver Moon Forest, it’s not any worse than Miracle City.  The elves have managed Silver Moon City for five thousand years and it is several times more prosperous than the several hundred year old Miracle City. There are already no enemies in the surrounding thousand miles and it has a perfect natural defense and defense system.  If you stay in it, you’ll have plenty of resources. You will still be the City Lord of a forest city, but you will be more than ten times richer!”

Meng Qingwu was flabbergasted hearing this.

This group of elves really could bear to play this move!

The other Elven Council members revealed difficult expressions.  Silver Moon City was the only prosperous city the Eternal Forest had, but for Miracle City, they made this kind of decision.  This was indeed hard for them.



The Elven Council members slapped the table.

This human was too arrogant!

The elves had clearly taken a large step back and give him complete compensation, what did he want to do?

Chu Tian didn’t even spare a glance to Silver Moon City because it was an elven city and elves hated other races.  If Chu Tian accepted this elven city, when the elves left, he would just have an empty city.

What use did he have for an empty city!

How could Chu Tian care about this little bit of benefit?

When compared to Miracle City, although many aspects weren’t complete, Chu Tian was already standing firm here.  There was the best scholars and laboratory in the forest here and it was at the center of the Forest of Chaos, holding a large potential for growth.  The most important thing was the ancient Tree of Life, it had a very large significance to Chu Tian!

“You have to understand, I didn’t do this for myself.  I’m thinking for the Eternal Forest and the elves.” Chu Tian knew this group of elves had to be convinced with reason, “There are three fatal flaws for the Eternal Forest to rule Miracle City.  This not only will not allow you to protect the ancient Tree of Life, it will also endanger the Eternal Forest!”


“Saying things to frighten people!”

Chu Tian didn’t care about what these elves said as he illustrated, “First, Miracle City has several different races in the thousand mile area around Miracle City.  They don’t like the elves, so the elven rules can’t be enforced here. Could it be the elves will expel these tens of thousands of people? Second, the elves are very slow at work and don’t have any motivation.  It would be fine if it was a normal city, you can slowly develop it with your long lives. But for a critical city like Miracle City, with the ancient Tree of Life acting as a barrel of gunpowder, do you have time to slowly construct the city?  Third, the ancient Tree of Life is a relic of the great ancient era, so the elves will naturally become stronger once you obtain it. However, the ancient Tree of Life needs a long time to grow, do you think the other forest powers will sit and watch you become stronger?”

Chu Tian clearly wasn’t speaking nonsense.

The elves had to face these problems at a minimum.

How could the Eternal Forest develop in Miracle City and keep out the pressure from all sides?  Of course, the elves didn’t even consider these problems. Although the elves didn’t like to fight, they were confident in their own strength.  They didn’t fear fighting those forest giants, they were just focused on taking the ancient Tree of Life back!

The ancient Tree of Life was just too important for the elves.

When Augusta was about to refute Chu Tian.

“Chu Tian’s words are indeed correct.”  The Elven King who hadn’t spoken until now finally spoke up, “We can’t discuss Miracle City’s matter now, there might be a bit of trouble.”

Trouble?  What trouble?”

When everyone was confused, there was an explosion in the sky.  Like a hole being carved in the sky, they saw several figures appear on the horizon, with one giant one in the middle.  Looking at it from a distance, that body was at least over a hundred meters long. It was completely jet black and covered in black scales, with a pair of incomparably wide wings.  Wherever it flew, the strong wind ripped the air apart.

Augusta’s face fell, “This is……”

“Dragon Lord!”  The Elven King Lancelot’s face become serious, “Death Wing, Nidhogg!”

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