MT Chapter 384


Chapter 384: Fairy Wine

The Flower Fairies planting ability was unparalleled on the continent, so the flowers were filled with heaven and earth treasures, there were even some at the Immortal Grade.  It was no wonder the humans liked invading the Flower Fairies’ territory. Not only were the Flower Fairies themselves valuable, the place they lived in was a natural treasure house.

The Flower Fairies did not need to cultivate, so they didn’t need to personally use these treasures, they only cultivated it as a hobby.  They would give a large amount of precious gifts to their elf friends each year. Now that Chu Tian was the guest of the Flower Fairy race, naturally he received a warm welcome.

Chu Tian sat down on the field filled with flora and he was surrounded by cute little Flower Fairies.

Over several thousand years, these little things had not gone further than a hundred kilometers from this place.  They only met the silent and wise Treants and the active and friendly elves, they had never seen any other races from the continent.


Chu Tian was the only outsider who was fortunate enough to visit the Flower Fairies’ garden in several thousand years.

Most of the Flower Fairies have watched the Miracle Commerce movies, so they were not unfamiliar with Chu Tian.  Instead they felt very close to him, so when Chu Tian came to the Flower Fairies’ garden, almost all the Flower Fairies ran over to see him.

It was a large group of them.

There were around two thousand Flower Fairies who lived in the garden, so this was a very large number for the rare Flower Fairy race.  After all, the Flower Fairies were an innately born life form and were not born like normal. Each one was formed by the earth like a heaven and earth treasure.

“This is Fairy Wine, only the Flower Fairies’ best friends can taste it!”

Several Flower Fairies held a flower.  The seven coloured petals were tightly enclosed and releasing a strong vital energy.  Inside the flower petals which were slightly blooming was a liquid releasing a gentle glow.

Chu Tian took a slight inhale.

An unbelievable energy spread through his body and he felt like every pore was stretching.  It was as if each cell was filled with an unprecedented life energy.

Even the aura had this kind of powerful effect?

It was not inferior to taking a Sacred Medicine!

Chu Tian never would have guessed that this Fairy Wine was brewed with three kinds of high level Immortal Herbs, otherwise how could it produce such strong effects?  Immortal Herbs, they were Immortal Herbs. Even in a place like the Forest of Chaos, Immortal Herbs were still quite rare, otherwise the elf tribe wouldn’t have been in this kind of situation after losing the Longevity Grass.  

A waste!

It really was a waste!

Immortal Herbs to brew wine?  The wine brewing technique was ordinary, so the Immortal Herbs did not even retain even a tenth of their effect.  Several Immortal Herbs were wasted like this, if this wasn’t a waste of heavenly gifts, what would it be?

Chu Tian raised the flower cup and drank it all.

The Flower Fairies’ Fairy Wine did not taste like normal wine at all, only have the taste of several hundred flowers.  That beautiful feeling was not something normal wine could bring because the sensation surpassed the senses, invading into one’s mind, spirit, and soul.

Chu Tian could feel a rich spiritual energy filling every one of his cells.  It was like his body had turned into a treasure that had absorbed spiritual energy from everything.  After his spirit energy received this nourishment and supplement, it began to soar.


Chu Tian felt his pores filled with fine spirit energy and he felt like he was inflating like a balloon.  There was a hard to withstand spiritual pressure that appeared.

The Flower Fairies flew around Chu Tian and reached their hands out towards him.  Each Flower Fairy had a mark appear on their foreheads as they made the energy flow back into Chu Tian’s body.

Chu Tian could clearly feel a gentle strength filling him, helping Chu Tian turn the large amount of spiritual energy into spirit energy.  This transformation ratio was higher than what Chu Tian could accomplish by himself.

This really wasn’t bad!

Other than being used for treatment, material, and for finding treasures, the Flower Fairies were perfect little helpers for cultivation.  If one had Flower Fairies for help when they cultivated, not only would they have a supplement of spiritual energy, they would also increase their chances of breaking through their bottleneck.  It can also increase their cultivation efforts by several times.

Chu Tian sat cross legged as he began to refine this cup of Fairy Wine.

The spirit energy in his body wildly surged as he went from the 8th Awakened Soul Layer to the peak 8th Awakened Soul Layer before breaking through his bottleneck in the end.


A dignified and powerful energy instantly covered the entire Flower Fairy Gardens.

A large illusion appeared in the sky that was like a venerable nine eyed demon god that covered the entire world.  It was holding a flaming black demon god blade that could cut through the sky itself!

Such a strong pressure!

Such a strong aura!

The Flower Fairies were all stunned.

Chu Tian was hiding this kind of incomparably strong power inside him!

In the Treant Forest, Cenarius opened his eyes again.  When he saw the phenomenon over the Flower Fairy Gardens, this Treant that had lived for over ten thousand years revealed a look of astonishment and disbelief.

Although he knew that his human was not normal, he never thought that he would be this strong.  This potential was the most terrifying Cenarius had ever seen and in his long memories, he could not find a single being that could match it.


Elf tribe.

Vivian displayed the Void Escaping Cultivation Technique that made all the elven elders reveal an unprecedented look of shock.  This extremely special and unparalleled space movement cultivation technique was like a miracle.

Vivian had just practiced it for two months.  She hadn’t used any resources and hadn’t even reached the Small Success Realm, but she could already disregard all attacks that didn’t reach the 4th True Spirit Layer.

There was a very important keyword.

It was not defending against attacks!

It was disregarding attacks!

These two had a fundamental difference.  A True Spirit Realm Cultivator could block a Body Refinement Realm Cultivator’s attack with ease and even a thousand Body Refinement Realm Cultivators could not kill a True Spirit Realm Cultivator.  But even if a Body Refinement Cultivator’s attacks are weak, a True Spirit Cultivator would still use spirit energy to block it.

A thousand Body Refinement Cultivators could not kill a True Spirit Cultivator.

But what about two thousand?  Three thousand? Ten thousand?  One hundred thousand?

Once a True Spirit Cultivator used all their spirit energy, they were no stronger than a normal person.  Low level cultivators could use quantity to kill high level cultivators!

But the Void Escaping was not the same!

If Vivian met the attacks of low level cultivators, it was no longer defending against them.  She could dodge on a spatial level, disregarding any cultivator’s attacks. As long as it didn’t surpass the upper limit, it didn’t matter how many attacks there were!

Vivian could currently disregard all attacks under the 4th True Spirit Layer.

This also meant that even if she met an army of a million, she would not be injured in the slightest.  Even if it was an army of 1st-2nd True Spirit Layer Cultivators, as long as their instantaneous attacks did not break the spatial barrier, their attacks would have no meaning no matter how many of them there were.  Vivian would not only be uninjured, she also wouldn’t consume any extra spirit energy.

How amazing of a cultivation technique was this?

Such a shocking effect!

If she could reach the Large Success Realm, with Vivian’s 4th True Spirit Layer cultivation, she could avoid attacks in the 7th-8th Layers.  Also Vivian had innate spatial powers which meant that she could still attack others while they couldn’t attack her, this was something that couldn’t be resisted!

Of course.

The elves did not understand the Void Escaping Cultivation Technique enough.

The Void Escaping could indeed ignore all physical and normal energy attacks, but spatial attacks, spirit attacks, and soul attacks could still have an effect on her.

“Isn’t it just a broken herb!  I’ll just reimburse you all!” Vivian’s stomach was filled with indignation and dissatisfaction, “Even a hundred herbs would not be enough for this cultivation technique.  Not to mention that Chu Tian has taught me an even more precious technology that can change the world!”

The elves now believed Chu Tian’s words.

This fellow was really a genius and he wasn’t a normal genius!

Ulysses suppressed the shock in his heart, “What spatial technology, can you show it to me!”

Vivian definitely did not have a way to summon the Space Warehouse.  Although she had the Space Warehouse technology, the energy problem was not one the elves could solve.  Only Miracle Commerce’s special made energy columns could provide a source of stable and high quality source energy.

Therefore, once she left Miracle Commerce, Vivian did not have a way to use the Space Warehouse.

However, Vivian drew out the incomparably deep source energy array.  When they saw the unprecedented source energy array, every elf was completely shocked.  How was this science? This was simply a miracle!

The elves have always been proud.

Because the elves have been cultured for more than a hundred thousand years compared to the humans.  Each elf had profound knowledge and could compare to the greatest scholars among the humans, so they didn’t put the humans in their eyes at all.  Although they knew that the development of culture in humans was fast, they still needed more than ten thousand years to catch up to the elves.

When the source energy appeared in front of them.

The self respect and pride of the elves were completely shattered!

The elves did not need to experience the Space Warehouse to know how amazing it was.  Even if the space source energy was in front of them, it was already technology that was already ten thousand years ahead of the elves!

When did the human civilization reach a step that elves had to look up to them?

This was the first time they felt a deep frustration!

At the same time, they felt danger!

The elves were fighting the spirit beasts and while they were fighting for the title of the number one race on the continent, did a true giant secretly rise?  Whether it was the wise elves or the brave spirit beasts, they had all underestimated the humans!

This matter was indeed a misunderstanding.

Chu Tian had this kind of cultivation technique and technology, why would he try to cheat the elves out of a level two Immortal Herb?  This did not make sense at all!

Vivian said, “Whether it is in strength or civilization, the humans can’t compare to the elves.  Only Chu Tian is different, his wisdom is at least a hundred thousand years ahead of the elves!”

Ulysses quickly said to the elves around him, “Quickly ask Chu Tian to come back!”

Although this didn’t give them any face, the elves did not dare move against Chu Tian.  If the elves really caused Chu Tian’s death, not only would this be a great shame to their race, it might be the foreshadowing of a war between humans and elves.

Whether he was alive or dead.

This person’s actions were already enough to change the continent’s history.

When the elves came out, the world began to shake.  The magnificent phenomenon appeared from the Flower Fairy Gardens and the elves were shocked again.

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