MT Chapter 425


Chapter 425: Slash to kill

Samuel’s Corpse Flame was a mysterious flame.  This flame was sinister by nature, needing corpse qi to feed on.  Samuel had melted several strong corpse poison into it, allowing to corrode anything in an instant, instantly turning most people into Yin Corpses.

Although the might of the flame was nothing to talk about, just its characteristics were enough to make people cautious.  Even people stronger than Samuel would not allow themselves to be enveloped in this flame, not to mention someone with a lower cultivation and one who didn’t use any defensive techniques?

Why was he not damaged at all?

Samuel could not understand what he was seeing at all!


Chu Tian stood in the blazing flames, but not a single thing changed with him.  This was a bit unimaginable. Samuel sent out another few fireballs.

Shua, shua!  

The fireballs fell onto Chu Tian.

Everyone clearly saw the fireballs passing through Chu Tian, but strangely they didn’t make contact with him.  It was like it wasn’t passing through a fleshly body, but rather thin air. Since they couldn’t make contact, how could his fireballs affect him?


A spiritual illusion?

But there wasn’t any fluctuation of spiritual energy!

Samuel still didn’t believe it as he was covered in ghostly qi.  Raising his hands, those ten skinny fingers released flames at the same time, quickly condensing a giant fireball above his head.  This fireball quickly came together and turned from a dark green colour to a jet black colour. The might of this fireball was at least ten times stronger.

Chu Tian slightly knit his brows.

He could easily deal with the flames from before mainly because the flames were too weak.  This attack was closer to Samuel’s 3rd True Spirit Layer strength and Chu Tian’s Void Escaping did not have a way to deal with such strong energy, so it would fade once he was hit by this attack.

“You think you can be rampant just because of a strange cultivation technique?”  Samuel noticed Chu Tian’s slight expression change. He figured that Chu Tian could not evade this attack, so he revealed a cold and fierce smile, “How will you block this attack?  Die!”

The black fireball roared as it flew out.

Chu Tian did not dodge.  His skin and body suddenly lit up with starlight.  The light was so strong that his entire body turned into a person of light.  His hands stretched out like he was hugging a friend, very calmly moving forward to hug the fireball.

“You’re seeking death!”

“Can Samuel’s Corpse Flame be touched with the human body?”

The Necromancers all revealed an expression like they were looking at an idiot and the gnomes revealed shocked gazes.  Did the human not feel that the fatal part was not the flame itself, but rather the poison and curse contained within? How was this rushing forward without thinking any different from a moth flying into the flames?


The sound of water and fire meeting rang out.

The fireball in Chu Tian’s chest continued to grow smaller and the corpse qi poison contained within could not pass through the starlight around his body to harm him at all.  Instead it was completely kept out and was melted away by the sacred light.

Everyone was shocked again.

He was actually unhurt like before!

How did this human accomplish this?  In the entire Green City, there weren’t many people that could block Samuel’s attack so calmly!

Actually, this was one of the effects of the Sacred Light Body.  The Sacred Light Body did not just have a strong defense, it had a strong resistance against the powerful corrosion powers of death energy.  It could be said that they repelled each other.

Samuel did understand.

The Eternal Forest would not send a normal person, this defensive ability could make him a leader in Green City.  If this enemy was not carefully dealt with, he would become a problem in the future.

Chu Tian raised his sword and sent out a wave of burning sword qi.

Samuel’s cloak released a large amount of dark energy, like several hundred wandering souls surrounding him, immediately forming a defensive cover.  Chu Tian’s sword qi fell against it, but it did not injure Samuel in the slightest.

“You are only so-so!”

Samuel had only said half his words.

Chu Tian suddenly disappeared.

It was so fast that even the 3rd True Spirit Layer Samuel could not react.  Several peak speed sword qi flew out and landed on Samuel like several silk threads.  The beautiful sword glow wildly flew out and the souls were sent scattering, as the Netherworld Flame burned most of it.

Samuel was completely enraged.

“Great Nether God, please open the gates of hell and let the energy of the dead enter the human world!”

A large amount of black mist was released around the Necromancer priest and this spirit energy condensed into a fierce skeleton, this was the Necromancer’s source spirit.  An incomparably strong death aura spread and just like an ink falling on white paper, everything it touched was covered in a layer of black.

The green lawn around turned into black obsidian and crackled away like fragile glass.  Chu Tian quickly moved aside. With how strong this attack was, even he did not dare resist it.

The source spirit released a spirit energy aura.

There was no life fifteen meters around Samuel.  Large amounts of energy floated in the air as Samuel began to recite a chant, causing them to condense into material form.

“Ten Thousand Ghosts Seeking Life!”

Samuel’s spirit energy turned into thousands of skulls.

There were ghostly screams coming from all around, with a spiritual attack contained within.  It made the expressions of the gnomes changed as they all began to move back.

These skulls had fierce faces and dishevelled hair, they immediately locked onto Chu Tian once they were summoned.  They were like sharks that smelled blood as they charged forward to suck the blood and flesh away.

It was not an illusion.

Each skull was a weapon refined from a soul by a Necromancer.  They were formless monsters and even if they were destroyed by ordinary methods, it would not have the slightest effect.  They would reform after a few seconds, causing the enemy to waste their strength.

Once the skulls fell onto a person’s body.

The consequences would be dreadful.

These souls would enter the target’s body and use curse energy and death energy to corrode it.  Then it would attack the target’s spirit and soul before finally draining the flesh and blood. It was quite a high level move for the Necromancers.

If it wasn’t solved in a single move.

A second move could be released again.

Samuel controlled the souls and dark fog around him, quickly condensing it around his body, finally forming a set of fierce armour.  Samuel’s original appearance disappeared as he became a close to three meter tall skeleton general wielding bone spears.

His body was sparkling with runes.

The two bone spears were covered in a strong death aura.

Each movement would create a storm of souls.

That bone chilling cold that could freeze even souls was enough to make it hard for a person to breath, not to mention moving and blocking.

“I want to see what you use to fight me!”

Samuel’s voice became wild and terrifying.  It was like several hundred hoarse voices coming together, being as cold and terrifying as an evil spirit’s voice.

“Then come!”

The black Demon God’s Sword flew into the sky.

Chu Tian no longer hid his power.

With the release of his source spirit, it wildly destroyed the energy around him, instantly shattering the skulls charging at him.  This was not just breaking their form, but rather destroying their source, so they could not come together again.

No matter how many skulls came, they were shattered by the Demon God’s Sword in that three feet space.

Chu Tian’s figure disappeared as the flames on his sword spread to his body, instantly covering him.  It turned Chu Tian into a flaming demon.

A skeleton general.

A flaming demon.

Both sides charged at each other at the same time.

Everyone could clearly feel that Chu Tian had become on with his weapon spirit, instantly increasing his power by several folds, completely overshadowing Samuel.

A sword qi flew into the sky.


The two spears of death were cleanly cut!

That sword glow kept its power as it hit Samuel, completely shattering that skeletal armor formed from souls and death energy.  Samuel’s body flew high up into the sky.

One attack!  

Chu Tian only used one attack!

It was clean and not flashy, using a single attack to suppress Samuel!

Chu Tian’s figure swayed as the flames spread in all directions.  Like meteors, they spread all around Samuel. The light of each figure’s sword was incomparably dazzling, releasing a power that made people tremble.

“No, you can’t kill me!”  Samuel struggled as he angrily roared, “Otherwise those tens of thousands of people will be buried by you!”

Clark’s expression changed.

They hadn’t obtained the method to save their clansmen yet, if they killed this fellow, it couldn’t be stopped once it started.  He however did not even have a chance to stop it as Chu Tian’s attack was too fast. The eight figures moved at the same time, all releasing the Netherworld Flickering Flame Slash.

Each form sent out at least thirty sword glows.

The eight forms added together sent out over two hundred sword glows in the blink of an eye.

The entire view was covered in a storm of blue sword glow that was like an explosion of beautiful fireworks, blooming in the sky.  Under the veil of the sword glow, everyone’s eyes popped out.

The aura of that attack was like a wave and anything in the center of the sword qi storm was instantly turned into powder.  It was then swallowed by the wild Netherworld Flames, not leaving a single bit behind.

The sword glow disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

It appeared as a flash, filling people with shock and regret.

When the storm of sword glows disappeared from the sky, Chu Tian slowly fell down to the earth as the flames around him slowly disappeared.  He disdainfully spat out, “Want to kill me with this bit of skills? I see that the Necromancer priests are only so-so!”

The entire scene was deathly silent.

The gnomes were all stunned.

Who said this human was very weak?  He was clearly shockingly strong! A human that was less than twenty years old, he was currently in the period of maximum potential.  If he was given thirty-fifty years, what kind of stage would he grow to?

“You…..You killed Samuel!”

The Necromancers finally reacted after a few seconds.  Anger, panic, and fear filled their heads together.

“Not only did I kill him, I will also kill you all!”

Chu Tian charged into the Necromancers with a sword glow, killing several hundred Necromancers with one person and one sword.

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