MT Chapter 464


Chapter 464: Hostage

The Black Moon Sect’s main hall exploded.

A single blade qi soared into the sky!

The might of a single blade almost blew the roof of the palace off.

Two figures with extreme speed charged out, one was the Black Moon Sect’s vice sect master Endless Yin and the other was an unfamiliar demon covered in flames.  The two of them clashed in midair, causing blade qi and sword qi to explode outwards.



The two flew out together, causing the Black Moon Sect disciples to call out in shock.

“He is equally matched with the vice sect master!”

“Is it a peak expert from the other five mountains?”

“He uses a sword, could it be someone from the Heavenly Sword Mountain?”

“No matter who it is, he should think of leaving since he dared to provoke the Black Moon Sect in our sect grounds.  Open the restrictions and barriers, immediately prepare talismans and bows to kill him!”

The Black Moon Sect flew into chaos as countless cultivators prepared to attack.  No matter how high Chu Tian’s cultivation was, with the hundreds of thousands of cultivators working together, he would definitely be unable to block it.

“Stop!  All of you stop!”  Meng Yingying shattered the wall with a single palm and she shouted out the people outside, “Look at who is in our hands.  If you dare sneak attack, we’ll kill the hostages!”

The eyeballs of the Black Moon Sect disciples almost popped out.

The main hall wall was shattered and when the dust settle, the incomparably large ice block appeared in front of them.  This mountain of ice was completely transparent and there were no impurities in it at all. If it wasn’t for the reflection from the sides and the cold air, people would not believe this ice block’s existence.

“Ah, it’s the elders!”

The Black Moon Sect elders were stunned to find that the elders who they respected like Spiritual Gods were currently sealed inside this giant block of ice.  Many of them had been sealed with looks of panic and in escaping positions. Although there was still signs of life, they who had been frozen in the ice could not move or fight back at all.

Meng Yingying supported Chen Bingyu with one hand and placed her other hand on the ice block.  There were several fissures that appeared on the ice block.


“Everyone stop!”

The Black Moon Sect people quickly stopped their talismans and arrows.

Too sinister, too hateful, but how did they do it?

They elders were True Spirit Realm experts, why were they sealed inside this ice mountain?

Meng Yingying saw more and more people gathering at the Black Moon Sect’s entrance, secretly complaining inside.  This matter was becoming bigger and bigger, she really didn’t know how to end it, but this was fine too. First they would teach the Black Moon Sect a lesson, then Chu Tian’s name would spread across the Great Zhou Country.  Like this, they wouldn’t be looked down on when they went to the other sects.

The two had an explosive fight!

Endless Yin as the Black Moon Sect’s vice sect master, naturally was in the Perfection Realm with his «Profound Yin Demonic Technique», one of the main inherited cultivation technique of the Black Moon Sect.  He had even cultivated yin qi which was ever changing, turning into demons and ghosts, making it hard to deal with.

Chu Tian released the Demon God’s Sword and the Flame Demon Transformation, but he could only tie like this.

Endless Yin was already filled with rage.

These damn fellows dared to capture the elders as hostages, if this matter was known, where would the Black Moon Sect’s face go.  In order to end everything in one fell swoop, he would capture this person and use him in a hostage deal with the two women.

“Profound Yin Sharp Ghost!”

Endless Yin did not hide his thoughts and slowly test the other party.  Anyways, the other side was only in the 1st True Spirit Layer, although he had a shocking battle power, his spirit energy’s strength was a natural limit.  Endless Yin did not hold back on consuming his spirit energy, using his strongest move to end it.

Several dozen fierce looking ghosts appeared.

The ghosts were all wearing the same thing as Endless Yin, but they didn’t wear masks to reveal withered faces and they were holding purple black executioner’s blades releasing ghostly fog.  They traveled like mist, quickly flying towards Chu Tian from all directions.

This was not an ordinary undead monster, these were Yin Ghosts refined with the Black Moon Sect’s demonic art over several decades, each one having a strength not inferior to True Spirit Cultivators.  These several dozen Yin Ghosts attacked at the same time, perhaps even a 3rd True Spirit Cultivator would suffer a loss.

So strong!

This was the strength of the vice sect master!

The Black Moon Sect disciples were all filled with excitement.

With the strength of these several dozen Profound Yin Sharp Ghosts and the vice sect master’s battle strength, perhaps same level experts couldn’t defeat him.  After all, this was the vice sect master with a high status, hoarding resources. Not to mention himself, just these several dozen Sharp Ghosts required a terrifying amount of resources to refine.  After this kind of refinement, being stronger than same level experts was not strange at all.

Chu Tian laughed, “I’m truly sorry, if you didn’t cultivate a demonic technique, perhaps you could still fight me.”

“Not knowing how to speak, die!”  Endless Yin’s executioner sword became several dozen meters long, slashing out with a dazzling light.  The several dozen Profound Yin Sharp Ghosts did not miss this chance, attacking Chu Tian from all sides.  The swords of these ghosts all became over ten meters long, attacking at the same time.

Chu Tian was completely sealed off, he had no choice but to block it.

But this attack could not be blocked even with the Sacred Light Body!

When Chu Tian was about to be sliced into several pieces, the Sharp Ghosts all let out pitiful cries as they exploded one by one.  They all turned into smoke that was sent in front of the little white fox, which it swallowed in a single mouthful.


Endless Yin watched as the Profound Yin Sharp Ghost he refined over several decades were easily destroyed, unable to not reveal a look of disbelief.  During this short period of being stunned, the sword glow slowed a bit.

Chu Tian eyes turned white and he obtained spatial energy.  Jumping out, he dodged this attack.


Spatial energy!

Endless Yin was shocked this time.  When he turned around, Chu Tian was already behind Endless Yin.  The Demon God’s Sword Source Spirit was already released and the Netherworld Sword used all its strength.  Endless Yin did not even have time to slash back when Chu Tian suddenly disappeared, reappearing again around him as eight different people.

The eight of them were all real and they all attacked, Netherworld Clone Slash!

Chu Tian did not say any extra words and used his strongest sword slash.  Endless Yin was hit with eight dazzling sword glows that hit him with the same speed and power.  Even if Endless Yin’s strength was enough to block five slashes, three slashes still fell onto him.


Endless Yin gave a pitiful cry as his protective cultivation technique shattered.  Although he was not cut into pieces, he still suffered heavy injuries, falling out of the sky.

The Black Moon Sect disciples were about to collapse.

The sect elders had been caught as hostages and now their lofty vice sect master was defeated by the other side.  Had the Black Moon Sect kicked a metal plate this time?

Chu Tian dispelled the Flame Demon Transformation and grabbed Endless Yin, placing his sword at his neck.

Meng Yingying revealed a look of joy, there was now another important hostage!

It would be easier for them to blackmail the Black Moon Sect!

The Black Moon Sect was a sect with thousands of years of history, it was unknown how much treasures were stored inside the sect.  It was impossible for them not to have spatial crystals!

Endless Yin was still conscious and the sword slashes didn’t hurt him too much, but the Netherworld Flame was too sinister.  His cultivation was used to stop the Netherworld Flame from entering his body, so he couldn’t resist at all, “You think you can leave the Heavenly Yin Mountains alive because of this?”

“Ha, ha, you don’t need to worry about this!”  Chu Tian moved into the square, holding Endless Yin in one hand and pointing his sword at a person to the side with the other, “Your vice sect master is now in my hands, we’ll discuss the conditions for releasing the hostages!”

These maniacs!

They captured the vice sect master to extort the sect?

They captured the elders and the vice sect master, so now they weren’t worried?

Once Heavenly Yin Mountain activated its restrictions, they could give up on leaving even if they had wings.  Once Heavenly Yin Mountain activated its arrays, they would be blown to pieces in just a short period. What confidence did he have to act this wild?

But the elders and the vice sect masters had indeed been captured.

The Black Moon Sect’s upper echelon had been captured by these people, the Black Moon Sect could not even find someone in charge to speak up.

“You say you’re the Great Summer Country’s messengers, but I see that you’re the helpers brought by this girl!  I’ll tell you now, the Great Zhou royal clan has no hope, they have already been completely exterminated. What kind of commotion can a trivial princess start?  Although I don’t know who you are, if you arbitrarily meddle in the Great Zhou Country, there won’t be a good ending!”

Endless Yin gritted his teeth, there was only this possibility.  Would the newly formed Great Zhou Country have a falling out with the Heavenly Yin Mountain of the six famous Great Zhou Mountains?  Only someone with an abnormal brain would do something like this!

But he was very sorry.

Chu Tian’s brain was indeed different from ordinary people.

The Great Zhou royal family’s princess?  Chu Tian really didn’t know Chen Bingyu’s identity.

The Great Zhou royal family had been slaughtered and Chen Bingyu was the only fish to escape the net.  This would also explain why Chen Bingyu wandered alone before finally joining the Nangong Family in Imperial City as a guest official, staying with the Nangong Family for over ten years.

Chu Tian was no clear on the matter, but it didn’t matter, it would be clarified eventually.  He had the advantage now, Chen Bingyu had froze most of the Black Moon Sect’s upper echelon and their lives were in their hands.  The Black Moon Sect did not dare risk it, so there was leeway for negotiations.

The three of them never had any fear of the Black Moon Sect.

If the situation was bad, they could return to Central State City or Miracle City and they could even take several hostages with them.

Only if the Black Moon Sect could instantly kill all three of them, not allowing them any time to use the powerful Transport Scrolls would this be avoided, but this was not possible.  If Chu Tian used all his trump cards, not to mention trash like Endless Yin, even a Spirit Transformation Expert would not be able to instant kill the three of them.

“Why isn’t the Black Moon Sect’s true boss out yet?  Where is he, quickly speak!”

“Humph, the sect master is in closed door cultivation, otherwise how can little characters like you be this rampant!”

“Ten minutes!”  Chu Tian placed his sword against Endless Yin’s neck, “Call your sect master out to see me, otherwise I’ll kill this fellow!”


“No need.”  When the Black Moon Sect people were filled with uncontrollable rage, there was a voice that came from the sky, “I’m already here!”

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