MT Chapter 428


Chapter 428: Death ruins

Because they had found it in time, these gnomes could still be saved.  However, because there were too many of them, it would be very troublesome to cure them, having to gather materials and refine the medicine.

They didn’t have enough time like this.

Who could guarantee that the situation in Green City wouldn’t become worse during this time?

Chu Tian thought of the little fox.


This little fellow’s ability was very useful right now.  It could swallow the death energy in their bodies, this would save quite a bit of trouble.  Not to mention that if they were to fight the Undead Religion, this fox would be a very important secret weapon.

This fellow did seem quite normal.

But it was actually those undead monsters’ greatest nemesis!

This fellow was born from the Fox Faced Corpse King.  Back in the Ten Thousand Corpse Ancient Tomb, the even if they met a thousand year old Corpse Monster, the little fox could suck out its soul flame.  It had to be known that the thousand year old Corpse Monster was not that much weaker than a True Spirit Realm expert, but the little fox could suppress it when it had just been born.  Now that it had grown several stages, its strength should be much stronger.

If Chu Tian had the little fox’s help, this plan was more likely to succeed.

When Delores went back to the fox clan to ask the little fox out, she also passed the news of the Undead Religions deeds to everyone.  The large tribes all learned of the situation and they wanted the large tribes to send out a bit of their forces to help.

Not long passed.

Delores came in with the little fox.

The fox High Priest had sent out two hundred summoners who were all Demonic God Religion followers that were to serve the great Demonic God.  The little fox was currently enjoying this scene. He was protected by large amounts of fox clan members every day, this battle formation was much better than just Chu Tian.

“We respectfully greet the Demonic God!”

Several hundred fox clan members kneeled down on one knee.

The little fox was the center of attention as it walked over.

Clark and the other Green Religion priests were all dumbfounded, “This little fox is the so called Demonic God?  According to what Chu Tian said, this should only be his pet!”

The Demonic God Religion were locals and their strength wasn’t bad.  They were now treating Chu Tian’s pet as a Spiritual God, this was truly a bit unimaginable.

“Great Elder, this little fox really has the ability to help?”

“That’s right, why don’t I feel any energy fluctuations coming from it.”

It would be a hard to believe matter no matter who it was placed on.  Chu Tian had already left, so they couldn’t ask what to do. They just watched as the Demonic God Religion’s summoners delivered the little fox in a very exaggerated manner.

There were several beautiful fox girls lifting the little fox high up.

The little fox raised a claw and shook it snow white fur.  Its eyes swept over the patients on the stretchers before it took a large breath.

The gnomes were stunned.

The little fox’s movements caused the energy within the entire valley to change.  It was like the breath of this fox that was only the size of a palm was like the breath of a giant whale.  The several thousand patients slightly twitched as traces of weak black energy seeped out of their pores. It gathered in midair, forming a giant ball that looked like a giant ball of black flames.  More and more black smokey energy gathered within it and the smaller it was, the more powerful it was.

“Great elder, quickly look!”

After the little fox sucked out this energy from the patients’ bodies, the unconscious gnomes began to gain consciousness and their faces gradually began to turn red.

“It’s effective, it’s really effective!”

“This fox really is too incredible!”

Most of these gnomes were children, so when their family saw this, they were moved to tears with gratitude.  They almost kneeled down to the little fox.

Delores muttered, “This is Lord Demonic God’s power?  Lord Demonic God is only a child!”

The fox clan members were very excited.

This Demonic God descendant was still a child, in the future it would grow into an existence that wasn’t inferior to Demon Gods!

The little fox used half an hour before it finally pulled out the energy from the patients’ bodies.  The black fireball in the sky was already as heavy as a lead ingot. If it fell down, perhaps it would have created a large hole in this region and the death energy release would be enough to kill all living beings within several hundred meters.

With pollution of such powerful energy.

How could these people not be affected?

The little fox opened its mouth to turn it into a stream of water that completely flowed into the little fox’s mouth, which caused the little fox’s stomach to bulge out.  It patted its round stomach and after a while, it went back down.

The little fox gestured with a claw.

“Yes, your excellency Demonic God.”  Delores respectfully cupped her hands and walked forward to say, “Our excellency, the Demonic God has said that these people are fine now.  You can take them away and changed to the next batch.”

The valley was instantly filled with a stir.

Countless gnomes were filled with gratitude.

The little fox did not just save these children, it had saved the enter Green City’s gnome race!

The little fox happily swayed its tail, very much enjoying the feeling of people worshipping it.  Its master was truly useless, needing to call the little fox for such a small matter.

One group after the other.

The little fox cured them all.

But during this process, more and more people in Green City were infected and the little fox did not have time to treat them.  These newly infected people were safe for around a weak, so as long as they destroyed the main instigator, everything will be taken care of.

In the City Lord’s castle.

The little fox was delivered into a discussion hall surrounded by admirers.

Chu Tian was sitting in the highest position of the discussion hall with Clark sitting to his left and Delores holding the little fox sitting to his right.  The others all sat in two different rows.

The little fox had used its might to save tens of thousands of people, so now the fox clan worshipped him even more and many gnomes regarded it as their saviour.  The little fox had just shown a bit of its skills to Green City and it was even more respected than the acting City Lord.

“Fox, after not seeing you for a few days, it seems like you’ve become fatter!”  Chu Tian narrowed his eyes and looked at this fellow, “I think the fox clan must be miserable having to feed you.”

The little fox rudely spat onto the ground and raised its middle finger at Chu Tian, or more accurately, its middle claw.  This fox is now the Lord Demonic God worshipped by tens of thousands. Being consecrated by them means they catch my eye, what do you understand!

This is troublesome.

The fox was becoming more and more rampant.

Now even Chu Tian was losing a bit of control over it.

“Don’t waste time, now it’s time for you to work.”  Chu Tian looked at it, “The Lich’s work place is definitely in the nearby southern forest, quickly find it for me.”

“When the plague erupted, we have already sent scout teams out, but we couldn’t find any clues at all.”  Clark had a bit of worry, “Are you certain you can find it?”

Was this matter hard?

The little fox spat out the Divine Eye and instilled its Divine Sense, beginning to search around.

Chu Tian’s eyes gradually turned golden, which was the colour of the Divine Sense power.  He linked his Divine Sense to the little fox’s and now Chu Tian could see everything the little fox was seeing.

The southern forest was seriously withered and countless thousand year old ancient trees seemed like they had died in a single night.  Large amounts of demon beast and local corpses were all around, which had been polluted by a kind of energy, currently transforming into undead creatures.  Not long from now, these living things would turn into a large undead army.

This kind of pollution definitely could not be accomplished in a single day.

The Necromancers must have prepared for this for a long time.

“Stop, it’s right there!”  Chu Tian suddenly called out, “That valley has a barrier, it’s most likely here.  Fox, go in and take a look!”

Chu Tian locked onto a valley.

Because he felt the aura of a barrier, so Chu Tian could tell that there was something strange inside.

Although the picture was blocked, from the large amount of death energy seeping out, it could not deceive Chu Tian and the little fox.  The little fox moved the Divine Eye in its hand and directly penetrated the barrier, as large gray constructs appeared in its line of sight.

These altars were placed according to a pattern in the earth and they intertwined into a large array.  There were several hundred gray robed Necromancers dancing around the altars.

These altars seemed like they had been established on some sort of ruins.

This would explain the source of the powerful energy.  The Lich must have used the energy contained within the ruins to attack Green City, allowing it to create such a strong effect.

“We have already found the Lich’s den.”  Chu Tian’s eyes flashed with a sharp glow, “But I can see from their appearance that their ceremony has already reached the final part.  In just a few days, Green City will be filled with death energy and will turn into an area of eternal decay. The surrounding areas will not be luck to survive.  We don’t have much time.”

Everyone had ugly expressions on their faces.

No one had thought that situation would be this serious.

The Shamans just wanted to destroy Green City, but the Necromancers were even more extreme.  They wanted to pollute all of green city and exterminate all living beings here. They wanted to turn this place where only Necromancers and undead could live in?

The entirety of Green City was faced with a life and death situation.

This is the so called a nest cannot lack eggs.  This time they didn’t just need the gnome army, they also needed the help of the local powers.  It would be best to also call Luz and let the Shamans have a chance to make up for what they did.

What would be inside this valley?

Chu Tian could feel that the source of the death energy was actually a very ancient ruins.  The Lich had used these ruins to construct this barrier and also used the undead energy within the ruins to try to destroy Green City.

These ruins definitely are not simple!

Speaking of the intensity of the death energy, it was not inferior to the Ten Thousand Corpse Ancient Tomb and it was perhaps even richer by several times.  Otherwise, it was impossible to us it to destroy the large Green City.

Chu Tian’s communication device sounded.

“Wei, Vivian, why is it you?”  He quickly picked it up, “I’m very busy right now, I’ll call you back later.”

“Big brother Chu Tian, wait.”  Vivian’s voice came from the communication device, “Elder sister Qingwu said that the Yin Corpses in the buckets you’re refining are done.  Oldman Small Town doesn’t need them right now and you do not have any helpers in Green City, so we are preparing to place the Yin Corpses into the Space Warehouse for you.  You must remember to collect them.”

“What?”  Chu Tian was a bit surprised, but he said in a satisfied voice, “Good, it came right on time.  I was currently needing some goons!”

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