MT Chapter 465


Chapter 465: Yin Spirit

Ten figures were holding a red crystal coffin that was surrounded with a faint blood mist.  It came from the horizon and flew across the sky. The coffin seemed to be covered in ghosts and an evil aura filled the air, creating an intense pressure.

Meng Yingying was a bit worried, “The most powerful one seems to have come out!”

Chu Tian slightly raised on brow, “Thousand year old Corpse Monster?”

The ten people carrying the coffin weren’t living people, but rather Yin Corpses.  They were covered in red corpse fur and also released an evil blood red corpse poison, proving they were Corpse Monsters.  These were ten Corpse Monsters in the True Spirit Realm, with each one being in the 2nd True Spirit Layer.


These ten 2nd True Spirit Layer Corpse Monsters were enough to run rampant in the Great Zhou Country, but what was more shocking was that these ten Corpse Monsters had clear eyes.  Those ten pairs of eyes were all looking at Chu Tian from a distance.

“What tricks are you playing!”

Chu Tian released his Mind’s Lamp Divine Sense, sweeping over the Corpse Monsters.  In the end, he was surprised to find weak spiritual fluctuations coming from these Corpse Monsters, meaning these ten Corpse Monsters had basic intelligence.  Chu Tian concentrated his Divine Sense and penetrated the coffin.


A powerful Divine Sense came from within the coffin, instantly blocking off Chu Tian’s Divine Sense.  The two sides’ Divine Sense had an intense clash in the air, but Chu Tian’s Divine Sense could not penetrate the other side’s Divine Sense wall.

“Your Divine Sense isn’t bad!”  A voice came from within the coffin.  This voice was not a real voice, but rather Mind’s Lamp Divine Sense directly sent into people’s minds, “Just a bit lacking!”

Chu Tian had never suffered a loss in terms of Divine Sense.

The Black Moon Sect master had the same Mind’s Lamp Divine Sense as Chu Tian, this level of Divine Sense could be sent out to investigate or directly influence a target.  What was not simple was the fact that this Divine Sense was even a bit stronger than Chu Tian’s.

“Is that so?”

Chu Tian’s pupil turned golden.  The Divine Sense that had been around the coffin suddenly turned into an invisibly Divine Sense sword, penetrating through the Divine Sense barrier set up by the Black Moon Sect’s master.

That’s right, the Black Moon Sect’s master’s Divine Sense was stronger than Chu Tian’s, but Chu Tian turned his Divine Sense into a Divine Sense sword.  The Divine Sense barrier formed by the Black Moon Sect’s master was like a weak bubble, shattering with a single attack.


The Black Moon Sect’s master who was hit by Chu Tian’s Divine Sense let out a surprised cry.  The ten Corpse Monsters seemed like puppets with their strings cut, immediately falling out of the sky.  The large coffin slammed into the ground and created a deep hole.

Chu Tian had a surprised expression on his face.

Because his Divine Sense had penetrated the coffin, causing the Black Moon Sect’s master’s form to appear in front of him.  It was actually a little girl who was a meter tall with sheep horn braids. She looked to be around ten years old and her face had an immature look to it.

“Is there a mistake!”  Chu Tian had a confused expression, “The Black Moon Sect’s master is actually an underaged kid!”

“How rude, you’re the one who’s underage!”  The coffin suddenly opened and a figure charged out.  It was the little girl who Chu Tian had just seen, but her face seemed like it hadn’t seen sunlight in a hundred years.  Her little body was wearing a large red robe, looking just like a little doll, but the Black Moon Sect’s master had dark red eyes that revealed a maturity that didn’t match her appearance, “I am the eighteenth generation sect master, Yin Spirit.  It has been fifteen years since I took over for the last sect master!”

“Greetings sect master!”

“Greetings sect master!”

The Black Moon Sect cultivators all bowed down.  Although this sect master looked normal, her strength was not simple, she was the most outstanding person for the Black Moon Sect in a thousand years.  She had practiced the sect’s three main inherited cultivation techniques, the «Profound Yin Demonic Technique», the «Grand Corpse Demon Technique», and the «Nine Nether Dark Insight Technique» to the Perfection Realm.  She had even created her own cultivation technique, which she named after her own name, the «Yin Spirit Scripture»!

This cultivation technique was not inferior to the six famous mountains’ inherited cultivation techniques!

So although the Black Moon Sect’s master was younger than the youngest among the sect masters, she deserved the title of genius!

Chu Tian however smiled.

This sect master who looked like a ten year old girl’s actual age was a bit older, but she should be around Chen Bingyu’s age, not having reached forty yet.  Only by cultivating a special cultivation technique or perhaps because of a special bloodline or physique, it made her keep the appearance of a ten year old girl.

The ten Corpse Monsters stood up again.

Yin Spirit’s little body floated above the ten Yin Corpses, like she weighed nothing.  Because she had suffered a loss and caused her as the great sect master to have no face, her immature little face revealed a fierce expression.  That immature voice said with a self important tone, “A trivial Divine Sense secret technique, this one does not place it in this one’s eyes. Why have you caused trouble in the Heavenly Yin Mountain and seized my Black Moon Sect’s people!”

Chu Tian saw through Yin Spirit’s strength.

4th True Spirit Layer, strength in the Heaven Spirit Realm.  She probably wasn’t easy to deal with!

Not to mention that Chu Tian could sense that Yin Spirit’s spirit energy was very strange.  She had many ancient inherited cultivation techniques and they were all in the Perfection Realm, perhaps her battle strength was even higher than Clark’s.

Before Chu Tian spoke, Endless Yin said, “That black clothed girl is the Great Zhou royal clan’s princess, they must be here to take revenge for the Great Zhou royal clan!  Don’t worry about us, please make a move sect master.”

Meng Yingying had a strange expression.

Have these people made a mistake?  Taking revenge for the Great Zhou royal clan?  There was no such matter!

“Great Zhou royal clan?  There was no Great Zhou royal clan before, but the past Great Zhou royal clan was just a normal person propped up by the six famous mountains.  Who would have thought that the fellow propped up would have bloodline power. They bided their time to secure the position of the Great Zhou royal clan, planning to become the seventh power of the Great Zhou Country, controlling the secular world!”  Yin Spirit was in thought while she said in her immature voice, “It had to be said, the Great Zhou royal family almost succeeded back then. Eighteen years ago, the Great Zhou’s royal family already reached the six famous mountains and he had only used several generations to accomplish this, which is incredibly.  Bloodline cultivators truly cannot be underestimated!”

So it’s like this

Chu Tian understood what happened!

“Under the lead of the head of the six mountains, the Heavenly Sword Mountain, the six famous mountains attacked the Great Zhou royal clan.  The past Black Moon Sect’s master was my honourable teacher. Although he didn’t participate in the siege, the destruction of the royal family was not because of the six mountains, rather they destroyed themselves!”  Yin Spirit said in an important voice, “They overestimated themselves, they were nothing more than a newly risen influence. They wanted to challenge the six mountains with thousands of years of history, what difference was there from seeking death?”

Chu Tian nodded.

This had a bit of reason.

Chen Bingyu knit her brows.  Her memories of the matters from eighteen years ago were fuzzy.  She knew that the six mountains were strong, so she hid this matter in her heart.  Although her family had been slaughtered, filling her with hatred, she never had any idea of taking revenge.

These fellows definitely made a mistake!

Chu Tian didn’t know about this matter at all!

Yin Spirit warned, “Even if she is the Great Zhou royal family’s last princess, the Great Zhou royal family has already been destroyed and she can’t give you any promises!  This one doesn’t know what power is behind you, but if you fight the six mountains for her, that is not a sane decision!”

Chu Tian shrugged, “How do you want to handle us?”

“Give back the vice sect master and the elders, as well hand over this so called Great Zhou Princess, and break an arm in punishment.  This one will use my sect master’s prestige to let you go!”

“Pei, in your dreams!”  Meng Yingying shouted, “We won’t give out big sister Bingyu, come and catch us if you have the skills!”

Yin Spirit was filled with rage.

She had made the greatest concessions.

These fellows dared to place no one in their eyes!

Chu Tian rolled his eyes, “Sect master’s corpse refining skills aren’t weak, actually having ten Corpse Monsters as guards.  Only, how strong are these Corpse Monsters?”

“Humph, it’s enough to deal with a few three legged cats!”

“Since sect master said this, how about we play a game.”  Chu Tian said with a smile, “Actually this one also understands a bit of corpse refining techniques, so how about we use my refined Yin Corpses to fight sect master’s Yin Corpses.  If the sect master wins, we’ll release the hostages without any conditions. If the sect master loses, you will help us and the Great Zhou Princess revive the royal clan. At that time, at worst you can reject and you can just give ransom for these hostages.  What do you think?”

Yin Spirit seemed like she had heard the world’s funniest joke as she broke out in laughter.  The other Black Moon Sect people looked at each other in blank dismay.

The ten Corpse Monsters were in front of him.

Was this fellow blind?

He wanted to compare with the sect master in corpse refining techniques, could it be he would take out Yin Corpses stronger than ten Corpse Monsters?  Meng Yingying and Chen Bingyu were a bit stunned, naturally they understood what Chu Tian wanted to do. Chen Bingyu looked at Chu Tian with a bit of disbelief…..Revive the royal clan?  Was he joking!”

“I’ll take that bet, but where are your Yin Corpses?”

“Don’t rush, they’re all here!”

Chu Tian placed eighteen small scrolls on the ground.  These scrolls were Space Storage Scrolls created from the excess material for the Transport Towers, which happen to be carrying the eighteen Divine Servants.

“Come out!”

The eighteen Space Storage Scrolls opened automatically and the suppressed space within opened.  Eighteen dark golden skinned figures appeared, it was the eighteen Divine Servants Chu Tian spent a large amount of time and effort to make!

Yin Spirit said with a surprised expression, “What kind of Yin Corpses are these?”

The eighteen Divine Servants Chu Tian released subverted Yin Spirit’s knowledge of Yin Corpses.  Properly speaking, Yin Corpses were divided into Black Yin Corpses, White Yin Corpses, Corpse Monsters, and Corpse Kings.  Other than Corpse Kings, all other Yin Corpses were covered in fur. Could it be this fellow were releasing Corpse Kings?

The eighteen Yin Corpses were very strange, but their strength fluctuations were around the same as the Corpse Monsters and even a bit weaker.

“How did you refine them?”

“Want to learn?”

“Is there anything to learn from a branch art?”  Yin Spirit said with disdain, “I’ll let you see how powerful the Corpse Monsters controlled by the «Yin Spirit Scripture» are!”

There was no movement from her.

The ten Yin Corpses moved on their own.

Chu Tian knew that she was using her Divine Sense to control them.  It was why when Yin Spirit lost control in the air, the Yin Corpses also lost control.

“This is a competition of Yin Corpses!”  Yin Spirit was worried about the same thing happening again, “If you use Divine Sense to interfere, then the bet will be off.  Don’t blame me for being impolite at that time!”

It was very convenient to control the corpses with Divine Sense.

But because of this, experts that excelled in Divine Sense attacks were Yin Spirit’s corpse controlling technique’s nemesis.  Yin Spirit knew her own flaw, so that’s why her Divine Sense was that strong. There had never been anyone in the Great Zhou Country who had made her suffer a loss, Chu Tian was the first!

Chu Tian shrugged, “Of course.  I’m someone with quite the competitive spirit, so use all the skills you have!”

Yin Spirit’s hands quickly formed seals and ten seals fell onto the Yin Corpses, “Yin Spirit Seal, outer body transformation!”

It was like the ten Corpse Monsters were injected with some kind of energy.


The ten Corpse Monsters released a powerful energy, they had actually formed source spirits.  This time it was Chu Tian who was shocked…..What was going on? The Corpse Monsters also had source spirits!

Yin Spirit revealed a complacent smile, “It’s too late to feel regret now!”

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