MT Chapter 458


Chapter 458: Divine swindler

Meng Yingying was stunned for several seconds before her eyes began to mist over.  She had no resistance at all as she slowly closed her eyes, as crystal like tears of joy welled up in the corner of her eyes.

It was strange speaking of this.

Meng Yingying never understood things like love before meeting Chu Tian, but since Chu Tian appeared in her life, he almost immediately occupied her heart.  This was her first time loving someone, could this be the so called love at first sight? This fellow was clearly bad and always deliberately teased her, but she didn’t know why she couldn’t cast his shadow away from her life anymore.

No matter what the situation was.


She was very happy and satisfied if she was with Chu Tian.

She always thought of him whether it was while she was eating or even breathing.  She felt like there was an invisible thread connected to the other side, connecting them even if they went to the ends of the earth.  A single day of not seeing him made her feel incredibly empty.

Meng Yingying’s heart was clear that Chu Tian had good feelings for her.

But she never had too much confidence.  This time had come too sudden and Yingying didn’t know what to do, she didn’t know how to react for a while.  Forget it, she would go for broke!


There was a soft cough.

Chen Bingyu appeared on the small hill like a spirit.  Although her mask covered her face, her eyes were looking right at them with a complicated strange gaze.  She said in a soft voice, “I’m really sorry, I’ve interrupted you.”

Meng Yingying quickly moved away like a frightened rabbit, “Big sister Bingyu, it’s isn’t like this.  This is all his fault…..”


This silent moving girl, she actually ruined my good thing!

“Can you not be that exaggerated, we’re just talking about love and not doing anything bad.”  Chu Tian casually pulled her back, “Big sister Bing, you came right on time. I’ve already decided to marry Yingying, shouldn’t you congratulate us?”

Chen Bingyu’s expression did not change at all, “I offer my sincere congratulations.”

Meng Yingying didn’t play along and said with her hands on her waist, “Hey, hey, you hoodlum, did I agree?  Don’t irresponsibly say things like this!”

“What, you still don’t agree after all this time?”

“I never said I didn’t agree, un, I just feel….I’m still too long, so this is a bit rushed….No, it isn’t rushed, only….”  Meng Yingying spoke incoherently as her face turned red. Finally she lowered her head and muttered, “You have to pick a proper date and time.  It isn’t good to be this abrupt, who gets married whenever they want. You really are hateful!”

Chu Tian laughed as he wanted to tease her a bit more.

“I think it’s better if you discuss this matter in private.”  Chen Bingyu already no longer wanted to keep watching, “Luz has already made a bit of progress, he just needs a bit of your time to solve everything.”

It was as if Meng Yingying found a hard to find chance to escape, so she immediately grabbed this chance, “What is going on?  Isn’t Luz spreading the Shaman Religion on the prairies, how can he encounter problems?”

Chen Bingyu replied, “Many large western wandering tribes have collapsed.  It is most likely due to them using most of their savings fighting the Southern Summer Country and disease killing most of their livestock.  With the collapse of these tribes, there are many refugees that Luz hopes to take in, allowing him to establish his power.”


The War Hounds Plains were already poor from their internal fighting and adding in the six months of fighting with the Southern Summer Country, so most of the major tribes were already in bitter conditions, with starving people all around.  It was because the environment of the War Hounds Tribes were bad that Chu Tian had a chance to seize their land.

There were large amounts of refugees from the collapse of these tribes, wasn’t it a good chance for the Shaman Religion to spread their faith onto these people?  Luz was hoping that Chu Tian could open Miracle Commerce’s Space Warehouse to provide enough food for these refugees.

“We’ll go over after we fix ourselves up.”

Chu Tian’s fame wasn’t as bright in a barbaric place like the War Hounds Plains, but Chu Tian and Meng Yingying were humans in the end.  The War Hounds had fought with humans for many years, so if they tried to meddle as humans, they would obtain bad results.

After half a day, the three of them found Luz.

The three of them didn’t have complicated disguises.  They just wore a large robe and wore gloves, not revealing a single part of their body.  Finally they used a potion to change their human scent.

Luz respectfully cupped his hands to Chu Tian, “Sir City Lord!”

Chu Tian sized up the situation.

Luz led the Shaman priests and there were several forest chiefs keeping order.

There were around forty-fifty thousand refugees gathered, which was enough to form a middle sized or a large tribe on the War Hounds Plains.  With the current trend, it seemed like the quantity would still increase. Each one of these people were sick and hungry, looking like a sack of bones.  How did they look like fierce predators, they were simply a group of homeless watchdogs.

“The Shaman Religion will guide any lost spirit beasts, now let me see the pain you are suffering from.”

Chu Tian’s hoarse voice came from a voice changing technique.  He first acted like a divine swindler in front of these War Hounds refugees filled with hope, using very skilled spirit beast language to say these comforting words before helping them look over their bodies.

Other than being sick, there were many people with serious illnesses.

This was a very malignant parasitic disease.  Once the parasites entered the host body, they would wildly multiply.  They would first nest in the stomach walls before invading the inner visceras.  Finally they would enter one’s blood veins and wildly sucking away spirit energy before torturing the host to death.  This parasite was very contagious and it was hard to escape once one was infected. There was basically no cure within the War Hounds Plains.

They were defeated, starving, and diseased.

These people were truly filled with misfortune!

Chu Tian said a few more words to swindle people into believing the Shaman Religion before leaving to make his preparations.

“What do we do?  I can see their illnesses are not light!”  Meng Yingying opened her hood and asked this immediately, “We have several warehouses filled with canned food in Central State, I’ll immediately send them over.”

“No, we won’t use the canned food this time.”  Chu Tian wrote out several formulas and detailed lists, “Send these to the Central State laboratory, have them refine these medicines according to what’s written.”

Meng Yingying was not skilled in alchemy, but Yingying had grown in the past year, so she knew that these were all cheap materials.  However, since Chu Tian didn’t say anything, that meant this matter would be easily taken care of. She took out the communication device to contact Central State and have them quickly take care of it.

After three days.

The refugees had doubled and they almost couldn’t support them anymore.

Chu Tian brought out ten large beast carriages and each beast carriage was filled with large containers.  The Shaman priests let out sighs of relief seeing this. They quickly called out long live the Shaman God, causing the War Hounds refugees to cheer along.

Luz however revealed a puzzled expression.

Why was it ten beast carriages?  There were already over a hundred thousand refugees.

Now that the news that the Shaman Religion was bringing salvation to the refugees, perhaps there would be even more refugees coming.  Would ten beast carriages be enough to feed all these people? Perhaps it wouldn’t even fill the gaps of the teeth of the people present!


These boxes did not contain food as they expected, but they were filled with small bottles of medicine.

“This is the Divine Water passed down by the Shaman God!”  Chu Tian began to lie, “This Divine Water will slowly cure your illnesses and it will provide large amounts of food for you!”

This time not only Luz was stunned, everyone had stunned expressions.

The medicine could cure their illnesses, but it could also fill their stomachs?

Chu Tian took out a large copper cauldron covered in runes from his gourd.  This cauldron was used by religions for sacrifice ceremonies, so it had a mysterious air around it.

“The Shaman God says that everything can be redeemed in life.”  Chu Tian said to everyone, “Everyone please gather grass and put it in this cauldron.  The divine powers of the Shaman God will turn this foraged grass into food!”

Everyone was stunned.  How was this possible!

Luz was filled with doubt, but he couldn’t ask him directly.  He could only help by saying, “Everyone please do as the envoy says, the Shaman God will not lie to his believers!”

There weren’t many other things.

But grass?  There was as much grass as one wanted!

The entire cauldron was filled with fresh green grass in less than ten minutes.

Chu Tian activated the source energy array engraved on the cauldron and the cauldron immediately released a wave of energy.  All the collected grass seemed like it was thrown into a blender as it was immediately compressed into a half pulp substance.

Chu Tian directly poured a bottle of medicine inside.

Finally an inconceivable matter happened.  The half pulp grass quickly changed before turning into dry rations, just like dried grains.  It actually released an enticing fragrance.


Chu Tian sent a palm at the cauldron.

The dry rations flew out, floating down on the refugees like immortal flowers.  These refugees were already filled with hunger and they smelled the enticing fragrance, they wildly rushed forward to catch some.  They were already filled with hunger and even if it was poop, as long as they could keep living, they would eat it.

But what was hard to believe was that the dry rations made from grass did not just fill their stomach, it actually tasted not bad.  The most important thing was that when they ate these dry rations, they could quickly feel their illnesses becoming better.

“A miracle!”

“Truly a miracle!”

The War Hounds spirit beasts began to kowtow on the grass.

Was this not a miracle?  Why would the War Hounds keep attacking Southern Summer, wasn’t it for survival!  If they could change even the cheapest grass into dry rations, how big of a change would it be for the spirit beasts on the War Hounds Plains!

“You have all already seen it!”  Chu Tian shouted, “The Shaman God can turn grass into food, now there is no place there isn’t food on the entire War Hounds Plains.  Not only can this food solve your hunger, it can also cure the illnesses you have. This is the grace of the great Shaman God, you no longer need to suffer hardships!”

Luz was filled with admiration for Chu Tian.

If they transported several hundred cans of food here, although it would solve the problem, it was not cost effective and it wouldn’t have any lasting effects.  However, he thought of this unprecedented method of actually turning grass into food. With just a single cauldron, how many followers could they attract for the Shaman Religion?!

This move was just too beautiful!

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