MT Chapter 387


Chapter 387: Demanding compensation

Aledis told the elves everything that happened once she came back.


“He won’t come?”

The elves were anxious and angry.


This human really didn’t want to work with the elves?

Damn, his cultivation was clearly low, so low that even a child could defeat him, so how could he look down on the elves?

This was simply absurd.

When had those noble and proud elves ever suffered this kind of rage?

The Flower Fairies did not have power, but they were the elves’ friends and had provided large amounts of top quality herbs and resources for the elves.  They had made a large contribution the elves’ development, so they had to give the Flower Fairies face.

“We have been friends with the Flower Fairies for thousands of years, we can’t break this for one matter.”  Ulysses knit his brows, “I want to know what happened in the Flower Fairy Gardens, immediately find a Flower Fairy and learn everything.”

The elves immediately found a Flower Fairy.

The Flower Fairies also wanted to solve Chu Tian’s grudge with the elves, so it clearly explained everything.

“Un, everything should be like this.”  The Flower Fairy simply explained everything, “Other than making the spiritual space, the Flower Fairies are also prepared to create a movie theater.  There are some Flower Fairy sisters preparing to head to the small town in a few days with Chu Tian.”

The movie theaters were a bit related to spiritual domains.  If the Flower Fairies helped in making them, movies would become more beautiful and refined in the future.  The Flower Fairies liked the movies very much, so Chu Tian also gave this job to the Flower Fairies.

The elves were shocked.

The Flower Fairies hadn’t left their gardens in thousands of years.

How could they leave that easily for a stranger?

The Flower Fairies were very weak, didn’t they know that doing this was very dangerous?

Ulysses broke out in a cold sweat, but he wasn’t shocked by the Flower Fairies’ decision, rather he was shocked by another important point, “You’re saying that Chu Tian picked up a crystal in the Lost Woods and immediately created a new technology?  He built something that can stabilize illusions, that can accommodate many people, and something that could change the flow of time?”

“That’s right!  It’s exactly like that!”

Chu Tian had left the tribe for a few hours and he definitely didn’t know of the Lost Woods before this.  In this situation, he had created a new field of technology with just pure improvisation.

Was this person still a person?

He was able to create all these shocking miracles?

When Aledis heard this, she suddenly felt a bit regretful.  If she knew it would be like this earlier, she would have agreed to him a few days ago.  She would have made Chu Tian owe her a favour which would have brought great benefits to the elves!

Vivian really wasn’t wrong.  Chu Tian’s knowledge and wisdom surpassed the elves by at least a hundred thousand years.  If they waited another ten-twenty years, this human would very likely change the continent.  If the elves remained conservative and did not change, they would be eliminated by this new wave of change.

The Flower Fairy did not know the elves’ complex feelings, “Chu Tian said that this field of technology need to develop and prosper because after creating a super large spiritual world, all the races in the world can enter to exchange with each other.  This not only reduces the distance between people, it will also reduce the real world’s energy consumption, resource consumption, war, and slaughters, protecting the forest and the environment. This noble idea is not something a bad person can think of, so the elves must cancel all accusations towards Chu Tian, otherwise the Flower Fairies will not allow the elves to come near him!”

The Flower Fairy’s tone was very firm.

In the eyes of the Flower Fairy, Chu Tian was not just a genius, but rather a saint that could save the world!

If the world had this person, everyone’s lives would become better and there would be less wars and death.  If the elves wanted to kill him, it would be a crime lasting through eternity.

Whether it was for Chu Tian or the elves, the Flower Fairies would never allow this to happen.

“Also, Cenarius said.”  The Flower Fairy suddenly thought of something, “He has already made the decision to have the Flower Fairies take the Tree of Life Seed to leave with Chu Tian.”

Ulysses was shocked again, “What?  What? The Tree of Life Seed! How can it be casually taken away?  The elves only have that one seed in the entire Forest of Chaos. If it was lost, what should we do?  This responsibility is not something Cenarius can afford!”

There was more than one Tree of Life on the continent.

Therefore there wasn’t only a single group of elves.

Of the entire Forest of Chaos’ elves, there was only a single ancient Tree of Life.  There was only a single Tree of Life Seed that was passed down and although they couldn’t make it bloom, it was still a sacred item for the elves.

This seed was always kept by the Cenarius and the Flower Fairies were in charge of cultivating it, so the elves only paid close attention to it.

It had been like this until now.

But someone wanted to take away the seed now.  If it was stolen, who would take responsibility for this?

The Flower Fairy explained, “The Treants and us can’t find a way to cultivate the Tree of Life, but Chu Tian said he had confidence in activating the seed, so Cenarius decided to let Chu Tian try.”

The elves almost collapsed when they heard this.

How many earth shattering things did Chu Tian need to do  before he was satisfied?

The spatial technology and the spiritual technology, any one of them was a profound technology that could be researched for several thousand years and now he was saying he could revive the ancient Tree of Life Seed.  If he could really do it, the wisdom in this person’s head, perhaps even an ancient god could not compare to him!

“The elves have been too stingy with this matter!”  The Flower Fairy said in a voice filled with slight complaint, “Didn’t Chu Tian just use one of the elves’ Immortal Herbs?  He didn’t even steal it and he has repaid it a hundred fold. If you keep pursuing this matter, the elves really have no restraint!  At worse, the Flower Fairies will compensate the elves with several Immortal Herbs!”

This was not a problem of the herb at all.

It was just a trivial level two Immortal Herb, these elves did not care about it at all.

The key was the status of the humans and princess Vivian, the two would cause quite a large stir with their clans.  The humans were a large race that was filled with deception. The elves have always forbidden elves, especially females from coming in contact with humans.

Vivian’s actions were a large violation this time and had participated in the human’s war with the spirit beasts, violating at least ten different clan laws, so it became this large of a mess.

The Flower Fairies did not know of danger, so the problem was simple to them.

“Vice speaker, what do you think…..”

“There’s no other way, we are wrong this time.  Vivian had really found an incredible person for the elves.”  Ulysses shook his head, “The Elven King has always sought reform, only the conservative faction was too strong.  This is a good chance for the elves and since it has arrived, we should grab onto him.”

“We’ve opened the elven court to this scale and those fellows back in the tribe will take care of this matter.  I’m afraid…..If we let him go, what will that side of the Elven Council do?”

“They will still respect rituals.  It’s just a small loss of face, it’s not worth mentioning.  The Elven King and I naturally can help calm the voices in the council.”

If it was said, Chu Tian might not believe it.  The elven race was actually divided into reformist and conservative factions.  Vivian’s father was the current Elven King and a leader of a reformist policy. Under the leadership of this Elven King, the elven race has gained three cities in a hundred years and increased their influence by 20%.

The conservative faction was always the strongest among the elves.  Their representative was the Elven Council’s speaker, his influence among the elves was not below the Elven King’s.

These were truly old fashioned people and followed customs and etiquette.  The pursued non governance and letting nature run its course.

It was impossible for the Elven King to not care about his daughter, but he couldn’t interfere with his status, so he sent Ulysses who he trusted to manage this matter.  When Vivian received her punishment in the end, she would be locked up for ten-twenty years at most and it wouldn’t be a truly serious punishment.

But the situation was different now.

Ulysses needed to take other actions.  He led several elven elders and visited the Flower Fairy Garden again.  Chu Tian was relaxing and eating when he saw the elves come, instantly causing his face to sink, “What, you’re here to capture me?”

“Mister Chu Tian, what happened between us before was a misunderstanding.”  Ulysses’ old face revealed a strained smile, it was very clear he rarely treated a deceptive race like the humans with a friendly manner, “I have already investigated everything and hope that your excellency will have an open and friendly discussion with the elves to clear up this misunderstanding.

The elves were the Flower Fairies’ friends.

Chu Tian was also the Flower Fairies’ friends.

If these friends could resolve their problem, of course it was a very good thing.

Lulu immediately happily jumped out, “I said that the elves would think it through.”

Chu Tian wanted to teach these noble elves a lesson, but seeing the situation like this, he changed his mind.

Chu Tian also wanted to go back sooner, after all, the elves had such a low efficiency.  If they delayed it by another ten days to half a month, it would affect Miracle Commerce’s development in the Forest of Chaos, “What do you think we should do?”

Ulysses saw that there was a favourable change and immediately said with a sigh of relief, “Because the matters are very serious this time, we need the Elven Council to discuss this before making a decision.  But since it is a misunderstanding, so the Elven Council will not make it hard for you. So, we like you ask you to come with us again?”

Another meeting?

I’ll open your head!

The elves worked very slowly.  If it was delayed by another half a year, wouldn’t father’s company’s workers not have anything to eat?

Fuck your Elven Council!

Chu Tian’s  eyes lit up and he suddenly smiled, “Go to the Elven Council?  Alright, I was thinking about asking for compensation from the Elven Council anyway!”

“Ask for compensation?”  The elves all stared at him, “What compensation!”

“Are you playing the fool?  Vivian is a worker trained by Miracle Commerce and has signed a contract with Miracle Commerce.  She has learned Miracle Commerce’s top level and secret technology, but she is being taken away by you all and locked up for two hundred years!”  Chu Tian said in an impolite voice, “Two hundred years! This is very serious for us humans! Miracle Commerce will suffer a large loss because of this, could it be that I don’t even have the right to ask for compensation?”

“This…..How much compensation do you want?”

“You should have appraised the value of the spatial technology, right?  I don’t want much, just give me five elven cities!”

Ulysses almost spat out a mouthful of blood!

The elves didn’t have more than ten cities in the forest.

This fellow actually started by asking for five cities.  Wasn’t this asking for the elves’ lives?

Chu Tian cast a glance over at the elves and was dissatisfied with their expressions, “Don’t the elves advocate fairness and justness?  Vivian has grasped the spatial technology and even though it is only a hair of nine oxs for me, it’s value cannot be matched by just five small cities.  I’m suffering a huge loss here! You’re getting a deal and you still want to burn the bridge? This is the just and fair manners the elves conduct themselves in?”

The elves whispered to each other.

Ulysses wiped his sweat and said, “The elves cannot afford this kind of compensation, not to mention Vivian’s punishment is still waiting to be discussed, so…..”

“I don’t care that much!  You have wasted this many days of my time because of a misunderstanding, you should give me a bit of compensation, right?”  Chu Tian kept speaking in an unreasonable manner, “I don’t want much, just a hundred thousand high grade source stones will be enough!”

The vein popped out on Ulysses’ forehead.

The elves were all very poor, what did one hundred thousand high grade source stones mean?  This brat was too crazy!

No, no, they couldn’t bring him back.  If this fellow was to enter the council, he would surely cause chaos among the elves!

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