MT Chapter 418


Chapter 418: Acting City Lord

Green City was a forest city and the difference between a city and a tribe was that the cities were more open, with more free trade markets and different races.  It was similar to the various sized small towns within the forest. However, the city management was more strict and only qualified merchants or city recognized adventurers could enter.

Green City had been managed by the gnomes for five hundred years, so the people with residence qualification, store ownership, business qualification, and entrance qualifications for different merchants, races, and influences was not small.

A forest city mainly earned its revenue from the taxes for business and residence.  Green City accounts were much higher than people on the outside. The disturbance this time, it was impossible for others not to know.  Currently, in the taverns, various merchants, adventurers, and gnomes were all talking about this matter.

“Hey, guys, do you know?”  A gnome businessman said in an exaggerated manner, “A large fight almost erupted in Green City just yesterday!”


Another forest merchant nodded, “That’s right, that’s right.  Green City is too unsafe right now, can we come back and have good business in the future?  It’s said that the surrounding tribes are rebelling and it seems like Green City is barely hanging on.  It’s better to just throw away our goods and run.”

“You can all be assured.”  A local gnome in the tavern quickly explained everything.  After all, the main revenue for Green City were these caravans, so if they lost faith in Green City, it would be a large blow to the gnomes, “This crisis was caused by the Shamans and the Shamans have already lost most of their power, so there is no threat anymore.”

Another gnome added, “Green City has already opened our warehouses to the local tribes to help with the dangers of the famine for the local tribes.  Although Green City will lose quite a bit, after this, the surrounding tribes will all be more united. When invaders come in the future, we will be able to unite against these enemies!”

The forest merchants all had bitter expressions.

Who doesn’t know your Green City is already crumbling away.  Even if you survive this time, can you survive the next time?

An adventurer with inside knowledge asked, “That’s right, I’ve heard that Green City didn’t suffer much damage all because of the help of a mysterious human.  Otherwise Green City would have had to pay a large price to solve this crisis, how could they be undamage like now!”

“Is that true?  Where did this human come from?  To have this kind of skills, why have I never heard of them before!”

A gnome scratched his head and said, “My grandfather is a Green Religion priests and he has seen this human before.  He was called…..Chu Tian? Anyway, it’s a human who’s not even twenty years old.”

This name was indeed unfamiliar to the forest locals.  They had never heard of this person doing anything in the forest, so these people were very shocked to hear that Chu Tian could solve this disaster for Green City.

But they were clearly startled a little too early.

At this time, another adventurer charged into the tavern.  He was holding an announcement just issued by the Green City gnomes with a strange look on his face as he shouted, “Damn, something big has happened!  Quickly come and see this!”

“What mischief is Hansen up to?”

“Could it be there will be war soon?”

There was a stir in the tavern as all the merchants began to discuss.  They immediately took the announcement from the adventurer’s hands because they wouldn’t know if they didn’t look.  When they saw the contents, everyone’s eyes almost popped out.

“What is written on it?”  A person anxiously shouted, “I don’t understand the gnome language!  Quickly translate it for me!”

“This is the most recent news!”

“That human’s true identity has been revealed, he is the Green City City Lord personally appointed by the Eternal Forest’s Elven King!”

“My god!”

“Is this true?”

“Is the Elven King’s head broken!”

Everyone cursed out and everyone knew Green City couldn’t be held, but there they had obtained some secret information.  The Eternal Forest had wanted to claim this territory, so these people have all calmed down. As long as the Eternal Forest took over Green City, with the strength of the elven army, Green City would have the chance to prosper again.

In the end?

The Elven King had accepted it and give it to a human.

Wasn’t this a joke?  If the elven army did not come, how could a foreign human possibly stabilize the situation?

“There is more, there is more!”

“Green City’s acting City Lord Clark has already taken the initiative to resign and is now studying as part of the Green Religion’s priest laboratory.  He made the decision to allow that human Chu Tian to become the new acting City Lord!”

“The announcement states that from this day forth, the human Chu Tian has already taken over the City Lord’s Castle and is already planning to control all of Green City’s business!”

This truly was shocking!

It was like a bomb exploding in their mouths!

It made people unable to close their mouths.  Was this a joke? It was fine if Eternal Forest was just trying to cause trouble, but were the gnomes also causing trouble with them?

“There is a bit of news.  This human was the leader of a small influence on the edge of the Forest of Chaos and is a merchant from a small company.  He came here alone to become Green City’s City Lord.”

“Damn, a wet behind the ears brat, how is he qualified to become Green City’s City Lord!”

“Fuck, the gnomes might as well let father be the City Lord!”

“Is Green City about to be finished?”

Not only among the merchants and adventurers, there was even a large stir among the gnomes.  How could sir Clark allow a human become the acting City Lord? This was just too unreasonable!


Around half an hour ago.

Chu Tian had just accepted the appointment.

Although there was an accident with his plan and he couldn’t gain control of the forest tribes, it didn’t really matter.  The gnomes and Shamans had a deep seated contradiction, so the Shamans headed by Luz could not win the gnomes’ trust and they were facing the retaliation of the Savage Highlands.  The most correct way for them was to support Chu Tian as the City Lord. This would ensure the Shaman’s safety in Green City and would leave room for them to develop.

The Minotaur Arnold also supported Chu Tian, as well as the Demonic God Religion Delores was from.  Chu Tian did not have many pieces he could use, but from the merit of solving this problem, Clark still gave the acting City Lord position to him.

Chu Tian led Delores on the road to the City Lord’s Castle and Delores had a slightly sad expression.

“Hey, I have succeeded on the first step.  Since I’m the acting City Lord now, it isn’t far from the City Lord’s position.  You have also been promoted to the City Lord’s assistant, shouldn’t you be celebrating?”  Chu Tian shook his magnificent City Lord’s robe which was made for him by the gnomes, “How about some passionate hugging or kissing.”

If it was normal times, Delores would have played a bit with this human, but she wasn’t in the mood right now, “This decision being announced will surely cause a grit stir among the gnomes.  Eternal Forest had appointed a human as Green City’s City Lord, perhaps no one will accept this fact. Are you not afraid of your subordinates rebelling?”

There was no doubt.

This human Chu Tian was indeed very capable.  In this fight with the Shamans, without Chu Tian’s help, the gnomes would have suffered heavy losses.  However, he just a single human. Without setting the environment up, he was already announcing his position.

Chu Tian simply did not have a power that belonged to him in Green City.  The Demonic God Religion did not have much influence, Luz was only being pressured into helping him, and although a few old gnomes supported him, most of the gnomes would not accept a human as a City Lord.

This current act was to push Chu Tian over the edge.  It looked very beautiful on the surface, but the depths of the water were very deep!

Chu Tian’s situation was a lightning rod City Lord.

Delores said, “I think the gnomes are deliberately causing trouble for you.  You have made a large contribution and have been recognized by Eternal Forest, as well as being appointed by the Elven King.  The gnomes will not be bored enough to deal with you, but they will still secretly wait for you to make mistakes.”

Chu Tian was just a bound acting City Lord.

As long as he was not the true City Lord, the gnomes would have space to act.  Green City’s complicated situation was not just solved with the Shamans, there were still many other internal problems to take care of.  After Chu Tian was raised to the position of acting City Lord, the situation became more complicated.

If Chu Tian made a mistakes, the gnomes could look to the Eternal Forest and ask the Elven King to assign someone else, like an elven expert.

This was already giving Chu Tian a chance.

As well as the gnomes taking a step back.

Even if Chu Tian had a large merit, the gnomes were still undecided.  There was still doubts to his identity, power, and position.

“It’s fine, I like a challenge.”

Chu Tian entered the magnificent City Lord’s Castle and stood in front of a wide window.  The sunlight sprinkled in making the room very bright. When he looked outside, what greeted him was a field of white.

When he opened a door.

There was a natural little garden inside.

There was lush green grass and hundreds of flowers in bloom.  There was a little river running through the middle, finally falling down a cliff as a silver waterfall.

The sea of clouds were like waves as they flew over like little islands.  This was the peak of the mountain range. The City Lord’s Castle Chu Tian was in stood at the center of the peak, as a castle built at the summit.  He could look over the entire mountain range from here, look over the entire Green City area.

The City Lord’s Castle was very big, having over a hundred levels.  It could be seen far away from below and half of the entire peak had been turned into a castle.  The city perfectly integrated itself into nature and it was simply a work of art.

The holy light shined down from the clouds.

The entire world was covered in a strong spiritual pressure.

This place was truly a paradise.  Green City was in a very good place, but it was a pity there were too few people, making it look quite desolate.  However, this situation would not continue for long. As long as Miracle Commerce moved their headquarters here, Green City’s influence will become bigger and bigger until it became a pivotal city in the Forest of Chaos.

Chu Tian was very satisfied with this castle.  He turned to his assistant and said, “Alright, we can’t slack off on the first day.  Immediately take out all the documents that need to be processed, this City Lord is going to start working.”

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