MT Chapter 358


Chapter 358: Subduing the barbarians

Chu Tian led the huge army to surround the area the barbarians were living in, completely scaring all of them!

They accepted the bullying of the Western Marquis, so how could they dare annoy the Country Guarding Ruler who had such a large army in his hands!

The northern War Hounds had a population of several tens of millions which could reach over a hundred million at times.  The Southern Summer barbarians didn’t even reach ten million and most of their populations were split into large and small tribes.

So what if the barbarian warriors had hard skin and strong muscles?


The War Hounds’ six hundred thousand main army was still wiped out by Chu Tian!

The barbarians were afraid of provoking the Country Guarding Ruler and him wiping out their tribes, so after learning Chu Tian came to Southern State, they all began to act more restrained.  They began to gather grain rations and were prepared to leave the Southern State area. Although the barbarians were not very smart, they were not stupid. Who wanted a power with might they couldn’t fight against in their territory?  The previous Western Marquis couldn’t do anything, but this Country Guarding Ruler could take them out.

Perhaps Miracle Commerce could feel that the barbarians were already planning to leave, so there was peace during the past half a month.  Meng Qingwu did not have any plans on moving against the barbarians. Who would have thought that this moment, some unknown idiot couldn’t help opening a can of worms at this time!

It’s fine if you were to attack an ordinary merchant’s caravan!

The barbarian was all doing this, it was fine as long as they didn’t go overboard.  Who would have thought that this group of idiots would attack Miracle Commerce’s engineering team while they were making communication facilities.  It’s fine if you were stealing from them, but you had to kill Miracle Commerce staff and even kidnap two high level members of Miracle Commerce!

Wasn’t this seeking death?

It’s over, it was over this time.  They were dead for sure!

An old barbarian tribe chief quickly discussed countermeasures with their tribe members.

An old barbarian covered in bone ornaments stood up and said, “This is but a fuse, the Southern Summer people would not tolerate barbarians.  If nothing happens today, something will happen tomorrow, the humans will exterminate us eventually. Even if they do not make a move, we won’t dare go robbing.  Without a source of income, we will still starve to death!”

“That’s right!”

“We can’t stay in the Southern Summer Country anymore!”

“We must quickly run away!”

The barbarians did not understand agriculture and were uncivilized people.  Humans disdained from associating with them, so they could only rob to survive.  Now that the Southern State situation was this bad, none of the barbarians dared to go raiding, so how could they live on?

The barbarians had been living in Southern State for many years, contradicting their people.  From the aspect of human interests, they would not allow a foreign race remain in their nation for a long time.

Even if this matter did not happen today.

The humans would attack the barbarians eventually, so leaving was the only method they had.

The old tribe chief nodded, “How are the storages?”

“We’ve finished preparing these past few days.  As long as the chief gives orders, we can hide in the forests.  Even if that Country Guarding Ruler Chu Tian is strong, he wouldn’t chase after us in the forests!”

The old tribe chief nodded.  They could only do this. Although the land outside Southern State were rough to survive in, it was better to live on instead of sitting in Southern State waiting for death!

“This is bad!”

“This is bad!”

“Chu Tian has led a several hundred thousand army to surround all four sides and have trapped all the tribes!  Chu Tian has given the order that before the hostages are saved, any tribe that dares act rashly will be destroyed!”

The old tribe chief was shocked.

The Southern Summer Country surrounded the barbarian’s region this quickly?  They couldn’t run even if they wanted to, what should they do now!

In the end, before a few minutes could pass.

“This is bad!”

“The humans are killing their way in!”

“Clansmen, go all out with them!”

When the old barbarians heard the shouting outside, they were all filled with fear.  They quickly ran out and they saw a red hair girl riding a griffin knight leading several hundred griffin knights.

The young barbarians were holding spears as they charged at this flying unit.


“Quickly stop!”

The old barbarian tribe chief’s eyes almost popped out!

These reckless young people, didn’t they know what army this was?  This was the Southern Summer Country’s ace, the “griffin knight unit”!  This was an unit to protect the royal clan. Whether it was the mounts or the riders, they were all in the Awakened Soul Realm.

Don’t look down on them because there weren’t many of them.

These several hundred griffin knights were enough to take out a barbarian tribe with several thousand members!

Too late!

These were hot blooded barbarians, each one not knowing fear.  When they saw the griffin knights approach, they immediately threw out their spears.  How could attacks of this degree hurt the griffin knights? The griffin knights easily knocked them down with their spears.

“Good!  You barbarians!  Daring to rob my company and even daring to ambush the Southern Summer army!”  Nangong Yun was filled with rage as her red hair flew into the sky. She pulled out an exaggerated Storm Rifle and shouted with a face filled with rage, “If I don’t give you a taste, you won’t know the power of me, Nangong Yun!”

This was…..the legendary Source Energy Weapon?

The old tribe chief had only heard of it and had never seen it before!

Nangong Yun did not give the barbarians any chance to explain as she carried the Storm Rifle, sending out angry shots.  The large amounts of source energy bullets wildly landed on the barbarians. When those barbarians preparing to throw spears saw this terrifying weapon, they all began to scatter like rats.

Too terrifying!

This was simply the weapon of the devil!

In less than half a minute, Nangong Yun’s Storm Rifle had released several hundred bullets.  Under this storm of bullets falling down, the bravery of each barbarian was completely shattered.

Who would have known that this was only the beginning.  Nangong Yun loudly shouted, “All troops fire! Let these savages have a taste of Miracle Commerce’s strength!”

The several hundred griffin knights put away their spears and each one pulled out a Source Energy Submachine Gun.  Several hundred guns firing at the same time, what kind of scene was that?

The barbarians had a thorough understanding of science and technology as a storm of bullets almost instantly rained down on them.  The barbarians’ stone buildings were destroyed and tents flew everywhere as the ground was filled with holes.

“Daring to go against Miracle Commerce!”

“Daring to kidnap our people!”

“Daring to go against the Southern Summer army!”

Nangong Yun pulled out a grenade and threw it into the barbarians’ food warehouse.  With a terrifying explosion, flames soared into the sky as the entire warehouse was flattened.  A part of the griffin knights also began pulled out grenades as they threw them at the barbarians’ buildings.

A pillar of flame soared into the sky just like a mushroom cloud.

The old tribe leader and the other old barbarians were all stunned.

Their buildings, land, and food were all gone!

Nangong Yun led the griffin army on a rampage for around five minutes.  The barbarians did not try to revolt at all, as their entire tribe was wiped out.  The strange thing was that while the tribe losses were serious, there weren’t many barbarians who were injured!

“Spare us!”  The old tribe chief was afraid and anxious as he kneeled down with all the other barbarians, “It really wasn’t done by us!”

During this entire attack, the griffin knights had not displayed any martial arts and just used the Source Energy Weapons to create such a terrifying effect.  Even if it was the unruly barbarians, they would be shocked by this unprecedented scene and firmly place Miracle Commerce’s invincibility in their hearts!

The large barbarian men were filled with terror.

They were all kneeling down with the tribe chief begging for mercy.

Nangong Yun was carrying the smoking Storm Rifle as she walked over.  Waving her left hand, she shouted, “Search for me!”

The griffin knights began searching while causing some destruction.  The entire tribe’s land became a mess in the end, but they could not find any people from Miracle Commerce.

Nangong Yun doubtfully asked, “It really wasn’t done by you?”

The barbarians kept complaining.  It really was a misunderstanding, how could they do something like that?”

“Damn, since it wasn’t done by you, why would you resist!”  Nangong Yun slapped the old tribe chief to the ground. Her eyes were filled with flame as she angrily roared out, “Do you know how much time you’ve caused us to waste?  If we can’t save them because of you, Miracle Commerce will bury you all with the dead! Go, we’re heading to the next tribe!”

Nangong Yun led the griffin knights away.

The old tribe chief stood up to look at their smoking land as he had an absent minded look on his face

“This….Miracle Commerce’s people are not human, they are simply devils!”

“That’s right!  Only devils would have those kinds of weapons!”

“Even if we had a hundred times more people, we still can’t resist!”

“Quickly run away!”

The old tribe chief looked at them and roared, “Run?  Run your ass! We have no weapons, no food, and no tribe, we have nothing at all!  We are also surrounded by the Southern Summer army, how can we run!”

“What should we do?  Even if we aren’t killed by the devils, we’ll starve to death!”

“That’s right, they still haven’t saved their people yet.  Perhaps they have already been killed. That terrifying woman just said that if anything happens to the hostages, they would bury the barbarians with them!”

The barbarians were filled with panic.

This calamity from the heavens destroyed their land and now they had neither weapons or food.  It was impossible for them to journey to the forests, but staying here was also death, so what should they do!

“How about we submit!”


The old tribe chief had never thought of this idea before, but thinking about it, they had no other choices and they couldn’t run, so this was the only method of keeping their lives.  They could submit to Miracle Commerce and help them tear the chief culprit to pieces.

Perhaps, Chu Tian’s mood will be good enough to spare them!

Although the barbarians did not have any skills, they still had brute strength.  Even with three-five humans of the same level added together, they wouldn’t have the same strength of a single barbarian.  When performing manual labour, physical strength was the most important!

“That’s right!”

“We can submit!”

“We can help Chu Tian find the true culprit!”

After seeing Miracle Commerce’s strength, the old tribe chief did not have any ideas of resisting and immediately chose to submit to Miracle Commerce.  No matter what the result would be, it wouldn’t be as bad as now. If their luck was good, perhaps they could keep their lives. After all, this matter was not done by them and Miracle Commerce would not have any reason to destroy an army pledging themselves to them in a fit of anger!

It wasn’t just a single tribe that thought like this.  In just a single day, the entire barbarian region all gave up the idea of running and put down their weapons to submit to Miracle Commerce.

They didn’t have any other requests, they just wished to live!

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