MT Chapter 422


Chapter 422: Starlight Mine

The burning sword qi swept the ground.

Those dying Evil Eyes were all turned to ashes.

The final Evil Eye’s large head turned around.  It felt a strong sense of danger and its instincts told it to drill off in a direction.

“Follow it, follow it!”


The underground world was very complex and even the gnomes did not know everything about it.  Although this place wasn’t far from the entrance to the Devil’s Maw, Clark and the others did not know what was hidden here.

After around forty minutes, the Evil Eye went into another cavern.

It should be this place.

Chu Tian had not passed the entrance when he could feel the very pure star energy.  When he went through the entrance, there was a large basin in front of him that was filled with meteor grass and other plants.

These were at least level three meteor grass.

This quality did not just need to be bred for tens of thousands years, it also required a suitable environment to grow in.

Chu Tian used his sword to kill the guiding Evil Eye and impatiently began to search the area.

“This place is……”

The other people entering this place were slightly stunned.  This place did not seem like it was naturally formed and it seemed like they had entered the ancient era.  It was like a large energy exploded here and on the stones and ground, there were materials releasing starlight that could be seen.

“Star Iron!”  Chu Tian found an iron ore covered in starlight, “This is highly pure Star Iron!  This thing is the most suitable item whether it is source energy arrays or high altitude airships!  I never thought there would be this much here! If my guesses aren’t wrong, this place must have been hit by a meteor.”

There was also Star Silver and Star Gold which were all priceless high quality items!

“Ha, ha, ha, we’re rich this time!”  Chu Tian found several crystals and found that in this basin, there were actually glowing crystals, “Star Crystals, this place is filled with Star Crystals!”

Delores and gnomes looked at him with a strange gaze.

Of course they didn’t understand the value of these things.  The Star Crystals were crystallized stars, which could also be called Starlight Stones.  Chu Tian had obtained a few from the Central State Trial Tower and those few pieces had allowed everyone to break through with their Starlight Immortal Bodies.

There were now Starlight Stones all around, perhaps it couldn’t be calculated with pieces anymore, it might need to be counted by mountains.  This was basically a Starlight Mine!

The Starlight Metals were precious and the Star Crystals were even more valuable.

Perhaps it was enough to allow thousands or even ten thousand people practice the Starlight Immortal Body, moreover, it would be enough for them to reach the Diamond Body Realm.  The Starlight Immortal Body was a cultivation technique without attributes and star energy was a rare neutral energy, so even a person of a religion like Delores could practice it.  Therefore, there was a large value in discovering this mine.

With this many Star Crystals, how many peak experts could be trained?

The Central State meteor grass also came from a meteor, but the starlight essence in the basin was very small and most of it had basically evaporated when it collided with earth.  Just the residue energy was used to grow the meteor grass.

This starlight pit was completely different!

This meteor had formed large amounts of Star Crystals to form a mine!

“Since there are this many Star Crystals, perhaps there is that thing!”  Chu Tian’s expression changed, suddenly become somewhat excited, “Quickly search, perhaps there is a top grade treasure here.  Once this thing is dug out, I can guarantee that not only will we become rich, Green City will have a large weapon in just two-three years.  It will be enough to make us one of the most influential cities in the Forest of Chaos.”

“How could there be something like that?”  Delores had a look of disbelief, “Could it be a divine weapon?”

“What does a divine weapon count for.  Even if we obtained a divine weapon, can we even use it?”  Chu Tian had a rare impatience, “This meaning of this thing for us right now, perhaps even ten divine weapons can’t compare to it!  Stop wasting words, quickly search!”

What treasure had such a high value?  Even ten divine weapons couldn’t compare to it?

Clark gave a soft cough, “You still have to tell us what that thing looks like.”

Chu Tian did not have time to explain before an explosion came from the ground.  The stone floor was cracked by some power and a strong wave of energy soared out, quickly condensing together.

Delores called out in a surprised voice, “What kind of monster is that!”

That life form that broke out of the rock was a two meters tall giant and its body was covered with a strong electric glow.  It was completely naked and had a strong body, but it had no facial features. This was not an actual living thing, but a spiritual life form made of energy.

“Star Elemental!”  Chu Tian slightly knit his brows, “Be careful, this fellow is hard to deal with.”

Delores took out a bottle and used the Demonic God Religion’s summoning technique.  With an explosive roar, a six armed ape was summoned. It had the same invisible energy form as before and it ran at the Star Elemental under Delores’ control.

The six hands of the ape turned into shadows that wildly slammed against the Star Element.  However, a stunning scene occurred as the one broken by the fists was not the Star Elemental, but rather the six armed ape’s fists.

It was like a water drop hitting iron.

The instant the six armed ape attacked the Star Elemental, its six arms were shattered.

That reflected strength turned into a wild air current, instantly filling up the entire space.

The Star Elemental silently moved forward, casually sending a palm out.  The six armed ape did not even have a chance to struggle as its body was like water meeting high temperatures, instantly being evaporated, leaving no trace behind.

Delores had a very ugly expression, “This is bad, its destructive might is at least in the 4th True Spirit Layer or it could even be higher.  We’ll be finished if we’re hit by it!”

Clark led the Green Religion priests to make their move.

Countless vines wrapped the Star Elemental like a dumpling, but this attack had no effect at all.  The Star Elemental just shook its body and those vines that could even entangle a mammoth turned to fragments as it scattered in all directions.

Clark already knew that this was bad.

This monsters strength was even higher than they had imagined.

The Star Elemental raised its arm and instantly a storm of energy gathered in its palm.  Clark raised his palm and summoned out a barrier, one that was completely covered in vines.

“Quickly run!”

Run where?

The Star Elemental swept out its arm and a ten meter long giant starlight blade instantly swept out, shattering Clark’s defenses.  The terrifying force sent everyone flying out like pieces of paper, causing everyone to be damaged to some extent.

The Star Elemental turned into a beam of light and flickering a few times, it directly charged at Clark.  It did not have any intelligence, but it did have instincts and it knew that among these people, Clark had the highest cultivation, so it should attack him first.

“This is bad!”

Clark’s cultivation was not low, but it wasn’t enough to deal with this fellow.

The Star Elemental used its energy to form a barrier which couldn’t be broken even with their full strength.  The Star Elemental also had a terrifying destructive power, it was not something they could resist.


The Star Elemental sent out a palm.

Clark raised his wooden staff with both staff to resist and the terrifying energy formed a shockwave that spread all around them.  The surrounding ground began to crack like an earthquake was happening, as well as several large rocks falling down.

Ka, ka!

Clark could clearly feel cracks forming in the staff in his hand.  He already almost couldn’t hold on, but the Star Elemental’s power was becoming stronger and stronger.

“Great Elder!”

Several Green Religion priests quickly tried to help as several large logs came out of the ground.  Each large log was covered in runes as it quickly surrounded the Star Elemental, causing a strong sealing power to suppress the Star Elemental.  Since directly attacking it would create a backlash, they would use the sealing power to weaken it.

But that still didn’t have any effect.

The logs filled with sealing energy were ignited and turned into black charcoal.  With this trend, the Green Religion priests would not be able to hold on much longer.

There was no other choice.

If he didn’t make a move, these fellows would die.

Chu Tian released a powerful aura as a nine eyed demonic god appeared in the air.  When Chu Tian raised the sword in his hand, the Nine Eyed Demon God raised a black Demon God’s Sword.

“This is……”

Delores was completely shocked by this power.

She finally realized that Chu Tian had deeply hidden his powers.

This power was so powerful that although he was only in the Awakened Soul Realm, he could instantly kill a True Spirit Realm expert if he used all his strength.


Chu Tian stabbed at the Star Elemental.

The Star Elemental was facing Clark while also facing the seal of the Green Religion priests.  When Chu Tian’s full force stab entered the Star Elemental’s body, this attack should have had no effect on an elemental life form, but Chu Tian had already used his source spirit, so the Demon God’s Sword stabbed the Star Elemental when Chu Tian stabbed out.

The Star Elemental did not have a mouth, so it could not make a sound.

But each person could clearly feel a painful yell reverberating through their minds.  It was like a giant clap of thunder that made each person’s mind feel dizzy.

The Star Elemental’s body quickly twisted.

Just like gas meeting an exhaust fan, the Star Elemental turned into starlight as it was completely sucked into Chu Tian’s body.  It filled every meridian, muscle, and bone of Chu Tian’s body in an instant. That wave of star energy filled Chu Tian to the point of exploding.

Clark and Delores were both shocked.

They had a strange feeling.  Chu Tian instantly turned into a black hole and unexpectedly swallowed the entire Star Elemental.

Swallowing effect?

No, this strange ability was just one of Chu Tian’s abilities.  They could also feel different auras coming from Chu Tian, like soul energy, spirit energy, space energy, and time energy…..

These people were all True Spirit experts.

But they were all suppressed at this moment.

How was this possible?

Chu Tian swallowed the Star Elemental and he immediately fell to the ground.  Every pore of his body shined with starlight and he used his sword to support his body.  There was blood coming from his nose and eyes, which was the backlash of using his source spirit.

Everyone did not have a time to let out a sigh of relief.

Suddenly sounds of explosions came from the distance.

Clark’s eyes almost popped out, “There are still many Star Elementals!”

Delores also saw it.  There wasn’t just a single Star Elemental, there seemed to be many Star Elementals.  There were several large ones among them whose auras were several times that of the one they just encountered.  

“Quickly run!”

Clark did not even think as he used a vine to grab Chu Tian, quickly wanting to run.

“Wait a minute!”  Chu Tian pointed at where the Star Elemental had been defeated.  From the gradually fading light, there was a strange gem that flew out, “We must take that Eye of the Star!”

Delores rushed over to grab the gem before they quickly escaped the area.

It was lucky that the Star Elementals were not interested in chasing, otherwise with their speed, they shouldn’t think of being able to escape.

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