MT Chapter 455


Chapter 455: Taking back land

Vivian cut open space and led Chu Tian away.  She was already so tired that she almost collapsed.  Her little face was red with exhaustion and there were crystal like sweat all over it, she was so tired that she couldn’t even speak.

Chu Tian patted her back to soothe her, “What’s wrong with you, you’re this tired from this little bit?”

“Big brother Chu Tian, you say it so easily, but I almost died from exhaustion.”  Vivian was teleporting every thirty seconds with a human and a fox, it could be imagined how tiring that was, “Doesn’t big brother have spatial energy, you can clearly do this kind of short distance teleportation yourself.”

This little girl still complained.


“My abilities aren’t as refined as yours.  If we were to compare in terms of spatial abilities, how could I compare to you!”  Chu Tian shamelessly praised this little elf before honestly saying, “Our activities in the fort needs to be precise, it can’t be tolerated if each teleportation is off by even half a meter.  This is a training opportunity I’m giving you, it’ll raise the level of your powers sooner. I feel that if your spatial energy cultivation increases a bit again, you won’t be able to compare to your current self.  You’ll only need to open a spatial hole and directly place the bombs.”

“Really?  I will work hard then!”  Vivian’s thoughts were simple, so she directly believed him, “Then what should we do now?”

The little fox’s Divine Eye could see through the entire fort.

Chu Tian brought Vivian to place large amounts of Source Energy Bombs, going very smoothly from beginning to end, not leaving a single clue behind.  Now they were just waiting for the fleet to arrive.

Dawn was about to pass and the sky quickly lit up, as the Southern Summer fleet finally arrived.  This fleet was very big, reaching several hundred ships, with several leading ones equipped with Source Energy Cannons.  They were currently moving in a row, giving off a very big aura.

The War Hounds side wasn’t blind.  How could they still not know?

“On guard!”

“There are large amounts of warships on the lake!”

“Fuck!  The Southern Summer monkeys!  It’s the Southern Summer monkeys!”

“Send out the fleet and the airborne units, immediately sink those monkeys!”

The Southern Summer fleet was several hours away from the port and the fortress quickly fell into chaos as it prepared to defend.  The War Hounds had taken over the north for over six months now, it was impossible for them to do nothing. Actually at the Cang State port, there were over a hundred warships which had been collected by the War Hounds through various methods.

When these ships received the orders from the fort and were about to set sail from the port, there was a deafening explosion.  The Giant Shark Gang had already placed Source Energy Bombs under the warships and before the different sides met, most of the War Hound warships had sunk.

The War Hounds were thrown into confusion.

The airborne units moved at this time.

The War Hounds still had superiority in the air.  Even if the Southern Summer Country had the airships, they were too big and couldn’t move fast enough.  The Heaven’s Punishment airships could do high altitude bombing, but it was very weak in terms of airborne combat.

Chu Tian gave a cold laugh, “Truly seeking death!”

When the War Hounds airborne units were about to dive the warships, there was a wild storm of light bullets from the deck of the warships.  Tens of thousands of energy bullets filled the sky causing the War Hounds vulture knights to be instantly torn into shreds. The pieces fell into the lake and dyed the lake a deep red colour.

Source Energy Guns!

This was clearly the Source Energy Guns!

The War Hounds knew that the Southern Summer Country had quite a few of these weapons, but they had already prepared themselves.  They thought that it wouldn’t matter if they could approach and the weapons would become jokes. But the result? They never would have thought that the assault of the Southern Summer Country would be ten times more fierce than they imagined!

The thirty thousand reserve forces from Southern State had arrived!

This was the army Miracle Commerce trained for themselves!

Miracle Commerce spared no expense in training this group.  The thirty thousand barbarian berserkers not only had shocking strength, but they had formed groups of ten where each group had a Storm Rifle and a portable Source Energy Cannon, as well as submachine guns for each member.

Thirty thousand people meant three thousand Storm Rifles!

Three thousand Storm Rifles were enough to create a storm of death!

Not to mention that Miracle Commerce had invented a multi barrel heavy gun that had six different barrels, shooting out five-six thousand bullets per minute.  This was a weapon that was even more wild than the Storm Rifles. Miracle Commerce’s weapon research experts had named it the “Heavy Destruction Gun”. Although it wasn’t easy to move, once it was set up, it could suppress an entire area with its strong firepower!

Because the material and energy requirements were high, there weren’t many of these heavy machine guns.  There were only ten in the entire army, but this was enough to create a very terrifying killing effect.

With such a difference in strength, was there even a need to fight?

It wasn’t that Chu Tian was looking down on these fellows.  Not to mention the current quantity, even if the War Hounds’ airborne units increased by three-five times, they wouldn’t be able to pose any threat to the Southern Summer fleet!

Miracle Commerce purchased large amounts of materials and metals from all around the world, most of them were used to make Source Energy Weapons.  They didn’t sell much ammunition, arming their own armies with the best weapons and selling the second generation weapons to the Southern Summer Country.  There was no army that could imagine the destructive might of this army.

The War Hounds airborne units clashed with the Southern Summer troops, leaving less than half to run away.  There was not a single person with the courage to approach the Southern Summer fleet.

“Close the fort!”

“Close the fort!”

Several wolf tribe commanders shouted in shock and rage.  They never would have thought that the Southern Summer Country would become this strong, their weapon progress was just too fast!  The battle of Imperial City hadn’t even been a year yet and their firepower had increased by more than ten times!

The War Hounds soldiers fell into confusion as they tried to prepare the fort’s defenses.

There were several dozen earth shaking explosions that came from the fortress which were the Source Energy Bombs Chu Tian and Vivian had secretly place in the fortress.  Although there were only several dozen Source Energy Bombs, even if they were super powerful bombs, they couldn’t blow up the hundreds of thousands of soldiers in the fort, still not killing them all didn’t mean there was no effect.  The Source Energy Bombs were placed in key positions, so not only did they make the fort’s defenses collapsed, they also destroyed several fortifications.

The fort’s soldiers quickly fell into confusion.  The Southern Summer fleet had time to arrive at the port and began to bombard them with the Source Energy Cannons, destroying the remaining War Hounds ships and the port itself.  Then the barbarian berserkers began to disembark one by one.

The troops protecting the War Hounds port couldn’t resist them.

Miracle Commerce’s barbarian heavy infantry began to move onto shore while being armed to the teeth.  They marched through the exploding and burning fortress, preparing all kinds of equipment.

Almost at the same time.

Several airships appeared above the War Hounds’ fort.  These Heaven’s Punishment ships opened their bombardment doors.  As long as Miracle Commerce gave the order, they could drop countless powerful bombs like rain onto the fort.


It’s completely over!

The War Hounds’ fort was a lamb to the slaughter.

Whether it was the berserker army, the airships over their heads, or the hundred thousand Southern Summer soldiers, the fort in chaos couldn’t stop them at all.  Although the spirit beasts were aggressive, faced with this absolute inferiority, they were filled with despair.

They couldn’t even incite the instincts of a trapped beast!

Chu Tian saw that the situation was about over, so he took out a communication device and spoke into a public channel, “Everyone, stop attacking!  Everyone, stop attacking!”

All the forces stopped their attacks.

But they still sealed the fort with countless weapons pointed at them.  The War Hounds did not even have a chance to counterattack.

“Connect the airship speakers!”

Chu Tian connected his communication device to the speakers on the airships.  His voice could pass through the entire fort, allowing all the soldiers inside to hear him clearly.

“Hello various friends, I am Chu Tian.  I think everyone knows me, so I won’t introduce myself.”

“With your current condition, you don’t have any chance of victory, so I will give you a chance to live!  Kill off any Eagle Burial Kingdom commanders, put down your weapons and come out to surrender. I swear with my reputation that we will not kill or mistreat any captives!”

“Don’t believe them!”  The faces of two Eagle Burial Kingdom commanders changed, “Human are despicable!  They cannot be trusted!”

“We have already displayed out strength, you have no chance of winning this fight.  Even if the Eagle Burial Kingdom personally come, Miracle Commerce and the Southern Summer Country are not afraid.  Since there is no longer a need to fight, why do you need to keep making senseless sacrifices for the Eagle Burial Kingdom?  I’ll give you all five minutes. If the answer I want doesn’t appear, I will turn this place into scorched earth and then light the War Hounds Plains!  I’ll slaughter all your tribes!”

This was a naked threat!

What choice did the War Hounds people have?

The spirit beasts had a violent nature and they knew that it was impossible for them to defeat the Southern Summer Country with their current situation.  With their wild beast instincts, an uproar soon filled the fort.

Not long passed.

The uproar calmed down again.

The two commanders and the several high level officers the Eagle Burial Kingdom sent had all been killed.  The hundreds of thousands of soldiers in the fort threw down their weapons and raised their hands high up in surrender.

The Southern Summer people were a bit confused.

The Southern Summer Country clearly had the advantage, why would they let these forces go?  If these hundreds of thousands of soldiers were killed, the War Hounds Kingdom’s lifeline would be deeply injured and it would be hard for them to recover.

“Our true enemy is the Eagle Burial Kingdom, the War Hounds Plains is the cushion between the Eagle Burial Kingdom and the Southern Summer Country.  As long as we force the War Hounds Kingdom to betray the Eagle Burial Kingdom, then the War Hounds Plains will become our cushion. The forces of the War Hounds Plains cannot be killed, we still need to send them back and even help and equip them.”  Chu Tian said this before adding, “Other than that, we can set an example of not killing them, making it easier to reclaim our territory.”

It was as Chu Tian said.

The Southern Summer Country not only spared these hundreds of thousands of captives, they also fed and took care of them.  When the Southern Summer army marched into the Imperial Region, Furnace State, and Cang State, they were almost completely unimpeded.

The War Hounds already didn’t have any believe and their morale was very low.  Now that the several hundred thousand main forces were captured, how could they keep wanting to fight back?

The Southern Summer army recovered thousands of miles of land, reclaiming all the territory stolen from them half a year ago!

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