MT Chapter 386


Chapter 386: Alliance with the Flower Fairies

Why would he cooperate with the Flower Fairies?

Actually, putting aside his personal feelings, the Flower Fairies were still worth winning over.

This was an outstanding support race.  Treatment, finding treasures, growing plants, helping with cultivation, helping with fighting, and various other functions, they were natural helpers!

The Flower Fairies were very pure, so there was no need to be guarded against them at all.  Moreover, once one won the trust and support of the Flower Fairies, they would spare no effort to help.  Because of their innately born bodies, the Flower Fairies were very suited to building the spiritual world and the Spiritual Network.


A spiritual space was not something anyone could make.  Each spiritual space was like opening a new world, so including the rules of operation, it was something decided by the builder.  If the spiritual space’s laws were conflicting or unstable, the spiritual space will not last long before being destroyed.

Chu Tian temporarily did not have any competent workers for this project.

Just like how a spatial engineer needed innate spatial powers, a spiritual engineer needed innate spiritual powers.

Even after several tens of thousands of years, the spiritual engineer job could compare to alchemists and symbol masters, even being a bit more popular.

This was because there were many people that could become alchemists or symbol masters, but there weren’t many people who could become spiritual engineers.  After all, having innate spiritual power was very rare, so this made the spiritual engineer job very expensive.

The demand for spiritual engineers was also very large.

This was because to build a spiritual space that wouldn’t collapse even with several hundred million people inside, it would require the construction and maintenance of a spiritual engineer.

Of course, Chu Tian still had not even made the Source Energy Computer yet.  Without the computer’s computative power to calculate the spiritual parameters, it was impossible to make a spiritual world that could hold a country or a race.  However, if he had the appropriate talents, he could still make a tiny space without any problems.

Chu Tian had basic knowledge on spiritual domains and the Flower Fairies’ natural law senses surpassed that of other life forms, plus they had natural spiritual energy sensing powers.

The Flower Fairies were undoubtedly a very good choice.

This was also a large chance for the Flower Fairies.

It was impossible for any race in this world to be partial.  The Forest of Chaos followed the dark forest principle, but what about the continent?  Various tribes have different personalities, different believes, and different ethics. This difference was was a source of contradiction and it was inevitable for war to break out.  The weak would always be enslaved by the strong.

The Flower Fairies did not have battle strength, but they were very precious.  If humans, spirit beasts, or any other races discovered them, the outcome would not be good.  The elves were declining and they were losing the ability to take care of themselves, so their protection could not be depended on.  The Flower Fairies could only depend on themselves to survive.

If they worked with Miracle Commerce, obtaining the advanced spiritual technology, the Flower Fairies would be able to create a footin on the continent.  It would given them the qualification to negotiate with other countries and provide a stronger foundation for their race to survive on in the future!

Chu Tian slowly persuaded the Flower Fairies.

“Can we also make more spiritual spaces?”

“Can we directly create a virtual world and allow people of different races and different statuses live together inside?”

The Flower Fairies had no care, they did not have a sense of crisis, and did not care about material comfort.  Only spiritual and artistic things would attract the love and praise of the Flower Fairies.

Chu Tian outlined a perfect blueprint in a few words that made the Flower Fairies very expectant and made them yearn for it.

The Flower Fairies were a hard race to win over.  This was not because their personalities was not good, rather it was because their personality was too good, so they were hard to win over.

Why did the world have war?

Why did the world have slaughters?

Why did the world have robbers?

This was a result of human desires, just like what Chu Tian said to Cenarius.  Benefits will create fights, greed will create bandits, information will create desire, and violence will create killing and slaughter.

The Flower Fairies were an exception.  They were born from the heaven and earth, absorbing energy to survive.  They would not age, would not become sick, and did not have desires. They were happy by nature, so they were very easy to satisfy.  They were not easily moved, so they were not easy to convince with money, materials, or love.

There was only one way for the humans to control Flower Fairies and that was to make a medicine that decreased intelligence.  Adding in a method of forced control, the Flower Fairies would become mindless and turn into a puppet, being controlled by the humans.

Chu Tian was not stupid enough to explain the great prospects of this technology.

What was the commercial value of the Flower Fairies?  A race that didn’t need to eat, breed, or cultivate, how could one not earn a profit off of them?

What meaning did it have if they changed the Flower Fairies’ history?  What historical significance did a race that didn’t have a country and wouldn’t become old or sick have?

But Chu Tian always believed a single point.

It was impossible for living beings not to have desires.

It wasn’t a lie that Flower Fairies did not age, but Flower Fairies depended on their environment.  If their living conditions were destroyed, the Flower Fairies would not have a way of living.

Look, the people of the continent built houses for shelter, built magnificent palaces for their own desire, and made fertile farming land by destroying large amounts of forest, hunting animals, and polluting the environment.

The Forest of Chaos was very big.

But the forest was in the center of several large empires.

Who could guarantee that after several milleniums, the Forest of Chaos would still be in its original condition?

So, they needed to develop the spiritual technology.  If humans were rich in the spiritual world, it would reduce their desire in the real world.  Didn’t humans like destroying things? They could just destroy things in the spiritual space.  Didn’t humans like building palaces? They could build them in the spiritual space!

This virtual world would not be polluted no matter what happened!

Chu Tian’s ideas were very reasonable to the Flower Fairies.  They only cared about their homeland. So, once the spiritual technology was popularized, people would have less wars and would pollute less!

The Flower Fairies looked at Chu Tian with gazes filled with worship.

Wise, intelligent, kind, and far seeing, the Flower Fairies were truly lucky to have this kind of friend!

The Flower Fairies were filled with belief and worship of Chu Tian.   Adding in their love for the spiritual technology and also Chu Tian’s view on protecting the environment, the Flower Fairies finally made an important decision.

They wanted to join Miracle Commerce!

They wanted to create the spiritual age!

Chu Tian sat on the ground chatting with the Flower Fairies and they became even more excited.  They lived ordinary lives before, collecting dew and nectar everyday, cleaning the garden when they had time.  They had never had a goal before.

Now it was different.

The Flower Fairies wanted to study spiritual technology from Chu Tian.  They wanted to use the crystal inside the Lost Woods to create even more fun spiritual spaces.

It’s decided!

There was another ally to rely on.

Chu Tian could be very proud, this was another pioneer move by him!

When everyone was discussing this matter, large amounts of hawks appeared in the sky above the garden.  Each hawk had a elf carrying a bow riding on it and there was a powerful dragon hawk leading them.

“It’s the elves!”

“This is bad, they must be here to capture Chu Tian!”

The Flower Fairies already completely believed Chu Tian was not a bad person.  Could such a wise person that cared this much about protecting the forest be a bad person?

Aledis jumped off the back of the dragon hawk and landed in front of Chu Tian.  With a cold face, she said, “You, come back to the tribe. The elven court will announce their ruling!”

What are you trying to pull!

Who doesn’t know that you elves are here to beg me now!

Chu Tian did not need to guess to know.  The elves have already understood the consequences, so they were asking Chu Tian to come back now.  Only Aledis was cold by nature and adding in her stiff face, she could only display this stiff appearance.

One needed to admit their mistakes.

What kind of appearance was this?

Chu Tian was very dissatisfied, so he suddenly came up with an idea as he spoke, “You elves are all fussy, isn’t it just to come execute me?  You might as well just finish it with an arrow, why talk so much!”

Aledis’ brows jumped up.

“Stop!”  The Flower Fairies shouted, “Chu Tian is already a good friend of us Flower Fairies and we are cooperating with him.  He is a good person and if the elves want to touch him without reason, we definitely will not agree!”

“That’s right!”

“The elves should go back!”

“Chu Tian will not go with you all!”

The Flower Fairies surrounded Chu Tian, using their little bodies to block for him, as if they would die to protect him.  Aledis was a bit stunned. He obtained the trust of the Flower Fairies this quickly? How did the human accomplish this!

“Cooperation?  Flower Fairies?”

These words were enough to surprise the elves.

The Flower Fairies were an amazing race, but they didn’t have any battle strength in the end.  Also they had a small population, only with a small group existing in the entire forest. Why would the human cooperate with the Flower Fairies?

The Flower Fairies were aloof and only cared about peace, how were they moved?

“The Flower Fairies will make a world with Miracle Commerce, changing the lives of the people on the continent, reducing war and protecting our forest!”  The Flower Fairies were all speaking out and they were speaking in determined voices, “The elves should not do more wrong things. Chu Tian is a gift sent to use by the forest god, he is a messenger of peace, he definitely isn’t a bad person!”

“The elves should leave!”

“The elves should leave!”

The Flower Fairies charged out to chase off the elves.

The Flower Fairies were pitifully weak, but the elves could not move against them.

When they saw the Flower Fairies willing to die to protect Chu Tian and Chu Tian standing among the Flower Fairies with crossed hands, with a proud smile on his face, the elves almost spat out blood in anger.  This fellow had clearly done it on purpose!

But, what kind of magic did this fellow use?  He actually had the Flower Fairies turning in circles!”

Lulu said, “Have Ulysses cancel all accusations towards Chu Tian, otherwise the Flower Fairies will not allow the elves to touch a single one of Chu Tian’s hairs!”

“Cancel all accusations!”

“Cancel all accusations!”

The Flower Fairies began to shout together.

“Second elder, what should we do?”

Aledis could not back down.  The elves already did not plan on killing Chu Tian, but they couldn’t explain it.  Where would the elves’ face go if they did?”

“We can’t harm the Flower Fairies.”

“We’ll head back first!”

The elves had been snubbed and they could only bitterly head back.

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