MT Chapter 476


Chapter 476: Negotiations

In a gentle valley in the Forest of Chaos, the shrubs and small trees merged into a rolling lush green, being filled with a soft and gentle feeling.  There were various flowers adorning it and countless creatures moving through. Around the center of the valley, there was a small town built from stone.

This town was covered in green moss and another layer of bramble flowers.  If one looked at it, it perfectly blended into the surroundings. This was Bramble Flower Town.

Bramble Flower Town was a normal town between Battle Banner City and Miracle City.  Just like the countless small towns in the Forest of Chaos, Bramble Flower Town was established to give the surrounding tribes a forest market, facilitating the different tribes needed resources and daily necessities.

Whether it was scale or population, small towns were negligible in the Forest of Chaos.


In the past few days, there was a large matter that occured in the town.  On the hills of the four surrounding sides, there were suddenly various coloured flags in the stone.  There were tens of thousands of wolf cavalry that charged down the hill like a black wave in this green world, completely surrounding the small town.

It was Battle Banner City’s army!

The Bramble Flower Town’s people were scared shitless.  They wanted to run away in panic, but the Battle Banner City army did not give them any chance.  The deadly butcher’s knife fell over the locals’ heads without mercy, killing the over five thousand people of the town.

These executioners cut off all the heads of the citizens and put them onto pikes at the entrance of the small town, forming two neat rows.  It was like a cruel red carpet welcoming guests. The Battle Banner City troops were stationed in two neat rows, with black armour and tumbling flags, giving people a deep and cold sense of oppression.

“Humph, that group of cowards aren’t here yet?”

An orc with a head full of small pigtails was sitting in the small town filled with rivers of blood.  His naked upper body was covered in wounds and tattoos, with two giant axes covered in death aura on both sides of his large throne.  There was a young orc that was as fierce as a cheetah standing at his side. The two of them had a similar face, they should be father and son.

Headless corpses formed a mountain behind the two of them, just like a furnished background used for a photo shoot.  Two hundred orc warriors holding blades were standing on both sides and each one had an ice cold gaze. They didn’t move at all like they were statues.

“Father, the weak human must be too cowardly to come.  Why don’t we tell sir City Lord and directly use the Battle Banner City to seize Miracle City?  We definitely have an overwhelming superiority in terms of power!”

“It’s not that simple Gray.”  The older orc shook his head, “There are more and more rumours about Miracle City and there are some that are quite exaggerated.  For example, they can use a kind of spatial ability to send products from human countries to the forest. We can’t confirm these things, but according to the reports from the scouts, Miracle City’s changes are indeed very big and they have many unimaginable technology in their hands.  Elder brother is very interested in these, so controlling Miracle City is better than seizing Miracle City.”

The orc Gray did not ask anything else.

This was because an orc came over and said, “They have come.”

Chu Tian and Nangong Yun arrived in Bramble Flower Town and the two of them slightly knit their brows.  They never thought Battle Banner City would give such a large display. Not only did they slaughter the entire Bramble Flower Town, they had stationed at least twenty thousand troops.

This scene was a very strong deterrent.

Perhaps no one that came to negotiate would be able to keep their calm.

The might of the Battle Banner City elites were very astonishing.  This place was surrounded like an iron bucket, even a sparrow would find it hard to fly out.

“There are only two people?”

The orcs all revealed stunned expressions.

Battle Banner City had sent out twenty thousand elite troops and Miracle Commerce only sent out two people.  With a rate of ten thousand to one, this was truly shocking. Chu Tian wore the City Lord’s robe, allowing everyone to see that he was the City Lord with one gaze.

“You are Miracle City’s City Lord?”  The older orc gave a few cold laughs.  That fierce appearance and the ground covered in blood with a mountain made of headless corpses would give anyone a terrifying deterrent, “I am Battle Banner City’s vice City Lord, City Lord Kao’s younger brother Kaledon and this is my son Gray!”

Chu Tian sat down like he had saw nothing.  Nangong Yun held a spear in both hands as she stood behind Chu Tian.

The two of them were surrounded by fierce looking orcs, with over ten of them in the True Spirit Realm.  Kaledon was a Spirit Transformation Expert in the 7th True Spirit Layer and his son Gray was considered strong among the orcs.  Even with the pressure from this lineup, their faces did not change at all.

Chu Tian said in a somewhat dissatisfied voice, “This City Lord came at the invitation of City Lord Kao, but City Lord Kao did not come and instead sent an assistant.  You orcs really don’t understand manners.”


The surrounding orcs gave wild beast like roars.

Kaledon stopped Gray who wanted to jump out and said with a snort, “The Miracle City’s City Lord does have some guts, no wonder those weak gnomes gave the city to you.  Miracle City’s City Lord is a very straightforward person and the orcs are a very straightforward race, so let’s not beat around the bush and I’ll speak frankly.”

Chu Tian changed into a more comfortable position, “I’m listening.”

“The changes in Miracle City recently have been very outstanding and if you don’t pick a good side, perhaps you’ll be destroyed.”  Kaledon paused before saying, “Battle Banner City is willing to become Miracle City’s friend. As long as our city works together, we can cancel out the desires of the other forces and strengthen our power and sphere of influence.”

Kaledon said these words like he truly supported this cooperation and he acted as if Battle Banner City’s sneak attack on Miracle City did not happen.

Chu Tian said in a neutral voice, “Conditions?”

“Battle Banner City will take out a hundred thousand elite orcs and will station them in Miracle City, helping City Lord protect the city, deterring enemies and keeping peace in the city.”  Kaledon slowly said, “This will allow the City Lord to firmly sit in your City Lord throne. Of course as a trade condition, half your city’s military expenses will be paid to Battle Banner City.  Moreover, Battle Banner City will sent out a competent person to become the vice City Lord of Miracle City, assisting City Lord in governing the city.”

“Letting you station an army and having us pay you tribute, do you want to give us empty seats?”  Nangong Yun couldn’t help glaring at them, “Your mouth smells like farts, like you’ve been eating shit!”

“How bold!”

Gray raised a battle axe.

Chu Tian was not angry and just smile, “City Lord Kao is truly well intentioned, but Miracle City has a well trained army and does not need City Lord Kao or your worries.  Not to mention, Miracle City is a protected city under the Eternal Forest. I think in the entire Forest of Chaos, there aren’t many people who won’t give the Eternal Forest face.”

Kaledon broke out in laughter, “You humans really do like to make jokes, who doesn’t know about the old fashioned group in the Eternal Forest?  Unless you encroach on their territory, they will never react. As for a chaotic place like Miracle City, those old fashioned people will avoid it, how could they take the initiative to make a move?”

After saying this.

Kaledon’s tone became cold, “I’ll tell you the truth.  There are twenty thousand elites around here, do you think they are just here for show?  This place is less than four thousand miles from Miracle City, these twenty thousand elites can attack in less than two hours!  Your Miracle City is weak on the inside and the outside, without a city protecting barrier or a strong army, do you think you can block Battle Banner City’s attack?”

Chu Tian slightly narrowed his eyes, “You are threatening me?”

“Battle Banner City is sincere in wanting to become Miracle City’s friends, but Miracle City dares reject the orcs’ goodwill, then the orcs do not mind showing how cruel we can be!”

Nangong Yun began to laugh, “You want to fight Miracle City with just twenty thousand people?  Why don’t you try it and see!”

“There’s no use in fierce words.  From the moment you arrived, your lives have already been in the orcs’ hands!  Surrender is the only choice, otherwise we’ll cut your heads off as a sacrifice first before marching our army to attack Miracle City.”  Gray said with a cold smile, “According to what we know, you have lent all your finances to the surrounding tribes. These twenty thousand people cannot bring down Miracle City, but we just need to destroy your businesses surrounding the city and Miracle City will lose all its investments.  There is no need for a second attack at that time, Miracle City will collapse by itself!”

“You green frog!”  Nangong Yun jumped up like a cat that had its tail stepped on, “If you dare take a single step into Miracle City’s land, we will blow all you green frogs from Battle Banner City into the sky!”

Gray flew into a rage, “What are you depending on to dare insult me?”

“This ignorant human woman, daring to insult an honoured orc warrior, her only end is death whether the City Lord agrees or not.”  Kaledon said with an even colder voice, “Gray, use the warrior’s axe to prove the warrior’s honour!”

Nangong Yun cracked her fingers, “Want to fight?  Alright!”

“It seems like nothing can be discussed this time.”  Chu Tian said to Nangong Yun, “How long will it take?”

Nangong Yun looked at Gray and said with a look of despise, “This trash can be taken care of in ten seconds.”

“Then ten seconds it is!”  Chu Tian took out his cell phone and put in a number, calling the control center, “Heaven’s Punishment one and two, after ten seconds, activate the Heaven’s Punishment.  I repeat, after ten seconds, activate the Heaven’s Punishment.”

“Heaven’s Punishment has received the orders.  Beginning the countdown. Ten…..”

The orcs were all stunned, what was this fellow doing?  Ten seconds, defeating Gray in ten seconds? Even if Gray was young, he was still in the 4th True Spirit Layer!

This Miracle City human woman was in the trivial 3rd True Spirit Layer.  This was not just a difference of one layer, it was the difference between the Earth Spirit and Heaven Spirit realms!

Kaledon had felt a strong and strange unlucky premonition, “Gray, do it.  Immediately take care of her!”

Chu Tian turned off his cell phone and put it back into his pocket.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter DXHaseoXD! Only the weak determine battle capability by martial ranks. They’ve already lost the battle haha.

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