MT Chapter 388


Chapter 388: Safely returning

Chu Tian had put a clearly large price to scare them.  The elves were a rigorous and serious race, so if this person made a request for compensation to the Elven Council, they had to accept it.  This person was very eloquent and the elves were simple minded. Even if the elves cannot pay this price, they would still suffer a huge loss.

In just a short day, he had obtained the support of the Flower Fairies and had been entrusted with an important task by Cenarius.  Adding in the fact that his identity and abilities weren’t simple, even if the elves were angry, they did not dare move against him.

They could not let him go to the council to cause problems!

Provoking that group of old elves had no benefits.


Ulysses wiped away his sweat, “The Elven Council are busy handling the matters of the tribes, so even if you ask for compensation and such a large and complicated one, it will take at least ten-twenty years to process.  We elves can wait, but it is a very long time for you humans. How about you head back first and we’ll talk about this compensation matter later?”

Chu Tian didn’t want the compensation at all.

Although the Forest of Chaos elves did not lose to a Warring Kingdom in terms of strength, but they had a pitiful economy because the elves did not do business on the continent.  So without any commodities to sell, the small and closed community were self reliant. Simply put, the elves were very poor.

“It isn’t impossible to have me go back first.”  Chu Tian raised a condition, “You have to give my worker Vivian back to me first, otherwise I will not leave.”

Vivian was Miracle Commerce’s only spatial engineer.  They needed to use the Space Warehouse now, but a single Space Warehouse was not enough.  If Vivian is locked up by the elves for a year or so, Miracle Commerce’s development speed will be slowed and Chu Tian could not accept this.


Ulysses and the other elves discussed this matter.  From this situation, forcefully taking Vivian away did not have any benefits to the elves.  It was better to let Vivian stay by Chu Tian’s side and continue learning the spatial technology.  This could stop that troublesome fellow Chu Tian from finding a reason to make a mess and it would allow the elves learn the advanced spatial technology, which was killing two birds with one stone.

Although this broke the clan’s rules, the council could not avoid a battle of words, still with these clear benefits, they will be able to explain it.

Ulysses just nodded, “Alright, we’ll let Vivian stay in Oldman Small Town to wait for her trial!”

Chu Tian let out a long sigh of relief.

He finally could leave the elves’ hands.  Actually, the elves were one of the easier races to deal with on the continent.  If he was caught by the spirit beasts, how could they waste so many words and capture him?  They would have killed Chu Tian in the small town and swept through it, stealing everything in the small town.  How could Chu Tian live until now?

But the elves were after all the previous strongest race on the continent and still one of the largest races on the continent.  This race still had their good points. At the very least, cooperating with the elves meant that he didn’t need to be on guard like dealing with humans.

“Big brother Chu Tian!”

When Vivian was brought out, she immediately gave an excited cry before charging to Chu Tian to give him a large hug.  When she heard that the elves had already finished their discussion with Chu Tian and the elves even agreed to letting Vivian return to Oldman Small Town, Vivian was filled with excitement.

She was worried that Chu Tian’s contradiction with her clansmen could not be solved, so Vivian would feel very awkward choosing a side to stand on.  If the elves were willing to accept Chu Tian and cooperate with him, it was a good matter for both the elves and Chu Tian.

Because compared to the other powers in the Forest of Chaos, the elves were definitely one of the reliable ones.

“We’re going back?”  Vivian said, “I don’t want to stay here for another second.”

“No rush!”  Chu Tian said to Vivian, “Let’s make a Space Warehouse here first to make it easier to transport items from the Lost Woods.”

When the Tree of Life Tribe elves learned that Chu Tian wanted to make a Space Warehouse here, they were all filled with excitement, especially the elven children.  Chu Tian skills and actions had already spread through the tribe, so all the elves knew what kind of item the Space Warehouse was.

If the Tree of Life Tribe could have a Space Warehouse, then would they be able to have Miracle Commerce’s amazing products delivered to them instantly?

The Magnetic Sound Devices, the video disc player, the delicious canned food, and many other fun things!

The elves could not leave their tribe because of their rules, but they would be able to enjoy all these entertaining things.  To the Tree of Life Tribe elves, this was definitely a great thing.

Miracle Commerce only had a single Space Warehouse they could freely use.

This Space Warehouse belonged to Miracle Commerce and naturally could not be opened by others.  However, before Vivian came back to the elven tribes, she was already preparing to make a second Space Warehouse.  This new space’s volume was around the same as the first Space Warehouse. Although the space had not been restructured and looked like an irregular pie, it had already been marked.

Vivian immediately began to arrange the Space Warehouse summon array and took out several energy columns, so the Space Warehouse could be opened with just this.  Even though it hadn’t been restructured, Vivian could slowly complete it in the laboratory after returning to the small town.

After three days.

The Space Warehouse was officially finished.

This Space Warehouse would be used by Miracle Commerce to transport items from the Lost Woods.  Although it was said to be made for Miracle Commerce, if the elves, Flower Fairies, and Treants needed it, Chu Tian didn’t mind transporting a few things for them.

The elves surrounded them and cheered.  With this source energy array, the elves could enjoy the convenience the Space Warehouse brought them.  So a large group of children surrounded princes Vivian and requested princess Vivian to bring gifts when she came back.

“You can all be assured, I won’t forget everyone!”  Vivian waved her hand in high spirited manner, “I’ll definitely send many entertaining things for everyone!”

With the little princess giving this promise, the elves left in an assured manner.

At this time, the first bag of harvested Bewilderment Crystals were sent over.  They were thrown into the Space Warehouse along with the precious gifts the Flower Fairies gave Chu Tian.

Once everything was done.

They could leave.

If Vivian used her spatial powers without bringing too many people along, she could reach Oldman Small Town in just an hour.  However, other than Chu Tian, there were now several dozen Flower Fairies who went with them. Vivian did not have the ability to bring all these people along with her using her spatial abilities, so she asked for several flying mounts from the elf tribe and flew everyone towards Oldman Small Town.

“Goodbye everyone!”

“I’ll definitely bring back many entertaining things for you all!”

Vivian smiled as she waved at the elves and the elven elders all had strange expressions.  Princess Vivian had broken a serious clan rule and the human had violated one of the elves’ taboos, but instead they didn’t suffer any consequences and were being sent back.

What did this count for?

If this matter was spread through the forest, it would have an adverse effect on the elves.  Perhaps more rebellious and curious elves would secretly run away, this would surely cause chaos with the elves!

Ulysses had no other choice right now, he needed to think about how to deal with the old man in the council.


When Vivian left the elven tribe, she felt her body relax.  It was like several chains was released on her body and she felt an unprecedented freedom.

This kind of feeling was great!

Vivian never thought all those problems would be so easily taken care of!

The elves did not dare underestimate Chu Tian since the Treants entrusted Chu Tian with an important task and even formed friendships with the Flower Fairies and the elves.  Now that Miracle Commerce had a large chance of cooperating with the elves, this was what Vivian wanted to see the most. If the elves could absorb Chu Tian’s wisdom, they would definitely become stronger!

After an entire day, they arrived in the canyon Oldman Small Town was located.

After more than ten days, it didn’t seem like any chaos happened in Oldman Small Town and it looked like everything was in good order.  After all, there were over a thousand elven elites stationed here, so these elves’ battle strength was not a normal kind of strong. How could the normal locals dare provoke them?

The elven army was arranged by the elven elder to guard Oldman Small Town.  After staying here for all these days, it was unavoidable that they would buy supplies from the town.  Finally the elves looked inside the town and they were attracted by the strangeness of the small town.

After a few days, the elves each had a Magnetic Sound Machine and they listened to the human broadcasts everyday.  Moreover, the Oldman Small Town theater began to show movies which aroused the elves’ interest. They gradually moved from being stationed in the canyon to slowly wandering the town, before they finally lived in the small town.

Most of these thousand elves from the Tree of Life Tribe were mostly around one hundred-two hundred years old.  They had not gone far from their tribe before, so how could they resist the enticement of Miracle Commerce?

The music and stories from the human broadcasts, the beautiful plots from the human movies, and the delicious source energy food cooked by the humans, these all had a deep attraction on them.

It allowed these elves that had been locked up for over a hundred years feel that the world was quite beautiful.  Their clansmen had been locked up in a small place, that life was just too boring.

These elves even had a new thought.

How great it would be if they could keep guarding this place.

At this time, princess Vivian came back.  Vivian revealed the great elder’s token to announce that from this day forth, the over a thousand guards would be in charge of protecting princess Vivian.

This also meant that.

From this day forth, this elven army was managed by princess Vivian.

The elves were very shocked because they didn’t know what had happened.  Princess Vivian was brought back to the tribe, but not only did she come back like nothing happened, she had even been given command of this army.  Just what was going on?

But no matter what, being able to remain in Oldman Small Town, it was a very pleasant thing for them!

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