MT Chapter 492


Chapter 492: Work after the battle

“Move faster!”

“We still have many injured soldiers who need treatment!”

“These medicine need to be delivered as soon as possible!”

“How many cans of food are prepared?  If there is any inventory in the Great Summer Country, send it over, we need to keep the soldiers fed!”


Several hundred staff members under Meng Yingying’s orders loaded boxes of products onto airships, taking up an entire five airships.  Meng Yingying entered one with Chu Tian and rose above the warehouse, slowly moving forward.

When they moved in front of the airship’s viewing window, Meng Yingying could clearly see the Miracle City scenery that was currently filled with smoke.  Large parts of the mountains had collapsed and large parts of the forest were burned. In just a few short days, Miracle City had been covered in eyesores.

War truly was a devil!

Miracle City had lost over forty thousand soldiers and over seventy-eighty thousand people were injured, having less injuries and deaths than the attackers.  The main thing was that Miracle City had deployed large amounts of Source Energy Weapons and the fact that this battle had ended in a critical moment.

If they fought for another day, it was unknown how many casualties there would be!

Meng Yingying said with a difficult voice, “Our Miracle City was a paradise, but now there are many places that have been destroyed.”

Chu Tian gently held her shoulder, “Don’t feel sad.  Miracle City has the ancient Tree of Life, I believe it won’t be hard to restore the mountain forests with the Tree of Life’s power.”

Meng Yingying gave a slightly comforted nod.

“Brave Miracle City warriors!”

“The enemies have been routed and Miracle City has won on all fronts!”

“The City Lord Chu Tian and the production minister Meng Yingying personally came to offer condolences, preparing large amounts of food and medicine.  Everyone please be assured, your sacrifice for Miracle City will not be in vain. Every blood you shed for Miracle City will create a more prosperous Miracle City for your future generations!  Each brave warrior who has fought for Miracle City will always be remembered by Miracle City!”

Before the airships landed on the ground, the loudspeakers began sounding out.

The citizens and warriors waiting for help heard this and they broke out in inspired cheers.  This battle’s victory was just too incredible, this was a victory that belonged to every member of Miracle City!

Five airships slowly descended.

Chu Tian and Meng Yingying personally took command.  The boxes of canned food and medicine were sent out to the hands of the citizens and soldiers.

At this time, the city was filled with summons of action.

Meng Qingwu personally made the speech.  She first congratulated and praised everyone on their victory before making her summons of action.  The surrounding tribes had been seriously damaged in the battle and now required everyone in Miracle City to work together to restore it.

When the order was given.

The entire city responded.

Whether it was the gnomes inside Miracle City or the different tribes living around them, these people all gathered together.  Following this, two-three hundred thousand people formed many small teams, running off to the different tribes to restore them.

This scene was very passionate and it created a strange feeling in people’s hearts.

This was an unprecedented warmth, like the sense of belonging one had for their home.  Miracle City didn’t just win this time, it increased the unity of the surrounding tribes and Miracle City!

Miracle Broadcasting seized this chance to report situations in real time, while also publishing some blood burning scenes that had happened in the war, promoting the harmony the tribes and the city had.  There was even plans of making a movie.

In short, for several hundred years, the tribes all had unclear relations and frequently conflicted with the city.  However, after experiencing a life and death fight together, most of the tribes and city were filled with feelings of friendship.

When Chu Tian and Yingying were busy providing relief items!

Nangong Yun rushed over and asked, “Boss, there are a total of sixty thousand captives!  What should we do with them?”

That many!

Nangong Yun didn’t wait for a reply and quickly suggested, “I think we should kill them all!  Since they invaded our home, they should prepare to pay with their lives! Killing them will increase morale among Miracle City’s people, scare off those little thieves, and make people unwilling to attack in the future!”

“This is over sixty thousand people!”  Meng Yingying revealed a look of disbelief, “Killing all sixty thousand people?  What kind of river of blood would that create, doing this is too cruel!”

“What can we do if we don’t kill them?”  Nangong Yun was someone who worshipped military force, but wasn’t a cruel person.  She also felt killing them all was a bit improper, but she couldn’t think of a better way to take care of them, “These are villains who have invaded Miracle City, their hands are dyed with the blood of Miracle City’s people.  If we let them go like this, it will affect the morale of the Miracle City’s people!”

Meng Yingying gave her view, “But Miracle City will develop in the future and will contact even further cities and tribes.  If we kill sixty thousand people this time, with most of them being captives from other regions, it will invoke much hostility towards Miracle City from other people.  This doesn’t benefit our company’s development in the future.”

“You’re also right.”  Nangong Yun didn’t have an idea for now.  They couldn’t kill them and couldn’t not kill them, and all sixty thousand mouths needed to eat.  Miracle City’s finances were about to collapse, they couldn’t support all these mouths for a long time, “Boss, you make the decision still.”

“You still need to ask me for this simple matter?  Naturally they can’t be released, they need to pay the price of their own evil deeds.”  Chu Tian rolled his eyes, “But there’s no need to kill them. Find the young miss to create a list of ransom for the captives and send this list to the tribes and cities.  Have them pay money for the captives! As for the price, the higher the better!”

“If they don’t pay?”

“Don’t pay?  Then they can’t blame Miracle City since we did give them a chance, but their tribes didn’t take that chance.  Miracle City is already showing extreme tolerance.” Chu Tian paused before saying, “If they don’t pay for a long time, just send these captives to be slaves in Miracle City or sell them to slave traders.  In short, the ransom money and income will all be used as compensation for the injured or dead soldiers.”

Meng Yingying and Nangong Yun’s eyes lit up.

This was good, this left room for discussion and didn’t offend the locals.  They would also establish a benevolent image in the forest and could increase compensation for Miracle City’s people.  It would provide relief for Miracle City’s finances while also stabilizing the hearts of the Miracle City people.

“Boss is too smart, we’ll do this!”

Miracle City right now was completely focused on after battle construction work.

Chu Tian as the City Lord naturally had to personally reward the citizens and soldiers, therefore he took the productions minister Meng Yingying to give rewards and reparations.

Nangong Yun was Miracle City’s military and defense minister, her duty was to handle the prisoners and restore the lost Source Energy Weapons.  Delores as the commerce and finance ministers naturally needed to compensate losses and comfort the damaged tribes. Dongfang Haoran as Miracle City’s general had to clean up the troops and restore the power of the Miracle City army.

Meng Qingwu took control of the general situation, so of course she was the busiest person.  Not only did she have to deal with the correspondences, she also need to come up with the post battle restoration plan.  Luckily there was the Smart Brain Zero’s help, so she could finish this work without help from others.

The Elven King had almost been forgotten to one side.

Of course the Elven King Lancelot did not care about these trivial things, staying in the Miracle Gardens the past two days to help the Flower Fairies care for the ancient Tree of Life.  He was also observing the overall situation with Miracle City.

When Lancelot saw Miracle City quickly restoring everything and not falling into chaos after experiencing such a large disaster, he felt very surprised.

Miracle City’s area was a mix of over ten different races.

Not to mention a time of chaos, even normal times, this place would be filled with trouble.  It was as if there was a tacit understanding between the different tribes in Miracle City, they just hoped from the bottom of their hearts Miracle City would become stronger.  This was a very rare scene to behold in the Forest of Chaos.

Although Chu Tian’s group was a bit immature, they showed potential!

After Miracle City’s restoration work was over, Chu Tian called a meeting of the high level administrators, Clark, and the chiefs of the various tribes.  It was mainly to commend everyone for their good performance during the crisis. Chu Tian opened another hundred thousand citizen qualifications for the various tribes.

Many tribes had settled in the Miracle Mountain Ranges, so Miracle City was equal to a large city.

For these villagers to enter the large city, it was something to be proud of.

After all, living in Miracle City, they wouldn’t only be safe, they would receive many benefits for being cities, enriching their lives.  Chu Tian opening two hundred thousand positions was a very good thing for these tribes!

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Delores let out a long sigh of relief after the meeting was over, “It’s finally at an end.  We need to find a way to make money, the current deficit is too big.”

Meng Qingwu asked “Zero, how long can our finances last?”

“Reporting to the vice City Lord, most of our resources have been invested into post war reconstruction.”  Zero honestly replied, “Because most of the surrounding tribes have been seriously damaged, the production park has been mostly destroyed, and many bad accounts for Miracle Banking, Miracle Commerce’s current finances can’t support it all.  With the current income and expenditure model, it’ll collapse in just two-three months.”

Meng Qingwu tightly knit her brows, “It’s already become this serious?  It seems like we need to open some new markets as soon as possible and gain more income to cover our current expenditures.”

Actually with Miracle Commerce’s abilities, if they had a year to stabilize, this wouldn’t be a problem at all.

The problem was.

Would they really have this chance?

Meng Qingwu could foresee that in the future, Miracle City would be the focus of the  entire Forest of Chaos!

They could barely hold on now, but that’s if nothing else happens in the future!  If there was another war, Miracle City couldn’t support it!

When Meng Qingwu was thinking of countermeasures, Meng Yingying charged in shouting while holding her cell phone, “Elder sister, this is bad.  Quickly come to the Transport Tower. There are many people who came from the Eternal Forest, they are shouting about taking our Miracle City!”

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