MT Chapter 438


Chapter 438: Virtual arena

Miracle Commerce’s conscription spread like a raging fire.  Whether it was the Minotaurs, the Ogres, the gnomes, or the goblins, they all ran to Miracle City to show their skills.  Who told Miracle Commerce to give such a rich treatment! It was only currently the registration period and there were thirty-forty thousand people that had already come.  The official selection would begin in another three days, this place would be filled with people at that time.

Miracle Commerce was preparing the place beforehand.

Delores was both the City Lord’s assistant and the chief financial officer.  She already understood Miracle Commerce’s finances and although Miracle Commerce was considered rich, with how much they were spending, there would be problems in just two months.  Not only would Miracle Commerce suffer heavy losses, wouldn’t the new City Lord’s credibility fall as well?

How was this a conscription?


This was simply taking their lives!

Delores was anxiously looking for Chu Tian, but when she entered the City Lord’s office, she did not find Chu Tian at all and only saw Meng Qingwu sitting there reading documents.

“You’re looking for sir City Lord?”  Meng Qingwu looked up at Delores, “Truly a coincidence, he just brought Yingying, Nangong, and Vivian to the construction site to prepare for the conscription.  They won’t be back for several days.”

Delores had a depressed expression, “I’ll go look for him.”

“Don’t be in a rush, sit down first for a cup of tea.  It’s no use looking for him, the things for the city have all been left to me to manage.”  Meng Qingwu revealed a faint smile. Meeting someone like Chu Tian who threw everything aside, she didn’t know whether she should be happy or depressed, “I know what you are worried about, but relax, there won’t be any problems.”

How did Chu Tian hook this beautiful, silver haired young fox girl.

Meng Qingwu was a bit depressed when she saw Delores.

However, she was not as obvious with her emotions like Meng Yingying and Meng Qingwu was a very logical person, so she was still quite satisfied with Delores.  She was at least more helpful than Nangong and Yingying. With this City Lord’s assistant, Meng Qingwu’s work would be much easier.

“You’re new and you don’t know much about us, so it’s unavoidable that you’re doubtful.”  She stood up to pour Delores a cup of tea, “I won’t hide it from you, I was like this before, but you’ll soon find that there is no need to be worried.  The things that Miracle Commerce can do will far surpass your expectations. Chu Tian that fellow doesn’t seem proper and many things he does seem careless, but he has his own discretion.”

“Thank you.”  Delores revealed a smile on her charming face and she took the elven green tea, “I just feel like the conscription is not worth it, the price and benefits do not cancel out.  This kind of high treatment will add a large burden and hidden danger to Miracle City.”

“You’re still underestimating Chu Tian.”

Meng Qingwu revealed a smile that was like a spring breeze.

This beautiful human woman gave Delores the feeling of a calm sea without any wind or waves.  Although the surface was calm, the water underneath was very deep.

She was very far from a rash person.

Her confidence and calm could affect the people around her.

“Would he only need an army?  These tens of thousands of people are not just an army, they are also tens of thousands of labourers.  You know about Miracle Commerce’s abilities, with the Space Warehouse and the Transport Towers, we can easily establish a trade route with any city, kingdom, or clan.  We can open up any kind of resources and we can trade with influences anywhere. Looking at it from a long term angle, what does recruiting these few soldiers count for?”

Delores was a bit stunned.

“Miracle Commerce are outsiders without a foundation and even if the gnomes are a reliable race, they are still not the same race.  This means that we can’t rule other cities in the same way. We have a weak foundation and do not have a clan, so we do not have the power to resist dangers and sudden changes, therefore it is necessary to develop an army.  Whether it is in the long run or short term, it is a necessary step. To truly control Miracle City, we must have control over enough power, right?”

Delores felt like this did make sense, “Then in terms of finances…..”

“I have something that I want to tell you.  I know that Chu Tian has already made you the chief financial officer of the city, but I am prepared to create a company and you can be the manager of the company.”  Meng Qingwu seemed like she had already prepared what she was going to say, “I hope that the talented people of the fox clan can all join the company and form large amounts of caravans.  Your fox clan are natural merchants, so I believe you’ll be able to accomplish this.”

Delores excitedly stood up.

This was a very good thing for the fox clan.

The fox clan people are naturally astute and had a keen sense for money and benefits.  Miracle City could use these smart fox clan members to manage the outside caravans. It was like using good iron on a blade and the fox clan would gain many benefits from this.

“Alright!”  Delores did not even think as she said, “I’ll immediately do take care of it!”

“The signal of the Heaven’s Net airship already covers over ten thousand miles, so I will give you your first task.  You will promote the communication device, the broadcasting devices, and the theaters to the various cities and small towns.  Not only does this have a high commercial value, it will help strengthen Miracle Commerce’s influence, laying the foundations for our future battles.”

These technologies had great values waiting to be excavated.

How could Delores not know this?  Now that Miracle Commerce was being shifted to Miracle City, the Space Warehouse had already sent the communication and magnetic sound devices over.  There were a large amount in Miracle City, reaching over hundreds of thousands, so first the caravans would place priority on selling them!

Did these things need to be sold?

Perhaps they would be completely taken once they were brought out!

The task of the fox clan was not to sell these things, but rather to increase their value.  This was not just immediate value, but rather long term value. For example, the broadcast system, once this item was installed in the tribes, they would be able to listen to Miracle Commerce Broadcasting.  Miracle Commerce could spread any kind of request and announcement through the forest very quickly!

Meng Qingwu said, “You don’t need to worry too much, everything is under control.  Miracle City is still very weak right now, but I believe that not far from now, Miracle City will be a rich, populated, and strong city.”

Delores was also very confident about this.

The manager of the city was the director of a special company like Miracle Commerce!


After a few days, the preparations were complete and the large conscription began!

The large group of forest warriors arrived at the arena prepared to fight.  The arena was a castle Miracle Commerce had refurbished and now was the place for the conscription trials.

Miracle Commerce’s conscription had several requirements.  The first requirement was very simple, it was just to have a strong enough power, choosing the best candidates to join the fight.

The warriors were filled with whispers.

It seems like this contest will have casualties.  This arena was very small and with this many people participating, perhaps in half a day, the arena will be destroyed.

There was a large screen hanging from the arena.

A red haired girl appeared on the screen.

“Various forest warriors, thank you for supporting Miracle Commerce!  Miracle Commerce’s conscription contest will begin now. You are all luck, very, very lucky because you are the first people to try out the Virtual Arena!”

Virtual Arena!

What was this Virtual Arena?

The fire red haired girl explained, “This Virtual Arena is something we at Miracle Commerce made using spiritual techniques.  It will allow everyone to enter a spiritual space to fight and not only can you use your full strength, the most valuable thing is that you can’t be injured or die in the Virtual Arena.  Each warrior can display all their skills without holding anything back!”

The forest warriors’ expressions changed.

An arena made from a spiritual world?

People in this environment certainly would not be injured and would not bleed.

“Other than that, I’ll give everyone a bit of information.”  Nangong Yun announced some exciting news, “Miracle Commerce plans to construct many Virtual Arenas in the Forest of Chaos and will hold fights with high monetary prizes in the future.  I believe that the Virtual Arena will become one of Miracle City’s and the entire Forest of Chaos’ most loved form of entertainment. After the Spiritual Network is formed, people from all over the world can participate in Miracle Commerce’s fighting events, providing millions of jobs.  Everyone please look forward to it!”

Everyone was filled with excitement.

This was just too crazy!

There was no entertainment in this era, so if the Virtual Arena was promoted, with spectator seats built within, and image transferring mirrors on the outside, it would become a popular form of entertainment.  In this world filled with martial arts, it had a very large market. Not only would it help cultivators of different realms practice, there was a large market for gambling and support staff.

“Can everyone please line up and listen to the directions of the staff.”

The forest warriors excitedly entered the arena.  The Virtual Arena was like a normal arena, being separated into several areas and with each area having a venue.  The venues were surrounded by walls, but everyone found a problem.

There was a giant crystal in the center of the arena.

This crystal sending out spiritual energy was in the center and there was a giant array covering the area.  In the corners of the walls, there were large energy columns and everyone could feel the energy fluctuations coming from them.

“Everyone please sit.”

“The Virtual Arena is about to be opened!”

Everyone should relax and not resist, this is completely harmless.”

Tens of thousands of people sat down and the energy columns began to glow, causing the entire source energy array to light up.  Finally the giant spiritual attributed crystal in the center released spiritual energy in an instant, enveloping every person sitting in the array.

The forest warriors felt a bit absent minded.

When the forest warriors came back to their sense, they were very shocked to find that they were in a new place.  The surrounding people were all brought along and sent to this place.

A broad arena appeared in front of them.

This area was more than ten times bigger than before and it was very magnificent.  It really opened the eyes of these locally born bumpkins.

This is too incredible!

It was worth it coming to Miracle City this time!

Even if they can’t join the army, it was worth it to see this scene!

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