MT Chapter 404


Chapter 404: Trade

The Minotaurs filled with killing intent were stunned.

This was the depth of the Forest of Chaos and not a place humans were active in, so humans were rarely seen here.  Any human that came here was an incomparably powerful character, so who would come here to sell food?

Sending food over a long distance of ten thousand miles?

Perhaps he had bought food from within the forest?


This was like going through many hardships to find a treasure and then putting the stone back in the end and cleaning it all up.

The forest locals knew how hard it was to pass through the many dangers of the Forest of Chaos and even locals that have lived here for many generations would not dare attempt it.  This human did not hesitate to strangely come here. There were countless heaven and earth treasures and even leather, lumber, and ores would be worth more. So why did he want to trade food?

The Minotaur’s eyes went wide open as he said while panting, “No matter who you are, daring to trick the Minotaurs means being turned into a meat patty!”

Faced with the Minotaur’s fierce appearance, Chu Tian had a very calm expression, “One day, oh, no, give me half a day to prepare.  A large amount of food will be sent to the Minotaur’s tribe and how about we discuss the price then?”

Although common sense told the Minotaurs this matter was impossible and was definitely one of the human’s tricks who were known for being sneaky, he could tell from this human’s expression and eyes that he was not telling a lie.  Could he really send large amounts of food? The Minotaur tribe had over a hundred thousand people and the required amount of food would be enough to feed a human city of two million people.

“What can I use to trust a human with.”

“Why can’t you trust me?  Even if you fight the fox clan, just the several thousand of you won’t be enough.  Going back only means waiting another half a day.”

It was just half a day.

It wasn’t as if the Minotaurs couldn’t last another half a day and the fox clan couldn’t run in time in just half a day.  Since the human was this confident, why shouldn’t they wait?

The Minotaurs didn’t want to fight either.

Unless they had no way of living on.

“Alright, the Minotaurs will believe you once.  If you don’t appear by night, the Minotaurs will bathe the fox clan in blood!”

When the fox clan heard this threat, they revealed looks of rage.  The Minotaurs did not have any reason they could win, especially a group of hungry Minotaurs.  But even though they were angry, they did not want to fight these fellows. After all, the Minotaurs battle strength could not be underestimated and it would be terrifying if they went crazy.

Chu Tian nodded with a faint smile, “I promise!”

The Minotaur head waved his hand.

The several thousand Minotaurs left.

Delores’ charming face was filled with worry.  She did not know why Chu Tian would give the Minotaurs this promise without any reason.

“Do you have comrades nearby?”


“Do you have influence nearby?”

“Also no.”

Chu Tian had come alone.  Not to mention helping the entire Minotaur Tribe, he did not even have a single dry rations on him.

The fox clan people were filled with worry.

Was Chu Tian just stalling for time?  This method would not solve the problem and if the Minotaurs find out they had been tricked, they would would erupt with anger with their personalities and trample over the fox tribe!

The High Priest knit his brows.  Although he was worried, he could still see that this human Chu Tian was not simple.  Chu Tian was given the title of Green City’s City Lord and the fox clan was an important helper and ally, he would have no reason to deliberately cause trouble for them.  What was he thinking?

Delores couldn’t calm down, “Why did you promise the Minotaurs?  Do you not know how terrifying the Minotaurs are when they go crazy?”

“Don’t be worried, don’t be worried.”  Chu Tian looked over the fox tribe and calmly said, “Let me ask you, do you want to become rich?”

These senseless words made the fox tribe stunned.

Delores stood up and that rich figure shook from the excitement, “You’re saying this kind of words in this situation!”  If it wasn’t for given sir Demonic God Face, Delores wouldn’t have been able to stop herself from making a move.

“Delores, sit.”  The Head Priest had her sit, “Since this sir City Lord is this confident, then there must be a reason.  We’ll listen to his words for now.”

Chu Tian said with a nod, “I didn’t lie, I really am a merchant.  I am also truly a food seller.”

Merchant?  The fox people all looked at each other in blank dismay.

The elves hated human merchants the most because human merchants meeting the elves would never end well.  The most profitable business in the forest was human trafficking, so whether it was the fox tribe or the elves, they would be main prey for slave dealers.

How did a human with this status receive the title of City Lord from the Elven King?

“Actually handling these tribes is not hard.”  Chu Tian said in a meaningful voice, “I also found that it is very easy to become rich in this place.”

Delores asked, “How are you prepared to deal with the Minotaurs?  They are not easy to trick.”

“Trick?  I’m sorry, I am a person with a code of honesty!”  Chu Tian did not want to explain, so he took out things from his gourd, “I ask you all to move for a bit.”

Several prepared array flags were inserted into the ground and when they activated, they immediately formed a large source energy array design.  Finally it turned into a spatial source energy array. Chu Tian then placed several energy columns into the array to provide it with energy.


Chu Tian roared.

Although Chu Tian was not in the True Spirit Realm, with these prepared array flags, he could still quickly open the Space Warehouse.  He had just contacted the young miss, so when Chu Tian opened the Space Warehouse, there were over a hundred thousand cans of food in the thousand cubic meter Space Warehouse.

These cans were not travel cans, but rather storage cans.

The former was a small can that adventurers and mercenaries could bring with them.  The latter was a storage can that was half the size of a person filled with food. A hundred thousand of these cans with each one weighing around fifty pounds.  When they fell from the Space Warehouse, they formed a little mountain in front of the fox people!

The fox people were all stunned.

Not a single person could understand what Chu Tian did.

It was like he had performed magic, turning nothing into something, which was even more mysterious than their summoning technique!  Chu Tian opened the lid of a can of food and threw it in front of the fox people several meters away, “Have a look at it!”

Delores smelled a delicious food fragrance.

Could it really be food?

The fox people came around it out of curiosity.  There were cubes of cooked beef in the can and each cube weighed several pounds.  It was very lush and fragrant, sending out an attractive smell. It was like it was still steaming, like it had just come out of the pot.

Delores’ eyes opened wide and looked at the human in shock.  It was like she wasn’t looking at a human, but rather a monster or a god.  She was shocked and happy, as countless complex emotions intertwined in her heart, finally gathering a few words that she spoke.

“How did you do this?”

“This is not important!”  Chu Tian asked with a smile again, “I’ll ask you again, do you want to become rich?”

At dusk.

The dark red setting sun sprinkled over the forest.

The Minotaurs in the canyon were covered in dread as countless Minotaurs weakly pawed at the grass roots.  These large bodied fellows that were wild enough to even fight ogres were now in this kind of weak state.

“Chief, the sky is already dark!”

“Of course I know that!”

The Minotaurs’ chief was a fellow who was four feet tall and had a body that seemed like it was cast of dark iron.  White fog came out of his two large nostrils every time he breathed and his eyes were even larger than copper bells, which were filled with flames of rage.  The two sharp horns on his head were releasing a cold glow.

“It seems like that human played us!”

“That’s right, the humans are with the fox tribe and now we kill them all.  We will skin those foxes and turn their bones into soup, letting them know the consequences of tricking the Minotaurs!”

The several Minotaur leaders with tempers like gunpowder were already roaring out.

Killing the foxes weren’t important, the most important thing was plundering.  They needed food, otherwise in just another night, over a thousand people would die.  If this famine continued another three-five days, there would be over ten thousand people who would die.  At that time, the tribe would face the danger of disbanding.

The Minotaur chief stood there.  Although he did not say a word, he had already lifted his iron cast giant axe and his killing intent was the strongest out of all of them.


“Those foxes are here!”

When the Minotaur chief was prepared to lead his people out, a Minotaur’s voice called out from outside that made all the Minotaurs’ faces change.


Did they really come!

In front of the Minotaur Valley, Delores was walking with Chu Tian, leading five hundred fox clan youths.

“Move, move!”

The Minotaur chief had the people blocking the road move and while he was asking what was going on, his cow eyes instantly popped open.  This was because the fox clan had brought a group of giant lizards and there were large cans made of iron on the backs of these giant lizards which the fox people were currently taking down.

“This is?”

The Minotaurs all had strange expressions.

These iron cans were made in the Southern Summer factory and no one in the forest would waste effort to store food like this.

“There are ten thousand cans of food here and it is around five hundred thousand pounds of food.  These have all been processed and there are over several dozen secret herbs used, so it will be a hundred times tastier at least compared to your usual food.  I swear that after you eat my company’s food, you will not be able to eat any other food.”

Each person could clearly hear this and the Minotaurs’ breathing became heavier.

“That’s right, I also heard that the Minotaurs love food, so I prepared a thousand vats of fine wine.  Each one is made with high quality ingredients and even in the human world where comfort is pursued, it would be considered good wine.”

The Minotaurs’ eyes went red and their adam’s apples bobbed, with not a single one being able to speak.

Chu Tian looked at these Minotaurs, “I wonder if you are all satisfied?”

The Minotaur chief already couldn’t hold on, “Quickly take it out for me.”

The Minotaurs almost lost their reason and were about to steal them.

“I must remind you to not to try stealing this food.  This is only the first batch and I have much more fine wine and food.  It doesn’t matter how much you need, but if you try to steal it, then I’m sorry, but I will never trade with the Minotaurs again in the future.”  Chu Tian added in at this time, “I think at this time, as long as I provide food as a condition, there will be many tribes interested in attacking the Minotaurs’ valley.”

The Minotaur chief’s expression changed, “You, what do you want?”

“I also don’t know.”  Chu Tian revealed the smile of a profiteer, “I have to see what you have first!”

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