MT Chapter 382


Chapter 382: Protector of the forest

When Miracle Commerce’s technology spread across the continent, Chu Tian would be considered the greatest sage among the humans, so what he said would most likely come true.

If they killed Chu Tian now, the elves would not only receive infamy, it could also become the excuse the humans would use to attack the elves.

This matter could happen within a hundred years.

A trivial hundred years was not considered long for the elves.


Aledis remembered Chu Tian’s words from two days ago.  She had thought it was nonsense from a human before, but now it seemed completely possible.

Should the elves take this risk by killing Chu Tian?  The Tree of Life’s third elder Aubersen had been to the Southern Summer Country before and had seen the mysterious products there.  When he heard Chu Tian’s words, his heart couldn’t help turning cold.

“Sir vice speaker, I suggest we stop here.  As for the decision on this case, we should make a decision after collecting all the evidence.”

“Alright!”  Ulysses couldn’t make up his mind after hearing this, “We’ll stop here today!”

Chu Tian was not locked up again by the elves, rather he was led away by the Treant and Flower Fairies.

When Vivian saw Chu Tian sitting on a Treant leaving with a group of Flower Fairies, she was filled with a deep frustrations.  She had joined Miracle Commerce for not long, but she had found something that she deeply loved. If it disappeared because of the elves, this would be an unprecedented large hit to Vivian.

“Princess Vivian.”  Aledis arrived in front of Vivian, “The vice speaker wants you to come over and clearly explain this matter.”

Vivian angrily shouted, “What is there to explain!”

The elves looked at each other in blank dismay.


The Treant’s size was related to their age.  In an ordinary circumstance, the larger their build, the longer they lived and the stronger they were.

The Treants tribe were linked with the with the elf tribes.

When Chu Tian was brought into the Treant tribe, he saw over hundred meter tall Treants standing in front of him like mountains he couldn’t see the peaks of.  Their entire bodies were covered in leaves that were all a bright emerald colour, sending out an exuberant life energy.

The Treant’s legs were deeply rooted in the soil, as if it hadn’t moved for several hundred years.  Its face was covered in folds like it had been through a lot.

The protector of the forest, the Treant’s chief – Cenarius!

This was an ancient Treant that had lived for over ten thousand years.  With a casual flip of his palm, a True Spirit Expert would be turned into a meat patty, not to mention the fact that Treants did not depend on brute strength.  It was impossible to imagine how strong the internal energy of a ten thousand year old Treant was.

Cenarius wasn’t just the oldest Treant, his wisdom was also hard to imagine.  Even the Elven King had to be respectful when seeing him.

“You really are brave!”  Lulu led a group of Flower Fairies to circle around Chu Tian, “Even in today’s situation, you dared being disrespectful and teaching the elves a lesson, you really opened everyone’s eyes.  But recently the situation with the elves is not good and I hope they can wake themselves up.”

Chu Tian shrugged his shoulders.  Wake them my ass!

If they could change that easily, would they still be elves?

The elves natures were like this, it wouldn’t have any use!

Chu Tian walked in front of Cenarius.  He gave a polite bow and said in a neither servient or arrogant voice, “Honourable protector of the forest Cenarius, why have you summoned this one here?”

Cenarius was one of the legends of the forest.

Everyone would feel nervous seeing Cenarius no matter who they were, but Chu Tian did not reveal any nervousness at all.  Instead, he looked like he was talking to an old friend which filled Lulu with admiration!

“Young human.”  An deep and intelligent ancient voice sounded out like it came from the earth, “Your opinion on the elves are rather radical.  The elves are a race that aren’t aggressive, I’m afraid they won’t accept your viewpoint.”

Cenarius was a strong Treant and as long as he wanted it, he could hear all sounds with several thousand miles, so he had clearly heard everything that had happened in the elven court.

Chu Tian firmly said, “The continent has been chaotic since the ancient time and it keeps increasing, but what is the reason?   Is it dispute for resources or land? Wrong! All things are equal in this world. Benefits will create fights, greed will create bandits, information will create desire, and violence will create killing and slaughter.  In this large dye vat environment, how could the elves be clear water? When the elves truly wake up, I’m afraid it’ll be too late! Although this one’s words are sharp, to the elves, it is just a bit of pain.”

Cenarius showed neither approval or disapproval to Chu Tian’s words, “Your wisdom and knowledge does not suit your age, it seems like you have a secret hidden inside your body.”

Could this old thing see something?

This was an old thing that had lived for ten thousand years.  Although Chu Tian was very confident, in the face of something with wisdom gathered over the ages, he did not dare be negligent.

“However, the Treants have never interfered with the elves’ internal matters.”  Cenarius seemed like he didn’t care about these matters, “Today you’re a guest of the Treants, we won’t discuss the elves, whether they are right or wrong.  I just want to talk about the Tree of Life Seed matter. I heard the Flower Fairies say that you have a way to awaken the seed. I wonder, how confident are you?”

Chu Tian thought about it and said, “The Tree of Life seed is an innate divine item, so it won’t easily die, but it also isn’t easy to awaken it.  Although I am confident, I am not 100% confident. I have to give it a try before I would know.”

The Tree of Life was very important to the Treants, Flower Fairies, and Elves.

If they could revive the Tree of Life, the survivability of the three races would increase considerably.

Chu Tian was a human in the end, should they believe him?

Cenarius did not reveal his stance, “The Tree of Life Seed has never been seen by any other races, how do you know about its characteristics?

“I had a chance encounter and obtained an ancient god’s memory fragment, with many things related to the great ancient era inside, as well as some records on the Tree of Life.  I learned the Tree of Life’s characteristics from this record. Combined with this one’s spatial research, I feel that it would be very effective.”

Ancient god’s memory fragment?

The Treants were very shocked.

Spiritual Gods have disappeared for countless years, but this human had obtained a Spiritual God’s memory fragment.  This could be their greatest chance!

Chu Tian was very interested in the Treants.  This was after all a very strong ally and if they could obtain their support, Miracle Commerce would have no fear in the forest.  So Chu Tian had prepared various excuses already. He wanted to trick the Treants, but that was not an easy matter since their ten thousand years of knowledge was not for nothing.

“Miracle Commerce, the Flower Fairies, and the Treants, if the three of us join together, it is possible to plant a new Tree of Life!”

The Flower Fairies all immediately nodded.

They really had no other ideas.  Having Chu Tian help them, this was still a way!

The ancient Tree of Life had an incredible creation power.  If they could plant another Tree of Life, it would have a large impact on them.  This was the thirty thousand year old dream of the Treants, Flower Fairies, and Elves!

As long as the Treants agreed, Miracle Commerce would have a chance to rely on this mountain.

As for the elves?

Since you don’t want me, I don’t want you!

“This matter, let me think about it.”  Who would have thought that Cenarius no longer wanted to discuss this, “Lulu, lead the guest for a stroll around here.”

Chu Tian slightly knit his brows.

This old Treant did not play by common sense, so Chu Tian could not make a move!

Since Cenarius didn’t want to keep discussing, Chu Tian couldn’t force it.  He could only say, “Then I’ll be leaving first.”

Lulu flew around Chu Tian in a lively manner, “Chu Tian, the Treant Forest is not fun at all.  I’ll bring you to the the Flower Fairies’ flower garden, there will be something you like there.  The Flower Fairies have never had a guest, so everyone will be very welcoming of you.”

Chu Tian heart was slightly moved.

The Flower Fairies were renown for being sacred gardeners!

The garden of the Flower Fairies is surely filled with treasures.  Normal people would not have a chance to come in contact, so since Chu Tian had this chance, would he let it escape?

The depression of not being able to persuade the Treants was completely swept away.

“Alright!”  Chu Tian said with a nod, “Then I’ll take a look at the Flower Fairies’ place!”

Lulu had a wide smile as she flew in two circles.  She immediately flapped her wings and led the way.

The Elf tribes, the Treant Forest, and the Flower Fairies’ garden, these three places formed a triangle and there was a comparatively large empty place in between the three of them.

Chu Tian asked in a curious voice, “Why does no one live in the forest between the three races?”

Lulu slowed down to move beside Chu Tian and said, “You must be talking about the Lost Woods.  That is a place that no one is allowed in because although the Lost Woods aren’t big, there are frequent illusions in the forest.  When any beings fall to the illusions, they will be lost within and be unable to leave.”

“There is something like this?”  Chu Tian was suddenly a bit interested, “Is there an ancient ruin or mystical place inside the forest?”

“Of course not!”  Lulu shook her head and said, “It’s because there is a special ore hidden in the Lost Forest.  This ore can disturb one’s spirit’s, making one fall for illusions they can never escape from.”

A geological reason?

He was happy for no reason.

But speaking of this, something that can disturb one’s spirits, this also meant it was a spirit attributed material.  If the even the strong elves can be affected by this ore, this means the energy contained within the ore was quite strong!

Lulu saw Chu Tian thinking and couldn’t help asking, “What are you thinking?”

“Oh, nothing.  You know that I am a scholar and as a scholar, my desire to explore and intellectual curiosity are quite strong.”  Chu Tian rubbed his chin and said, “When you mentioned the special situation in the Lost Woods, I couldn’t help feeling a bit curious.  Just what kind of material could have this kind of effect!”

“So it’s because of this!”  Lulul thought for a few seconds before saying, “I’ll bring you in for a look.”

“Isn’t it a forbidden area?”

“It’s no problem.  Flower Fairies have a different physique, so we can block the illusions.  Lulu frequently collects nectar from inside the forest, so there is no problem in terms of security!”

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