MT Chapter 451


Chapter 451: Super intelligence

A large change occurred with the Southern Summer Country.

The Central State City population had increased by a third since Chu Tian left and it was twice as lively as before.

This was not just because Central State City had become the Southern Summer Country’s Imperial City, but also because it was where Miracle Commerce’s place of origin.  Miracle Commerce had a large research laboratory and a large production sector, which helped Central State City develop.

Especially after Miracle Commerce linked their Space Warehouse.  Miracle Commerce would frequently sell various materials from the Forest of Chaos in the Southern Summer Country, largely raising the Southern Summer Country’s power.  Right now, people like the Divine Wind Marquis and the Golden Arrow Marquis had all broken through their long time bottlenecks and reached the first True Spirit Layer.


The Southern State Berserker Troops were trained from the southern barbarian berserkers and a part of them was being hired by the Southern Summer Country as official troops.  With the large amount of weapons also bought from the Miracle Commerce Source Energy Weapon Factory and the natural defenses of the Four States Lake, the War Hounds Kingdom could not gain any advantages.  Now that the Southern Summer Country had basically recovered, they were not weaker compared to before.

The Southern Summer Country had also quickly created a reputation for themselves.

Now there were caravans coming frequently from the surrounding countries to buy Miracle Commerce’s products.  Therefore, even if the Southern Summer Citizens still used the Southern Summer gold coins, they were already to use source stones for large business deals.  This was a sign of a country’s transformation.

The Southern Summer Country would soon become the Great Summer Country!

When Clark walked in the Central State City streets, he felt like he was in a different world.  There were many airships flying across the sky and there were many large buildings with many large screens, all displaying all kinds of advertisements, as well as many loudspeakers constantly sounding out.

There were less beast carriages on the streets.

Mainly because of Miracle Commerce changing the culture, Central State had become a place with very strong innovation.  Preliminary Source Energy Vehicles that ran on Source Energy Batteries had already appeared and many people were already using this new convenient method of transport, moving back and forth through the city streets like beetles.

This was truly too shocking.

Just a trivial small kingdom like the Southern Summer Country could develop to such a level?

The liveliness and richness of the human city far surpassed Clark’s imagination, he didn’t dare believe that this was a small kingdom.  It wasn’t unreasonable that the humans could quickly rise in the recent hundred years, perhaps in another few thousand years, the elves and spirit beasts will be suppressed by the humans.

There was already a large change with the Central State laboratory.

When Chu Tian left Central State, he took parts of the laboratory and moved it to Southern State.  The Central State laboratory was focused on working on the Source Energy Computers and after many expansions, they were twice as big as before.  The research personnel working on the Source Energy Computers had reached over two thousand people.

Chu Tian had provided the key technology and ideas.  The over two thousand people had experimented over one hundred and thirty five thousand times before finally making something that surpassed the current era.

The members of the Central State laboratory all knew Chu Tian was coming, so they all came out to greet him.

Chu Tian saw many familiar people like the Lin siblings.  The two of them had established the Heaven’s Alliance and now they joined Miracle Commerce as they wished, becoming official researchers of the Yun Sect.  They were young and talented, making others jealous. They were now walking on the path of their dreams!

“Greetings to the chairman and vice chairman!”

These people excitedly bowed down, almost kneeling down to Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu.

Many of these people were scholars from all around and some of them hadn’t seen Chu Tian before.  They only understood Chu Tian through the images they’ve seen and the facts they’ve heard. Chu Tian was now a god worshipped in the Southern summer Country, for a legendary character to appear in front of them, how could they not be excited?

Chu Tian was very shocked, “When did we get all these people?”

“That is natural.”  Gu Qianqiu had already broken through to the True Spirit Realm.  He looked much younger than before and perhaps he was more lively from having a fulfilling life, “There isn’t just Southern Summer scholars here, there are many people that have travelled thousands of miles, coming from other countries to learn in the Southern Summer Country, becoming members of the Yun Sect.  There are already four great scholars among them!”

Chu Tian nodded, “Not bad, not bad, the Yun Sect is growing stronger.”

The person happiest about the Yun Sect growing stronger was of course that old man Yun Tianhe.  The Yun Sect’s origin came from Central State’s Yun Family. The Yun Family was just a small country’s family, but now they became world famous in this manner.  Being able to move more of their family into the Yun Sect was truly a breakthrough move.

The Yun Sect’s current strength was not that strong right now.

The gnomes that Chu Tian had an alliance with, with their academic standard, there were at least several hundred great scholars.  However, their knowledge was isolated by their regional isolation, meaning the human scholars had different research methods from the gnomes.  The two of them needed to have an exchange to fuse the two together.

Not to mention the Yun Sect was founded by Chu Tian.

Gu Qianqiu and Yun Tianhe had followed Chu Tian for an entire year now, they had Miracle Commerce’s large amount of core techniques in their hands.  This was the gap no scholars in the world could catch up with, so one couldn’t judge one’s strength by their knowledge.

Chu Tian’s group began their visit of the Central State research laboratory.

Although the part of the Central State Yun Sect research laboratory was moved to Southern State, this was still Miracle Commerce’s earliest research laboratory, so this was where most of Miracle Commerce’s technology was gathered.  They had reserves of almost every Miracle Commerce product and piece of technology.

“I suggest that elder Clark should gather a group of scholars once we head back and have the gnomes scholars come to Central State to study for a bit, what do you think?”

“Just what we wish for, just what we wish for!”

Clark was already deeply shocked by Miracle Commerce.

Clark only now understood Chu Tian’s background and he also felt a large opportunity and prospect.  Most of the gnomes were scholars, Miracle City had richer resources and the research laboratory in Miracle City was larger, and Chu Tian had taken Miracle City as Miracle Commerce’s headquarters, so the future Yun Sect would be located in Miracle City.

The gnomes will obtain a large opportunity!

If the clan could participate in the Yun Sect, the gnomes would surely have an important role in the Yun Sect, which was enough for the gnomes to be recorded in history.   They would be the representatives of the continent’s scholar in the future, pioneering all kinds of inventions, using another method to become an important large clan!

Yun Tianhe opened a large laboratory door.

There were rows of black boxes in front of them.  When they pulled out a black box, each box had a source energy array stone in it.  These boxes came together in sixes and formed a hexagon. When they were linked together, they formed a large scale complex source energy matrix.

These source energy matrixes came in groups of tens and each matrix had over a hundred arrays, coming to a total of over three hundred thousand runes.  It required ten energy columns working together to power all of it.

“These are the main parts, they are a preliminary Source Energy Computing Matrix!”  Yun Tianhe said in a very proud voice, “The whole set includes over three hundred source energy array processing stations and there are eight different information stores.  It has a computing speed of five hundred million operations each second, so it can process a large amount of information.”

Five hundred million operations per second?

Clark revealed a stunned expression.

With such a strong computing power, if they used this in source energy array deductions or experiments, how much of a boost would that be?

“Five hundred million?”  Chu Tian shook his head, “It’s slow!”

This is still slow?

Everyone didn’t know what to say.

“Not to mention the fact that it’s too big.”  Chu Tian looked at the six large black boxes and shook his head, “We need to increase the strength of the source energy matrices while also reducing their size, otherwise a Source Energy Computer that took up an entire room would be too troublesome.  It can’t be used in normal tasks and it can’t be sold to citizens.”

Yun Tianhe and Gu Qianqiu wiped their sweat.

The chairman’s requests could scare a person to death!

This Source Energy Computer had taken them over a year to make, could it be he wants to sell these things to the world?  This was simply a joke!

Chu Tian said, “We’re going to make an automatic rune engraver that will work with an intelligent computer.  Array masters won’t need to engrave each rune one by one. That way, the production of talismans and pills will become automatic and we can increase our efficiency.”

The automatic rune engravers would need source stones to run.

This was because the source energy in the source stones was the closest to what humans had, so it could be used for source energy arrays.  The energy inside the Source Energy Batteries were an industrial energy, so it could be used to power source energy arrays, but it couldn’t be used to make them.  The cost of the automatic engraver was quite big, but it would free up a large amount of labour, so it would still raise efficiency.

Gu Qianqiu said, “This source energy matrices still lack a core.”

“There’s no need for you to mention it, I’ve already brought it.”  Chu Tian waved his hand and took out the artificial intelligence, Zero, “Zero, begin the combination.”

Zero’s formless body floated into the center of the large source energy matrix where there was a crystal placed there.  Zero directly entered the crystal and in an instant, invisible energy passed through it as the entire source energy matrix came to life.

Chu Tian directly asked, “Zero, how do you feel?”

Zero’s voice came from the matrix, “The entire fuction of the matrix is combined with me!”

“Zero, are you really that powerful?  You aren’t just bragging, right!” Meng Yingying had a bit of disbelief, so she asked a series of questions, “Then let me test you.  2525413 multiplied by 4342342 divided by 21343 multiplied by 43543 plus 654245 and multiplied again by 143432…..What’s the final number?”

Zero replied without any hesitation.

Meng Yingying spent several minutes to calculate it and found that it was exactly right, even the decimals were correct to several hundred positions.  She instantly revealed a look of awe!

Chu Tian gave Yingying a teasing smile, “You want to stump Zero with this little problem?”

Meng Qingwu never thought the combination of the artificial intelligence and the source energy matrix would have such a shocking effect, “Let’s move this Source Energy Computer to Miracle City.  We can use it for the bookkeeping, the Miracle Banking accounts, the information on the citizen, and even to calculate the city’s development. I think it will be useful for everything.”

“How could it only be this much?”  Chu Tian said with a faint smile, “The Source Energy Matrix Computer can calculate at a speed that humans cannot compare to.  We can use it to make the spiritual domain more stable, to create new source energy arrays, to make the Source Energy Weapons more terrifying, and make our production more refined.  After its computation strength is increased by hundreds of times in the future, we can use it to calculate various changes. In short, you cannot even imagine all of its uses.”

That’s right!

Zero was the continent’s first super Source Energy Computer!

Although its creativity couldn’t compare to humans, in terms of logic and computation, it was not something mortals could compare to.  Just purely this part of it had already reached the Spiritual God level.

Chu Tian ordered, “The young miss will send Zero to Miracle City.  You are the only one other than me with the highest clearance with Zero.  Zero will be in charge of managing Miracle City from now on, I believe that with such a thing present, there will be a large change in Miracle City’s development speed.”

Meng Qingwu asked, “When can you make the second one?”

Gu Qianqiu and Yun Tianhe looked at each other, “I’m afraid it’ll take another month.”

“That long?  No!” Chu Tian shook his head and said, “Recruit more people, I’ll also send the gnomes over to help you.  First make the rune engraving machine, we don’t have time to make them one by one, so this thing needs to be able to mass produce arrays.  You also need to make them smaller and increase the computing speed!”


The birth of intelligent computers.

This was the true start of Chu Tian!

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