MT Chapter 430


Chapter 430: Fierce battle

Chief Arnold’s body erupted with spirit energy and that rich energy turned into the form of a grand bull.  The source spirits of the Minotaur Tribe were different forms of bulls and Arnold’s source spirit was a Golden Bull King.

The Golden Bull King was a very strong demon beast.  Not only did this source spirit increase power, defense, and explosive force, the most important thing was that the Golden Bull King was a dual attributed demon beast.  It not only had earth attributed attacks and defenses, it also had rare spiritual abilities.

Legends say that the Golden Bull King could kill prey with its eyes!

This was an ability known as Death Gaze!


Of course the essence of this was a very powerful mental shock.  Arnold’s source spirit was a Golden Bull King, so he had the natural talents of the Golden Bull King, but it was a pity that spiritual attacks had no use on the undead.

This kind of monster could only be crushed to be completely destroyed!

When Arnold gave his order, several hundred elite Minotaur clansmen released their source spirits at the same time which were all incomparably strong bull forms.  Their source spirits completely covered their bodies, making it seem like several hundred giant bulls had appeared where the Minotaurs were.

A low roar shook the forest as it immediately spread all over the forest.

Several hundred bulls wildly charged at the same time.

The earth and forest all trembled.

The Minotaurs relied on their powerful bodies to charge and wherever they went, everything was trampled.  Whether it was large logs or boulders, they were all shattered. They moved very quickly and the zombies and Ghouls in front of them could not react.  They just saw several hundred different coloured bulls charge forward that turned into a giant wave, clearing out a large part of the forest.

Bones were shattered and skin was torn apart.

The zombies and Ghouls were as frail as paper in front of the Minotaurs and they were all sent flying like cotton.  The powerful charge of the Minotaurs, it was a force that couldn’t be stopped.

Chu Tian was very surprised by this, “These bulls actually have this kind of power?”

“Although that fellow Arnold doesn’t have any brains, his battle strength is very good.”  Delores had to admit this point.

The charge of the Minotaurs was too strong, so most of the undead army’s main forces were concentrated around them.  There were at least twenty-thirty Necromancers riding Gargoyles, leading several dozen Gargoyles that charged forward to block the Minotaurs.

The key to the Minotaurs’ strength was their bodies in the end.

The strongest bodies in the hands of Necromancers would still turn into a bunch of rotten flesh instantly.  However, when the Necromancers had condensed their various spells to attack, Clark and several gnomes road their eagles in to help.

The attacks the Necromancers prepared for the Minotaurs were all thrown at the Green Religion priests.  The gnomes’ power came from the Forest God, so it was a kind of pure life energy, which was the exact opposite kind of energy of these Necromancers.

Clark’s group had already prepared several strong defenses which could block the attacks of the Necromancers.

“Overconfident gnomes!”

“Kill them!”

The gnomes and the Necromancers fought in the air.  The gnomes’ eagle mounts could not compare to the Gargoyles, not to mention there were more of them in comparison?  After they fought a few rounds, they gnomes fell to a disadvantage.

A Necromancer priest’s petrifying light hit one of the gnome’s eagle mount and that curse energy instantly spread like cold ice as it petrified that living being.  The gnomes quickly jumped off the mount and sent a green arrow in the air.

The Gargoyle used its wings to completely shatter the arrow made of life energy.


The Gargoyle under the Necromancer priest turned into a purple black shadow, almost instantly closing the gap.  When it was about to shatter the gnome’s head with a single attack, there was suddenly a crow that came from an unknown place that pierced the Necromancer’s chest.

The Necromancer shouted in shock, “Shaman witchcraft!”

The sound of a body being torn rang out.

Countless crows came out of the Necromancer’s chest and mouth, instantly turning the Necromancer into a pile of shredded flesh.  The Shamans were riding bats into this battle, but their witchcraft were useless against the undead. However, against the Necromancers controlling the Gargoyles, it was a very dangerous power.

A Necromancer priest angrily shouted, “That trash Mars actually messed things up, there are actually this many rebels under him!”

Luz was riding on the back of a giant witchcraft bat.

Without wasting another word, a large colourful swarm of poisonous bug was released.  It was like a rainbow coloured cloud that quickly spread all around them. This was the Shaman’s witchcraft insect technique.  Although the Gargoyles were not afraid, the Necromancers were living beings. They were clear on the methods of the Shamans and their abilities could not be blocked, so they didn’t dare approach.

The gnomes used arrows to shoot down the Gargoyles one by one.

At this time, the battle in the forest had become much more intense.  The undead army had clearly been refined recently.

They were locals living around this area before, but because of the pollution from the death energy, they were turned into undead beings.  These undead beings were much stronger than they were when they were alive, but they didn’t have any intelligence. None of their previous cultivation techniques or martial arts were kept, so it was impossible to block the Green City army with just the zombies and Ghouls.

But at this time.

The five Abominations charged forward.

These five Abomination couldn’t compare to the one killed in Green City yesterday.

But they were still in the 4th True Spirit Layer.  Now that five had come out at once, it was a very big problem.

The Necromancers gathered large amounts of Gargoyles, Ghouls, and zombies around the Abominations, forming five different squads.  Because the Abominations could release poisonous death fog, it could protect its allies while dealing harm to any living beings approaching them.  This made it much more difficult to deal with them.

Delores knit her brows, “Demonic God believes, it’s our turn to make a move!”

Several hundred Demonic God summoners used their summoning technique and several hundred spiritual form demon beasts appeared in front of them.  Although the spirit form demon beasts had various aspects weakened, they did not need to fear normal attacks as spirit forms, so they charged forward without fearing the Necromancer’s poison clouds.

But there weren’t enough summoners.

They were not enough to stop this many of them.

But when the battle was in full swing, there was another change that occurred.  Sounds of explosions came from the distance and large amounts of dark red and black clouds formed, seeming like they were pouring down from the sky.  An incomparably large source energy array appeared in the sky.

The scale of this source energy array was this big.

It was like it covered the entire sky.

This is bad.

Luz began to move faster.  It was most likely the ceremony was complete ahead of time.  This source energy array was not at its peak, but it was still enough to destroy Green City with more than enough to spare.

“This is bad.”

“There are too many undead in front of us.”

“With the Abominations guarding them, we can’t charge through their main forces at all!”

The dark red clouds spread through the sky and a part of it spread over the forest where they were fighting.  Everyone could feel the terrifying energy gathered inside the clouds, but they could only watch it approach.


Another fierce explosion!

A black streak of thunder fell from the clouds.

The thunder fell down right on the spiritual demon beasts.  Just a single hit was enough to destroy several demon beasts, but this was just the beginning.  More and more black streaks of thunder fell down and each one was filled with a super powerful death energy.  It turned living beings into undead and if it hit an undead, it would increase their power exponentially.

Delores’ expression became even uglier, “This is bad, we’ll most likely lose this fight!”

Chu Tian shook his head and said, “Truly useless, I still have to do this.”

“Fox, it’s up to you first!”

The little fox jumped out and turned into a grey mist, appearing several hundred meters in the sky.  Then it teleported a few more times, reaching the point where its head almost touched the clouds above.

The little fox’s snow white body could be ignored in front of the large amount of clouds.

But with a slight breath from it, it made the sea flow like a river.  It made the clouds filled with incomparable energy change, as they began to flow towards the little fox.  The dark clouds condensing thunder of death instantly disappeared without a trace.

Chu Tian used the Void Escaping to charge through the undead.  The large amounts of Gargoyles and the siege of the Ghouls did not mean anything to Chu Tian.  Eighteen figures followed behind Chu Tian, moving at a speed not inferior to Chu Tian. The eighteen Divine Blood Yin Corpses released light and they were like eighteen dark gold cast bronze statues.

A palm was sent out.

A Gargoyle was shattered to pieces.

The low level undead collapsed like fragile pots, crawling around the Divine Blood Yin Corpses like ants.  As long as the Divine Blood Yin Corpses released their light, the undead several feet around the Divine Blood Yin Corpses would be shred by their power.  The Divine Blood Yin Corpses’ steps were incomparably even, without revealing a single change, not affected by the attack at all.

Chu Tian was very satisfied with the power of the Divine Blood Yin Corpses.

This was a very good chance to show off, he would demonstrate just how powerful these fellows were.

Chu Tian gave his order to the Divine Blood Yin Corpses.  Leaving only three Divine Blood Yin Corpses to protect himself, the other fifteen split into five groups of three.  They all had the same target, an Abomination for each group!

Chu Tian controlled these Divine Blood Yin Corpses to kill the Abomination surrounded by ten thousand undead!

This was an almost impossible matter to do.  The Abomination was a very strong undead monster, not to mention it was surrounded by large amounts of Ghouls and Gargoyles protecting it, how could three Divine Blood Yin Corpses approach it?

Chu Tian was very confident in the Divine Blood Yin Corpses.

These were fighting puppets refined from the blood of a Spiritual God, their strength could not be underestimated!

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