MT Chapter 439


Chapter 439: Trial Field

“Chu Tian, how about it.”  Meng Yingying was sitting in the arena’s break room with a proud look on her beautiful face, “How is the Virtual Arena outside?”

This was the first Spiritual Domain made by Meng Yingying and the Flower Fairies.

They created a spiritual space without any harm, making people fall into an illusory world with the same abilities as the real world.  Therefore if they fight in the Virtual Arena, it was impossible to cause any real injuries.

The most important thing was that Meng Yingying finished the broadcast system to the real world!


Because the Virtual Arena constructed the illusions from the source energy array and the crystal, the illusions were stored in many connections that could be broadcasted.  If they placed a disc player or a normal image transferring mirror there, people in the real world could see the battles in the Virtual Arena.

When the Spiritual Network was complete in the future, people from all over could compete in the Virtual Arena.

This kind of battle would cause no harm and no grudges, and it wouldn’t destroy the environment from the fights.  People that practiced martial arts could observe battles between experts and normal people could also experience the fight of experts holding nothing back.

This will turn into a tidal wave people chase and there are many hidden business opportunities in this.

The Virtual Arena was sure to become popular, so even if they charged a small fee, it would still allow them to earn a large amount.

Nangong Yun was even more whimsical, she wanted to start gambling.  She wanted to create a sporting event and turn the Virtual Arena into a culture.  Nangong Yun was a person that loved fighting, so this kind of Virtual Arena to her was simply the best kind of recreation.  She thought that whether it was to battle maniacs, gamblers, and normal people, the Virtual Arena was a huge market.

Meng Qingwu expressed support to her suggestions.

Chu Tian deliberately poured a bucket of cold water over her, “You’re satisfied with just this?  Let me tell you, I’ve found at least several dozen faults with your arena!”

“Impossible!”  Meng Yingying’s eyes became firm, but she was still a bit worried, “You….Tell me then!”

Chu Tian drank a mouthful of tea and said, “I’ve noted that the time in the Virtual Arena is half the normal time, so what we’re seeing in the real world is not the real time broadcast.  When the fight in the arena is over, we’ll only have seen half of it! Isn’t that right?”

“Dumb, dumb, dumb!”  Meng Yingying thought that Chu Tian would bring up a real problem, but she never thought it would be this simple.  She arrogantly said, “You should change your idiotic brain, this is called an entrepreneur’s brain, don’t you understand?”

Aiyo, this girl’s actually daring to lecture me.

After not slapping her butt for so long, she’s actually becoming more and more bold.

She could talk about other things, but she’s not embarrassed to compare brains with Chu Tian?

Meng Yingying said, “The arena relies on tickets to make money, so if the real world saw a live broadcast, who would want to buy tickets to watch in the arena!  Moreover the arena reduces time, so there can be more competitions held and this time saved is money! The Flower Fairies have studied with me and although the time in the spiritual world can be as much as one tenth of the real world, only people with strong spiritual energy can adapt.  After countless experiments, we’ve discovered that normal people can withstand half the time, so to make it more accessible to everyone, we established the arena like this!”

“Boss, I have to say, why are you not progressive at all!”  Nangong Yun also attacked Chu Tian, “Our Yingying has followed elder sister Qingwu for so long, she is beginning to think like a merchant.”

Chu Tian never would have thought he the world’s smartest person would actually be stunned into speechlessness by this dumb girl Yingying.  This truly was a large stain on his life!

“Ke, ke, this is only a test for you, I just wanted to see if you’ve reached this conclusion by chance.  Now it seems like you’re still fine and the real thing I wanted to talke about wasn’t this.”

“Alright, alright, don’t say anymore.”  Meng Yingying played a trick on Chu Tian with great difficulty, she did not want Chu Tian to take it back.  She immediately said, “Miracle Commerce don’t have enough people and we aren’t earning money fast enough. Don’t you think we should help elder sister?  We should relieve a bit of her headache!”

“You actually are this thoughtful?  Well what do you think we should do.”

“We can do this……”

Meng Yingying whispered into Chu Tian’s ear and Chu Tian nodded along to it, thinking that it was a bit interesting.

There were just too many people participating in Miracle City’s conscription this time.

Because Miracle City was holding this conscription event, it was open to all the surrounding tribes.

The forest locals all came to watch, at the very least they were giving it a lot of attention, but most of them had run to Miracle City to join the fun.  Because of the attention drawn from the conscription, Miracle Commerce’s arena would become famous in the forest and this would be very effective to Miracle Commerce’s population.

There were some local tribe’s leaders and high level members that came to watch because some of their tribesmen came to join the army.  During these past few days, they heard about how mysterious the Virtual Arena was, causing their minds to itch, wishing that they could give it a try.

But it was very regrettable.

The arena was not open to the public.

It was impossible for them to join the army, so they could only suppress their curiosity and obtain news on the arena every day.  However, when they were feeling bored, Miracle Commerce sent out a piece of information.

After Miracle City created the arena.

Now they were opening a Trial Field!

The Trial Field was different from the arena.  The Trial Field was separated into ten stages and each stage would have a difficult challenge.  Miracle Commerce was providing prizes and it was said that if one could break through the fifth stage, they would be able to obtain a hundred low grade source stones.  If anyone could break through the eighth stage, they would be able to receive one thousand low grade source stones. If anyone could break through the tenth stage, they would be able to receive ten thousand low grade source stones!

Beside the rich source stone prize, each stage would also have a random prize which was a state of the art Miracle Commerce product!  This was a chance that couldn’t be missed!

Of course the Trial Field was not free, each challenge requires one to pay a fee of two source stones.

Moreover the challenge for the Trial Field had a minimal strength requirement, which was a minimum of being in the True Spirit Realm.  This was simply tailored for the experts of the forest!

Recently, these people have already been very curious about Miracle Commerce’s arena, so now that there was a Trial Field, how could they miss it?  It was just two source stones and even if these True Spirit Experts were poor, they still would not care about two trivial source stones.

When this news had just spread for several hours.

Seven-eight tribe chiefs led fifty-sixty experts to the Trial Field.

The Minotaur chief Arnold was among them and he anxiously shouted as soon as he arrive, “How do you play in the Trial Field?  Quickly tell me, I want to gain the ten thousand source stones!”

“Ha, ha, Arnold, with your brain, you still want to take the ten thousand source stones?”

“Let me go instead!”

The advertisement Miracle Commerce sent out said that the Trial Field only had ten stages currently and the monsters and demon beasts that appeared were not strong.  Even 1st True Spirit Layer people could pass through these stages, so how could these confident tribe chiefs not move out? The weakest among them was in the 3rd True Spirit Layer!

Ten stages passed meant ten thousand source stones.

This enticement was just too strong!

Arnold pulled out two source stones to give Meng Yingying and he let out a thick breath of air through his large nostrils.  He looked at the other chiefs with an angry look, “Just wait, father will certainly succeed!”

When Arnold entered the Trial Field, an illusion immediately appeared in front of him.

This was a palace that wasn’t too big.  After around a few minutes, there was a sharp cry in his ears as a large group of ghosts appeared in the palace.  These ghosts were not too strong, only being around the 6th-7th Awakened Soul Layer.

Arnold laughed when he saw this.

This kind of enemy wanted to go against father?

This was a bit too easy to earn money!

Arnold brandished his giant axe and energy condensed on the blade, instantly cutting the formless ghost apart.  Then the second one, the third one, and the fourth one…..Although there were many ghosts, they were not strong and Arnold cleaned them up in around ten minutes.

When Arnold thought he easily passed the stage, he was shocked to find that the ghost he cut down had reformed and there wasn’t a single one missing.

“What is this?”

Arnold’s eyes opened wide and he could not understand what was happening, but the Minotaurs solved things with their muscles and not their brains.  He wildly charged forward and swept through the ghosts again.

The countless pieces regrouped.

The ghosts were all reformed.

Damn, this was simply a dead end.  How could he pass this stage?

Arnold killed the ghosts a third time and felt that most of his energy was drained, but what filled him with despair was the ghosts reforming once again.  Arnold did not have the strength to kill them all again. When Arnold calmly thought about it, he finally realized the trick.

There was an array inside the statues of palace had an array and this power was restoring the ghosts.  If Arnold thought to attack the statues from the beginning, he could destroy the ghosts with ease.


How could I be that dumb!

This obvious fault wasn’t found by me!

Arnold did not have any strength as countless ghosts charged out and instantly tore him to shreds, sending Arnold back to the Trial Field.

The other chiefs looked at each other in blank dismay, “He came out after only being inside for two minutes?”

“The Trial Field is different from the arena, the time inside the Trial Field is one twentieth the speed of the outside world.  Chief Arnold has actually been inside for over forty minutes.” Nangong Yun walked over with a smile, “However, chief Arnold, you actually didn’t pass a single stage.  You can only receive the consolation prize, five large cans of level two meat!”

After saying this.

A gnome lifted five cans of food that were delivered in front of him.

“Ha, ha, ha!”

“Arnold, you actually didn’t even pass a single stage.”

These people ridiculed him holding nothing back, causing Arnold’s bull face to turn red.  He angrily argued back, “Damn you, I was just careless, I’ll go again!”

Arnold charged into the trial space again.

Arnold came out in less than thirty seconds.

Arnold’s bull face twitched several times, “Damn, the statue cannot be destroyed blindly, they must have some rule and need to be destroyed in order.  Again, again!”

This Minotaur chief was clearly very agitated from losing.

He entered the space again and again, spending at most two minutes each time before coming out.  After going again and again, he had over ten tries and used over thirty low grade source stones.

“I’ve found the rule!”  Arnold excitedly breathed out.  Although he lost thirty source stones, spending his savings from the year, he did not feel any heartache.  Rather he looked like he was filled with joy, “I’ve used all my source stones, lend some to me. I’ll definitely be able to pass this stage this time!”

Meng Yingying and Nangong Yun were taking money on the side.

The trial space was not as big as the arena, so only several people could challenge it at once, but time passed several times quicker in the trial space, so each time it only took a few minutes.  These True Spirit Cultivators’ minds were not weak, so they could play for several hours without tiring.

Meng Yingying secretly bumped her arm into Nangong Yun beside her, “How much money have we earned?”

“Shh, quieter!”  Nangong Yun stealthily looked over at her, “Chief Arnold has spent thirty two stones, chief Andre has spent twenty eight stones, great warrior Luca has spent twenty four stones…..In total, there is over three hundred source stones!”

Meng Yingying almost broke out in laughter of joy.

This was just too easy to earn money!

Only half an hour had passed now and there were many people lined up outside, with more and more people coming.  Meng Yingying found that there were even gnomes and Druids among them, it seem like these people were all curious about the challenge.

If this Trial Field was to operate for a day, just how much source stones would they earn!

These fools, they didn’t use their minds it through.  How could the trials Chu Tian created be easily broken?  Moreover, that fellow Chu Tian was very sly. Everyone was just like Arnold, although they failed each time, they would find the path in the end, so they would keep trying.

Want to win ten thousand source stones?  In your dreams!

Becoming like this at just the first stage, it wouldn’t be strange if you even lost your underwear!

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