MT Chapter 461


Chapter 461: Wild provocation

The Heavenly Yin Mountains of the six famous Great Zhou Mountains was originally ruins left from the ancient era.  The Black Moon Sect founder had uncovered this ruin and obtained the inheritance of the ancient Lunar Sect, therefore he could found this powerful sect.

“The mountain protective array has been open, please follow us in.”

“Many thanks!”

“This is expected!”  Flame Ghost and Ice Demon were very respectful to Chu Tian, “Without brother Chu, how could we be here today?  However, brother Chu, we have to remind you, the protector elders don’t have good tempers, so we hope you will mind your words later.”


Chu Tian agreed to them.

The Black Moon Sect’s cultivation techniques created Demonic Cultivators and these cultivators had changed personalities, being sinister and easy to anger.  This was also why it wasn’t easy to get along with Demonic Cultivators.

The three followed a secret path into a small valley.

Both sides were filled with fierce looking statues and guarding Black Moon Sect disciples.

There was a large scale illusion array messing with the five senses.  If it wasn’t for the two brothers opening the protective array and revealing this path, others would be unable to find the Black Moon Sect’s entrance in the Heavenly Yin Mountains even if they searched until they were old.

Meng Yingying asked from the side, “How come I don’t know you have friends in Great Zhou?”

They couldn’t even be considered friends!

He told her everything that happened in the Yin Corpse Valley.

Flame Ghost and Ice Demon were just acquaintances for Chu Tian, he never thought he would meet them again, but he never expected he would meet them here.  This could be considered a matter of fate. In the past, Chu Tian had given ten thousand year old Corpse Monster cores to the two brothers, it didn’t mean anything to him, but it was simply a large favour for the two of them.

In the Great Zhou sects.

Each sect was divided into outer and inner sect.

The Black Moon Sect was a large sect and they occupied at least several thousand miles of land with several dozen cities, having a total of several tens of millions of people.  This was however just their outer sect.

The outer sect was just a dependent power.

The inner sect was the true core power of the sect.

The outer sect supported the main sect to make it stronger and the sect’s strength meant more protection for them.  As well, the inner sect disciples were all recruited from the other sect, so they both worked together. However, comparing the two, the difference in status between the two was like a giant dam.

The ghost masked old man from before was just an outer sect elder.

To put it bluntly, he was just a merchant for the Black Moon Sect.

The past Ghost Flame and Ice Demon brothers were talented, but they were only probational inner sect disciples, not being officially accepted yet.  It was the large benefits from the ten corpse cores that allowed their strength to soar in a year, becoming stars in the eyes of the Black Moon Sect members.  Outer sect people like the fatty weren’t even placed in their eyes!

The two brothers could tell.

Meng Yingying was the weakest out of the three, but even so she was still in the True Spirit Realm.

Perhaps a person like this would be rarely seen even in the Great Zhou Country, not to mention a barren place like the Southern Summer Country being able to create a monstrous talent like this.  How could the two brothers not be shocked? If this speed continued, perhaps they would reach an unimaginable realm in just ten years which the Great Zhou Country could only look up to!

A large number of magnificent buildings appeared in front of them.

The Black Moon Sect’s inner department had around two hundred thousand people who were all in the Awakened Soul Realm.  Just this was enough to look down on a small kingdom, but there were also several True Spirit Realm Cultivators. Just this single sect was several times stronger than the previous Southern Summer Country.

This was the difference between a large kingdom and a small kingdom.

“Greetings to the vice sect master, four great protectors, and various elders!”  Flame Ghost and Ice Demon led Chu Tian into a large hall where both sides were filled with Black Moon Sect Cultivators and each person was wearing similar outfits.  Although there were different colours to their outfits, each person was wearing a mask, “This is the Great Summer Country’s scholar Chu Tian!”

Chu Tian group stood in the center of the large hall, disregarding the pressure from the surrounding Black Moon Sect Cultivators and he looked right at the several people at the front of the hall.  There were a total of three people, where a straight figured person was wearing a completely black robe that stretched from head to toe. They were wearing a fierce black iron mask and there was a faint demonic qi surrounding them.

There were two people standing on either side and these four people had green, red, blue, and yellow robes.  The colour of their masks were exactly the same colour as their robes. They were covered in a long robe and also had a large hood, but each one of them was surrounded by different forms of energy.

The Black Moon Sect’s vice sect master, Endless Yin!

The four wind, fire, water, and earth protectors!

As well as elders of the Black Moon Sect!

Each person had a ghost mask and the ghostly aura around them made Meng Yingying very uncomfortable.

The Black Moon Sect’s inherited cultivation technique was special.  A normal sect would take in those with innate talent or they would use their inheritance to suppress one’s innate talent, allowing the entire sect to train the same cultivation technique.

This was the case with the Giant Shark Gang of the Four States Lake.

The Black Moon Sect was different from other places where it didn’t limit innate talent, it built on the foundation of one’s source spirit’s innate talent and added the specialty of the Black Moon Sect’s cultivation technique.  The four protector’s source spirit should be wind, fire, water, and earth attributed, but it became yin wind, yin water, yin fire, and yin earth. This was a very irregular inheritance.

Vice sect master Endless Yin slowly stood up and the surrounding black qi began to fill the air.  A deep voice came from the mask, “You are the Southern Summer Country’s rogue cultivator that brought ten corpse cores to the Black Moon Sect a year ago?”

“That’s right!”  Chu Tian didn’t care about Endless Yin’s contempt, “The Black Moon Sect is one of the six famous Great Zhou sects, which can be considered the pillar of the Great Zhou Country.  I represent the Great Summer King as his messenger to pay his respects. We hope that Great Summer and Great Zhou can work together to resist the powerful northern Eagle Burial Kingdom!”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!”  The hall was filled with laughter.  A Black Moon Sect elder stood up, “Bullshit Great Summer Country!  A large kingdom can’t even send out a good person? A wet behind the years brat bringing two women, you want to bargain with Great Zhou?  You want to gain the Black Moon Sect’s support? What a joke, what a joke! What qualifications do you have! Don’t think that several corpse cores can buy the Black Moon Sect!”

Chu Tian looked over, “Your excellency is?”

“Black Moon Sect’s disciplinary elder, Yang Miao!”

Ghost Flame and Ice Demon looked a bit awkward, as they began sending signals to Chu Tian with their eyes.

Elder Yang Miao cannot be offended, his «Yin Water Demonic Technique» had already reached the Perfection Realm.  He is one of the sect elders with the highest position and a cultivation in the 2nd True Spirit Layer, as well as possessing several Black Moon Sect mysterious techniques!

2nd True Spirit Layer?

This didn’t count for shit in the Forest of Chaos!

A waste like you dares to act this wild in front of father?

These fellows’ eyes were only looking up and they were up to no good.  There was nothing to gain from being modest, only by showing enough strength could they talk properly!

“That’s right, we really are small characters in the Great Summer Country.”  Chu Tian already threw his agreement with the two brothers into the back of his head, “But us small characters are very curious, we especially want to see the Great Zhou Country’s special secret techniques.  If this elder does not mind, how about we make a bet?”

Yang Miao said with a cold smile, “Are you worthy of making a bet with me?”

“In the ten thousand corpse ancient tomb, I didn’t just obtain ten thousand year old Corpse Monster Cores.  Of course I’m not worthy, but they are!” Chu Tian took out his blade and casually held it. When the ice like blade touched the ground, it released a yin qi that made the surrounding area freeze, “The ancient Soul Contracting Weapon, the Netherworld Sword, I think it should be considered a high class treasure even in the Great Zhou Country.  If this elder can beat any of us, this sword will be the Great Summer Country’s gift to the Black Moon Sect.”


The face of everyone present slightly changed.

Even Endless Yin’s eyes revealed a trace of being moved.

Chu Tian’s Netherworld Sword was no longer the newly obtained Netherworld Sword, it had already recovered its strength and was even stronger than before.  In a place like the Black Moon Sect, it could be considered a precious treasure.

The Black Moon Sect looked high up.

How could they place someone from the small Southern Summer Country in their eyes?

They were willing to see Chu Tian this time because they could feel that Chu Tian had quite a few treasures.  They never thought that before they even made a move, Chu Tian would take the initiative to bring the Netherworld Sword out.

Yang Miao released a sinister laugh from beneath his mask, “Are you serious?”

“Am I here to lie to you?”  Chu Tian shrugged his shoulder and said, “If I win, you just have to agree to a few of my conditions.”

Was this small kingdom’s youth truly an idiot?

What qualification did he have to bargain in this situation?

Even if he made the Black Moon Sect agree to a condition, would they keep their promise?

“Since little brother is this confident.”  Vice sect master Endless Yin suddenly spoke out.  He wouldn’t just give up a treasure that came to his door, “Elder Yang will compare notes with them and allow these small country cultivators see the Black Moon Sect’s cultivation techniques.  This could be considered a good deed.”

“Alright!”  Yang Miao suddenly released his spirit energy.  The seat he had been sitting in distorted in a strange manner.  It was as if black water surged forward and fell in front of him, turning into his body.  There were drops of black water still flowing forward, “Don’t say that I’m bullying the weak.  Come forward if you have confidence, I don’t mind if you all come at once!”

Such a strange cultivation technique!

The Black Moon Sect elder gave people a feeling like his body had already changed into formless, but quantitative water.  It was ever changing and hiding dangers. This was the Perfection Realm of the Yin Water Demonic Technique?

Meng Yingying voluntarily said, “I’ll go!”

Chu Tian deliberately stirred her up, “Will there be a problem?”

“No problem!”  Meng Yingying was filled with confidence, “I’ll finish it within ten moves!”

Chu Tian shook his head in dissatisfaction and said, “Ten moves are too many, solve it in three.”

Meng Yingying tilted her head to think about it, “I’ll try!”

Yang Miao’s eyes turned dark and terrifying, “Are all Southern Summer people as arrogant as you?”

“No, no, most Great Summer people are quite humble.”  Chu Tian said with a smile, “However when we meet waste who overestimate themselves, we will make a move to teach them a lesson.”

When these words were said.

Everyone’s expressions changed.

Ghost Flame and Ice Demon were stunned.

Was Chu Tian’s brain broken?  Did he not know how deep the Black Moon Sect was?  If he said something like this in front of all these Black Moon Sect people, how could they let him go?  Where would the face of being one of the six famous Great Zhou sects go!

When these words were said.

This was just a direct challenge!

Yang Miao was angered in shame, “So bold!”

“Ai, don’t be excited, it wasn’t aimed at just you.”  Chu Tian swept over all the surrounding elders, as well as the protectors, and the vice sect leader, “I was talking about every single one of you…..”


Before he even finished.  

Yang Miao attacked in uncontrollable rage, directly ignoring Meng Yingying to attack Chu Tian!

When Flame Ghost and Ice Demon saw this, they almost slammed their head to kill themselves.  This time it was a true disaster!

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