MT Chapter 436


Chapter 436: Transport Tower

There were too many messes in Miracle City.

Although the hidden internal problems had been solved for now, there were still very serious outer threats.

The famine caused by the Shamans had not been solved and the forest to the south polluted by the Undead Religion were not purified yet.  Miracle City’s environment was very special and it was currently weak, not having good relations with the large local tribes. Adding in the fact that the ruler’s were changing, causing trouble for the entire city, as well as the lack of merchants moving through the city, it was a loss for Miracle Commerce overall.

Delores had been at Chu Tian’s sickbed for an hour and she still didn’t finish reporting.


“Enough, enough, stop!”  Chu Tian sat up. Although he had recovered to normal after five-six days in bed, Chu Tian’s body was still in a weak condition, “I’ll have a helper clean up everything, you don’t need to report this to me.  Where’s Clark? Quickly call him over!”

Delores was speechless.

How could a City Lord act like this?

Clark came to the City Lord Castle and immediately cupped his hand to speak to Chu Tian, “Reporting to the City Lord, as expected, we have found that the valley contains a deep underground space.  There are various skeletons from the ancient times in that space and countless undead monsters wandering around, we still can’t determine why there is such a strong death energy there. Because of how dangerous the environment is, the scouting team did not dare enter.”

Chu Tian rubbed his chin and considered it.

He could think of one possibility, but he couldn’t confirm it for now.

“Don’t worry about it for now, I’ll personally take a look when I have time.”

Clark came over holding a black crystal, “We are cleaning up the remains of the Lich Dragon and we found this inside the skull of the Lich Dragon.  It seems like…..the Lich’s soul flame. Should we destroy this or not?”

In order to resist the sucking ability of the little fox, the Lich had sealed its soul flame.  It was because of this that this soul flame was not destroyed in the end.

Chu Tian took the crystal in his hand, “The soul flame of a two thousand year old Lich, this is quite a valuable item.  Destroying it would be too much of a pity, I’ll keep it to see if there’s a use later.”

The soul flame was the heart and brain of an undead.

Most undead sealed their power in their soul flame and the memories and thoughts of an intelligent undead was also formed from this soul flame.  Therefore to an undead, the soul flame was the most important part. They could give up any part of their body, but they couldn’t miss a single part of their soul flame.

This Lich’s soul flame must be damaged, so the Lich’s consciousness must have disappeared.  This soul flame was like a brain that had gone into a vegetative state. Although it had lost its ability for independent consciousness, Chu Tian believed that with the right stimulation, this soul flame could burn once again.

These things were not important.

Chu Tian asked the question he cared about the most, “The things I had you do, how is it going now?”

“Although the space attributed crystals are very rare, the gnomes have a few in storage.  We have already finished the work according to the blueprints the City Lord has provided.”  Clark hesitantly asked, “The space materials are very rare and there aren’t many places where it can be used, I don’t know why the City Lord has used them to build that strange tower.”

Space attributed materials did not have many uses.

Its main use was crafting Storage Items.

The research in the spatial domain of this era was too limited, but space attributed materials were still rare even if that was the case.  Chu Tian gave Clark a set of blueprints three days ago and had Clark and the gnomes complete the thing on the blueprints. Using most of the space attributed materials in Green City’s storage made the gnomes hearts ache.

“No need to rush.”  Chu Tian heard that it was constructed and his mood was very good, “Come, I’ll take you all to have a look.”

On a small hill at the center of Miracle City, there was a four meter tall pointy tower crafted.  This pointy tower was beside a giant disk which had large amounts of space attributed crystals inlaid on it.  Chu Tian looked it over carefully and finally determined that there were no mistakes at all, finally carefully taking out the Eye of the Star.

The Eye of the Star had been carefully chiseled and polished and now it was only two thirds of its original size.

When the Eye of the Star was placed in the center of the tower, it immediately connected the structure inside the tower.  A kind of energy quickly ran through the tower and disk, instantly activating this strange thing. Starlight was released from the peak of the tower and a spatial energy wave quickly spread in all directions.

The gnomes were slightly stunned.

Spatial energy was one of the most mysterious and hard to control energy in this world, yet Chu Tian could control it in such a stable and orderly manner.

This should be fine now!

Chu Tian pulled out the communication device to contact Oldman Small Town.  The people on that side should have waited for a long time, so Chu Tian did not waste words and directly said, “You can come over now.”

Chu Tian turned off the communication device and turned to give a withdraw hand signal.

Everyone didn’t know what Chu Tian was doing, but it shouldn’t be something without any meaning.  Clark and Delores saw Chu Tian place the Eye of the Star inside the tower and they remembered how important this Eye of the Star was to Chu Tian, so this meant the tower did not have a normal ability.

At this time.

An intense light came from the tower.

The space crystals all released energy.

Everyone felt a kind of energy fluctuation coming from the ground and it was actually slightly trembling.  With a dazzling flash of light, there were large amounts of human figures that appeared on the disk beside the tower.

“Chu Tian!”

Before the light disappeared, Chu Tian heard a pleasantly surprised and excited voice.  Then an incredibly delicate body threw itself into his embrace, giving him a large hug.

Who would it be if it wasn’t Meng Yingying.

Chu Tian picked up Meng Yingying, “How about it, I didn’t lie to you!”

“It really is wonderful!”  Meng Yingying’s face was slightly red, as she immediately escaped his embrace, “How did you do it?  We were clearly in Oldman Small Town, but once we opened the scroll, we instantly appeared here!”

“This is the effect of the Transport Tower.”  Chu Tian proudly looked at his work and said, “Miracle City has the first Transport Tower on the continent.  Even at the ends of the earth, no matter what corner of the world you’re in, as long as you use the Space Transport Technique, you will instantly arrive in our Miracle City!  The scrolls that I gave you through the Space Warehouse was actually made from fragments of the Eye of the Star and space crystal power. It has the transport coordinates of Miracle City written on it, so it could accomplish this collective transport!”

The ones transported this time was not just Meng Yingying.

Meng Qingwu, Nangong Yun, Chen Bingyu, Vivian, and most of the main Miracle Commerce members had all been sent over.

“Ha, ha, young miss, Vivian, Nangong, long time no see!”  Chu Tian found several small things, “Yi, Lulu, you came too?  That is great!”

The little Flower Fairy Lulu had led some sisters over.

They had looks of surprises on their faces at this moment.

Meng Qingwu, Nangong Yu, and Chen Bingyu, they still hadn’t reacted yet.  They never would have thought that they who had just been in Oldman Small Town would be sent to Miracle City in the blink of an eye.  Weren’t the two places separated by tens of thousands of miles? They had been sent over in the blink of an eye, this was like a miracle!

The one most shocked was Vivian.

Vivian had innate spatial energy and she could only teleport at most several hundred miles at once because the further the distance was, the harder it was to lock onto a space.  She had never heard of anything in this world that could allow one to teleport over tens of thousands of miles at once.

“I know you have many questions right now, but now is not the time.  Let me introduce you.” Chu Tian turned around to the people frozen like logs and said, “This is the gnome Great Elder Clark and this is the Demonic God Religion’s priest Delores.  This is…..”

Clark’s face was filled with excitement, “A fortunate meeting, a fortunate meeting.  This is?”

“This beautiful and wise looking human young miss is Miracle Commerce’s vice chairman and Miracle City’s vice City Lord.”  Chu Tian then pointed at the petite Vivian to the side and said, “This is elven race young miss has a deep background. She is the Eternal Forest’s Elven King’s daughter Vivian and also Miracle City’s vice City Lord from now on.

Meng Qingwu and Vivian, they were the two vice City Lord from the Elven King’s orders.

Clark did not know who Meng Qingwu was, but he had heard of Vivian before, this was the Elven King’s most talented daughter.  Back then, he felt it was very strange. Why did the Elven King not appoint his daughter as the City Lord and instead put a lowly, nameless human in such an important position.

Even if Vivian was not very strong now, wasn’t she still many times stronger than the human?  Not to mention that she was the Elven King’s daughter. If Vivian was the City Lord, the other powers would really have to consider things before they moved against her, they would need to consider if they could withstand the Elven King’s retaliation.

Of course.  

Now Clark understood everything.

After experiencing all the things Chu Tian had done, the gnomes could see that this seemingly young man was actually an intelligent and powerful human who they didn’t dare look down on anymore.  They had a complete understanding and trust of the Elven King’s judgement now.

“This place isn’t convenient to speak, let’s go to the City Lord’s hall.”

The two sides needed time to adjust with each other.  Although Chu Tian already had his fame as the City Lord, the gnomes were still the main power of Miracle City.  Chu Tian still needed the gnomes’ resources and manpower for a long time, so there were things that need to be properly explained.

At the very least, Chu Tian need the gnomes to know just what Miracle Commerce did!

“Wa, boss, it can’t be!”  Nangong Yun rode on the griffin as she shouted, “Our city is just too big!  I have never seen a city like this before, it can match several dozen of our Southern Summer Imperial City.”

Meng Yingying was very shocked looking over Miracle City.

Although the air still had a faint undead aura to it, it did not hinder her appreciation of this beautiful city scenery.  The surrounding mountains were a natural barrier and wall, and the inner space was spacious incomparably beautiful. There were grasslands, valleys, mountain ranges, and lakes, altogether it was a trove of treasures.

Too big!

Only the people were too lacking.

If it was just a group of scattered castles and settlements, everyone would think that this is a paradise surrounded by mountains.  Who would have thought that there would be a city here?

Meng Qingwu was very excited.  Miracle Commerce had developed for more than a year, this was their first time having an official domain!

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