MT Chapter 429


Chapter 429: Beginning the attack

Inside the valley, there were grey like spire constructions all around and there was a strange conical altar in the center.  The tip was like a ten meter long drill inserted into the ground and the whole thing was made of dark crystals, with a bright red outline made of runes.

A grey robed Necromancer priest was sitting crossed legged in the air above the altar with both hands open and chanting a spell.  The source energy array underneath the stage was glowing with a dark red light and vigorous waves of energy were extracted from the ground.  The energy spread in all directions from this altar and were stored in the towers of death all around.

There were several hundred towers of death containing a very terrifying energy!

The Necromancer priest slowly put down their hands and their hands were like withered branches.  The face inside the cloak was a dead and withered face, that was layers of purple skin clinging to his skull.  There were blue and purple flames of an undead burning in his eyes.


There was no doubt.

This was not a living thing, this was a true Lich.

The Lich’s withered face did not have any expressions and actually it couldn’t make any expressions.  To the Lich, mood changes were very difficult and he had even already forgotten how to feel any emotions.

To a normal living being, two thousand years is enough to make anyone old and tired.  Not to mention a Lich that didn’t have any sensation of touch, smell, sight, hearing, and any desires?  He already had forgotten what it felt like to live and from the moment he was transformed into a Lich, he was doomed to lose the instincts of a living being.

Everything it was doing now was nothing more than a way of creating benefits for himself that was already deeply infused into his soul.  He followed orders like a machine and whether it succeeded or not didn’t matter at all to him.

A Lich that had lived for two thousands years had long lost its humanity and was destined to follow one obsession.  

The Lich’s empty body superimposed over the moonlight and countless complicated chants came from its mouth.  The death towers around him suddenly began to tremble and with an explosion, the several hundred towers released their energy.  A tidal wave of death energy like a volcanic eruption soared into the sky before turning into dark clouds that covered everything.

“Lord, the energy within these ruins are just too strong, it’s simply inexhaustible!”  A Necromancer priest said to the Lich in a low voice, “It won’t be any problem for us to use this energy to create large amounts of undead.  As long as we collect a certain amount of energy and send it all into Green City at once, those stupid gnomes will die instantly. At that time, Green City will become your territory and no one will be able to compete with us!”

“That human will come.”

The Lich spoke, but more accurately it didn’t open its mouth because the Lich’s human organs no longer worked, so naturally it did not have a vocal cord to make sound waves with.  The Lich used his spirit energy to make the air around him tremble, creating a similar effect as speech. This required a very high level control of spirit energy and normal cultivators could study it for several dozen years and still not accomplish it.  However, to an endless being like the Lich, using time to solve problems was not a problem.

His voice was not like that of a living being and it was a dry sound made from friction.  It was sharp and coarse, not having a single bit of vitality to it.

The Necromancer priest disdainfully said, “It’s just a trivial human, why do we need to care?”

The Lich did not explain, but he understood in his heart.  That human was not simple, he had lived for two thousand years, so he could still make this decision, “Send everyone out and block the Green City army.  In just another forty eight hours, the ceremony will be complete. I hope it will not be interrupted.”


The Lich was a being of absolute authority in the Necromancer priest’s mind, so there would never be anyone that resisted or questioned the Lich’s orders.


At daybreak, in the central field in Green City, an army of one hundred thousand had gathered.

The gnomes’ Great Elder and the Green Religion’s High Priest Clark, the Demonic God Religion’s priest Delores, the Minotaur Arnold, the Shaman priest Luz, and various tribe chiefs had all gathered here.

Because of how urgent the situation was, they didn’t have time to gather more people.  This world’s battles were not refined. If this center of the Forest of Chaos army were to go to the Southern Summer Country, the battle strength of these hundred thousand people were enough to destroy the armies of of the Southern Summer Imperial Region.

“We have made our preparations!”

“We ask the acting City Lord to give orders!”

The atmosphere was very serious.  These people already knew that this battle’s outcome was not just related to the city, it would affect several hundred miles of forest and would even affect the survival of their clansmen.

They could only win and couldn’t lose!

Chu Tian moved forward leading eighteen silent figures.

This scene made people a bit stunned, wasn’t this kid always alone?  Where did these eighteen fellows come from? Although they had never seen these eighteen people, when they stood by Chu Tian’s side, a mountain like pressure was released.

The Divine Blood Yin Corpses had been refined in Divine Blood for a long time, so naturally they had been reborn!

From their skin to their bones, from their flesh to their marrow, it had all been refined.  Not only did they have the defense of top class cultivation techniques, they had the indestructibility of Spiritual Gods.

The Divine Blood Yin Corpses already had no weaknesses.

Whether it was the natural energies of water, fire, wind, and earth, or the thunder energy undead monsters feared, the Divine Yin Corpses had super strong resistances.  Even if they were cut into halves or if their heads were shattered to pieces, these attacks that would normally be fatal to even undead monsters would be very hard to kill them with.

The undead aura had been washed off the Divine Blood Yin Corpses and there was a trace of Spiritual God energy around them, which was enough to give off pressure to normal life forms.  This was not brought by a difference in strength, but rather the pressure a high level life form gave a low level life form, just like an elephant to an ant.

2nd True Spirit Layer!

They were around the 2nd True Spirit Layer!

These eighteen Divine Blood Yin Corpses just stood there like eighteen statues.  Even Clark with his powerful might couldn’t help feeling fear from them.

“No need to be surprised, these eighteen fellows aren’t people, they are just puppets that I made in my spare time.”  Chu Tian had an uncaring expression. It was like the Divine Blood Yin Corpses were a boring matter and they had been casually made, “This matter is serious, so I brought them over.  I think they will be a bit of help.”

The Divine Blood Yin Corpses were Yin Corpses in the end.

It was impossible for them to have life.

Yin Corpses, especially Yin Corpses refined as puppets did not have vital energy and did not have a consciousness, even their souls had been destroyed.  Therefore, they could be transported through the Space Warehouse.

“Alright, we don’t have time, immediately set out!”  Chu Tian did not explain everything, “When it’s light, the undead creatures will become weaker and we will send those fellows into the eternal embrace of the Nether God!”




The locals were filled with morale.  This battle was not just very important to Green CIty, it also had a large significance to Chu Tian.  If Chu Tian could lead everyone to battle and solve this crisis, it would be a large increase in his status in Green City.  Perhaps no one would say anything if he was promoted into official City Lord.

“Let’s go!”

At daybreak.

The Green City army set off.

Chu Tian had already locked onto the Lich’s position.  The hundred thousand army left Green City and quickly moved in the direction of the valley.  These hundred thousand people were born in the Forest of Chaos, so they would not charge through the forest in battle formation.  They spread into countless teams and quickly charged through the forest, moving towards the target.

Delores turned and shouted at Chu Tian, “The withered forest is in front!”

Chu Tian nodded, “Be on alert.”

The withered forest is the forest polluted with death energy, so this forest was already soaked with a rich death energy and there weren’t any signs of living beings.  There were several hundred thousand locals that died here and this place had already become a scene living beings were awed by.

The little fox called out.

“Be careful, there are large amounts of undead in front!”

Almost at the exact same time, the warning spread in all directions.  With a wave of beast like roars, countless Gargoyles dropped from the sky, like eagles plunging down for prey.

“This is bad!”

“It’s the Gargoyles!”

The Undead Religion’s puppets were hard to deal with, not to mention that there were Necromancers on the back of each Gargoyle.  When the Gargoyles charged down, there were many pitiful cries coming from the forest. This sudden attack had obviously caught the others off guard.

When the first wave of surprise attacks were over.

There were heavy footsteps that rang through the ground.

Five Abominations led over ten thousand Ghouls, densely charging out of the forest.  They had already been waiting for a long time.

“Damn!”  Arnold roared out, “Why are there so many undead!  Charge in for me!”

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