MT Chapter 481


Chapter 481: Wiped out

The twenty five orcs wearing cloaks quickly passed through the forest.  They had medicine eliminating odours from their body, so even the shepherd dog with sharpest nose wouldn’t be able to find them.

These people were all True Spirit Experts, they were all respected characters in Battle Banner City.  Some were tribe leaders and some were well known generals. They were led by the great general of Battle Banner City, forming the strongest attack team.

Battle Banner City’s retaliation attack had been completely launched.  They were prepared to destroy Miracle Commerce’s outer production areas to create chaos before infiltrating Miracle City to wait for the chance to catch high level members, foring Miracle City to compromise or surrender.

“Great commander, we’re about to reach our target.”


“Good, let’s move faster!”

The orc commander was even bigger than normal orcs.  Each of his muscles seemed like they were carved from stone and his body was surrounded in a powerful aura.  His weapon was a thick mace with each spike releasing electrical sparks, making people not doubt the energy contained within.

The twenty five people were all peak experts and on the journey, they didn’t stop at all, travelling hundreds of meters.  No matter how steep the terrain was, it was no different from flat ground in the eyes of these people.

Although they move very fast, they didn’t release any sounds.

On such a large mountain range, in such a hidden path, and moving forward this silently, Miracle City was helpless even if they knew that their outer production area was about to be attacked.  After all, Miracle City didn’t have many forces they could use. Even if they used everything they had, they wouldn’t be able to control the entire mountain range.

Not to mention that if they divided their forces, Miracle City’s defenses would be even weaker, giving the Battle Banner City experts an advantage.

Although it was like this in theory.

It was actually quite strange.

The orc commander had a strange feeling of being watched, but there wasn’t any killing intent from any direction.  Other than a normal gray little bird on a branch not far away constantly looking around for predators, there was nothing strange at all.

Was it a mistake?

It should be.  With this kind of speed and secrecy, as well as their small group, even if Miracle Commerce was filled with skill, they wouldn’t be able to find them.

The orc commander thought to here before leading his group into the valley.

Now they were very close.

The airship factory was at the end of this valley.  As long as they destroyed the factory and burned all the airships there, Miracle City’s spatial military force will be greatly weakened!

This was the reason why the great commander had personally led this attack team.

“The enemy target has been locked on.”  The orc great commander looked at the exit to the valley and he could already see the leather processing factories near the airship factories.  He raised his mace and shouted, “Everyone attack for me, we’ll leave after three minutes!”


The brains of the orcs were weaker than humans.  They didn’t even scout out the area before the great commander gave the order to attack.

The tribe chiefs and warriors charged out like arrows.  When they entered the valley, there were faint source energy array fluctuations all around them.


The orcs found that there were large amounts of talismans placed in the cliff wall at the entrance to the valley.

These talismans worked together.  Countless lines infiltrated the seams of the rock wall like water and a giant source energy array appeared in the valley in just two breaths.  It released a restrictive energy that made these cultivators feel their source spirits being suppressed.

“This is bad, it’s an ambush!”  The orc commander’s face fell, “Retreat!”

The orcs that had charged in front quickly stopped moving.  Although their source spirits were temporarily sealed, these people were not ordinary.  They first stopped themselves before quickly running backwards.

When their feet fell to the ground.

They were prepared to use all their strength to break the restriction.

At this time, there was suddenly a powerful energy fluctuation that came from beneath their feet.  These people did not even have time to react when they were swallowed by the explosion of energy. This explosion was very strong and covered a large area, it was clear that they had been directly killed.

Several orc experts caught in the explosion were blown to pieces, while others were covered in blood and heavy injuries.  The wave of energy from the explosion actually reached an area of several hundred meters. The rocks and vegetation were directly ripped apart and even the others were affected by it.

The orc great commander felt a strange aura, “Both sides, they’re on both sides!”

There were large forms that appeared on both sides as several hundred people activated the Storm Rifles.  The muzzles of the destructive machine guns were swallowed in beautiful flames as countless powerful source energy bullets fell down like a river.  Even with these people’s strengths, being hit by this unexpected and ruthless attack, most of them would be immediately injured.

The orc great commander was filled with rage as he released his spirit energy, forming a thick layer of protective spirit energy, blocking that attack of the bullets.  He flew into the air like a fire arrow.

This fellow was the Spirit Transformation Expert.

If he could approach, no one would be his match!

Nangong Yun already understood the situation from the endless amount of information, therefore she had been on guard against this orc great commander from the beginning.  When she saw him attack, she did not even think as she immediately lifted the portable Source Energy Cannon and fired at him.

The cannon on Nangong Yun’s shoulder was made from the new energy source and the terrifying recoil almost sent the explosive girl Nangong Yun flying.  The giant source energy cannon ball was flying at the orc great commander.

From this distance.

With this speed.

Even though the orc great commander was in the Spirit Transformation Realm, he could only block it and couldn’t dodge it.  The beam of light slammed into him in the air and it created a large hole in the ground. Although the orc great commander was not killed, he still received bodily wounds.

“Damn, his skin is truly hard, this doesn’t even kill him!”  Nangong Yun threw aside the burning red cannon and shouted, “Heavy cannon, where’s the heavy cannon?  What are you standing in a daze for, do you still need this old lady to remind you! Quickly blow them up!”

When had the orcs seen such a terrifying Source Energy Weapon before?  These several seconds had caught them off guard and the four Heavy Source Energy Cannons had been prepared.  A terrifying storm of energy was currently fermenting in the valley.

These Heavy Source Energy Cannons were strengthened versions of Source Energy Cannons!

Although the shells being used were made from white crystal oil, the strength was increased by several times.  A single shot would be enough to instantly kill Earth Spirit Cultivators and heavily injure Heaven Spirit Cultivators.  Now that four heavy cannons were ready to fire at the same time, what would be the result?

Countless Storm Rifles and machine guns created suppressive fire that made the orcs unable to resist at all.

The four heavy cannons fired three-four times and the entrance to the valley was increased by a bit.  Other than the great commander and a few stronger members, the orcs were all dead.

“Ha, ha, you are all too useless!”  Nangong Yun jumped down from the cliff, “Miracle City’s people, it’s time to obtain merits for killing the enemy!  Charge with me!”

Miracle City experts jumped down from both sides and elites ran out of the valley.  The orc great commander was met with this wild siege, so how could he resist after being heavily injured?

Nangong Yun cut through his neck and picked up the orc great commander’s head.

“The enemy leader is dead!”

“The enemy leader is dead!”

Miracle City’s people broke out in cheers.

The battle on this side had begun.  The careful plans of Battle Banner City were now all in Miracle City’s hands.  Each group that tried to sneak in was surrounded by Miracel City troops, with not a single one escaping.  This crack team was completely wiped out like this!

Miracle City gave rewards based on merit.

The locals who participated in this battle were all recorded and they were either promoted or given rewards.

The soldiers in the army didn’t think there would be this kind of treatment, causing their morales to soar!

The Undead Radar had this kind of effect after just being tested, filling the hearts of the locals with confidence.  Miracle City didn’t need to worry about sneak attacks at all!

Meng Qingwu announced that all production areas would all restart.

Miracle City should be in a rush when there was no war, so quickly the previous lively scene was restored.

Meng Yingying was once again filled with awe towards Chu Tian, “This thing is too powerful, we won’t be ambushed by anyone anymore!  Why didn’t you take it out earllier!”

Chu Tian helplessly said, “The Undead Tower require large amounts of materials rich in dark and death energy.  We don’t have much of these things, but didn’t we have no choice this time?”

“We can’t be careless.  After these two bitter experiences, Battle Banner City will certainly be filled with anger!”  When everyone was feeling content, only Meng Qingwu had a careful attitude, “Miracle City’s army isn’t enough.  Although we have the powerful Source Energy Weapons, it isn’t time to start a war with another city yet.”

Chu Tian smiled and said, “Young miss, you have always been too worried.  Although Miracle Commerce isn’t strong enough, we still have prepared defenses.  Even if Battle Banner City really come, there isn’t a reason we’ll lose.”

“Battle Banner City has suffered heavy losses, perhaps they won’t dare act rashly.”

“What does the young miss think they’ll do next.”

“They will definitely request reinforcements.”  Meng Qingwu said with a soft sigh, “This is also one of the things I’m most worried about.  Miracle City does not have any allies in the Forest of Chaos and the Eternal Forest will not help us, but it is different for Battle Banner City.  Not to mention that there are the Savage Highlands behind Battle Banner City, who knows if the Savage Highlands will send experts or armies to meddle in this matter?”

The young miss’ worries were reasonable.

Miracle City had demonstrated unexpected strength twice.  Although it was enough to attract the attention of various powers, Miracle City was still cut off from everyone, so they could only depend on themselves if something happened.

It was lucky that.

Meng Qingwu looked at the careless man to the side.  Miracle City and Miracle Commerce could still rely on Chu Tian, they could only hope that he would do something astonishing again at the most crucial moment.

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