MT Chapter 474


Chapter 474: Crisis in the city

A shocking news passed through the Great Zhou Country.

The Black Moon Sect found the Great Zhou Princess who disappeared eighteen years ago and the Black Moon Sect’s master Yin Spirit announced she was searching for the Great Zhou royal clan’s ancestral ground, allowing the Great Zhou Princess to accept the royal inheritance.  She would re-establish the Great Zhou royal clan and unite the disunified Great Zhou Country.

Although the Great Zhou Country was the same as the other countries, having a slow information transport speed without modern technology, this news just too shocking.  It passed through the entire Great Zhou Country in just a few short days and the five spiritual mountains and various large sects were stunned.

Why would Yin Spirit make this kind of decision?


Could it be she was crazy?

Who didn’t know that the Great Zhou royal clan was destroyed at the hands of the six mountains, if the Great Zhou royal clan was established again, where would their faces go?  Not to mention the common world and resources had been carved out by the sects. If there was suddenly a Great Zhou royal clan, wouldn’t this cake be divided with them?

When they encircled the Great Zhou royal clan in the past, the six large sect’s sect masters from eighteen years ago attacked together.  Five of them were still alive and only the Black Moon Sect’s old sect master had passed, being replaced by the new sect master Yin Spirit fifteen years ago.

In other worlds, the Black Moon Sect had skipped a generation and could mediate with the Great Zhou royal clan.  What could the other five large sects do?

The Great Zhou royal clan almost became the seventh super power in the Great Zhou Country in the past, so in hearts of the rogue cultivators and small sects, they had a high prestige and appeal.  Even now, there were rogue cultivators in seclusion with decent strength that remembered them.

With the Black Moon Sect coming out to revive the royal clan.

Perhaps there would be many followers and supporters in the country!

The retainers and guest officials of the Great Zhou royal clan from eighteen years ago gathered, they were still considered quite a strong force.  Adding in the Black Moon Sect’s support, they could definitely shake the other five spiritual mountains.

A storm of blood would appear in the Great Zhou Country.

Chu Tian held a short conference with Yin Spirit and Chen Bingyu in Miracle City, discussing how to take down the Great Zhou Country.

Yin Spirit said, “The six spiritual mountains are ancient lineages and most of the other large sects have thousands of years of history, having deep roots and strong power, they will only surrender and cannot be destroyed.  Otherwise, not to mention if we can even destroy the mountains and the hundreds of thousands of elite cultivators, we would have to pay a large price to destroy them. Moreover, if the six spiritual mountains are reduced by half, the Great Zhou Country won’t have much strength left and we can’t stop the Eagle Burial Kingdom’s southern march.”

“That’s logical.”  Chu Tian nodded, “We are aiming to subdue them and not conquer them, but the few stubborn ones will need to be taken care off to show them a display of authority.”

The six Great Zhou spiritual mountains were very strong.

Chu Tian was most worried about the other six spiritual mountains coming together to fight back.  If this really happened, it would be a large problem. The six spiritual mountains had around the same strength, each having around two hundred thousand inner sect disciples, which was equal to an army of around two hundred thousand Awakened Soul Realm experts with inherited cultivation techniques.

The five different sects added up to over a million people!

Once the five sects came together and gathered their strength, this was enough to take control of the entire Great Zhou Country.  If over two million cultivators were gathered in this fight, this battle force would be enough to even cause trouble for the Eagle Burial Kingdom.  This was why the Eagle Burial Kingdom never fought the Great Zhou Country.

Chu Tian did not want to conquer them.

Therefore there was no need for a full scale war.

Now that the Black Moon Sect had completely come together with Miracle Commerce, Miracle Commerce did not need to personally come forward.  They would use the Black Moon Sect to raise support for the Great Zhou royal clan, turning this entire matter into an internal matter for the Great Zhou Country.  Since it was an internal matter, the sides would consider their benefits and not consider mutual hatred.

This matter of the Great Zhou royal clan being re-established although would anger the five spiritual mountains, it would not give them a sense of danger, so it wasn’t likely they would collaborate.  In this kind of relaxed situation, Chu Tian could defeat them one by one secretly. Wouldn’t the Great Zhou Country be his?

Chu Tian asked, “What opinion does little sister sect master have?”

Yin Spirit said, “There has always been a legend in the Great Zhou Country.  After the Great Zhou royal clan was destroyed, there were ruins left behind.”

Chu Tian looked at Chen Bingyu, “Was there something like this?”

“This was a secret in the clan.  Royal father had many children and I was eleventh in rank, not being a crown prince or the eldest princess.  I was born from a consort, so my position wasn’t high and I was quite young. Although I have heard it before, I’ve never seen it.”  Chen Bingyu shook her head, “Properly speaking, this inheritance was left by my clan’s ancestor and is the reason why my clan could rise so quickly.”

“That’s right, this inheritance is not inferior to that of the six spiritual mountains and only the royal bloodline can open it.”  Yin Spirit said this and gave a sigh, “It is a pity that the king’s inheritance is missing and the six spiritual mountains couldn’t find it even after all these years of searching.  If this inheritance could be opened, not only would there be hope of reviving the royal clan, the Great Zhou royal clan’s followers from the past would swarm back.”


The first matter was to find the king’s inheritance.

The problem now was that even Chen Bingyu did not know what her family’s inheritance looked like!

The Great Zhou Country was such a large place, it would be like searching for a needle in a haystack!

Chu Tian considered it for a moment before saying, “There is a person in Miracle City that might be able to help…..”

Chu Tian did not even finish speaking.

His cell phone began to ring.

Chu Tian picked up the cell phone.  He had just received this item and was not familiar with using it.  There was a number on the screen and it was no one else by the young miss.

This is strange.

When he was in a meeting, with the young miss’ style, unless something was very anxious or couldn’t be solved, she could not disrupt Chu Tian.  If it really is something the young miss could not solve, it wouldn’t be small.”

“I’ll be back.”  Chu Tian picked up the call, “Young miss, what happened?”

Meng Qingwu’s voice sounded very serious, “Our forest production park was attacked by someone unknown, it’s probably not a small matter.  Can you come and take a look?”


Chu Tian’s brows instantly knit.

Fuck, who did it!

Over this period of time, with Chu Tian’s conscription, large amounts of factories constructed, helping local businesses, and improving the local’s lifestyles, the locals were filled with gratitude towards Miracle City from all these benefits.  Therefore, it couldn’t have been done by them and it had to be a foreign power.

Miracle Commerce is not too strong, but it was still a forest city and a city under the Eternal Forest’s name.  If someone dared to move against Miracle City, their background was not small.

Chu Tian had guessed that during Miracle City’s development, he would definitely be challenged by other forces.  In order to avoid this from happening too soon, Miracle Commerce had always been developing cautiously, not exploring their surroundings and touching other people’s benefits.  They were focused on developing the War Hounds Plains and the Great Zhou Country.

Who would have thought that even like this, it would still attract the attention of these fellows?

There was no choice, Miracle City’s actions have been a bit too big!

Chu Tian turned off the cell phone and returned to the conference room, “There is a sudden situation in the city, I can’t return to the Great Zhou Country with you all.  But don’t worry, I will assemble a group of elites to help you.”

Yin Spirit knit her brows, “What is it?  If you don’t go, how will we find the inheritance?”

“Relax, I’ve already said that there is a person in Miracle City more suited than me.”  Chu Tian did not feel like keep it a secret, so he confidently said, “This person is a Druid Prophet, a Chu Sect guest official, a high level Miracle City member, and a Spirit Transformation expert!  You don’t need to worry, just quickly head back to the Great Zhou Country!”

Druid Prophets could prophesize many things.

Using Yoda’s ability to find these ruins was not hard.

Not to mention that Yoda was a Spirit Transformation expert, his strength could sweep through the Great Zhou Country.  If Miracle City send a group of experts, there would be no problems on the Great Zhou side.

Yin Spirit and Chen Bingyu returned to the Black Moon Sect first.

The Black Moon Sect had already sent out the news and now the Great Zhou Country was in chaos, so the two of them had to find it as soon as possible.  Chu Tian asked Yoda for help and Yoda directly brought two High Priests and ten priests with him.

Chu Tian rushed to the forest accident site.

Meng Qingwu was currently taking care of reparations.  Because the attack was too sudden, no one knew who the other side was.  However, they were certain that this was a deliberate attack and it was not a forest robber.

Chu Tian asked, “What is the damage situation.”

“Around two hundred casualties and a newly opened mine was destroyed.”

“Are there any suspects?”

“Yes.”  Meng Qingwu said, “I think the suspicion on Battle Banner City is the greatest.  This is less than eight hundred miles from Battle Banner City and the two towns and large tribes have already submitted to us.  Only Battle Banner City has the strength and confidence to attack us.”

“Humph, their courage isn’t small.  It has been a long time since anyone has dared to annoy father!”

“Don’t be too careless, Battle Banner City is not weak.  But that isn’t important, the important thing is that Battle Banner City belongs to the Savage Highlands.”

So it was a city with a background!

Miracle City belonging to Eternal City was not fake, but that was just in name.  Eternal City would not send troops to Miracle City and Miracle City would not pay tribute to the Eternal Forest.  Battle Banner City’s situation was different. Battle Banner City was directly established by a power from the Savage Highlands, so they were an important piece for the Savage Highlands in the forest.

“This time is just the beginning.”  Meng Qingwu was very nervous, “If it really is Battle Banner City, they won’t stop at this.  Miracle City has just started developing and if a fight occurs with another forest city, our hard work will all go to waste and we’ll suffer a heavy loss.”

Miracle Banking had used the company’s source stones and the gnomes’ source stones to help the locals start their businesses.

Once a large scale war erupted.

No matter who won or lost.

It was very likely these large investments would be thrown away!

This wouldn’t be just a deep wound for Miracle Commerce, it might paralyze Miracle Commerce!

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