MT Chapter 470


Chapter 470: Strategy and planning

Smart Brain’s abilities were not limited to this.  In the future, it could also go into other aspects of life, such as the production industry, military supply production, resource collection, strategic planning, and even creating new inventions.  There was no impossibility and everyone could be done.

Smart Brain was absolutely calm.

Smart Brain had intelligence and no emotions, obeying its inventor unconditionally and following orders unconditionally.  Smart Brain would not be stopped by sentiment and morals, it would calculate the most optimal effect. It was completely cold, just, and rational.

Speaking of this.


In less than a month, the young miss had actually integrated Zero into managing the city, this was definitely not an easy matter to do.  With a powerful helper like Zero that normal people couldn’t match, with the intelligent and cautious young miss, as well as a heaven defying person like Chu Tian, Miracle City’s future was limitless!

Finally they were on the right track!

If Smart Brain did not appear, Miracle Commerce at its peak could only become the richest company on the continent.  What Chu Tian chased wasn’t this, what he wanted was to transcend. Smart Brain’s appearance would magnify Chu Tian’s intelligence and make it possible for him to achieve his goal.

“Zero, please introduce Miracle Commerce and Miracle City’s situation and let our little sister sect master understand it.”

“Alright, sir City Lord.”  Zero’s figure in the center of the matrices disappeared.  His voice came from the speakers on all sides and a virtual image appeared, “Miracle Commerce founders Chu Tian, Meng Qingwu, Meng Yingying, and Nangong Yun began in South Sky City of the Southern Summer Country a year and a half ago.  Miracle Commerce at the beginning was just a company without any fame, depending on just the Meng Family’s small Southern Cloud Commerce. Chairman Chu depended on his source energy cooker, his source energy lamps, and other new inventions to do business…..”

Zero said without missing a thing, while the images changed along with him.

Chu Tian, Meng Qingwu, Meng Yingying, and Nangong Yun, when these four watched the series of events, they felt like time really passed quickly.  Although it was just less than a year and a half, Miracle Commerce had undergone heaven and earth changes. Having them review all of this gave them a sense that it didn’t seem real.

Meng Yingying was a bit moved, “I never thought we already experienced that much.”

Zero completely illustrated Miracle Commerce’s history and development path, “…..After working hard in the Forest of Chaos for several months, Miracle Commerce has finally set their headquarters in Miracle City.  The current Miracle Commerce has one hundred and forty thousand workers, over a hundred thousand soldiers, and adding in the five hundred and fifty top class researchers newly hired by the gnome Great Elder Clark, there is a total of over three thousand high level researchers.  The Chu Sect has just recruited the Druid Prophet Yoda, the Shaman priest Luz, the Minotaur Arnold, and many others, giving it a total of over three hundred guest officials. Miracle Commerce has eighty five factories. They also have large research laboratories in the Great Summer Country’s Central State and Southern State that aren’t inferior to the gnome laboratories.  With this powerful potential for inventions, they have an unlimited future.”

Zero had repeated Miracle Commerce’s history for everyone.

Each Miracle Commerce product and each deal was simply described, directly attacking Yin Spirit’s mind.  Although she had heard in the Black Moon Sect there was an incredible company that appeared in the Southern Summer Country and she had tried the canned food and electric lights that came from the merchant caravans.

Yin Spirit never would have thought that Miracle Commerce would become this strong.  It was truly incredible.

Yin Spirit was truly surprised not because of miraculous rise of Miracle Commerce, but rather this sloppy looking young man beside her.  Miracle Commerce’s rise was not the long history of a commercial empire, but rather a miracle created by this fellow!

There was no doubt.

Chu Tian was definitely the soul of Miracle Commerce.

Although Chu Tian did not manage the company, if Miracle Commerce didn’t have Chu Tian, they wouldn’t have reached their current stage even in one hundred or even a thousand years.  Yin Spirit never would have dreamed that this arrogant and hateful fellow would actually be this powerful of a person.

There wouldn’t be a second person like him on the entire continent!

Meng Qingwu gave Zero a new order, “Zero, please illustrate our plan in the Forest of Chaos.”

“Yes, vice City Lord.”  As soon as Zero’s voice fell, there were several dozen mirrors that released images which all floated in midair.  They intertwined with each other, perfectly coming together without leaving a gap. Finally it formed an entire image, where the entire Miracle City could be seen from a bird’s eye view, “Miracle City is a normal forest city with forest covering 98% of the city and the land is not developed, as well as there being a low population.  We are prepared to develop 10% of Miracle City’s land, increasing the population to a max of one hundred million.”

Some regions separated in this image and then they separated again, finally forming over ten different regions, each region having a different note.  They went from residential regions, industrial regions, agricultural regions, gardening regions, entertainment regions, business regions, and school regions…..Each one was clearly marked.

Zero released a simulated city map.

When Yin Spirit saw the completely simulated city in the mirror, her eyes popped out because Miracle City was just too beautiful and it was an ultra modernized city.

Although only 10% was developed, it was still bigger than the Southern Summer Imperial City, not even counting the forest and mountains.  This was a three dimensional space and it was unknown how many people could live in a one-two thousand meter peak. Even if the city really had one hundred million people, they would still be widely distributed.  It would give people the feeling of a forest mixed with a garden, it wouldn’t be crowded like a human city.

This was probably for the sake of ease in transportation.

Miracle City was prepared to construct a massive railway, air transports, and large amounts of transport mounts.  They would connect the large city together like this and it would be much more convenient for the citizens.

“This is just the normal city construction plans.”  Zero’s voice sounded out and the angle of the giant mirror began to move up.  It moved up the several thousand meter high peaks and finally passed through the clouds.  There was an incomparably large disk that was suspended there, “Miracle City will use all their resources and technology to create a moving floating city.  This floating city will not just be an airborne city and fortress, it will be the core headquarters for Miracle Commerce, the peak of the continent’s technology.”

This was the plan Meng Qingwu had Zero construct after taking stock of all of Miracle Commerce’s resources and technology.

Zero used large amounts of calculations to finally create a suitable city plan while also creating the plan for this floating city because with Miracle Commerce’s abilities, this floating fortress could be made.  Once the airborne city was made, it wouldn’t only become the symbol of Miracle Commerce, it would be a moving fortress. With large amounts of heavy weaponry installed, it would become the top deterrent force on the continent.  It would force the Forest of Chaos into submission and be the footstep for Miracle Commerce to expand onto the entire continent.

Yin Spirit’s mouth popped wide open, so wide that an egg could fit inside.

This trip to Miracle City had simply destroyed her world view.

Yin Spirit had always been proud of Black Moon Sect and even looked down on Miracle Commerce.  Looking at Miracle Commerce’s strength now, perhaps they wouldn’t lose to the Black Moon Sect!

The Chu Sect’s guest officials included Yoda, Luz, Arnold, and the other forest experts.  In terms of experts, they could crush the Black Moon Sect. Although the Black Moon Sect had two hundred thousand elite cultivators, in terms of military strength, Miracle Commerce was only a bit lacking.

Miracle Commerce could quickly arm an army with their Source Energy Weapons and had a powerful deterrent like the Heaven’s Punishment airship.  Even if the Black Moon Sect turtled in with their mountain’s protective array, they could only be safe for a while.

When the orientation was over.

Chu Tian led Yin Spirit on a tour of Miracle City.

Even though Miracle City had a small population and didn’t have much strength in the forest, after Miracle Commerce had arrived, it was clear that it was becoming more and more lively.  When Miracle Commerce had just recruited tens of thousands of soldiers, many people doubted if Chu Tian’s actions were right, but now it seemed like there definitely was no downside.

Miracle City had tens of thousands of strong labourers and now that Miracle City was undergoing large development, those tens of thousands of people were the main builders.  Miracle Store, theater, restaurant, inn, and gambling hall all needed to be built. After all, only with complete facilities could they pull people in!

In addition, the virtual arena, the virtual trial field, and the spiritual library, these specialties of Miracle Commerce needed large amounts of special equipment, not to mention the basic equipment.  This was definitely a large project. Luckily Miracle Commerce was not lacking in resources. Adding in their strong transport network, their tens of thousands of workers and the newly recruited tens of thousands of workers, the gnomes helping out, and the company wildly investing money, the city was already taking form.

Yin Spirit sat on the side of a mountain, watching the bustling Miracle City.  She could deeply feel the bustle of the city and the powerful strength hidden within it!

Whether it was the citizens or the forest locals, they were all enthusiastic about the city building project.  This was because these people had already seen Miracle Commerce’s strength and could feel the changes Miracle Commerce would bring to their lives.  The canned food, communication device, the magnetic sound device, and the video disk player, these little things had changed their lives in unprecedented ways.

These people could all feel it.

A beyond beautiful homeland was about to be born.

Who didn’t want their home to be better?  Therefore when they built the city, it wasn’t just building a city for Miracle Commerce, it was also for themselves and for their future generations.

This was too much of a difference!

What did the Black Moon Sect’s influence count for in front of Miracle Commerce?

Yin Spirit now completely believed the arrogant words Chu Tian had said a few days ago!

Chu Tian crossed his hands in front of his chest, “The powers in the Forest of Chaos are strong and Miracle Commerce is not willing to touch them for now, so we can only use our unique advantage to expand in the outside world.  Great Summer, Great Zhou, and Northern Militant, if these three countries work together, the surrounding small kingdoms cannot survive. This will be the powerful support for Miracle Commerce, allowing us to challenge the northern Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom, as well as building a background for us in the Forest of Chaos to challenge the giants in the forest.  So, little sister sect master, whether you’re willing or not, Great Zhou must be unified.”

That’s right.

This was not a joke.

This had a huge strategic significance to Miracle Commerce!

There was no need to worry about the relation between Great Summer and Miracle Commerce, the Northern Militant Country was in chaos, so it wasn’t hard to establish a rule, only the Great Zhou Country was a bit troublesome.  There were the six spiritual mountains and over a hundred big and small powers. Moreover, the specialty of Great Zhou was that each sect was independent, not only were they hidden in mountains or forests, they each had their own inheritances.  Taking them all down like this was too troublesome.

The best way was to prop up a representative in Great Zhou.

Yin Spirit’s talent wasn’t bad and she was considered young, so Chu Tian had a favourable impression of her and had this spur of the moment idea.  He would support the Black Moon Sect to become Great Zhou’s largest sect and have them crush the other five spiritual mountains. He would also rebuild the Great Zhou royal clan to control the other large and small sects in the secular world.

Great Zhou had a great store of resources and it could provide Miracle Commerce quite a bit of spatial crystals.   If these spatial crystals were used well, Miracle Commerce could gain several more chess pieces.

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