MT Chapter 491


Chapter 491: The Elven King makes a move

City Lord Kao’s cultivation and strength was enough to be considered a first rate expert in the Forest of Chaos, otherwise how could he become the City Lord of a city?  Even with this strength, he was caught off guard by the other side’s attack!

From when the other side attacked to when the attack landed, Kao had not detected anything.  In other words, if the other side wanted to take his life just now, it was very likely they would have succeeded.  The other side did not do this, why?

He either didn’t have the intent to kill Kao or it was as simple as flipping his hand to kill Kao, so this chance wasn’t a chance for him and he didn’t need to waste energy to grasp it.

Everyone looked over and a figure had appeared in the garden at an unknown time.


This was a middle aged elf that looked like a temperate scholar.  His face was considered impeccable even amongst the elves and he was like a normal person, not releasing any energy fluctuations at all.  He was wearing a green robe and there was a simple jade crown on his head. He had a long scepter in his hand and his silver white cloak was dancing in the wind.

A legendary name appeared in the minds of Chu Tian’s group!

The Elven King, Lancelot!

The people of the Eternal Forest rarely saw the Elven King’s true appearance and of course Chu Tian’s group had never seen it before.  However, through Vivian’s description of her father, they could tell this person was Lancelot.

The power the Elven King used came from the scepter in his hand.  This scepter was called the “Forest Scepter” and it’s said it was made from the branch of the great ancient era’s ancient Tree of Life.  It gave the owner a powerful divine might and perhaps there wasn’t a second person in the Forest of Chaos worthy of using this weapon!

The first impression the Elven King gave was not that of a king, rather it was that of a well read scholar or a wandering poet.

City Lord Kao couldn’t judge the other side’s status, but he smelled a beast like smell coming from the other side.  Several veins popped out on his forehead, but what passed through his pupils was not killing intent and rather was nervousness.

It was like a hunter that was focused on hunting and suddenly having someone throw red hot charcoal in their pants.  They couldn’t help screaming out.

The Elven King was like a smooth and calm jade portrait and the simple scepter was already inserted into the ground.  Although there weren’t any energy fluctuations, everyone could clearly feel that this garden was already this expert’s domain, he could attack from any place at any moment.

“Retreat, I won’t kill you.”

When the Elven King spoke, there was no threat at all.  Rather it was like the sincere plea of an old friend.

City Lord Kao’s eyes were focused on Chu Tian, but his mind and Divine Sense was focused on the Elven King.  Chu Tian’s group had already turned into spectators.

The atmosphere suddenly froze in that instant.

It was as if time couldn’t flow inside the garden.

There was only a single person that could recognize the Elven King among these people, it was Keno behind Kao.  Keno was not someone from Battle Banner City and had wandered the Forest of Chaos in the past. He had met the elves before, so he had a bit of understanding towards the Elven King and recognized the legendary Life Scepter.

Keno broke out in a cold sweat, as if he didn’t even dare breathe too loudly!

Any unnecessary movement would draw destruction to himself!

The Elven King said that he was willing to let them go, so they felt much more relieved.  Although they didn’t know why the Elven King was here, since the Elven King had appeared, there was no meaning in this fight.  When Keno was thinking about how to tell Kao to let Kao know to retreat.

Who would have thought that at this time, something Keno wouldn’t expect would happen.


Kao instantly turned into several shadows as he charged at Chu Tian’s group.

He didn’t know who this elf was, but most likely he was related to the Eternal Forest and most likely rushed over for the divine tree.

There was no way of taking the divine tree.

But at least he would capture these people!

Otherwise what meaning would this battle have?  Kao was not willing!

The Elven King saw this and inserted the Forest Scepter a few inches into the ground, spreading an overwhelming might into the ground.  Countless green vines drilled out and easily caught Kao’s body moving at the speed of sound.

Several more vines came out.

They stabbed him like piercing paper, instantly passing through Kao’s body.

Kao revealed a look of disbelief, “You, you…..You killed me, his majesty the Beast King will not let you off!”

The Elven King gave a soft sigh, “I, Lancelot will bear this alone.”


When Kao heard this name, his mind instantly went blank.  His eyes were like that of a dead fish and finally understood why he had been completely defeated.

So it was the Elven King?

There was no grievances at dying by his hand!

With a ripping sound, the orc City Lord was torn to pieces.  When a character like Kao was placed in front of the Elven King, he was only a little insect, so weak that he collapsed with a single attack!

“We didn’t know it was your majesty, the Elven King!”  Keno quickly bowed with a head covered in sweat, “We’re leaving, we’re retreating!”

The Elven King gave a slight nod.

These people fled immediately like they had been pardoned.

Nangong Yun said in a dissatisfied voice, “Could it be we’re letting go just like this?”

Although the other side was the Elven King, Nangong Yun was very close to Vivian, so she felt no pressure seeing her father.  These fellows created a mess in Miracle City, wasn’t it letting them off too easily letting them leave like this?

Of course.

This was already the best ending for Miracle City.

Although the Elven King was strong, it was impossible for him to fight over a million people.  Every minute this fight continued was meant more damage to Miracle City. The Elven King taken care of Kao was only a deterrent.  After all, after Kao died, there was no head for the four cities armies and with Keno heading back, they would choose to retreat.

The Elven King’s fame was very good to use, Battle Banner City quickly retreated once Keno brought the news of Kao’s death.  When the various cities learned of the Elven King’s arrival, they quickly ordered their armies to retreat.

The Elven King was one of the strongest people in the Forest of Chaos.

His appearance meant the interference of the Eternal Forest and who knew how many experts the Eternal Forest brought.  Moreover, if it was elevated to the Eternal Forest’s level, it was not a fight they could withstand.

“Your majesty, Lancelot, we never thought you would come personally!”

The Flower Fairies excitedly surrounded him.  The Flower Fairies had a good relation with the elves and Lulu and the others with their endless lives had seen the Elven King many times.

The Elven King Lancelot arrived in front of the Tree of Life and he looked at the three feet high divine tree with eyes filled with shock and emotion, “This is the ancient Tree of Life?  I never thought that you would really succeed!”

“Your majesty, this is Chu Tian’s merit!”  Lulu said, “If we didn’t use Chu Tian’s method to activate the seed, no matter how hard we tried, we wouldn’t have been able to germinate it.”

The Elven King looked over Chu Tian’s group.

Meng Qingwu and Meng Yingying were a bit nervous.  The Elven King was the leader of the Eternal Forest, the strongest existence among the elves, and one of the most influential experts of the Forest of Chaos.  Even Meng Qingwu found it hard to keep a calm appearance in front of this kind of person.

“Your methods were too risky this time. If I came a bit late, even if you could escape, the Tree of Life would have encountered a mishap.”  The Elven King looked back at the ancient Tree of Life, “This tree’s appearance will attract many people’s attention, I suggest moving it to the Eternal Forest.  That way, it will grow very healthy with the Eternal Forest’s sun and water, and it will be protected by the Eternal Forest’s barrier.”

Chu Tian shrugged his shoulder and said, “Your highness may not know this, but once the Tree of Life germinates, its roots will connect to the spirit veins thousands of miles deep, merging with the ground.  If we rashly transplant it in this situation, it will be very dangerous.”

“That’s right, your majesty.”  Lulu and the others testified, “Once the ancient Tree of Life is planted, it can’t be easily moved.  Not to mention that this Tree of Life Seed has been slumbering for countless moons and although it has been awakened with difficulty, it is in a very weak state.  If you were to move it now, it will certainly die!”

If it was only Chu Tian’s words, the Elven King would only half trust it.  This fellow was very sly, who knew if he was telling the truth? But now that the Flower Fairies had also said this, he had no choice but to believe it.  The Flower Fairies were the best gardeners on the continent and the Flower Fairies had pure personalities, they wouldn’t lie to the Elven King.

The Elven King knit his brows, “This is troublesome!”

“No matter what, many thanks for the Elven King’s help!”  Chu Tian cupped his hands to the Elven King, “Only Miracle City is in a mess now and we need to take care of it, so we cannot entertain you.”

After saying this.

Chu Tian did not wait for the Elven King to speak as he looked at the others and left.

This was Miracle City’s largest disaster and the losses were inestimable right now.  If it was said the city’s inner situation was still acceptable, the outer situation was not optimistic.  The losses of the local tribes were very serious and many factories were broken.

Meng Qingwu did a simple count.

The destruction, casualties, losses, and stolen loot would create losses of up to ten thousand source stones for Miracle City.  They had to repair the city and reimburse stolen things, they had to take care of the injured citizens, they had to pay pensions to the family of those who died, and they had to heavily reward those warriors who obtained merits in battle, this would be a very heavy burden on Miracle City’s finances.

“It would be fine if it was just like this.”  Delores had a depressed look on her face, “Miracle Banking had to reduce the interest of the tribes by half and have to take care of the repair work.  We won’t earn anything from these loans and instead we’ll lose a large amount.”

This matter would be depressing for anyone.

Miracle Banking’s pattern of earning without losses only existed for normal situations.  If there were any natural or man made disasters, they might even lose their original investment!

“Don’t worry, the following days will be a bit difficult, but they will pass!”  Chu Tian maintained an optimistic attitude, “After this battle, Miracle City’s fame will explode and our future development in the center of the Forest of Chaos will be much smoother.”

Is that so?

But even like this!

Miracle City couldn’t stand being tossed around.

Meng Qingwu had her brows knit the entire time.  She thought Chu Tian was too optimistic. The four cities had failed in attacking Miracle City, this matter would indeed make Miracle City’s fame explode in the center of the Forest of Chaos, but after that?  Miracle City had already attracted the attention of a large force like the Eternal Forest, could they develop peacefully from now on?

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