MT Chapter 477


Chapter 477: Blown away

With lightning speed!

Gray’s figure disappeared from his original spot and turned into a shadow in front of Nangong Yun.  An axe fell down at Nangong Yun as fast as lightning.


When Gray’s spirit energy exploded out, there were two holes that appeared under his feet and a monster source spirit covered in spikes appeared around him.  Countless spirit energy thorns stabbed at Nangong Yun in the air, inserting themselves into Nangong Yun’s body, turning her into a porcupine.


The wild spirit energy had completely erupted!

Gray flew over Nangong Yun and a giant axe slammed down towards the ground.  This attack was not a person using an axe, but rather the axe carrying a person.  It blew everything out of its way and even a mountain would have been shattered.

“So fast!”

Chu Tian narrowed his eyes.  The moment Gray attacked, Kaledon made a hand signal and ten True Spirit Experts erupted their source spirit.  Chu Tian’s hand had just reached the sword on his back as various kinds of weapons were all pointed at him. As long as he moved a little bit, he would instantly be cut to pieces.

“City Lord, I don’t know what kind of trick you want to play.”  Kaledon had not moved from his seat, “But I hope that you won’t move randomly, otherwise I can’t be sure what will happen.”


Chu Tian revealed a faint smile, looking indifferent.  He began to count in his heart, nine, eight…..

Nangong Yun released raging flames, instantly sending out the spirit energy spikes fly out.  Flames condensed on her hands as she sent a punch out at the axe.

Stupid woman!

Gray gave a cold laugh.  His axe blade slightly trembled and a giant’s beast roar came out, which was the roar of the weapon spirit.  Could flesh and blood be used to resist this Soul Contracting Weapon? Not to mention the weak human body, even an ogre would be turned into mush by this!

The fiery fist and the axe glow collided.

There was a violent explosion in the air.

Gray’s charge was stopped and Nangong Yun fell to the ground, taking several steps back.  She was still covered in blazing flames and didn’t seem injured at all.

What was going on?

This human could use their fleshly body to resist Gray’s battleaxe?

This battleaxe was a famous Soul Contracting Weapon in Battle Banner City and Gray was a 4th True Spirit Heaven Spirit Cultivator, this was not something that an late stage Earth Spirit person could block!  Not to mention the fact they did it barehanded!

Nangong Yun was bathed in flames and her red hair began to dance.  She was like an enraged fire goddess, “You’re only this strong? I haven’t even used my full strength, come!”

Gray gave an angry and wild roar, just like a wild beast losing control.  Nangong Yun’s taunt was not just provocation, it was a kind of shaming. The heavy battleaxe was turned over as smoothly as a chisel in a sculptor’s hands, but it slammed down like a hammer in a blacksmith’s hands, instantly sending out a hundred axe chops that bloomed like a lotus.

“Good move!”

Nangong Yun’s foot released flames and her hands turned into giant fists, it was not too showy and wasn’t too skillful, but it was very fast and strong.  It directly blocked Gray’s attack. Although each axe slash was filled with the power to destroy a mountain, a normal cultivator would have been smashed to pieces.  Nangong Yun blocked the hundred attacks and wasn’t injured at all, which subverted everyone’s views.

Gray’s battleaxe became faster and faster, but Nangong Yun’s fist also became faster.

It wasn’t fancy, it was purely contesting one’s strength, speed, and spirit energy intensity.

It would have been reasonable if it was a same level fight, but Gray’s cultivation was much higher than Nangong Yun’s and he had a Soul Contracting Weapon, but the couldn’t beat the other side.  This couldn’t be justified at all.

“Beast Transformation!”

Gray combined with his source spirit, turning his green skin purple black.  Large number of blade like spikes grew on his back and his arms. This was not just a change in appearance, it also increased his speed and spirit energy by several times, largely increasing his battle strength.

“Black Spirit, release your power!”

When the battleaxe’s weapon spirit was summoned by its master, it suddenly released an intense black light.

This axe that wasn’t small became more than five times bigger.  The aura Gray released was no longer that of destroying mountains, but rather that of the sun and moon, the aura that could overwhelm all beings!

He clearly had already used his unique skill.

“Good!  This is more like it!”  Nangong Yun was faced with this wild axe glow, but not only did she not dodge, she instead revealed a look of excitement.  Her hands came together and looked like she wanted to catch this attack.

Gray’s axe glow exploded, “You’re courting death!”  This blade was like a formless wave, it was an attack that couldn’t be taken no matter what.

Nangong Yun did not have a way to catch this formless blade qi.  It would slam into Nangong Yun’s body and instantly cut Nangong Yun into halves.

With such a powerful attack, even if this girl had a body as strong as a demon beast, she would not be lucky enough to survive!

Gray was not satisfied with this.

The black battleaxe turned once again.

That wave like strength turned into tens of thousands of arrows.  She wanted to completely shred this girl, turning her body into pieces with his attack.

In that instant.

Nangong Yun shouted, “Starlight Immortal Body!”  A pale blue starlight surrounded her body, stopping the tens of thousands of attacks.  The starlight went from weak to strong in an instant and it completely blocked this intense attack.

Gray’s expression changed, as he instantly chopped out again with the axe.


Nangong Yun completely reflected the attack and the battleaxe shattered bit by bit.  Gray’s strong attack was actually sent back.

“You want to kill this granny with this bit of ability?”  Nangong Yun flew into the air, standing at an altitude of forty-fifty feet.  The surrounding flames became stronger, instantly turning the sky red. A strange and intense energy was released, burning the space around her, as a divine fire phoenix finally appeared, “Now it’s my turn!”

The orcs were all amazed.

Everyone had thought that this girl’s source spirit was just a fire source spirit.

Who would have thought that Nangong Yun hadn’t used her full strength at all.  Completely releasing the Fire Phoenix’s power now, she disappeared into the Fire Phoenix as she charged at Gray.


Kaledon angrily roared as he flew into the sky, as his double axes formed a blood red cross in the sky, stopping Nangong Yun from attacking Gray.  Kaledon was a Spirit Transformation expert, so although he attacked quickly, it still wasn’t Nangong Yun could match.

The cross stopped Nangong Yun’s charge.  If Nangong Yun was dead set on killing Gray, she would have been injured by this attack.  If Nangong Yun wanted to dodge this attack, she wouldn’t be able to release her full strength attack and Kaledon could save his child.

Nangong Yun was crazy, she didn’t care about it that much.  Even if it was great danger, she did not hesitate for a second as she condensed her Fire Phoenix’s power to attack.

Gray’s body was blown away, as the angry flames turned him to ashes.

Nangong Yun was also hit by the cross slash, instantly being sent flying.  Kaledon sent out another slash in his wild rage and Nangong Yun spatted blood into the sky, but she wasn’t slashed into pieces.

“Time is up.”

Chu Tian revealed a faint smile as his pupils turned white.

The ten orcs did not even know how Chu Tian made his move as he disappeared with a single spatial fluctuation.

Kaledon wanted to chop Nangong Yun to pieces in his rage.

Chu Tian grabbed Nangong Yun with a spatial crack in front of her and instantly moved several hundred meters away.  Kaledon angrily released a third attack and released a hundred feet long axe glow into the small town

“Are you alright?”

“Boss, thanks.”

Nangong Yun’s injuries weren’t light.  With a flash of flames, she used the Great Nirvana Scripture and instantly cured her heavy injuries.  Only the clothing on Nangong Yun’s chest was ripped apart and it revealed some spring scenery. She was being tightly held by Chu Tian, revealing a faint blush.

“Don’t talk, let’s go!”

Kaledon was prepared to slash them into ten thousand pieces.

But with a flash of light, they instantly disappeared on the spot.

What is going on?  Where are they!”

Kaledon’s son had been killed and he had already lost his reasoning in his rage, so he did not pay any attention to the strange changes.  There was an orc pointing in the sky as he shouted in fear, “What is that?”

The entire blue sky was covered in a bunch of black dots.  These black dots moved down very fast and they gave off an incredibly strong destructive aura.

“This is bad!”

The orcs did not even have time to react.

The first wave of bombs fell in front of them.  An orc expert unconsciously sent a palm out which caused the bomb to explode prematurely.  A wave of intense light and strong energy instantly surrounded this orc expert. Half his body was turned to charcoal and the other half was covered in severe burns, sending his body flying several dozen meters away.

The orcs were astonished.

They did not have time to run, put up their defenses, or even think about it.

The countless bombs fell down like a wild storm, each bomb turning into a small mushroom of light and heat.  These thousands of bombs fell down onto this area in less than ten seconds.

Countless small mushroom clouds turned into a sea of light and flames.

The Bramble Flower Town was completely swallowed in this destructive might.  In just a few minutes, the entire valley was flattened. The intense light could be seen hundreds of miles away and the intense energy fluctuations even woke some of the deeply sleeping fierce beasts.

The earth trembled.  The wave went thousands of meters underground, which could even be felt in the underground world.

The Battle Banner City’s vice City Lord and the army of twenty thousand elites had all disappeared.

When the energy waves gradually disappeared, thick smoke and ashes filled the sky.  The harmonious and beautiful valley had completely disappeared, leaving only a gulf of flames.

There was no need to say it.

This demonstration of Miracle City’s strength would shock the entire forest.

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