MT Chapter 454


Chapter 454: Rocket missile

The crystal oil from Oldman Small Town was already being mined and with the silver crystal oil, the company had already began developing a new generation of energy.  Based on this, naturally they created a new generation of weapons.

Miracle Commerce created a large market in Oldman Small Town and they kept sending materials to the secret weapon factory in the Southern Summer Country.  Now they already had a bunch of weapons made.

Meng Qingwu contacted the factory and immediately a bunch of the newest weapons were sent over.

They looked like Source Energy Cannons, but they were also different.


The Source Energy Cannon sent out shells with energy waves and created giant explosions to kill.  However, even though the Source Energy Cannons were strong, there was an important flaw that was hard to neglect.  It used the energy condensed to send out energy waves, so it became weaker as it consumed the energy. When it reached a certain distance, it would completely dissipate all the energy, limiting the range and effective firing distance.

The weapon sent over now was a weapon that could fire live rounds, a large scale rocket launcher!

Miracle Commerce staff brought over an over three meter long rocket.

The rocket was incomparably large and as thick as a person’s leg.  There were blue crystals embedded into it with large amounts of runes written on, releasing waves of energy.

“The bottom of the rockets and the rocket launchers have matching stimulating source energy arrays.  Once the rocket is activated, the large amount of energy will send it out and it can reach over a hundred miles.  It has an average speed of seven miles per second and will explode when it hits anything or is met with great resistance!”

“This a pretty good long range weapon!”

“The rocket head is built with second generation energy, so it is very powerful.  Even a late stage True Spirit Expert would find it hard to resist.” Meng Qingwu continued to explain, “This kind of weapon was invented to attack villages and large targets that couldn’t move.  Now that we have Smart Brain, we could try to target moving armies.”

Chu Tian said, “Instead of saying all this, we should just test it.  Zero, are you prepared?”

“The preparations have been made!”

“Good, we’re going!”

Several new battleships were docked in the Central State port.  These were a new generation of battleships made with the efforts of the Southern Summer Royal Clan and Miracle Commerce, not only did they use high level source energy movement, they were also fitted with first generation Source Energy Cannons.  Whether it was speed or battle strength, they could not be matched.

Five rocket launchers were sent onto the deck of a large battleship.

The rocket launchers were not manually controlled, rather Zero had built a temporary control bench here.  This control bench not only controlled the rocket launcher, it was also connected to the information sent from the Heaven’s Eye airship.  The enemy’s position, speed, and direction were all sent to the Source Energy Matrix Computer and ten energy columns were being used as the entire system quickly operated.

This generation of Smart Brain was big and slow, but it still could make five hundred million computations per second, which was enough to process the large amount of information.  With the enemy’s position, movement paths, flight speed, and their amount of weapons, it was enough to calculate the best method of defending.

The Southern Summer Country’s army gathered.

The hundred and fifty thousand elite Central State City troops boarded the ships and the thirty thousand Southern State berserkers gathered along the way.  It could be said that under the watch of the Southern Summer Country, the War Hounds could not ambush them at all.

Only with how far both sides were, they couldn’t even see the other side with a telescope, so how could they target the airborne units?  This was not the same as bombing a city. The target was far, small, and moving, this was not an easy matter to accomplish.

The Southern Summer King’s group and Arnold’s group all stood on the deck, waiting for something to happen.

“The targets are in rance and have been locked on, the rockets can be launched.  There is a 87% chance of hitting!” Zero mechanically said without any emotions, “Do you want to fire?”

Chu Tian looked at the empty sky and nodded, “Fire!”

Zero coldly said, “Beginning launch!”

The rocket launcher slightly adjusted and with several explosions, five long pointed spear like rockets flew out.  They all soared into the clouds, with tails that weren’t long or beautiful, only releasing a faint blue and white energy trail.  However, the speed was incredibly fast and it was as if it would penetrate into space. The air was violently ripped through and lit on fire, surrounding the entire rocket!

Too fast.

The rockets broke the sound barrier before wildly speeding up, reaching its max speed for several seconds.  Going around six-seven miles per second, this was almost more than ten times the speed of sound!

Was ten times the speed of sound astonishing?

Even True Spirit Realm experts would find it hard to reach this speed!

The War Hounds army was a thousand meters in the sky and all of them were unaware of the approaching danger.  When they vaguely saw several lights in the sky, it was already too late.

The rockets were much faster than the speed of sound!

Therefore, it was already too late when they heard it break the sound barrier!

Five rockets burned through the sky, turning into five meteors that fell from outer space.  They had travelled tens of thousands of miles, looking tattered as they flew forward. The War Hounds Army did not even have time to shout out before the five rockets hit the giant rocs.

There was no explosion!

It was rather a storm!

It was an impressive expanding storm of energy!

The giant rocs were swallowed by the storm of energy and their bodies were shred into pieces of flesh.  Several hundred War Hound elites were instantly torn apart, not even leaving behind a body.


Too terrifying!

Everyone looked at the energy storm in the distance.  Even if they weren’t blown to death, with violent energy storm sweeping out, it would be hard for them to retreat in one piece.

“It can’t be!”  Nangong Yun’s eyes popped out, “Why is it so strong!”

Chu Tian nodded in satisfaction, “This kind of weapon isn’t bad, we need to make more of them in the future.”

This kind of missile and pure energy weapon would have their period.

The Source Energy Cannons had a short fire distance, but now its effective range had been increased and it couldn’t be intercepted.  The one point of shooting a mass of energy waves was that the requirement for the launcher material was too high. For this kind of compact high level energy, could a normal material withstand it?  Therefore, the materials used were the ones for the high level Source Energy Cannons from before.

The rocket missile had too long of a range.  When Miracle Commerce had a Smart Brain with more information and automation, it would be a very strong and far ranged deterrent.  This was because they sent the shell and before it activated, there would be no consumption. Of course the drawback was that it would be easier to intercept and the might would be inferior to the Source Energy Cannons.

Chu Tian said, “How many more rockets do we have?”

Meng Qingwu shook her head and said, “This is the latest weapon and this is the first time using it, so there aren’t any stocks.  This was only the first real weapons test.”

“What!  Truly disappointing!”  Chu Tian sighed and said, “The company’s production strength is too weak, we need to strengthen it and strengthen it again!  Alright, everyone hear my order, immediately move forward and capture the fish in our nets!”

Although they didn’t have any more rockets, they already achieved their goal.

Several large rocs were killed and many War Hounds soldiers were seriously injured.  They suffered such heavy losses before even reaching Central State territory, it could be imagined how large of a hit this was to the War Hounds army.  The survivors would not have any fighting ability or the morale to fight!

The hundred and fifty thousand Southern Summer soldiers activated their ships and several hundred warships cut across the surface of the lake.  This scene looked very magnificent. Everyone only had one goal, they would seize the port at Cang State to the north of the Four States Lake and directly attack the War Hounds’ fortress!

The scattered War Hounds army did not need to be chased at all.

The Giant Shark Gang blocked off all the retreating soldiers, catching all the War Hounds troops in a giant net.

The Giant Shark Gang also underwent a large change after Chu Tian left.  Boss Yu was already a True Spirit Expert and the Giant Shark Gang had doubled in half a year, becoming a first rate force in the Southern Summer Country.  This was a power that no one dared neglect, especially in the Four States Lake.

The fleet carrying the berserker warriors from Southern State arrived first.  After the Southern Summer Country troops gathered with them, they set off for the Cang state port.

The Southern Summer officers had waited for this counterattack for too long!

Southern Summer had a deep grudge with the War Hounds, especially after their Imperial City was seized and they lost the northern states.  Countless Southern Summer citizens were killed and pillaged and the entire Southern Summer Country were filled with rage. Only faced with the aggressive War Hounds, the Southern Summer Country couldn’t do a thing.

Chu Tian raised morale in the Southern Summer troops once again!

Miracle Commerce was participating in the battle this time, so they were certain to succeed!

Their morale erupted, creating an aura that rose tens of thousands of miles.  They kept moving forward, not stopping for a second. The War Hounds never would have imagined that the Southern Summer army would suddenly fight this decisive battle.  The Southern Summer Country would count on catching them off guard to break through their foundations and steal back the land their country lost.

Chu Tian said, “This kind of direct attack will create too many casualties, we’ll go behind them first and play a trick!”


Vivian immediately brought Chu Tian away with spatial teleportation.

Vivian’s innate spatial energy was very good, they would move several hundred miles with each spatial teleportation.  Although Chu Tian could also use spatial energy, his spatial teleportation couldn’t match hers for now!

“We’re here!”

The two of them arrived at Cang State a day before the fleet.

This was the connection between Cang State and the Imperial Region.  Cang State had several ports here and it had been the Southern Summer Country’s area of trade, but since the War Hounds spirit beasts occupied this place, it had changed greatly.

Chu Tian entered the Cang State fort with Vivian’s abilities.  The two of them quickly placed strong explosives in every corner of the fort.  These explosives were built using the second generation energy materials, so they were naturally very strong.

After all the preparations had been made.

Chu Tian left the fort without any knowing.  Now he would just wait for the good show to begin.

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