MT Chapter 437


Chapter 437: Large conscription

This was the first high level closed door meeting in the City Lord Castle, with the main parties being the high level members of Miracle Commerce and the high level members of Green City.  Because of the change in management, the gnomes did not hold any important positions. From City Lord, to vice City Lord, to finances, to military, and etc., the high level positions were all receiving new blood.

This meeting was mainly managed by Meng Qingwu.  This noble and beautiful human, in just a few hours, she was held in high esteems by each one of the gnomes.

Meng Qingwu’s powerful intelligence gave her command over over twenty languages, talking to Clark and the other gnomes in the elven language.  The talent Meng Qingwu had for language was clearly not something normal scholars had, which made the gnomes hold her in high esteems.

Of course.


This wasn’t much.

Meng Qingwu’s main point was introducing Miracle Commerce.  Her thoughts were very clear, she even explained small things like canned food and electric lights carefully.  Then she explained the Source Energy Batteries and Source Energy Weapons. But what would happen if she explained the Space Warehouse and transport technology, the sound and video transfer technology, and the currently being developed spiritual reality technology?

The gnomes were not as old fashioned as the elves, they had a strong sense to explore.  They were a group of people that liked to study and most of the gnomes were scholars. Miracle Commerce’s series of great and shocking inventions were all bombs that stunned the gnomes for a long time.

What was called research?

What was called an invention?

The laboratory the gnomes built underground was highly ranked in the forest, using several hundred years to develop it, but it couldn’t even compare to the Yun Sect Chu Tian developed in 1% of the time.  This kind of matter made the gnomes feel helpless, but it also filled them with incomparable excitement.

Although Miracle Commerce was not strong.

Miracle Commerce had an incredible potential.

This was a company filled with innovation.  Just the Transport Tower and the Space Warehouse, just these two space attributed technology was enough to give Miracle City infinite possibilities.

The Forest of Chaos environment was very complicated, with all the cities being closed and having almost no contact with outside countries.  It was because of this reason that although the Forest of Chaos was rich in resources, it was actually very impoverished.

If the Transport Tower and the Space Warehouse were made popular and people and resource could be sent around, wouldn’t that make this much more convenient?  This had a large prospect!

Not to mention the Source Energy Weapons technology.

This was enough to make up for the problem of not having enough strength.

“I plan on merging the Yun Sect and gnome research laboratories.”  Meng Qingwu said, “The gnomes and high level members of the Yun Sect will manage this together, what does the Great Elder think of this?”

The gnomes still had not recovered from their shock.

Clark quickly asked, “We can participate in researching and developing these new technologies?”

Meng Qingwu nodded with a faint smile, “The gnomes are famous scholars of the continent, to have you join our Yun Sect’s large projects, I’m certain it will bring great benefits to our Yun Sect!”

“Good, good!”

“This is great!”

The gnomes excitedly agreed to this alliance without any scruples, this cooperation only had benefits to Miracle Commerce.  Whether it was the peak research equipment of the Forest of Chaos or the talented researchers, as well as the resources from Green City, it was simply no different from a free white glove.

If the other influences accepted Green City, they still had to accept the consumption fees of the gnomes’ research laboratory, but it was completely different for Miracle Commerce.

This was purely investing in themselves!

The tens of thousands of source stones each month counted for nothing!

Meng Qingwu never thought it would be this smooth, the gnomes did not even bring up any conditions with her.  Perhaps this was the difference between races, if it was a human in front of her, they would ask for an outrageous price.  As for how the research would be divided, the gnomes did not have any requirements at all, showing that they were too innocent.

There weren’t many races as greedy as the humans on the continent, this was also why races like the gnomes did not like having contact with humans.

“Now the introductions have been made, I think everyone should have a basic understanding.”  Chu Tian who hadn’t spoke since the beginning finally stood up and said, “We should discuss how to clean up the mess in front of us.”

Miracle City were facing a few major problems.

First, there weren’t enough people.  Miracle City currently has less than a million people and most of them are the native gnomes.  There are no merchants travelling here to do business and there aren’t people unearthing the rich resources.

Second, their finances were tight.  Before Chu Tian came to Miracle City, they already couldn’t pay for everything.  Now they had faced several large disasters and had many things to do, it was the time to spend money.  The tens of thousands of source stones prepared by Miracle Commerce wasn’t enough, they could only solve the problems for now, but there would be more problems in the future.

Third, they didn’t have enough strength.  Miracle City was just too weak. Just a few Shamans and a single Lich had almost eliminated a forest city, this would make anyone laugh themself to death if they heard it.  It had to be known, those that could become a forest city were all large influences that could ignore the dark forest principle. Miracle City was too weak, they didn’t even have a Spirit Transformation Cultivator guarding them.

Fourth, they had diplomatic problems.  Miracle City had the Eternal Forest behind them, but everyone knew that the Eternal Forest was too tightly sealed, so hoping that the elves would send help was like wishing for a meat pie to fall from the sky.  Although the Eternal Forest’s name had some deterrence, it was still hard to stop the greed of the other powers. It was fine if it was a normal power, but they might lure in the real giants.

There were still many other small and large problems.

These were just the main problems they had to deal with.

Although he was sitting in the Green City City Lord throne, he could not relax, he had to urgently solve these problems.  Now the main plan was to increase Miracle City’s population and strength. They would take in the internal powers before heading outwards.

Miracle City still had the Shaman Religion and the Druid Religion.

Luz led the Shamans to join Miracle City and now they were like a grasshopper on a rope.  As long as they had enough benefits, Chu Tian could use this power as he wished. The Druids were a bit more difficult, although the Druids were strong, they were stubborn and hard to tame, and they couldn’t be summoned for most situations.

But the Druids had recognized Chu Tian’s ability and Prophet Yoda admired Chu Tian.  As long as there was an appropriate method of cooperating, they might be able to cooperate with them.

These two powers would certainly be digested, but that was far from enough.

Miracle Commerce needed to gather more population and elites from outside sources.

Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu’s eyes both fell on the local tribes, the fox clan, the Minotaurs, and etc.  These large tribes lived around Miracle City and they weren’t weak, so these locals could influence the city.

In the war with the Lich this time.

The locals became much closer with Miracle City.

How long would this relation last?  Last time the locals almost came together to attack the city, this matter could happen again!

The reason why many of these tribes like to live around Miracle City was not because it was convenient, but mainly because most of these tribes were robbers.  There would be merchants coming from the city frequently, so these fat merchants were very attractive to them.

So even if the locals kept a good relationship with Miracle Commerce, it was hard for them to stop causing chaos, which was a hidden danger for Miracle Commerce.

Exterminate them?

This was not realistic and they couldn’t all be killed.

Win them all over?

This was even more impossible.  These fellows weren’t high quality and if they all came into the city, it would be hard for Miracle Commerce to manage them.  Not to mention that after they leave, more locals would come from another place and form more tribes.

What to do?

Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu carefully discussed this and finally though of a good method.

The next day.

A piece of news spread through the forest.

Miracle City was holding a large conscription!

The elites of the tribes could become soldiers of the city, receiving food and a rich treatment.  The tribes would also receive food from Miracle City and according to the conscription ratio, families can also receive extra compensation form Miracle City.

This news caused a stir in the locals because with the mess caused by the Shamans, the famine had not been solved and food shortage was a large problem.  Miracle City was providing food and drinks that far surpassed what the tribe could give, not to mention the soldiers had the chance to be promoted into official positions.  It would bring honor and food to the tribe, as well as being able to gain permanent residences for their family in Miracle City.

This was a large matter!

Miracle City released another piece of news.

The first conscription had a quota of thirty thousand people!

They would serve for three-five years and if the warrior chose to retire, Miracle Commerce would not fetter their freedom!

Miracle Commerce sent advertisements to every tribe and used large amounts of speakers to broadcast their advertisement through the forest.

Do you want to create the future with Miracle Commerce?

Do you want to leave your boring lives?

Do you want to become outstanding?

Do you want to support your family?

Do you want to live better?

Come join Miracle City’s large conscription.  As long as you pass the series of tests to become a Miracle City soldier, Miracle City will not just feed and train you, there will also be a series of welfare measures that will allow you to live without worry!

This time the forest was filled with chaos.

Who wasn’t looking for this kind of treatment?

Not to mention it was now a time of famine!

Even if they just cultivated for a few years, it was still fine.  They needed pills and resources for their cultivation and it would be better than what their tribes could give them.  Not to mention that Miracle City outlined a beautiful future, allowing them to become outstanding by being a soldier!


The forest was filled with a tide of people trying to become soldiers.

Countless confident local warriors all picked up their weapons and set off.  They were rushing to Miracle City like there was a fire on their butts, in order to show off their skills at the conscription.

Miracle Commerce was only recruiting thirty thousand people at first.

This recruitment would be held every year and maybe even more frequently.  The conscription area would not be just limited to the area, they would go even further.  The conscription would not only be limited to fighting, it would also include support staff, or people good at forging, gathering, and mining.

This not only guaranteed Miracle Commerce had enough people in the future.

It was also equal to creating tens of thousands of jobs, which could reach hundreds of thousands in the future.

This would largely increase the living standards of the local tribes and would also unify them, as well as increasing Miracle Commerce’s population.

Naturally there was a clear shortcoming which was that it wasn’t cheap to support this army.

Miracle Commerce did not just have to feed them, they also needed to give them cultivation resources.  Even if a single elite soldier spent only a single low grade source stone each month, it would be thirty thousand low grade source stones each month for thirty thousand people.

This was already close to reaching the gnome research laboratory’s consumption.

This kind of expense would be hard for most forest cities to bear and it was because of this that it was hard to find an army like this in the forest.  The garrisons of various cities would come from the strength of their own tribe who lived their normal lives, but all their soldiers would come from their tribe when they were in danger.

Miracle City was the first city to industrialize, standardize, and professionalize military forces!

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