MT Chapter 448


Chapter 448: Forest Production Park

A piece of good news came from the Southern Summer Central State research laboratory that filled people with excitement.

There was a breakthrough with the Source Energy Computer, which was the news that excited Chu Tian the most recently.  Miracle Commerce had exploded with creations in a single year, creating high end technology like the Source Energy Weapons, the Space Warehouse, and the spiritual world, but now all those technology were facing a bottleneck.

Chu Tian knew that with the conditions of this ere, he could only develop things into their roughest states before they would stop developing.

Now that they had preliminary success with the Source Energy Computer, they would be able to break this ceiling soon, allowing Miracle Commerce to increase their potential.  This was a matter with an important significance.


“The Source Energy Matrix isn’t stable and can’t be move for now, what do you plan on doing?”

Meng Qingwu had participated in the Source Energy Computer research.  Although she didn’t know what use it had for now, the Source Energy Computer was the most expensive research Miracle Commerce had undertaken and one of Chu Tian’s earliest projects.

For something this complex, tedious, and time consuming, Chu Tian would not have done it if it wasn’t worth the resources.

“Young miss will go to the gnome research lab, I want to bring all their spatial crystals here.”  Chu Tian made his decision, “Nangong will contact Yun Tianhe and Gu Qianqiu and I will send the Transport Tower blueprints and materials through the Space Warehouse, allowing them to prepare one in Central State City.  Vivian will personally take a trip to Central State as quickly as possible to create a Transport Tower in the Southern Summer Country, making it easier for us to go there.”


The Transport Towers were very convenient.  Once there was a Transport Tower, the two places were quite closely attached and they could move freely between them.

However, not only did the Transport Towers need the incomparably precious Eye of the Star, it also needed large amounts of spatial materials.  Miracle Commerce hasn’t prepared large amounts of this material yet and even the gnomes several hundred old stores did not have much of this material.

After Miracle City’s Transport Tower was finished, Chu Tian had already used most of the gnomes’ spatial materials.  However, because they were in a rush to make the second Transport Tower, Chu Tian had to borrow the remaining spatial crystals from the gnomes.  If these items remained the gnomes’ hands, at most they would use it to make useless storage items. It was better if they gave them all to Chu Tian, at worst he could just give them a Space Warehouse in the future.

While everyone was following their orders.

“This…..This is bad!”  Meng Yingying quickly ran in, “The forest tribes have gathered in the city to cause trouble and the one leading them is Arnold!  We don’t know what to do with them! Quickly come and take a look!”


What were these fellows doing?

Under the City Lord’s Castle, there were several chiefs leading people in protest.  The newly recruited guards did not know what to do, many of the people here were their clansmen and it wasn’t good if they directly fought with them.

“Arnold, you fucking dare rebel?!”

Arnold saw the angry Chu Tian and immediately shrank his neck back.  He never thought that he would pull Chu Tian out. After a few seconds of hesitation, he loudly said, “We’re not rebelling, we’re just here to secure rights.  We want to see the chairman of Miracle Banking!”

When Miracle Banking was established, Meng Qingwu was set as the chairman and Delores was the vice chairman.  Arnold’s group did not want to see Meng Qingwu, rather they wanted an explanation from Delores.

“What do you want to see her for?”

“Because that fox Delores is being unfair!”  Arnold’s large nostrils spurted steam and he looked very angry, “Recently she’s been lending large amounts of source stones to the people around here, but she’s not willing to lend to us, why?  It’s for no other reason than the grudges between our tribes in the past, this is clearly abusing her power! We’re not satisfied!”

“That’s right!”

“Outsiders can borrow money from the bank, but we can’t?”

“Our tribe has sent five hundred elites to become Miracle City soldiers!”

The tribe chiefs were all incited like they had suffered a large loss, making Chu Tian feel a large headache come on.  This is the so called inequality causes more trouble than desire. Before Miracle Banking was established, no one thought anything about this matter.  Now that Miracle Banking has been established and tens of thousands of source stones have been sent out to the various tribes and small towns as loans, the locals have also tried taking loans, but they were rejected.

The forest locals did not have good brains, so they were suspicious of Delores’ conduct.  They were thinking that the fox tribe had previous grudges against the Minotaurs, the tiger tribe, and the other tribes, so Delores was using her power to address these grievances.

One who isn’t the City Lord can’t understand the City Lord’s problems.

Actually the problem wasn’t just the locals, even the citizens were dissatisfied lately.  Chu Tian had recruited large amounts of forest elites as an army and he gave them the aloof treatment.  He filled up the spots and did not allow the citizens to enjoy the benefits of being conscripted, so there were many gnomes who were dissatisfied with the City Lord.

Can this be blamed on Delores and Chu Tian?

The surrounding tribes were born near Miracle City, so they were already in its sphere of influence.  Delores was not giving out large loans just to develop the bank, she also wanted to create a larger commercial zone, creating more Miracle Shopping Centers.

Chu Tian conscripted soldiers to stabilize the local warriors and to let everyone come together, as well as giving the locals stable jobs and stable lifestyles, creating peace in the surrounding areas.  But in face of the citizens’ dissatisfaction, Chu Tian had announced after the conscription that the citizens would still make a certain ratio of the conscripted army.

Chu Tian asked, “What do you want to borrow money for?”

“What else can it be for?”  Arnold directly said, “The new Trial Field is about to be opened, we want money to fight the evil dragon!  There have been more promotional films and we can all see the abilities of the evil dragon. For a fellow that is hard to deal with like this, is it wrong to prepare a bit more source stones?”

The locals were doing all this just for that?

Chu Tian almost vomited blood.

He even thought they needed source stones for something!

Chu Tian asked, “Do you know that you need to give a deposit and Miracle Banking will also charge your interest?  If you can’t afford to pay it back, we’ll keep your deposit.”

“Isn’t it just a deposit?  It’s not like we can’t take it out!”  Several tribes that were quite wealthy spoke out without any hesitation, “We’re not afraid, we just want source stones!”

The locals were determined to take out loans.

“Everyone, please listen to me…..”  Chu Tian knit his brows and considered this problem.  He suddenly received inspiration and said, “Miracle Banking was not founded to make large amounts of money, it was made to encourage the development of the forest.  We’re not just loaning source stones to make interest, but rather we’re giving source stones to add value to the forest, allowing the entire forest to win! We’re not just lending out source stones, we also need to confirm that the borrower can create benefits, otherwise wouldn’t we be sucking the blood from the borrowers?”

The locals were confused, “What does this mean?”

“My meaning is that if you want a loan from Miracle Commerce, you need to show action.  We are only taking entrepreneurial loans right now! We don’t accept personal loans or loans from tribes looking to lead an easy life.”

Arnold had an unhappy expression, “The Minotaurs don’t know how to do business!”

“Who said that it had to be business?”  Chu Tian clapped his hands, “Yingying, map!”

Meng Yingying quickly opened up a large forest map.

Chu Tian stood in front of the giant map and pointed at the Minotaur Valley as he said, “The Minotaur Valley is rich in ores and the Minotaurs are strong, so why don’t you manage a mine?  Miracle City is welcoming a rapid growth and in the future, not only will the ores sell well, it will also increase in price, isn’t this a business opportunity? The Minotaurs can use the ores as a reason to get an investment from Miracle Commerce.  We will create a mine with the Minotaurs, won’t you be able to obtain a continuous source of income like this?”

Arnold felt this was reasonable.

Borrowing money was not a long term plan!

The Minotaurs were so poor that they only had their underpants and borrowing money would just make it worse, they wouldn’t be able to repay it.  It was better to teach a man to fish than to give him fish, so Miracle Commerce would work to build a mine with the Minotaurs. With Miracle Commerce’s transport, mining tools, other technology, and market channels, the Minotaurs would just be responsible for mining the ores.  They would obtain a large amount of income from now on.

Chu Tian pointed at another area and said, “There is an extremely rare wood near this ogre tribe, the wood itself is a level three material and it covers the entire area.  You really are guarding a treasure without knowing it! We can work together with the ogres to create a lumber camp.”

“This place is suited for gardening…..”

“This place is suited for raising livestock…..”

The center of the Forest of Chaos was incomparably rich in resources.  Even if Chu Tian casually dug a hole, he would be able to find a fifty year old ore.  The rich resources here were enough to make the entire forest rich.

“Look at this.  This forest is rich with resources and is filled with hidden treasures, why do you need to fight for a few source stones with the bank?”  Chu Tian pointed out a large area on the map, “I’m planning to make a Forest Production Park and all the clans can invest with Miracle City.  You can give money, manpower, technology, resources, or resource channels. We’ll all get a share and everyone can get rich together, so why is there a need to harm our friendship over a small matter like this?”

“That’s right, that’s right!”

The locals were filled with excitement!

Miracle Commerce’s Space Warehouse was already no longer a secret!

The local resources can be gathered to Miracle City’s channels and these people could become rich together, no longer having to worry about things like famine!

Chu Tian spoke for so long that his mouth was try when the locals finally left.  He only provided the preliminary ideas and the concrete plans were given to the young miss, Chu Tian did not need to care about it.  Now the forest was still chaotic. For the citizens, locals, and various powers to come together, only the young miss had the patience and wisdom to strengthen this bond.

What use was Chu Tian.

“Chu Tian, you really are powerful, you actually managed to coax those wild and unruly fellows!”

“Coax?  What coaxing!”  Chu Tian rolled his eyes, “If we want to solidify the area, we can only do so by making everyone rich.  It was going to happen sooner or later, so there is no need to mention it.”

“I really wonder what Miracle City will become like in the future!”  Meng Yingying watched this empty and silent place, “It will take several days for Vivian to go to the Southern Summer Country to make the Transport Tower, do you have any other plans?”

“Of course, we can’t just directly head back to the Southern Summer Country.  We need to collect a few things before we head back.”

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