MT Chapter 383


Chapter 383: Lost Woods

The Flower Fairies did not have an age limit.  As long as they were not kill and lived in an environment they could endure, the Flower Fairies would keep living on.  They would never get old and would never become sick.

It was unknown how long these Flower Fairies around him had live, but they all had minds like pure children.  There were several Flower Fairy sisters led by Lulu who had already become good friends with Chu Tian. On his shoulder, his head, and in his clothes, they were all occupied by them.

These little things were even easier to trick than the elves, they did not have any vigilance at all.

If Chu Tian had bad intentions, these fellows would not have any defenses at all.


“The Lost Woods are in front of us.”

Chu Tian passed through a dense bush.  The forest in front was covered in a layer of mist, but Chu Tian could feel that there was a strong energy mixed into that mist.


Like a dog smelling meat buns, the little fox suddenly drilled out from Chu Tian’s clothes.  Its sparkling eyes were filled with surprise as it jumped into the bush from Chu Tian’s body.

Lulu nervously shouted, “Aiya, danger!”

The mist in the Lost Forest was very dangerous.  It was spiritual energy released from the ground and several thousand year of it gathered in the mist, therefore the mist was very dangerous.  Whether it was the elves, the Treants, or demon beasts and insects, as long as they were living beings and they had consciousness, even if it was a bit of thought, they would be affected by the spiritual energy and be forever lost in the mist.

Lulu wanted to save the little fox, but the little fox disappeared into a mist and teleported into the forest.  The little fox stood in the mist and was not affected at all. Rather it opened its mouth and sucked in, causing the fog in the surrounding area to instantly enter the little fox’s stomach.

“Yi?”  Lulu watched the fox with wide eyes, “Why does this little creature have this kind of ability?”

“It is not an ordinary fox, so you don’t need to worry.  Let’s go.”

Chu Tian walked into the Lost Woods while the Flower Fairies flew beside Chu Tian, releasing a large amount of pollen from their bodies.  Chu Tian smelled a fragrance that brought delight to his heart, instantly feeling his head clear up, like he had just taken an ice water bath.

The Flower Fairies really did have some skills.

When Chu Tian breathed in the pollen released by the Flower Fairies, not only was he not affected by the illusions, he also felt his cultivation raising.  This flower pollen could be considered a spiritual medicine!

Actually, whether it was Chu Tian or that damn fox, they both had special abilities and could not be affected by the spiritual energy.  However, with the special care of the Flower Fairies, Chu Tian happily walked through the woods.

This place was where the ancient Tree of Life had grown, so it was connected to a spiritual vein.  The spiritual energy was very strong, so the Treants, Elves, and Flower Fairies chose to live here.  In the surrounding forest, there was countless rare herbs and materials. If all the other places were picked clean by the elves, this Lost Forest could be considered a virgin girl.

Over the thousands of years, there weren’t many elves that stepped in this place.

The Flower Fairies at most would collect dew and nectar, never taking any of the materials.  When Chu Tian walked into the Lost Forest, he saw the ground covered in herbs. There were few level two herbs with most of them being level three Spiritual Herbs and even some level four Spiritual Herbs appeared.

Chu Tian stepped on the grass and picked up one of the stalks.  This grass seemed very ordinary, but the stalk was especially long and narrow, and there seemed to be a strong spiritual energy within it.

“Blissful Grass?”

Chu Tian recognized this grass.

This grass was a kind of hallucinogen.  It could be mixed with tobacco leaves or taken directly.  It will create a strong spiritual stimulation that will fill a person with incomparable bliss, so it was a very precious entertainment item.

This was good stuff!

When Chu Tian travelled the continent in the past, he had been to a few empires before.  The price of a single bag of Blissful Grass was enough to purchase a city with several million people in a small kingdom.

Chu Tian stood on the grass and counted several million top grade stalks of Blissful Grass, that were all several hundred years old.  If he harvested all of it, it would be enough to buy a country like the Southern Summer Country several times!

This Blissful Grass was the most common herb in the Lost Forest.

The little fox didn’t even look at it.  It dove into the brush and pulled out a ginseng plant.  When it was pulled out, it saw that the herb was shaped like a human.  Not only was it shaped like a human, it also behaved like one with its four limbs constantly struggling, while also letting out a destructive spiritual cry from its mouth.

“A level two Half Immortal Herb, the Sorrowful Ginseng!”

Chu Tian did not have time to stop it before the little fox swallowed it and used its four limbs to find another good herb.  Chu Tian’s nose went crooked from his anger.

This fellow did not have the awareness of a pet at all.

Chu Tian did not have a way to restrain it, so he could only walk into the forest while suppressing his anger.  Worst case scenario, he would have to think of a way to dig out a few things from this fellow’s stomach when they went back.

“You can see the mine in front.”

Lulu flew forward, sprinkling sparkling pollen wherever she went, currently guiding Chu Tian forward.  In this place, Divine Sense was useless and one could only rely on the guidance of a Flower Fairy.

Chu Tian walked through the top grade herbs and was suddenly stunned in the end because Chu Tian finally saw the mine.  This was a crystal ore and the reserves were very rich, even revealing a large amount of crystals on the surface.

This was a crystal that looked like a bamboo shoot.

This kind of pure crystal without any refinement was rarely seen in the natural world.  This only meant that the reserves were very large and it was very pure. They could skip the refinement step and directly use it after digging it up.

Lulu said to Chu Tian, “This ground is filled with ores and these ores are filled with spiritual energy.  The Flower Fairies and Treants don’t know how to use them and the elves have no idea either, so the ores in this place had been left alone for several thousand years.”

Chu Tian walked in front of a crystal bamboo shoot.  The naturally formed crystal bamboo was pointed. Although the shape was not regular, the large and pure ore made Chu Tian feel very shocked.

The most important thing was that it was a spiritual attributed material!

The spirit attribute was a rare attribute.  No matter what kind of spiritual material it was, it was very, very precious.  Only the science in this era was very undeveloped, so they couldn’t find a use for it.

Chu Tian reached out to touch the ore.

Lulu quickly said, “Be careful, the spiritual energy within is very strong.  If it invades your body, you might meet a disaster!”

“Relax, I have a way of countering it!”

When Chu Tian’s hand fell onto the crystal bamboo shoot, he felt his body trembled.  A large amount of mist appeared around him and the entire world became silent in an instant.

The Flower Fairies were gone.

The forest was gone.

The sky was gone.

The ground was gone.

There was only a world of mist.  This was a spiritual world created by the spiritual energy within the crystal bamboo shoot.  However, this crystal bamboo shoot was neutral based, so it did not create a nightmare or a happy illusion, rather it just created pure whiteness.  This spiritual energy was very strong, allowing people to be trapped forever until their spirits dried up.

The bamboo shoots in the Lost Woods was even more terrifying than high voltage electricity.  If normal people were to touch it, the large amount of spiritual energy would surge into their bodies and covered their entire mind, completely flooding their senses.  Even if a comrade were to save them, they would still become a vegetable.

“So strong, so strong!”

“I never would have thought that I would meet such a high quality Spiritual Crystal!”

With a thought, Chu Tian released the Nine Eyed Demon God’s power and that incomparably white mist quickly faded.  Chu Tian returned to the Lost Forest as he moved his hand away from the crystal.

Lulu looked at Chu Tian in shock.  She was very curious why Chu Tian wasn’t affected.

“Can I take a piece to research?”

“Don’t be so courteous.  Not to mention something that no one wants, even if it was a useful precious crystal, as long as you wanted, the Flower Fairies would give it to you without any hesitation.”

Chu Tian revealed a faint smile and said nothing elses.  He immediately dug out a Spiritual Crystal that was around ten pounds before looking around for a leaf to wrap it up in and then using a vine on the ground to wrap it up.  He could avoid direct contact with the crystal like this, so he wouldn’t be affected by it.

“Alright, I’m done looking at it.  Now, let’s experience the home of the Flower Fairies!”

“Alright, alright!”

The Flower Fairies happily flew around Chu Tian several times before leading him out of the Lost Woods.

When Chu Tian saw the Flower Fairies’ garden, the entire scene made Chu Tian dumbfounded.

The Flower Fairies lived in a sea of flowers.  The mountain and plains, the vast valley, it was all covered in colourful flowers.  There were houses of various sizes in the middle, with some being as pure as crystals and some looking a precious as emerald.  It was very bright and colourful, looking very shocking. The several hundred flowers condensed a thick flower scent that made people feel like they had walked into a world of dreams.

Several hundred Flower Fairies were flying around the garden.

The places the Flower Fairies lived in was not the houses, but rather the flowers in full floom.  Each Flower Fairy looked like a little girl and they flapped their transparent as crystal butterfly wings as they flew from flower to flower.  They sprinkled wherever they went with glowing pollen.

Chu Tian said in a very shocked voice, “Too beautiful!”

The Flower Fairies were very pure beings.  When Lulu and the others heard Chu Tian calling everything beautiful, they immediately revealed wide smiles as they led Chu Tian into the garden.

When the other Flower Fairies knew that Chu Tian had arrived, they all gathered together.  They were like over a thousand beautiful butterflies gathering around Chu Tian, bringing him to various places in the Flower Fairy tribe as a guest.

The humans of this era did not know about the existence of these Flower Fairies at all, so they did not have any guard up against humans.

Although the elves were also a kind race.

In comparison, Chu Tian liked the Flower Fairies more because they were more simple, never caring about etiquette at all.  They were as pure as crystal and were not complicated or annoying like the elves.

This race would be seriously chased by the humans in the not so far future.

When the Flower Fairies used their powers to cultivate the Tree of Life Seed, they were tricked by the humans, causing the seedling to be taken away and countless Flower Fairies were captured as slaves by humans.  There were even a few Flower Fairies that were turned into pills be alchemists. In the end, this pure race almost became extinct.

But that hadn’t happened yet.

Since he came to this era, Chu Tian had to change these matters!

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