MT Chapter 467


Chapter 467: Discussions

Chu Tian sat at the discussion table with a faint smile.  The little fox gave a yawn as it laid on his shoulders, with Chen Bingyu standing on his left, Meng Yingying standing on his right, and the eighteen Divine Servants standing behind him.  If a person didn’t know the situation, they would have thought that Chu Tian was a rich master, having beauties on both sides, while attending a tea party with his bodyguards behind him!

In stark contrast, there were the several dozen Black Moon Sect elders, the protectors, and vice sect master Endless Yin were all angered from their shame.  These people were famous people in Great Zhou and a single stomp from them could shake Great Zhou, but now they could only watch and do nothing to Chu Tian.

“Sect master, why do we need to negotiate with this bastard?”

“This fellow has caused the Black Moon Sect to lose face.  If the matters today is known, we’ll lose our two thousand years of prestige.  Where would the honour of the Heavenly Yin Mountain’s ten thousand year lineage go?”


“Kill, kill him!”

The Black Moon Sect’s people angrily shouted out.

The actions of Chu Tian’s group was hard to forgive, this matter not only harmed their personal prestige, it also shamed the Heavenly Yin Mountain of the six famous Great Zhou mountains.  What has been accumulated over a thousand years would be destroyed by a young child like this?

Yin Spirit’s little body looked to be around ten years old and adding in the red robe without any wrinkles, she looked like a doll.  How did she look like a sect master at all? However, sitting in the middle of these old men in this important manner gave people a very strange feeling.

No matter how angry the elders and vice sect masters were, her expression did not change from beginning to end.  A pair of large black eyes were curiously looking over Chu Tian, she couldn’t understand why Chu Tian had no fear even when he had no hostages.

Yin Spirit was in the 4th True Spirit Layer and there were several elders with decent strength here, as well as tens of thousands of elite cultivators.  If she wanted to kill them, they wouldn’t be able to escape no matter what.

Whether it was the cold, elegant Chen Bingyu, or the young, immature Meng Yingying, or the mysterious Chu Tian, they never displayed a look of nervousness.  This meant that they had the advantage, but what advantage did they have?

“Hey, little sister sect master, can you make these wild dogs close their mouths?”  Chu Tian changed into a more comfortable position in the chair, “We’re talking about the fate of the Black Moon Sect, what are you making all this noise for?”

“I’ve already said don’t call me little sister!”  Yin Spirit seemed like she hated this nickname, slapping her little hand on the stone table, causing the entire hall to tremble, “Your actions have dealt heavy damage to the Heavenly Yin Mountain.  Right now we’re not discussing any kind of cooperation, we’re talking about how to deal with the three of you.”

Black Moon Sect cooperating with Miracle Commerce only has benefits and no harms.  As for the damage to the Heavenly Yin Mountain’s prestige, I’m very sorry, this was not my original intention.  However, speaking of this, it was just a slight loss, it is better than completely destroyed.” Chu Tian’s words were no different than naked provocation, “The Great Zhou’s six famous mountains’ era is about to end, it’s time for the Great Zhou Country to undergo a cleansing storm.  Whether you’re willing to see it or not, it will happen. Anybody that chooses to stop the wheel of destiny, they will definitely be crushed to pieces.”

“Too wild!”  Endless Yin angrily shouted, “You want to subvert the six famous mountains with just you?”

“That’s right, just me!”  Chu Tian was not polite at all, “Actually even if I don’t make a move, the northern Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom will fight their way down.  If a nest has no eggs, the Great Zhou Country cannot survive alone. Even if the mountain is sealed and hidden, without any resources from the secular world, how could the six famous mountains develop?  Not to mention that the Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom has experts like clouds, your mountain’s grand arrays cannot stop them at all. Not to mention if you can remain as a sect, you won’t even be able to protect your ancestors’ graves!”

The elders were so angered that they almost left.

This kind of arrogant appearance and this kind of taunting town, how could these people accept this?

Yin Spirit’s hands stretched out on the table and a cold glow flashed in her eyes, “I know that chairman Chu is very interesting and Miracle Commerce have many novel things, but you have to understand that there are many things in this world that can’t be bought with source stones.”

“This Chu recognizes that there is nothing in this world that can’t be discussed.  If several pieces of source stones aren’t enough, how about several dozen, several hundred, several tens of thousands, several hundreds of millions, several billions then?”  Chu Tian revealed a very enticing smile, “If there is enough benefits given, is it hard to buy the entire Black Moon Sect?”

Yin Spirit revealed two cute tiger tooth, “This one is interested, how much is chairman Chu willing to take out?”

“In half a year, the Black Moon Sect will become the number one sect in the Great Zhou Country.  Whether it is the normal small sects or the other large sects, the entire Great Zhou Country will give the Black Moon Sect face!”

Everyone’s eyes popped out.

Did this fellow not understand what he was saying?

The six famous mountains have been fighting for thousands of years and even if a sect took control, they wouldn’t last more than a hundred years.  This was because once a single mountain surpass the others, the other five would join together to suppress them. There had never been one mountain that could suppress the other five.

Wouldn’t it be crazy if it could be done in half a year?

Chu Tian had not finished as he stretched out three fingers, “Within three years, the Black Moon Sect will spread to the surrounding large and small countries, allowing the Black Moon Sect become the strongest sect in the surrounding region.  The Black Moon Sect will also become the richest sect!”

This was even more nonsense.

Yin Spirit began to laugh, “Chairman Chu really knows how to joke.  With Miracle Commerce’s little bit of strength, you actually say something this big, it really is just too funny.”

“If little sister sect master thinks this, this means you don’t have a clear understanding of Miracle Commerce.”

“Damn!”  Yin Spirit slapped off piece of the table in her anger, “I’ve already said don’t call me little sister!”

Chu Tian completely ignored Yin Spirit’s anger, “Look at the eighteen Divine Servants behind me, do you think Miracle Commerce is still a normal company?”

“Humph, I admit your Divine Servants aren’t that bad, but what can they do?”  Yin Spirit looked at the Divine Servants with eyes filled with desire. If her «Yin Spirit Scripture» was used with these Divine Servants, then how strong would they be, “You have no way to prove your strength?  If it was just based on your verbal promise, how could the Black Moon Sect support you? You’re treating yourself as too important!”

“You words are logical.”  Chu Tian turned his eyes, “Do you have spatial crystals in your sect?”

“The spatial crystals are very precious, but naturally the ten thousand year old lineage of the Heavenly Yin Mountain has some stores.  What are you asking for?”

“Then that’s easier!”  Chu Tian said, “I’ll immediately change your ten Yin Corpses, you can just pay with spatial crystals.  I think this business has no loss to you at all.”

“You can turn my Yin Corpses into Divine Servants?”

“I can’t, I don’t have enough materials.  However, although I can’t completely turn them into Divine Servants, they can be around the same.  They will have the same powerful recovery power of the Divine Servants and only around half the divine power, this kind of undead puppet is called the Death Servant.”

When Yin Spirit heard that it wouldn’t be as strong as the Divine Servant, her heart was filled with a bit of dissatisfaction, but when she heard it would have the same powerful recovery power, this was still a very large attraction for her.  At least they would only be traded for spatial crystals, this was definitely not a loss.

Spatial crystals were rare, but what used did they have?

They could only be used to make some storage items!

Even if the Death Servants weren’t as strong as Divine Servants, they were still a hard to deal with and strong puppet.  This kind of undying monster that couldn’t be killed, one that had a powerful strength, with Yin Spirit’s unique cultivation technique, they would all be transformed.  They would have a terrifying battle strength, which would be enough to increase the Black Moon Sect by a large amount.

The most important thing was that Death Servants were undead monsters.

These monsters would not die of old age, they could be passed down as Black Moon Sect’s treasures for many generations.

“What do you need the spatial crystals for?”

“I’m planning to create a Transport Tower for the Black Moon Sect.  Once the Black Moon Sect has a Transport Tower, the Black Moon Sect will undergo an earth shattering change.”  Chu Tian said this before adding, “However, you need to know that this Transport Tower is not a free gift. Regardless of whether you cooperate with Miracle Commerce or not, this Transport Tower is an extra condition.  The Black Moon Sect can choose to keep it or not.”

“If we don’t keep it?”

“Then it’ll be like Miracle Commerce has bought stocks.  A third of the Black Moon Sect will belong to Miracle Commerce and as for little sister sect master, you’ll be a Miracle Commerce staff.”

Everyone’s expressions changed.

“How bold!”

“This kind of wild ambition, you want to swallow the Black Moon Sect!”

It had never been heard of, buying stocks from sects!  This was just nonsense!”

Yin Spirit gritted her teeth, “This one is the respected Black Moon Sect’s master, you dare have this one become a Miracle Commerce staff?”

“It’s too early to say this.”  Chu Tian revealed a mysterious smile, “Whether you accept or not is not important, the choice belongs to you.  If you choose not to keep it, we won’t force you and we can only recycle the materials. As for you, you’ll have obtained ten Death Servants.  No matter how you look at this, the Black Moon Sect will not suffer a loss!”

Yin Spirit carefully thought it over.

She did not know what the Transport Tower was, but it shouldn’t be anything dangerous.  Anyway, she would watch from the side, so there shouldn’t be any accidents.

“Alright!”  Yin Spirit made her decision, “I agree!”  Make that Transport Tower for me, I want to see what kind of trick you’re playing!”

The Black Moon Sect’s stockpiled spatial crystals were taken out.

Chu Tian looked it over and saw it was just enough for a Transport Tower.  Therefore, he gathered it all together and made Meng Yingying responsible for creating the Transport Tower.  Chu Tian used the extra divine blood her bought to help Yin Spirit make her precious Yin Corpses.

The Transport Tower would take several days to make.

But it didn’t matter since Chu Tian wasn’t in a rush.

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