MT Chapter 479


Chapter 479: Undead radar

The ring of mountains surrounding Miracle City was already named the Miracle Mountain Range.

The Miracle Mountain Range was relatively circular, having a circumference of six thousand kilometers.  The height of some prominent peaks could even reach above ten thousand meters, with larger mountains reaching lengths of over a hundred kilometers.  Currently most of the locals and tribes that had relations with Miracle City were inside this Miracle Mountain Range.

The outsiders preparing to enter Miracle City, most of them brought their tribes to the Miracle Mountain Ranges.  Most of the mines, factories, and farms Miracle City worked to operate with the locals were in this area. Therefore Miracle City and the Miracle Mountain Ranges were inseparable and they could exist like a little kingdom.

Miracle City only developed inside this area and did not stretch their hands outside, or properly speaking, they didn’t move onto the benefits of any other powers.


They never thought that they wouldn’t be able to avoid a fight even though it was like this.

Miracle City had not been developing for long, therefore the city’s defenses haven’t been built yet, so they were especially weak right now.  It was currently the easiest time to take Miracle City. So the Miracle City administration needed to think of a way to strengthen the city’s defenses.

The method Chu Tian thought of was the Undead Tower.

Most of this world’s terrain was influenced by the large amount of spirit veins.  The Miracle Mountain Ranges were a product of several veins coming together.

After Chu Tian transformed the Undead Towers, they now constructed a main tower first to draw the death energy out like well from a water.  The Undead Towers Chu Tian made were like water storage tanks and the spirit veins in Miracle City were like water pipes, allowing the water to flow.

There were Undead Towers on the main peaks of the Miracle Mountain Range, allowing the spirit veins to act as passages to fill the towers with large amounts of energy.

The energy inside the death ruins were very strong, so strong that it could be described with water carrying away the ship.  The energy inside the death ruins were enough to almost destroy Miracle City, but it could also be used to protect the entire city.

The Undead Towers could control the undead, but there was a limit to its range.  If there was only an Undead Tower constructed on the death ruins, the undead could only move around on the death ruins, which would give them very little use.

Now that the Undead Towers have already been optimized, not only has the corrosiveness and pollution been reduced, Chu Tian could create large amounts of Undead Towers in the Miracle Mountain Range and surround Miracle City.  This would form a defensive layer around Miracle City and it would allow them to use the undead as workers to extract large amounts of ores from the mountain ranges, wouldn’t it be perfect for both uses?

Currently in the Miracle Mountain Ranges.

There were several people standing on a peak.  Their eyes were filled with a green landscape, a roaring waterfall, steep cliffs that were like sharp spears, and a sea of clouds covering everything in a dense valley.  This kind of complicated terrain, although it was hard to traverse, if an enemy was strong enough, Miracle Commerce wouldn’t be able to find them.

“This mountain woods is the forest production park built by Miracle City and the locals.”  Meng Qingwu looked at the uninhabited wilderness in front of them, “Although the Miracle Mountain Range do not have any wild animals, there are quite a few demon beasts, so we can’t directly open the forest up.  So, the factories have been built against the cliff or into the cliff, therefore we can’t see outside clearly.”

The Miracle City surrounding mountains were big enough, had many resources, and didn’t have any strong animals living there, so it was a very suitable place.  However, for the Battle Banner City experts, it wasn’t hard for them to destroy this kind of place.

The enemies are open and I am hidden.  Once they broke something, they would immediately fall back into the valley and Miracle City wouldn’t be able to find them.

That’s right.

There were too few people.

It would be good if there were more Green Protectors in the Green Religion.

These strength of these battle puppets weren’t bad, almost reaching the True Spirit Realm, only they were slow.  However, it was enough to use them as protective tools. It was a pity that even the Green Religion at its peak only had two-three thousand of these Green Protectors.  They could only be used to protect the main city areas and tunnels.

What about now?

Perhaps even the city area couldn’t be protected!

Miracle City had such a large surrounding mountain and outside were all forests, so how many Green Protectors were needed to guard all of this?

When Chu Tian was thinking about something, Meng Yingying ran over and reported, “Chu Tian, it’s done.  Go and take a look!”

There was a cave behind them and there was a tall tower in the center of it.  Looking at the appearance and aura of the tower, this was an Undead Tower. Only the Undead Tower was made with Chu Tian’s changed design, so the aura released was not cold or sinister.  There were also many translucent spirit creatures surrounding the tower.

Meng Qingwu could vaguely feel a kind of energy coming from the Undead Tower.  This energy should be used to control undead creatures, so as long as there is an Undead Tower in this area, the undead creatures could move for a long time.  Of course Miracle Commerce didn’t have many undead creatures on hand, so these spirits surrounding the Undead Tower were recently made.

Nangong Yun curiously looked at the Undead Tower, “Boss, why did you place the Undead Tower here?”

“The Undead Tower itself has a defensive ability.  It can release its energy to create an attack at a critical moment and it can also use large amounts of energy to fuel large amounts of undead in battle.  If we can build another few thousand of these Undead Towers in the next year or two to form a giant array, the effect would not lose to any city protective barriers.”

“City protective barriers?”  Meng Qingwu’s eyes lit up, “So that means that these Undead Towers were constructed to protect the city?”

For cities in the Forest of Chaos, whether it was a city in the forest or underground, the city walls did not have any meaning.  Since it couldn’t defend against attacks or demon beast waves. However, most competent cities would have their own protective city barrier, which would cover most of the city to keep it safe.

It was very difficult to arrange this kind of large scale protective barrier.

This was even bigger than the protective mountain arrays in Great Zhou.

This required large amounts of time and effort.

Green City at its peak could use the Green Protectors to create a barrier without a single hole, thus keeping the entire city safe.  However because the Green Religion was weakened, they could only create barriers in the main pathways. They couldn’t cover the entire city or the entire mountain range.

“It’s too late to build  a barrier now.” Meng Qingwu knit her brows, “With our current supply of people and resources, it would be hard to build it even in a year!  Slow aid cannot help in an emergency!”

“Young miss, there isn’t a problem with my head, of course I’m not thinking of building a barrier to keep out the enemies.”  Chu Tian revealed a faint mysterious smile as he walked beside an Undead Tower, “These Undead Towers have a very important ability after being changed that can make up for our present weak point.”

“What ability?”

“Surveillance!”  Chu Tian said, “Do you see the spirits surrounding the Undead Tower?  These are all spiritual body undead that I have deliberately added in.”

Everyone looked up at the Undead Tower.

There were large amounts of spirits quickly moving around the Undead Tower, just like a protective layer around the tower itself.

Chu Tian continued to explain, “These spirits do not have a physical body, so they have the ability to find a being’s power and life energy through spiritual waves.  They are especially sensitive to living beings.”

“Could you be saying……”  Meng Qingwu looked at the Undead Tower, “They can use their abilities to survey the entire area?”

“That’s right, this ability is increased by over ten thousand times with the Undead Tower.  In a several hundred mile range, as long as any living beings enter, especially those with great strength or large amounts of enemies, the Undead Tower will be able to sense them.”  Chu Tian pointed at the Undead Tower, “This is a kind of Spiritual Radar system. As long as it connects to a normal Smart Brain, the subtle changes can be quickly deciphered and intelligence on the enemy can be sent to us.”

The energy of the Undead Tower clashed with the energy inside living beings.

An Undead Tower could sense the presence of a living being within a thousand miles.  Once the Battle Banner City experts enter, the Undead Tower will be able to monitor them.  It doesn’t matter if they hide in a ravine or a cave, even stealth abilities will hardly have any use.  Not to mention that they would have to show themselves eventually and can’t keep hiding.

With Smart Brain’s powerful analysis ability, it can accurately determine their location.

Chu Tian then said, “The little fox’s Divine Eye can also play a use.  If the other side’s stealth ability is too strong, as long as we can find their general area and have the little fox look over it with the Divine Eye, any kind of stealth ability will be useless.  They will be revealed to us like they are standing in the light!”

“Good, great!  This has solved the urgent issue!”  Meng Qingwu thought of something else and said, “Our gnome research lab has recently created a living beast puppet, which can help increase our defensive abilities.”

“Living beast puppet?”

Chu Tian and the others didn’t know what it was.

Meng Qingwu took out a small bird the size of an egg from her chest.  This bird didn’t seem any different from a living being and small differences could only be seen by looking closely.

This right eye was cold and empty.

“This puppet being has a camera installed and its head is controlled with a Shaman gu insect, so we can freely control it.  Each one is equal to a moving surveillance item. There are several hundred of these puppet birds and puppet rabbits, so they can be sent into the entire forest area.  We can use them to scout when we discover any strange circumstances.”

“Wa, this is great!”  Nangong Yun felt that the city’s warning system was simply perfect, they didn’t need to chase after the enemies butts any longer, “What can those idiots do to us now!  They are walking right into a trap!”

Chu Tian clapped his hands, “Alright, since we have finished everything, everyone should quickly prepare.  Nangong, work hard over these next few days. I will gather Miracle City’s experts and you will lead them to chase out the mice.  We need everyone to see our abilities and increase the confidence in Miracle City!”

“No problem!”

A fight was about to begin again!

Nangong Yun wished for this kind of work!

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