MT Chapter 444


Chapter 444: Falling into a trap

Vivian knew of the Druids before coming to Miracle City.  It’s said that Druids communicated with nature and used strange techniques to transform their bodies, allowing them to become demon beasts.  They could freely change into all kinds of demon beasts from little birds to little beasts.

This transformation was not just a change in shape.

The strongest part of the Druids was that they completely turned their bodies into demon beasts, including replicating their skills.  This was something cultivation techniques could not accomplish and even the ancient demon techniques could not accomplish.

Coming to the Druid temple with Chu Tian this time, naturally Vivian was very curious, immediately looking all around.  The Druids were not very friendly, but they still moved to the sides and did not dare show any expressions. After all, Chu Tian was now the City Lord of Miracle City and the Druids indeed needed their help.


On an stone platform in the center of the temple, Prophet Yoda’s less than a meter body was currently lying in a vitality maintaining source energy array, with two Druid High Priests keeping guard.

This was the legendary prediction ability of the Prophets?

Vivian wondered.  The legendary wise and strong Prophets, it’s said they looked just like goblins, but they were completely different from what she imagined.  Prophet Yoda looked like a dehydrated frog at this moment, like bark that was completely dry. Although there weren’t any visible wounds on the surface, his vitality was already completely drained.

Vivian said, “These are serious injuries, he cannot hold on for much longer.”

These words attracted the dissatisfaction of the other Druids.  There was a Druid that said in a heavy voice, “The Prophet was injured in the battle with the Lich Dragon and we have treated him with the methods and medicine the City Lord has sent, but his previous injuries erupted again and caused the Prophet’s body to fail.  We don’t have time to collect more materials.”

Chu Tian gave a slight nod.

“What are you still waiting form?”  A bear man Druid High Priest anxiously shouted, “Since the City Lord has found the method to cure the Prophet, you should make your move already!  Can’t you see the Prophet’s life is in danger!”

“Hey, what are you shouting for, where are your manners?”  Vivian was an elf, so she disliked this kind of fierce spirit beasts.  Now that he was displaying these kind of manners, she was feeling very unhappy, “Our big brother Chu Tian is here to help and that is giving you Druids face, but now it seems like we owe you something.”

The bear man Druid High Priest’s temper exploded and his mouth could not be stopped, “Humph, if it wasn’t for the Druids helping fight the Undead Religion, would the Prophet’s old injuries flare up?  If it wasn’t for the Druid’s help, Green City would have been exterminated already. Would this human become the City Lord and would there be a Miracle City! It isn’t wrong to say you owe us!”

“You…..”  Vivian had only casually said this, but she never thought that this Druid would be this unreasonable.  She pouted her cheeks and bit her lips, “If the city was destroyed, how could the Druids escape. You’re saying it like the Druids were selfless, but you were just saving yourselves!  If it wasn’t for big brother Chu Tian killing the Lich, not to mention your Prophet, all the Druids there wouldn’t have been able to come back alive. How do you want to calculate this debt?”

The bear man High Priest just stared at her.

“Staring at me?  You want to fight!”  Vivian was not as violent as Nangong Yun, but other than being obedient in front of Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu, how could she fear others.  She flipped her sleeve and revealed a snow white wrist, “A dumb bear like you, I’ve already beaten ten of you before!”

“Seeking death!”

The bear man Druid High Priest angrily roared out as his body released a dazzling light.  His body inflated by five-six times and the armour around him almost exploded. His fur wildly grew as he turned into a giant beast.

Vivian narrowed her eyes and her spatial energy vibrated as a dagger appeared, releasing a strong aura.  It was instantly locked onto the giant beasts and it was as if the dagger could cut the other side with just the slightest movement.

Space attributed source spirit!

All the Druids were shocked.

Vivian seemed to be around fourteen years old, but her cultivation was not low, currently reaching the peak 4th True Spirit Layer.  Not to mention that she had the spatial energy that normal people could not block, so it wasn’t difficult for her to kill several High Priest level Druids.

The Druids became cautious and they prepared to make a move.

Chu Tian crossed his hands like he was watching a play, but his heart was secretly whispering.  These Druids really were mindless, if these fellows who only followed their own mind weren’t cleaned up, they might cause a lot of trouble for Miracle City in the future.


A Druid High Priest stood out.

This was a rarely seen hawk spirit beast.  He had a pair of wings and two hawk claws on his legs.  The hawk men were not as violent tempered as the bear men, so he immediately stood out to stop this, “The City Lord kindly came to cure the Prophet and you still want to attack them, does the Druid Religion not care about righteousness?  Is this what the Prophet taught us!”

“If you want to fight, I don’t mind.”  Chu Tian calmly said, “Only I think I forgot to introduce you.  This is Vivian from the Eternal Forest, she is Miracle City’s vice City Lord and the Eternal Forest’s Elven King’s daughter, as well as a rare talent among the elves.”

These words were like thunderclaps falling onto the Druids.

The Elven King’s daughter?!

This elven girl was actually the Elven King’s daughter?

The bear man High Priest immediately stopped and turned back to his original form.  Even if the Druids were unruly, would they be willing to attack the Elven King’s daughter?  Not to mention if they could win or not, just based on the Eternal Forest the Elven King represented, it was not something any influence could go against.

“Apologies, the Druids were impulsive this time.”  The hawk man High Priest glared at the bear man before moving in front of Chu Tian and Vivian, “As long as you can save Lord Prophet, the Druids are willing to pay any price.  We hope the City Lord can accept this.”

“Of course I don’t care.”  Chu Tian was not angry at all, “However, since the Druids like calculating debts, I should do the same.  You said that Yoda brought people to fight against the Lich, I can agree to this point. However, things can’t exist without a foundation.  The Druids did not make a move for the city and I also saved Yoda from the Lich Dragon, as well as sending medicine to him immediately after returning to the city, so we can be considered even on this part.”

The hawk man Druid High Priest looked very awkward, “Yes, the City Lord is right!”

“Then let’s count the rest.”  Chu Tian took out a Star Marrow Pill, “To save great master Yoda, this City Lord personally led people to the underground world to kill eighteen fierce beasts and collected eight Immortal Herbs to refine this pill with an ancient recipe.  I think that there is no free meal in this world and I don’t want to make it too expensive, so we’ll say you can buy it for five hundred thousand source stones!”

Five hundred thousand source stones?

How could the Druids have that many source stones!

The Druids did not have any source of income!

Not to mention five hundred thousand, they couldn’t even take out fifty thousand or even five thousand!

Chu Tian put away the pill, “This City Lord is still busy, so I’ll be leaving first.  When you have enough money, come and find me.”

After saying this.

Chu Tian began to leave.

“City Lord!”  The Druids all began to panic, “You can’t have no consideration for the feelings of others!”

“No consideration?  I wanted to express my gratitude, but you wanted benefits from me.”  Chu Tian shrugged his shoulders, “I’ll be frank, the Druids to me are just a group of thieves that can’t recognize good from bad, so why do I need to give face?  If I save Yoda today, who knows if you won’t overthrow me a few days later. Instead of taking this risk, I might as well make the first move.”

The Druids broke out in a cold sweat.

The words that Chu Tian said almost seemed like he wanted to go against the Druids.

Now that Miracle City was controlled by Chu Tian, he not only had the support of the gnomes, he also had the support of the Shamans and many local tribes.  If Chu Tian wanted to move against the Druids, he could definitely eradicate the Druids while Yoda was heavily injured!

“Vivian, we’re leaving!”

Vivian released her spatial energy and prepared to take Chu Tian away.

“City Lord!”

“Please wait!”

The Druids all ran over.

The bear man High Priest’s expression changed, as he knew he caused a lot of trouble.  This seemingly calm City Lord was actually not a simple person, “I am willing to pledge in the name of the Shaman God that we will swear loyalty to Miracle City and will not do anything that will bring trouble for the Shamans!”

Chu Tian lifted his hand.

Vivian stopped the spatial teleportation.

The other Druids knew what to do and immediately swore that they would not betray Miracle City.  The Druids pledged on this with the Spiritual God name, so this pledge could be believed.

“This City Lord does not like fighting.  Isn’t it better if everyone lives happily and earns money together?”  Chu Tian shook his head and said, “Prophet Yoda is a wise man and Miracle City needs wise men now.  Although you have made me very disappointed, I am willing to give you a discount. A hundred thousand source stones!”

The Druids wanted to cry, but they had no tears, “Sir City Lord, we Druids do not have any property, we can’t take this much out!”

Another Druid priest said, “Source stones, we can slowly return them, but the Prophet’s situation cannot be delayed!”

“You’re right!”  Chu Tian patted his chest and took out several scrolls, “Then just first sign these spiritual contracts.  The Druid temple can owe Miracle City a hundred thousand source stones and I can have the Druids work in Miracle City for three years to return this debt.  This contract just needs to be signed by every High Priest. As long as you accept this condition, I will immediately save the Prophet.”

This was not thought of on the spot.

He had already prepared these contracts.

Even if they had a tiny brain, they could tell that they had been trapped by the City Lord, but what could they do?


“We’ll sign!”

A hundred thousand source stones was not a small amount, but to save Prophet Yoda, the Druids were willing to pay any price.  The bear man Druid High Priest took the lead, as all the High Priests signed Chu Tian’s contract.

Chu Tian revealed a sly smile like his plot had succeeded.

Once you fall into the trap, can you still run away?

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