MT Chapter 468


Chapter 468: The side effects of bloodlines

When Chu Tian had been helping Yin Spirit refine the Death Servants, Chu Tian did not remain idle.  He ate several pills to raise his cultivation.

Now Miracle Commerce controlled a town in the center of the Forest of Chaos and they had control over Oldman Small Town, various kinds of resource flowed into Miracle Commerce, so Chu Tian’s group could cultivate happily.

Any pill taken out of their pocket would be enough to make normal rogue cultivators to fight over them.

The pills Meng Yingying ate each week was equal to the savings normal rogue cultivators had over several years.


In this kind of condition, even a person with the worst innate talent could become a peak expert.

Of course, the things they bought were mainly normal Sacred Herbs.  The pills refined from these Sacred Herbs had great effect on increasing one’s cultivation, but only by preparing slowly and properly could one’s cultivation suddenly explode.  Heaven and earth treasures that could increase one’s cultivation level by one to two layers, it was hard to obtain even with Miracle Commerce’s current wealth and channels, these kinds of things depended on luck.

After Chu Tian fought with the Lich and swallowed the Star Marrow Pill, as well as cultivating for a bit, he had already reached the peak 1st True Spirit Layer.

Today he suddenly felt like this critical moment was about to mature.

His chance to break through was coming!

Chu Tian didn’t want to waste this opportunity, so he immediately found a cave for elders from the Black Moon Sect.  The Heavenly Yin Mountains was one of the six large spiritual mountains of Great Zhou, this cultivation land filled with spiritual energy was perfect for cultivating.  However, Chu Tian did not just depend on the spiritual energy from the spiritual vein to break through, he also took out an Eye of the Star.

He activated his Starlight Immortal Body!

Chu Tian could feel a pure star energy currently seeping into his body from the cultivation technique.  Chu Tian was covered in a layer of starlight that went from weak to strong, bright to dim. The starlight became more and more intense, covering his entire body, turning him into a person made from light.

The Eye of the Star in his palm became smaller and smaller.

The star energy contained within this Eye of the Star was enough to keep the Transport Tower running for ten years.  It had now been completely absorbed by Chu Tian, attacking every cell that was in his body, causing every single part of him to be transformed.

The white light suddenly changed.  It was like the air had disappeared and fluctuations were being released.


A large explosion came from the Heavenly Yin Mountain summit!

Yin Spirit was standing in front of the large barrels, watching the ten Death Servants being transformed by the divine blood when she was scared by the explosion.  Could it be someone was attacking the sect? Yin Spirit quickly flew out, floating fifty meters in the air.

When she looked into the distance, she saw a group of starlight explode in the air, instantly blooming on the horizon.  A sea of stars rolled forward like a beautiful picture. This strange sight attracted countless bystanders. The entire Black Moon sect was shocked, they didn’t know what was happening.

Yin Spirit’s little body floated in the air, just like a red clothed little doll.  She could feel the attribute of this energy, wasn’t it the defensive cultivation technique those people cultivated?  That defense was already not inferior to any Perfection Realm cultivation techniques Yin Spirit already knew, could it be that this cultivation technique could become even stronger?

What kind of powerful divine technique was this?

Yin Spirit couldn’t help wanting to learn this cultivation technique.  If she used her Yin Spirit Scripture, wouldn’t she allow the Death Servants to have this kind of defensive ability?  The Death Servants’ strength would be increased another level!


Heavenly Yin Mountain.

On a peaceful hill.

Chen Bingyu was sitting alone in a daze.

In the past year, Chen Bingyu could already feel that her family’s bloodline was slowly recovering.

In the fight a few days ago, she finally activated her family’s bloodline, which could be considered the greatest harvest she obtained recently.  When her bloodline was activated, Chen Bingyu’s cultivation wouldn’t just soar, more importantly, she could use the secret techniques and energy sealed inside the bloodline.  Her battle strength could not be compared to before.

Her long black hair had turned ice blue, this was an white traced blue hair, making them look like silver threads.  It was just like ice sealed for millions of years, surrounding her body with a chill. It made her aura much colder and her beauty was even more refined.

This was the sign that the Great Zhou royal clan’s bloodline was completely activated!

The Great Zhou royal clan, the Great Zhou Princess, after all these years, she had forgotten that she still had this identity.

When she left the Great Zhou Country, she was only seventeen-eighteen years old.  She thought that she would find a place with no one around to practice martial arts until she died of old age.  She never would have thought that after being reborn eighteen years later, she would come back in this kind of manner.

“Hei, big sister Bing, why are you watching the sunset alone?”

There was a voice that sounded behind her, who would it be if not Chu Tian?

Chen Bingyu turned to look at him and found that Chu Tian was a bit different.  His body was covered in a faint layer of light that was not visible with the naked eye, only someone who cultivated the Starlight Immortal Body like Chen Bingyu could see it.

“So you’re the one who made the sound just now.  It seems like you’ve broken through with your cultivation technique?”  Chen Bingyu looked at Chu Tian for a few seconds before saying, “Your cultivation seemed to have broken through as well!”

When did this girl’s analysis ability become this strong?

That’s right, his Starlight Immortal Body reached the Perfection Realm and his cultivation reached the 2nd True Spirit Layer.  There were no longer enemies for him in the Earth Spirit Realm.

“Can I sit?”

Chen Bingyu snappily said to this fellow’s rhetorical question, “Can I say now?”

Chu Tian sat down beside her without any manners.  He immediately chatted on when he sat down, “Big sister Bing, you weren’t honest.  Why didn’t you tell me about your background before? If we knew about this grudge before, we would have already come to Great Zhou!  But now it’s not to late, it’s no problem with my methods and abilities.”

Chen Bingyu knit her brows.

Chu Tian asked, “What, is there something wrong?”

Chen Bingyu had a vacant look on her face, “Perhaps you don’t know this, but my family’s bloodline is very special.  Although it can give us strength, it has a very large effect on one’s thoughts.”

Chu Tian didn’t find this strange.  There were even cultivation techniques that affected one’s thoughts, not to mention bloodlines, “What kind of effect will it have?”

“Emotions will become weaker, especially emotions related to relationships.  Familial ties, friendships, love…..Our family is like this.” Chen Bingyu lowered her head and gave a soft sigh, “Maybe if we were talking about when I had just escaped Great Zhou and my grudge was very deep.  It has already become very weak after all these years, I’m no longer clear on what to feel about my parents and my siblings. Revenge? Although there were thoughts of revenge, I never had the power to achieve it and that is why I never mentioned it.  Moreover, I never thought that Miracle Commerce would develop to where it’s at today.”

Chu Tian could understand this.

Chen Bingyu was the most indifferent person out of everyone, she was never interested in anything and she never liked coming in contact with others.  Other than cultivating martial arts, she didn’t love anything else.

Chu Tian always thought Chen Bingyu’s disposition was natural or caused by a disaster, but he never thought it was hereditary.

“Actually there isn’t a need to worry.”  Chu Tian had a strange idea, “With me by your side, isn’t there a large possibility of being cured?”

Chen Bingyu was a bit stunned, “Cured?”

Chu Tian revealed an evil smile, “Look at me, I’m so handsome, talented, and charming, you’ll find that you’ll unknowingly fall in love with me.  Wouldn’t it all be fine like that?”


Chen Bingyu froze the surrounding area with a wave of her hand.

Chu Tian quickly retreated, “Damn, it’s just a joke.  It’s fine if you can’t feel love, but aren’t you a little too sensitive to anger!”

“Who says that I can’t feel love.”  Chen Bingyu didn’t know if she was angry or if it was something else.  Her snow white face was covered in a faint blush, “Slow, it’s just a bit slow, do you understand?”

Chu Tian revealed a vigilant expression, just like a little rabbit being stared at by a wolf, “You’re saying that you could really fall in love with me?  I’m warning you, I’m someone with a girlfriend!”

Chen Bingyu saw his cheap and evil appearance, immediately causing her heart to fill with anger, “Go die!”

In just a few minutes, the entire hill was covered in ice.  Chu Tian had been chased all over the hill by this fierce woman and when the situation was bad, Meng Yingying contacted him with the communication device in time, telling him that the Transport Tower was done.

Chen Bingyu recovered her cold appearance, “Go find your little lover!”

Chu Tian laughed, “Big sister Bing, whether it’s being angry or being happy, you’re quite cute, so don’t be so serious all day.  Smile a bit more if you have nothing to do.”

“How can I smile if I have to see you each day!”

These words choked Chu Tian.  This girl’s mouth was quite poisonous, “Then be angrier, you’re also pretty when you’re angry.”  Chu Tian ran after saying this, afraid that the other side would attack again.

Chen Bingyu watched Chu Tian leave and her eyes revealed a faint flash.  After giving a soft sigh and feeling a bit sad and helpless, she followed behind him.

After a few days, Meng Yingying had finally finished the Transport Tower.

The Black Moon Sect’s master Yin Spirit appeared with a group of elders.  Looking at the Transport Tower a few times, she revealed a doubtful expression, “This is the thing you’ve made?  What use does it have?”

Chu Tian inserted the Eye of the Star and the Transport Tower activated.  He turned around to Yin Spirit and said, “Cooperation needs quite a bit of consideration, I ask the sect master to come to our Miracle Commerce’s headquarters for a look.”

“You want this one to go to the Great Summer Country?”

“Wrong!”  Meng Yingying cut in and said with a proud look, “Our headquarters is in Miracle City, not the Great Summer Country!  Miracle City is a city in the center of the Forest of Chaos!”

Is there a mistake!

The Forest of Chaos?

The Black Moon Sect people were stunned.

How was it possible for Miracle Commerce to be in the Forest of Chaos?  The Forest of Chaos’ center was tens of thousands of miles away, how long would it take to travel there?  Not to mention that the Forest of Chaos was very risky, even a Spirit Transformation Expert wouldn’t dare promise a safe journey.

Chu Tian patted the Transport Tower beside him, “Sect master doesn’t need to worry, Miracle City also has a Transport Tower.  Travelling between two Transport Towers, even if they were separated by a million miles, we can arrive instantly. It’s as simple as going to the bathroom.”

These words stunned everyone here.

Yin Spirits black eyes popped wide open in astonishment, “Could it be…..This is the ability of the Transport Tower?”

“Not only that!”  Chu Tian took out a scroll made from the Eye of the Star, “This is my personally made Transport Scroll.  It is locked onto a coordinate when it is made and as long as we have this scroll on hand, we can instantly return to the city no matter where we are, so this thing is called a Town Return Scroll!  Little sister sect master, now do you know the value of the Transport Tower?”

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