MT Chapter 432


Chapter 432: The Druid’s support

Under the wild swallowing of the little fox, the energy clouds gradually disappeared.  The little fox immediately came back after finishing its task and the eighteen Divine Servants also came back.

The Necromancers all had very ugly expressions.

This was truly evil!

The death ruins had made this undead army and the energy released from the death ruins were enough to destroy Green City.  Who would have thought that fighting to this point, the ones becoming weaker and weaker would be the Undead Religion instead.  How was this done, this completely surpassed their expectations.


The five Abominations were all destroyed.

The energy clouds were scattered.

Under the fierce attack of the forest army elites, the undead monsters began to reveal signs of retreating.  Now they didn’t hope to destroy the other side, they could only hope to stop them here and give Lord Lich enough time to complete the ceremony.

Once this startling giant array was activated, Green City would be instantly destroyed.  Over a million people would be turned into undead and it would be futile no matter what the other side did!

Now the large web like source energy array covering the sky became bigger and bigger, as more and more energy was being gathered, but the array was just too big.  With the current trend, it would be far from complete without another half a day. Could the undead army resist for that long? Just depending on the tens of thousands of Ghouls and zombies?

“We can’t waste too much time here.”  Chu Tian knew that the Lich had finished the ceremony ahead of time and this place was still very far, so they couldn’t delay here for long.  He shouted to the others, “We will charge through and kill that Lich!”


“Charge through!”

Although their damage was not small, everyone bravely fought on.  After all, this concerned their clan’s survival, no one could afford to lose this battle.

Chu Tian led the eighteen Divine Servants to charge forward.  Depending on the Void Escaping to protect himself, even when passing through a large army, it was hard for him to be injured the slightest bit.  The eighteen Divine Servants just followed behind him and the puppets had astonishing defenses. They were impervious to all curses, death energy, and dark energy attacks, so they could charge forward without stop.

Naturally the little fox was the most the most vital part.

It could swallow the attacks coming from all directions.  When large amounts of undead monsters tried to surround them, the little fox just need to lightly suck in.  Regardless of if it was Gargoyles, Ghouls, or high level undead, the soul flame inside the undead monsters would be directly sucked out.

The special ability of the little fox was simply an instant kill!

One person, one fox, and eighteen puppets passed through countless tens of thousands of undead without stop.  The undead fell wherever they went and even with all those Necromancers sieging them, they couldn’t be stopped at all.

The strength that Chu Tian alone brought was enough to suppress most of the undead.

How could the Green City people not be shocked?

How could the Undead Religion not be amazed?

People were sincerely suppressed by Chu Tian.

If this human did not make a move, perhaps the Shaman Religion would have taken Green City before the Undead Religion made a move.  The Undead Religion would be the oriole behind the mantis stalking the cicada, causing Green City to suffer a hard end.

In the end, this persona had broken the Shaman’s plans.

Now he was even attacking the Undead Religion like this!

The undead couldn’t hold on much longer.

But when the balance was about to tip, there was a large and dense black shadow that appeared from the valley that was countless Yin Souls.  They all had fierce appearances. They were Yin Souls with the greatest resentment, being made of intense death energy. They were visible, but non-material and there were many of them.

The Yin Souls gave out sharp screams as their bodies turned red.  They crashed into the forest like meteors, withering the entire forest, instantly forming thousands of large holes.

This was an indiscriminate bombing.

Whether it was the undead army or the forest army, they were all in the range of the resentful soul’s bombing attacks.  The resentful soul’s explosion did not send out any flames or shockwaves, rather it released an intense death and spiritual energy.  This attack dealt very little damage to the undead army, but it was very damaging to normal living beings.

This wave of explosions was not the end.

A large amount of Gargoyles appeared in the sky again.

These Gargoyles were warriors enveloped in dark energy armour.  When Chu Tian saw these warriors, his expression slightly changed.

Dread Knights?

This Lich really did have some skills!

He can even make something like this!

There weren’t more than several hundred Dread Knights, but one couldn’t look down on them, they had a very terrifying battle strength.  If Chu Tian did not guess wrong, these Dread Knights should be made from the corpses of the various large tribe chiefs that the Lich collected.

Those chiefs that died of old age or by accident, each one had a very high strength.  After they were changed into Dread Knights, they would be able to retain most of their powers from when they were alive and would even keep parts of their cultivation techniques when they were alive.

The thick black armour these high level undead had were not real armour, but rather formed from dark energy.  These undead had the same appearance as before they died, but their eyes were filled with soul flames and there was a gloomy undead aura around them.

Four-five hundred Dread Knights joined the fight.

This was a very strong battle strength.

Although a single Dread Knight could not compare to the Abomination, four-five of them together was stronger than an Abomination.  Now that there were several hundred Dread Knights joining the fight, it was equal to adding in the strength of over a hundred Abominations.  This would immediately bring a lot of pressure to the Green City forces.

A Dread Knight raised a large sword and attacked with a shocking speed.

If he didn’t release the Netherworld Flame Sword, Chu Tian could only barely keep up with the speed.  The large sword was covered in black energy as it send out twenty different streaks of sword glow almost in an instant, all aimed at Chu Tian from different directions.

The Dread Knights were not only incredibly fast, their attack strength was also very terrifying.  With Chu Tian’s current Void Escaping, he could not resist it. He could only retreat and send out a sword qi.  The Dread Knight blocked the Netherworld Sword’s qi and stood firm after moving back several steps, before immediately chasing after him.

The little fox did not give it a chance.

The Dread Knight’s soul flame jumped a few times in its helmet before it came out of the slits of its armour before it was swallowed by the little fox.  Chu Tian let out a soft sigh of relief. He did not fear these Dread Knights, but these fellows were strong and there would be no end if they fight, but Chu Tian did not have time to waste.

Before the forest army could recover from the bombing, the Dread Knights had already launched their attacks.  This time the Green City and local armies were both caught off guard, suffering heavy losses.

The Necromancers were overjoyed seeing this.

The Dread Knights were the personal guards of Lord Lich.  It must be Lord Lich that found the situation was bad, so he sent out his personal guards out.  With the support of these Dread Knights, it could ease the pressure slightly.


There wasn’t enough military strength.

They still hadn’t fought into the valley yet.

Clark revealed an anxious expression.  This would be bad for Green City if they kept fighting, but while Clark was filled with anxiety, another change suddenly happened.

“Look over there.”

“There is a group of demon beasts coming!”

From the skies above Green City, there was a large group of demon beasts coming from the sky.  There were dragon hawks, dual legged dragons, thunderclap birds, and various other demon beasts coming out.  There were two-three thousand of them.

“The Druids!”

“The Druids came!”

These demon beasts were transformed Druids.  The Druids began to attack the undead army. These demon beasts had terrifying destructive might and with a round of wild attacks, the undead army that had slightly increased their position suddenly fell back into a disadvantageous position again.

The little fox jumped through the Dread Knights.  In just a few minutes, it had killed several dozen Dread Knights in the forest.

The Druids had always been neutral.

They helped Green City solve this problem at this critical moment.

However, Chu Tian was not surprised at all.  The Undead Religion was not just aimed at one city and one clan, they were planning to turn the entire area into an undead area.  The Druids had lived in Green City for this long, how could they tolerate something like this? This led them to decide to help Green City.


A low dragon’s roar came from the sky.

A green dragon longer than ten meters dived down from the sky.  It released its fiery dragon breath, causing the ground to become a sea of flames, as several hundred undead monsters were burned to ashes by the dragon breath.

Prophet Yoda!

Prophet Yoda was making his move!

This truly was unprecedented!

After the green dragon cleaned out the undead monsters, it landed at Chu Tian’s side.  It lowered its giant dragon head and a low and deep voice came from its mouth, “Sir City Lord, let me give you a ride!”

“That would work!”

Chu Tian led the little fox and the Divine Servants to jump onto the Green Dragon.  At this time, many Druid elites were charging through the air above the forest, charging at the source of the evil energy.

When looking at it from afar.

They could vaguely see the valley in front of them.

The valley was a giant basin and it was packed with rich dark and death energy.  There was a large column reaching the sky as if it was mixing the sky, currently transporting large amounts of energy from the ground into the sky, gathering it into a giant array.

Chu Tian was filled with wonder.

The energy within the ruins was a bit too strong.

Just what kind of things were buried inside of it?

But there was no time to think about this now, it was more urgent to destroy this place now.  The Druid Religion, the Green Religion, the Shaman Religion, Arnold, Delores, and the other forest elites, they were all forces that went against each other, but there was an unprecedented union now, as everyone shared a hatred for the Undead Religion.

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