MT Chapter 487


Chapter 487: Germination

The Heaven’s Eye airship watched over the entire area.

No one could hide from the detection of the radar.

No matter how fast Kao’s army was, they couldn’t avoid Meng Qingwu’s grasp.  Now Kao’s army had undergone a major formation change and they seemed like they were preparing to attack again.  This meant that the next battle would be even more fierce.

Miracle City’s greatest disadvantage was a lack of a city protective barrier and their greatest advantage were the Source Energy Weapons.  Kao clearly wanted to expand his line to spread out Miracle City’s firepower, making it easier for his main forces to enter Miracle City. It seems like he was quite good at planning.


“Zero, analyze the situation.”

“Yes, sir vice City Lord.”

Zero’s voice rang through the loudspeaker before it was silent for several seconds.  Most likely he was running some large calculations through the super calculation matrices.

“The results of the data sent by Second Miracle are as follows: The enemy’s quantity has grown from eight hundred thousand to nine hundred thousand and it continues to grow.  The enemy’s distribution is south area one, fifty thousand, south area two, eighty thousand, south area three……From their current movement, most of the life signature are coming from the south, but they are weak, so this is just a distraction.  There are strong signals coming from the west and although there aren’t as many of them as to the south, it should be the enemy’s main forces. I suggest deploying the heavy weapons to the west and blocking the south with ground troops and Source Energy Weapons!”

The most serious loss from today’s attack was the southern defense line!

Kao’s main headquarters was to the south!

According to common sense, this should be the focus point of attack.  Kao’s army distribution now seemed to be off. They had placed the weaker army in that direction and although there were many of them, they were quite weak.  The four cities army’s main forces were attacking from the west, attacking over hundreds of miles.

Were they trying to catch Miracle City off guard?

With the second Smart Brain’s warning system, this matter will never happen!

After Meng Qingwu understood the general situation, she couldn’t be optimistic, “Can you analyze the success rate of the next defense based on the current weapon and army situation?”

Zero was silent for a few seconds before saying, “Sorry, vice City Lord.  Because the battlefield is too large and there are too many variables, adding in the fact that we don’t have much information on the enemy, I can’t give an accurate analysis.  But based on vague computing, I believe it is less than 30%.”

Less than 30%?

This time it wasn’t just Meng Qingwu knitting her brows, everyone else all felt this was serious.

“Where is the City Lord at this time?”  Dongfang Haoran was a bit confused. At this critical moment, isn’t it time for Chu Tian to have some kind of idea, “He should have a way, right!”

Meng Qingwu was angry when she thought of Chu Tian.

That bastard had brought Vivian to the Eternal Forest and in the end, there was no results as expected and even Vivian was left there.  It’s fine if you talk about it, just come up with another way. Who would have thought that after Chu Tian came back, he would lock himself up in the garden, getting into some kind of unknown mischief.

“Miracle City can’t be held, no matter what we need to call him out to think of something.  Just wait, I’ll call him!” Meng Yingying called Ch Tian’s number. When she was prepared to viciously reprimand Chu Tian, who would have thought that before she even spoke, Chu Tian would say a bunch of words.

“What did you say?  Oh, oh! Just wait a bit!”  Meng Yingying put away the cell phone and looked at the others with a strange look, “Chu Tian is calling everyone to the garden!”

Miracle City was on the verge of death and Chu Tian wanted them to go to the gardens?

Meng Yingying explained, “Chu Tian said that Miracle City’s problem will be soon easily solved.  The solution is in the gardens and he wants us to quickly head over to help.”

Nangong Yun shouted, “What about Miracle City?  What if the enemies come again!”

Dongfang Haoran took the initiative to volunteer, “Me and the other Great Summer Marquises have enough knowledge of the Source Energy Weapons to hold the line for now.  Since the City Lord is confident in solving this problem, you should all go and take a look!”

They could only do this!

A normal person couldn’t understand Chu Tian’s thoughts, but they trusted Chu Tian and hoped that he could do something astonishing.  Therefore, they handed the defense line to Dongfang Haoran and the Great Summer Marquises, as they rushed to the Miracle Gardens.

The Spirit Gathering Array Chu Tian made also had a camouflage ability, so people standing outside couldn’t see the situation inside the barrier clearly.  When they stepped into the barrier, it was like arriving in a different world.

The spiritual energy in the garden was completely locked in, it was a place exuberant with vitality.  Now it was covered in an incomparably rich life energy and the entire garden was covered in a layer of faint green light.  Each breath caused pure life energy to enter one’s body.

The life energy here was strong and pure, just like a giant energy field.  Even if one was slashed, the terrifying life energy here would cause one’s wound to quickly heal.

Chu Tian stood by a six pointed array.

This primitive space aura gathering array had been active for several days and it acted like a press.  It squeezed out the primitive space aura from the spaces and it had gathered the aura from at least over a hundred spaces.

Several dozen energy columns had been completely consumed!

These energy columns were produced from the new purified oil from Oldman Small Town.  It had enough energy to run Miracle City for several months, but it had been consumed in just a few days!

“It’s almost done!”

“It’s about to be finished!”

“Sisters, everyone add more power!”

Lulu led over a hundred Flower Fairies in battle for several days and they looked very exhausted now, but they were strangely excited and overjoyed.  At the center of the Flower Fairies, there was something floating in the air. It was something the size of a bead and it was crystal clear, with emerald light blooming from it.  The energy inside the entire garden was released from this little thing.

“This…..Just what is this?”  Nangong Yun looked at the glowing thing with wide eyes, “Something that can release such intense life energy, perhaps it’s a divine object.  How come I didn’t know Miracle City had this kind of object?”

Meng Qingwu knit her brows to watch it for a minute before she obtained the memory from her Heavenly Book, “The Tree of Life Seed.  This is a completely activated Tree of Life Seed!”

The Treant and the Flower Fairies had entrusted Chu Tian to awaken the seed, but it was usually guarded by the Flower Fairies, so Meng Qingwu had never seen it before.  The reason why Meng Qingwu could recognize it was because of the effects of her special source spirit. Meng Qingwu’s source spirit had many ancient memories sealed within and as long as she met the corresponding item, the memory would awaken.

Meng Qingwu finally understood what Chu Tian wanted to do!

“Young miss, Yingying, Nangong, what are you watching for?”  Chu Tian pulled everyone into the the array, “The Tree of Life Seed has already awakened, now is the best time to germinate it.  We need to seal the energy for the Flower Fairies, allowing the energy to display its full effect. This seed’s germination will determine Miracle City’s future, success or failure in one fell swoop.  Quickly come over!”

There was no time to slowly explain.

These people began to pour spirit energy into the source energy array with Chu Tian, instantly releasing an energy cover.  After the energy injected into the seed by the Flower Fairies was bounced back, it hit the cover and it could be used again.

The over a hundred Flower Fairies worked together to send in all their energy.

The Tree of Life Seed became stronger and stronger and the light became brighter and brighter.  The life energy it released became much stronger, but this explosion of energy could not break Chu Tian’s little barrier and was completely sealed in.  It soon became a green glass ball filled with green light.

Chu Tian, Meng Qingwu, Meng Yingying, and Nangong Yun were all soaked in the ancient life energy.  Although the energy concentration was very high, this energy did not have any bad effects on the human body.  If it was absorbed by the human body, it would have an effect on their cultivation.

After all, this was the ancient Tree of Life’s seed!!

This seed could even be called an divine object!

Chu Tian could feel his spirit energy increasing.  The surrounding energy was this rich and if he absorbed it all, it would be enough to increase his cultivation be several layers!  But Chu Tian quickly suppressed this idea. If his cultivation suddenly exploded by several layers, this was definitely attractive, but this energy was the key to growing the Tree of Life and absorbing it will affect the seed’s germination.

Cultivation could be increased at any time,

There wouldn’t be another chance for the Tree of Life.

Just like this, time passed minute by minute, second by second.

At this time, there were the sounds of killing coming from outside of Miracle City!

Kao’s army once again launched a wild storm of attacks on Miracle City!

Miracle City’s defensive firepower was clearly much weaker and Kao’s army’s main forces not only kept their battle strength, they had even gathered many large forest tribes.  They attacked in waves and Miracle City was like a little boat struggling among the waves.

“Miracle City can’t hold on much longer!”

“Kill, kill!  Kill your way in and slaughter them!”

The morale of the four cities army surged and Miracle City’s defenses kept retreating.

Kao revealed a cold smile.  He knew that there was no suspense left in this battle, Miracle City being broken in was a foregone conclusion, the city was doomed to turn into ashes!  He made a hand signal to Keno leading a group of experts beside him. Later when they broke into Miracle City, they would capture the Miracle City high level members and the researchers.

As for the treasures and resources?

He would let those brainless fellows take them!

When Kao was filled with wishful thinking, something unexpected happened.

There were strong energy fluctuations from the center of Miracle City, spreading hundreds of miles in the blink of an eye, just like the earth was breathing.  The sky and clouds began to change as thunder roared out.


Several dozen interlocking bolts of lightning fell down.

They crashed down in the center of Miracle City.

A second wave.

A third wave.

A fourth wave.

A total of nine waves of lightning tribulation!

The final wave of might was released from the center of Miracle City, instantly covering the surrounding area of over a thousand miles.  How strong was this power?

The forest that had been burned in battle instantly bloomed again, filling with new sprouts.  The wounds on the soldiers were all instantly recovered and everyone felt like they were bathing in a spring breeze.

This large wave of energy that affected this large area, it surpassed the understanding of a normal person.  No matter who saw this, their minds would go blank. There was only one thought…..a Spiritual God had appeared!

That’s right, only a Spiritual God appearing would have this kind of aura.

Whether it was the dark dragon sleeping on a pile of countless crystal treasures in the Dragon Palace in the Dragon Ridge, or the Titan covered in lightning at the summit of the Giant Palace, or the ruler sleeping deep underground that watched over the Savage Highlands, or the great characters of the western sea, the entire Forest of Chaos was alerted by this.

After the great ancient era, when had this kind of power ever appeared?

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