MT Chapter 447


Chapter 447: Steady earning, no losses

Miracle Banking’s future was limitless.  Not only would it increase Miracle City’s influence in the future, allowing Miracle City to control the forest’s financial lifeline, it would also become the entire continent’s heart of business and finance.

Returning to the modern world from the future world had given Chu Tian incredible insight.  Therefore, he could clearly understand that Miracle Banking had bright prospects in the future.  It wouldn’t be strange at all if this idea had come from Chu Tian, but for a local like Delores to think of this, it was actually a very incredible matter.

Chu Tian asked, “How much money do you think we should take from the company’s vault?”

Delores decisively replied, “All of it!”



“That’s right.”  Delores said very confidently, “Miracle Shopping Center has just started and it’s only being built in twenty small towns and a few large tribes, but I think the amount of loans won’t be small.  But these powers will borrow source stones and have to buy equipment, materials, technology, and pay other expenses ot the company to hire sales staff and technical personnel, so most of the source stones will flow back to Miracle City in the end.”

“Miracle City’s source stones will circulate and finally return to Miracle City’s pockets.”  Vivian was a bit confused by this, “We’re developing our services, selling our products, increasing our influence, developing Miracle Shopping Centers and Miracle Bank, as well as taking in a bunch of loans and deposits.  Going from the left hand to the right hand, all of the benefits are taken by us. Is there such a good thing in this world?”

Delores blinked, “This is just this kind of good thing.”

Truly a large profiteer, the fox clan were incredibly sly.  For Miracle City to have a group of these fox merchants, how could they worried that they wouldn’t earn a large amount of money in the future!


After several days.

The young miss, Yingying, and Nangong had all broken through.  Their Starlight Immortal Bodies reached the Large Success Realm and their cultivations reached the True Spirit Realm.  Meng Qingwu just came out when she learned of Delores planning to construct Miracle Banking which made Meng Qingwu very surprised.  However, with her intelligence, she saw the benefits instantly.

Not simply.

Truly not simple.

This fox girl was a talent that could be singled out.

On the other hand, Miracle City’s conscription had reached its end.  Chu Tian as the City Lord and the initiator of course had to personally see it.  The ones in charge of the conscription was Dongfang Haoran and Chen Bingyu. The two of them had low key personalities, so they were not as active as the other Miracle Commerce high level members, but their method of acting was very clean.  The conscription was completed without any incidents which was of course a merit for the two of them.

The thirty thousand chosen forest locals were currently standing in an empty place.  They had different sizes and races, and although their clothes and weapons differed, they were beginning to look like an army.

There weren’t only Miracle City recruits on site.

The locals were all watching the fun from the side.  This kind of scene was rarely seen in the forest, this army was the first regular army of the forest and also the first professional army.

“Big sister Bing, Haoran, it’s been hard on you!”

Chu Tian came to the stage and first shook hands with them.

Chen Bingyu figure did not change, she still had the same black clothes and mask.  Dongfang Haoran was different. Dongfang Haoran’s strong and large body was covered in armour, looking like a veteran general which made Chu Tian very satisfied with him.  Dongfang Haoran was growing very fast these days, Chu Tian was planning to make him the senior general of the Miracle City army.

“I believe that all the warriors that participated in the Miracle City conscription are the strongest and most elite warriors in the forest!”  Chu Tian spoke through a loudspeaker on the stage, “You are elites chosen from one in ten, you are warriors among warriors. Miracle City has chosen you all and now we welcome you in becoming Miracle City’s glorious soldiers!”

The thirty thousand soldiers revealed looks of pride.

Which one of these soldiers didn’t slaughter their way through the virtual arena, passing various tests and finally becoming a Miracle City soldier.  Them being able to stand here was already something to take pride in as warriors, not to mention that becoming a Miracle City soldier meant gaining a good job, as well as bringing benefits and glory to their tribes!

“I can tell everyone that from the moment you chose Miracle City, you welcomed a different life.  This is a once in a thousand year opportunity. Each person starts at the same beginning and there is endless wealth, benefits, and honour!”  Chu Tian shouted in an encouraging voice, “From this day forth, you shoulder Miracle City’s glory and fight for Miracle City. Let us shape a brilliant Miracle City together!”

“Roar!  Roar! Roar!”

The new soldiers all roared out.

The forest locals had simple minds, therefore it didn’t take much to control this army.  As long as they were given proper treatment, proper respect, and a future that brought them hope, most of these soldiers were willing to die for Miracle City.

“Other than that, this City Lord wants to take this chance to announce a large matter!”  Chu Tian loudly shouted, “To give the Miracle City citizens a better life, Miracle Commerce will be creating Miracle Banking to offer deposit services for the citizens.  Each unused source stone in the Miracle City citizen’s hands can be used to open a bank account where source stones can be stored without limit. We will offer the safest protection in the world and will not charge any fees.  Instead we will also return money to the citizens. You can obtain 1% interest for each month the source stones are stored, half a year will result in 8% interest, and a full year will give a 20% interest!”

The Miracle City people were stunned.

They all had strange expressions as they whispered to each other.

They would gain more source stones by storing them?  This was simply incredible!

A full year’s worth of interest would be 20%.  One hundred source stones stored for one hundred years, wouldn’t that become one hundred and twenty source stones?  The gnomes and other races had long lives, so if they stored one hundred source stones in the Miracle Bank for fifty years, how much wealth would they gain from the yearly interest?

Chu Tian chose to announce Miracle Banking at the recruitment ceremony to attract more people’s attentions.

Miracle Bank’s deposit services were currently only offered to citizens.  This was mainly because Chu Tian was clear that Miracle City didn’t have enough influence yet.

What would the forest locals and other powers use to trust him?

Not to mention that changes occurred quickly in the Forest of Chaos.  If one day Miracle City was destroyed, where would these people’s properties go?  So, Miracle Banking’s service were for increasing living standards for now, only being open to Miracle City citizens.  When the time was right in the future, they would expand their services.

However it was clear that even in Miracle City, most people did not believe them.

How could there be such an incredible matter?

Miracle Commerce would take care of their source stones and the source stones would have interest on them, earning them more source stones?

Miracle Banking’s business was not good at the start.  Chu Tian used his identity as the City Lord to personally endorse it and guaranteed it with Miracle Commerce’s strength, even showing the city’s citizens the safety of the Space Warehouse.  Even like this, the citizens chose to adopt a wait and see stance.

Chu Tian was feeling depressed.

This was not a good sign.

Although this business would fail if rushed and had to be slowly established, if everyone had no trust in Chu Tian and Miracle City, how could it develop in the future?

Chu Tian discussed this with Meng Qingwu and Delores.

Who cares!

They would give loans out first!

Delores led the fox clan merchants to negotiate all over the place.  Finally some strong local powers decided to use some valuable treasures as a deposit and borrow a large amount of Source Stones from Miracle Banking.

Miracle Commerce gave them high interest loans.

The locals used their treasures as deposits and at the current forest market price, it was around the same value as the loan.  All the loans had an yearly interest of 100%!

Even like so, when several people took the lead, the various other tribes and powers all followed, willingly accepting these harsh loans.  This was because they were clear that other people would take the loan if they didn’t. If they didn’t grab at this large opportunity or if other people stole this opportunity first, it would be too late to regret later.

The worst result was not being able to return the loan and giving the treasures in the Space Warehouse to Miracle Banking!

Miracle Banking kept loaning out more and more money, causing Meng Qingwu and Delores to feel headaches.

It was a problem if this continued, they didn’t have enough source stones!

The people taking loans were more than they had expected.  It was like these tribes all had broken treasures and they used them all as deposits.  These things had high values on the forest market and if Miracle Commerce were to send them out, would they not make several times the loan?

Therefore, even if the locals didn’t return the loan, Miracle Commerce would not lose money on this deal.  Moreover, lending the source stones to these locals would quickly spread Miracle City’s market system, allowing Miracle City to benefit in the end, so of course they went all out in giving loans.

Meng Qingwu knit her brows, “How much source stones do we have left?”

“Only ten thousand.”  Delores’ face was covered in anxiety, “We’re already on the red line.  If we continue loaning, the city’s finances will be in danger and the gnomes’ research laboratory will be affected.  However…..there are several important regions that haven’t received loans yet.”

“The gnome Great Elder Clark is here for an audience!”

“Clark?  Let him come in.”

Clark brought several clansmen, bringing several boxes with him.

Meng Qingwu looked at these gnomes with a bit of confusion, “Elder Clark, this is……”

The gnome Great Elder Clark raised his hand and the gnome priests opened the boxes, revealing large amounts of source stones.

“These fifty thousand source stones are source stones the gnomes haven’t used in a long time.  I’m prepared to deposit these in the Miracle Bank for a year in the name of the gnome tribe.”

Meng Qingwu and Delores revealed looks of shock before revealing looks of joy.

This truly was an unexpected pleasant surprise.

The gnomes making this large deposit was a very big support for Miracle Banking!

Clark was not silly.  The reason why the gnomes did this was because the benefits of the gnomes and Miracle City were tied together.  If Miracle City prospered, they would also benefit. On the other hand, the gnomes had seen Miracle Banking’s steady profit model without any losses, so they were confident in Miracle Banking.

Miracle Banking would not only earn large amounts of money for Miracle City, it would also be the catalyst for development in the surrounding areas!

Finally Meng Qingwu signed a special agreement with Clark.

These fifty thousand source stones did not have monthly or half yearly interest.  As long as they were stored for a year, it would receive a 40% interest. To encourage and support the gnomes, they had doubled the interest!

The gnomes were of course very happy.

A year was not that long for the gnomes.

These fifty thousand source stones being stored in Miracle Banking for a year could increase by almost a half.  If this was before, they wouldn’t have even dared think something like this!

The matter of the gnomes depositing a large amount in the Miracle Bank was immediately spread through Miracle City through every Miracle Commerce channel.  This time it caused a very large stir and many different powers and people came to make deposits, allowing the frozen deposit situation to become more lively.  Miracle Banking had enough capital to continue giving out loans in various parts of the forest.

When Miracle Banking’s situation was improving daily.

A piece of news came from the Southern Summer Country at this time that Chu Tian had to pay attention to.

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