MT Chapter 434


Chapter 434: Seizing the altar

Bone Dragon, it was like the name suggested.

This was an undead formed from the corpse of a dragon.

The dragon clan had a large variety.  There were high level dragons like Giant Dragons and Flood Dragons, as well as low level dragons like Earth Dragons or Terror Dragons.  The Bone Dragon appearing in front of Chu Tian, although it wasn’t the peak grade Giant Dragon, it was formed from a Giant Dragon of the dragon race.

Transforming a high level dragon into an undead, this was definitely not an easy thing to do.  Even if the Lich was strong, he was only in the Heaven Spirit Realm, he could not create a Bone Dragon even with a hundred years.


This Bone Dragon corpse was already buried here and it had been bred in this environment for countless years.  Each bone was filled with death energy and it was an excellent undead material. It only need a special method of summoning for it to immediately become a terrifying undead monster.

When the Lich summoned the Bone Dragon, its floating figure above the altar suddenly flew out.  It released a blue flame in the air and like a burning butterfly, it moved very quickly as it finally fell onto the giant Bone Dragon covered in grey energy.

“What is he doing?”

“A sacrifice technique.”  Chu Tian was a bit surprised by the Lich’s methods, “The Lich is acting as a sacrifice, transforming his body and allowing his soul flame and mind to enter the Bone Dragon.  He will become one with the Bone Dragon, losing the Lich body.”

The dragon bones were filled with an incomparably strong resentment and curse.

This was hard to withstand for any soul, but the Lich was not affected at all, so it slowly began to refine the last bit of consciousness of the Bone Dragon.  In order to acquire a strong body to use, he had to fuse with the Bone Dragon ahead of time!


The Bone Dragon roared into the sky with renewed vigor as its bone body was filled with a kind of blue flame.  From its head to its tail, from its body to its wings, its entire skeleton was covered a layer of ash grey mist.  There was a blue and white flame flowing inside the ash grey mist which was all of the Lich’s power.

The Bone Dragon’s eyes released a purple colour.

The Lich’s soul flame was already sealed within the Bone Dragon.

This was not just a Bone Dragon anymore, it was now a Lich Dragon.  It had the Lich’s strong power and the Bone Dragon’s destructive might combined into one.  With a casual flap of its giant wings, a violent wave of energy swept out.

Its over thirty meters long giant body was covered in a powerful energy, there wasn’t a single weak point form head to toe.  However, when the Lich Dragon had just formed, it felt a strong attractive power that was currently quickly stealing energy from it.

That fellow was no one else but the little fox!

The Lich Dragon angrily roared out and with an incredible speed, it sent out a giant flaming dragon claw.  The claw fell onto the little fox and like slapping down on an ant, it slammed the little fox into the ground, with the wild strength causing the ground in a ten meter radius to crack.

Delores was shocked, “Lord Demonic God!”

A grey mist flashed on Chu Tian’s shoulder and the little fox suddenly came back.

There was no other choice, the Lich Dragon was too strong.  It was completely different from the other mindless undead, the Lich Dragon still had the Lich’s memories and mind, even the Lich’s techniques.

The Lich was already on guard against the little fox.

Therefore, he had used a secret technique to seal his soul flame.  As long as the soul flame was there, the Lich Dragon would not be destroyed.  As for the energy that was stolen? It didn’t count for anything! The Lich Dragon did not care at all.  As long as it was in a ten meter range, the Lich Dragon could directly take energy from the towers. Its power were endless, so it could not be defeated at all.

The Lich Dragon’s large body circled in the sky.

Although it had turned into a Lich Dragon, the ceremony was still not stopped and it rather proceeded with a quicker speed.  According to this speed, Green City would be destroyed in another hour.

“Stop him!!”

Clark led the gnomes to attack.  Large logs rose out of the ground and each one was several meters long, as well as being covered in runes.  They began to cover the Lich Dragon’s body.

Who would have known that this power wouldn’t be able to touch the Lich Dragon at all.  The Lich Dragon spat out flames from its mouth and instantly burned all the logs. The flames did not dissipate after this and when the flames fell onto the sea of skeletons, it was like flames falling into alcohol, spreading in all directions.

The large amounts of skeletons were all covered in flames.

When these skeletons were covered in flames, they were not destroyed, but rather they were infused with a strong energy.  Their bodies were covered in flames and their speed and strength were increased several times. However, their wildness increased over a hundred times as they wildly attacked like a swarm of bloodthirsty ants.

“Dying here means becoming one of us.”

The Lich Dragon’s emotionless voice reverberated in the sky and even someone several miles away could hear it.  Several dozen towers were infusing power into its body and the Lich Dragon’s aura kept becoming stronger.

From the center of the sea of flaming undead, another might dragon’s roar sounded out.

Yoda’s short one meter figure suddenly turned into an over ten meter long green dragon.  The flaming dragon breath was released and the several hundred skeleton soldiers in front were burned away, leaving no traces.

“Druid?  Your power is still far lacking!”

The Lich Dragon charged down and the green dragon charged up.  These two powerful being released their dragon’s breath at the same time and the flames countered out each other.  Finally these two large figures clashed with the Lich Dragon pressing down on the green dragon as they violently attacked each other.

The green dragon was only over ten meters long and the Lich Dragon was over thirty meters long.  The green dragon did not have an advantage in terms of size, not to mention that Yoda was already injured.  The Lich Dragon was not only stronger, it had inexhaustible power.

Yoda couldn’t defeat the other side.

Finally as expected, while the two dragons were violently attacking each other, the green dragon released flames filled with life energy which lit up most of the Lich Dragon’s wing.  The Lich Dragon condensed flames of death energy which burned the back of the green dragon, causing the rotten flesh to fall down like rain drops.

The green dragon had a very strong vitality, otherwise if it was a normal living being and even if it was a mammoth, it would become an undead mammoth being burned by these flames.

The green dragon was clearly heavily injured.  The flame on the Lich Dragon’s left wing was enveloped in black energy and it was extinguished in just a few seconds, showing no injuries at all.

Yoda couldn’t last more than a few minutes.

The others were currently surrounded by the sea of skeletons and it was very difficult to provide support.  Even if they had a chance to provide support, what could they use to threaten a Lich Dragon with endless power?

“Too weak!”  The Lich Dragon’s attack sent the green dragon flying several meters.  The damage on the Lich Dragon’s body was quickly recovered with the power of the towers, “You’re not worthy of owning Green City, the eternal darkness and death will help you gain immortality.”

“Do you think you’ve already won?”

When the Lich Dragon felt this voice, it was a bit stunned.  It finally noticed that the unpredictable human had actually jumped onto the altar while it was fighting with the Druids.

“What do you want to do?”

“Do what?”  Chu Tian stood on the altar which was the center of the array and released his Nine Eyed Demon God Source Spirit.  An aura that disdained the world suppressed the Lich Dragon and Chu Tian’s eyes turned a deathly ash grey colour, which was the colour of death energy, “Your array is too crude, just a casual look is enough for me to find the method of controlling it.”

Chu Tian hands sent out a palm attack.

In an instant, the winds began to change.  The sky was filled with rolling waves of energy and the towers also began to tremble.

The Lich Dragon’s mind that had not been shaken in hundreds of years suddenly had ripples form as it called out in a panic struck manner, “Impossible, this array was dug out of the ruins and I used three hundred years to learn how to control it!”

Chu Tian used his actions to reply to the Lich Dragon.

The array in the sky began to change, as the runes began to rearrange themselves and the array began to change, gradually changing into a completely different array.  The energy being released actually gathered back into the valley in just a few seconds.

Large fluctuations began to spread.

The Lich Dragon found that it was gradually losing control of the surrounding undead.

The undead attaching Clark and the others all stopped like machine being shut down before reactivating and this time they wildly attacked the Lich Dragon.  The undead were controlled by the Lich through the towers, but now Chu Tian had eliminated the Lich’s control over the towers.

The Lich had lost control of the undead army!

Clark, Yoda, and Delores all revealed looks of astonishment.

What did it mean to steal control from a Lich?  Not only would it require a stronger power, for Chu Tian to control the altar, he needed a higher attainment in the domain of death than the Lich!

The Lich Dragon gave an angry roar and released the heavily injured green dragon.  Its large body entered the sky and shattered several hundred skeletons to pieces. It charged at Chu Tian on the altar, but when it approached the altar, the Lich Dragon was bounced back by a giant grey barrier.

Chu Tian laughed, “The energy you worked hard to gather, if you fought conservatively, you would have certainly won.  But you chose to release the altar to protect the towers, which was truly a large mistake. It seems like becoming a Lich did not make you much smarter.  Now we can properly play with each other.”

Chu Tian had complete control over the altar.

The altar was like a controller or it was an encrypted controller that controlled all the energy inside of the towers.  The Lich was too confident and thought that other than himself, there was no one that could control the altar. Now he was paying the price for that mistake.

A few minutes ago, the one controlling the valley was still the Lich.

Right now, the main controller was Chu Tian.

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